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Wilson    Atlas, Mogul 42(B) (Jr.), (Super) 38, Giant, 3000’



10,000’ depth, 1500 HP

Mast: 131 Foot Lee C. Moore Derrick with Racking Board, Stand By Pipe, Derrick Stand, Tong Weights – Catline Sheave-5 Sheave Crown ¼ grooving with Deadman Anchor

Sub-Base: 27’ 6”W x 9’H x 45’L, 4 Steps,2-Tool Houses, Hand Rails, Engine Shed, V-Door, Mission 2” x 2” Pump with 10 H.P. Electric Motor, Mud Line

Drawworks: Wilson Atlas Drawworks, 12-1500 H.P. with 2 Engine Compound, Powered by Two v-8 Detroits, Converters and Clutched with Catheads and Parkersburg 36” Brake

Brewster Blocks: TB 200, 1-200 Ton 4-Sheave 1 ¼ Grooving with BJ 4200 Hook

1-Oilwell 21” Super Speed Rotary Table with Drive Bushings

1-Oilwell 150 Ton Swivel

1-40’ 4 ½ Square Kelly with Drive Bushings

1-Kelly Hose

Mud Pump: 1- Cardwell V-1500 Quad. With Q/C Caps, Bull Wheel & Skidded

Water Pump: 1-4” x 6” Oilwell Duplex
Skidded, Powered by 4 Cycle Ford

1- Two Stage Quincy Air Compressor with 15 H.P. Electric Motor

1-200 BBL Water Tank, Skidded with Hose Racks

DogHouse: 8’W x 7 ½ ‘H x 18’ L with 4’ Porch

Fuel Tank:7’W x 7’L x 6’8”H

1-Catwalk 44’ x 5’ x 30’ L

1-Set Pipe Racks, 44’H x 28’L

1-BOP Cameron 10” 900S- QRC

1-BJ 4 ½ Drill Pipe Bottle Neck Elevators

1-4 ½ Drill Pipe Slips

PRICE:  $370,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $225,000


WILSON 42B  (Ref#10856T)  Manufactured 1982, Cummins diesel engine (new), Allison 5860 transmission, SR-122 hydraulic scoped mast with Cat III API, mounted on 5 axe carrier, 4 leveling jacks, McKissick 83 100-ton tubing block  Price:  199,500


WILSON MOGUL 42 BACK-IN WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#4223Tb)  Manufactured 1980, double drum, Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, Allison 750 transmission, Parmac 122 hydromatic brake, 9/16” sandline, Braden hydraulic utiity winch, Wilson 96’ x 250,000# SHL telescoping hydraulically raised and scoped mast, 5-sheave crown block, rod and tubing boards, work platform, jack stands, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” tubing elevators, deadline anchor, folding walkways, stairs, safety rails, oil saver pump, BOP system with (4) accumulator bottles, mounted on Wilson 5 axle carrier, interlock on front drive axle, hi and low gear on both axles, McKissick 83-AWT 100T block with (3) 24” sheaves f/1” line duplex hook  Price:  $104,500


WILSON MOGUL 42 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#9635R)  Manufactured 1978, duble drum, 96’ x 180,000# mast, mounted on 4 axle carrier, 8V71 Detroit diesel, rig only  Price:  $95,000


WILSON MOGUL 42 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10414Tb)  Double drum, 15” double Hydromatic brake, Detroit Series 60, Allison 5860 transmission, 94’ x 140,000# hydraulically raised and scoped mast with rod and tubing boards, mounted on 5 axle carrier, leveling jacks, work platform  Price:  $54,500


WILSON MOGUL 42 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10414Td)  Double drum, 96’ x 180,000# hydraulically raised and scoped mast, SR122 brake, mounted opn 5 axle carrier, Detroit Series 60 engine  Price:  $67,500


WILSON MOGUL 42  (Ref#3040R)  Manufactured 1980, Cat 3406 engine, 8000 capacity, mounted on Crane Carrier, 750 Allison transmission (less than 10 hours), Skytop 96’ x 180,000# mast, 8” tubing drum brake, new 5800’ of 8” sandline, splash brake, pad weight indicator, serviced in 2010 by Service King w/new mast, metal flexed and scoped  Price:  $187,000


WILSON MOGUL 42B  (Ref#5299T)  Manufactured 1979, double drum drawworks, Lebrus grooved for 1-1/8” drill line swedged to 1”, 9/16” sandlne, Totco 190,000# weight indicator, air clutches, Parmac single hydromatic brake, hydraulic and pneumatic controls, Wilson 96’ x 180,000# mast hydraulically raised and scoped, 3-stage raising ram, crown safety platform, double tubing board, triple rod board, ladder, guylines, adjustable working platform.  Wilson tandem axle front, tri axle rear carrier with Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, electric start, radiator, gauges, Allison automatic transmission, air compressor, hydraulic pump, single man cab, Braden hydraulic winch, hyd reservoir, water tank, 4 hyd levleing ajcks, folding walkways, safety rails, toolboxes, McKissick 100 ton block, 84”L elevators, Foster hyd tubing tongs, Gill rod tongs, Cavins Type C tubing slips, 2-7/8” tubing elevators, 2-3/8 tubing elevators, rod elevators  Price:  $245,000


WILSON 42B  (Ref#5327Na)  double drum, 22 double Hydromatic brake, manufactured 1980, 8V92T Detroit diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, mounted on 5 axle carrier, 102’ x 250,000# mast, 9000’ of sandline, 100 ton blocks, 5893R Foster tongs, 100 ton Baash Ross blocks, BJ rod rongs with ¾”, 7/8” and 1” heads, 72” bails, 100 ton 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” elevators, 100 ton Cavi air slips, Totco indicator, aluminum mads, oilsaver and pumps    Price:  $600,000


WILSON MOGUL 42B WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#6388T)  Manufactured 1985, Refurbished 2006, Parmac 122 Hydraulic Brake with 300 gallon water tank, 96’ x 251,000# Wilson telescoping mast, mounted on 5 axle carrier, work platform, McKissick 83A 100 ton travelling block with (3) 24” sheaves 1” line, 1” tubing line, duplex hook, new tires, very good condition, located Middle East  Price:  $400,000


WILSON 42B-500  (Ref#9630Ra)  Single drum, 6 axle back in carrier, powered by Cat 3408, Allison 5860 DB transmission, Wilson 112’ x 300,000# mast, 1-1/8” driill line, Parmac 22” SR hydromatic, refurbished in 2008 with API Catergory 4 re-certification of mast.  Bare rig only:  no block, drill line or handling tools included.  Price:  $470,000



Manufactured 1978

Draw Works:


Mast :

Rig Mounted Equipment:


 Travelling and Rotating Equipment:

Well Control Equipment:

 Custom Rig Doghouse:


Miscellaneous Equipment and Parts:



WILSON MOGUL 42 (Ref#5009N)  Manufactured 1976, Single drum back in well servicing unit, 1981 derrick 96’ x 180,000# hydraulic raised and telescoping Wilson mast, inspected and certified as Category III drilling mast 2006, top section with crown shield completely new 2006.  Drawworks and hydromatic redone in 2006, Cat 550 hp engine, 5860 Allison transmission, 22” Parmac hydromatic brake, New cab in 4 axle carrier in 2006, 95% rubber, 30’ base beam with set ofg 5000 psi double hydraulic WSI brand BOP (rebuilt 2006), with 7/16” bolt on flange, all guidelines replaced 2006, 2300’ of 1” domestic drill line.  PA8 mud pump with Detroit 8V92 5-speed Spicer transmission (rebuilt 2006), 180 barrel mud tank, all necessary tools except set of tongs.   Price$1,200,000   PRICE REDUCED $950,000  OFF MARKET


WILSON 42 (Ref#2830R) self-contained with Detroit engine, single drum  Price on request


WILSON SUPER  (Ref#8474R)  8” brake, double drum, double pole 8 x 10 x 8, sandline, 471 Detroit on deck, 4000-5000’ of 5/8” line, smooth drum slickline, mounted on 1996 Top Kick with 427 gas engine, 100,000 miles, single sheave, McKissick blocks, rear jacks, hydraulic raised and scoped winch, 4 sheave crown  Price:  $75,000


WILSON SUPER PULLING UNIT  (Ref#591N)  Single drum, drawworks air over jaw with hand controls, tool boxes, brake pads are less than 1 year old, brake system rebuilt, 471 Detroit deck engine, Spicer transmission, mounted on 1986 Mack truck with 350 Mack engine, single pole 10-3/4 x 8-5/8 (winch raised), toolboxes.  New or rebuilt:  Spicer trransmission rebuilt, new hydraulic pump, Mack engine rebuilt, new brakes, 80% rubber, brake system rebuilt, currently working  Price:  $95,000

Available at extra cost:  2-3/8”, 2-7/8” tubing elevators, 5/8”, ¾” and 7/8” rod elevators, Guiberson tubing slips, BJ powr tongs, rod wrenches, pipe wrenches, misc tools  Price:  $110,000


WILSON MOGUL 38 (Ref#8645RA) Manufactured 1980, trailer mounted with 60 series Detroit engine, 68’ telescoping mast, 18” stationary rotary table, 46’ x 4 ½” Kelly, air clutches, no pulldown, breakout tongs, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, no pipe available  Price on request


WILSON SUPER 38 (Ref#3307R)  Double drum drawworks, friction clutches, Foster makeup and breakout catheads, Cummins 250 disel engine, Spicer 4 speed transmission, 70’ cantilever mast, 4-sheave crown block, racking board, mounted on 8’W x 22’L tandem axle trailer with folding walkways, mast base, 4 manual jacks, Budd wheels, National Ideal 75 ton 3-sheave block with hook, Price:  $85,000


WILSON SUPER 38 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8120Rf)  10” x 13” pole, 80,000# on 1995 Ford AreoMAx L9000.  PRICE:  $125,000


WILSON DOUBLE DRUM (WORKING AS A SINGLE DRUM) WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8120Rg)  10” x 13” pole, 65’, 80,000# on 1992 Ford AeroMax L9000, no drums on rig.  PRICE:  $85,000  Drums available at extra cost


WILSON SUPER 38 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8120Ri)  Manufactured 1978, single/double 4 post derrick, 180,000# on 1995 Mack CL700 4 axle.  PRICE:  $250,000


WILSON MOGUL 42 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10414Ta)  104’ x 250,000# hydraulically raised and scoped derrick, SR122 double hydromatic brake, Detroit Series 60 engine, Allison 5860 transmission, rod and tubing board, mounted on 5 axle carrier, leveling jacks, utility winch, McKissick 100 ton block  Price:  $75,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $72,500


WILSON WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10398T)  Detroit 8V71 engine, Allison transmission, hydroamtic, 4 hyd leveling jacks, skid mounted BOP, swivel  Price:  $149,500


WILSON WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#5989T)  Double drum, 4000’ of new line, new power tongs, mud pump, power swivel, 8.3 Cummins deck engine, mmounted on max superliner with 400 Cummins engine, ready to work  Price:  $170,000


WILSON WORKOVER SWAB RIG  (Ref#13398R)  Double drum Wilson Sr and Wilson JR drawworks,  sandline capacity 10000’ of 9/16”, mounted on tandem axle, 1987 Freightliner tandem axle truck powered by Detroit diesel engine, 2 hydraulic leveling jacks, Detroit diesel on deck, 50’ hydraulically raised mast, brand new hydraulic cylinder just replaced for lifting derrick, has pulled a minimum of 3000’ wells, all new hydraulics, no travelling block, no hydro tester, no weight indicator   PRICE:  $135,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


WILSON SUPER SWAB RIG  (Ref#6598N)  11,000’ depth capacity, International diesel deck engine, 9000’ of new 9/16” sandline, all new hydraulics, completely rebuilt, single drum, 35’ hydraulically raised mast, mounted on 1981 Autocar 6-wheel drive with diesel engine, 2 rear hydraulic jacks, tools from 1-1/2” to 5-1/2”, excellent condition, running daily  Price:  $170,000


WILSON SUPER SWAB RIG  (Ref#6594N)  13,000’ depth capacity, Detroit deck engine, 9,000’ of new 9/16” sandline, single drum, all new hydraulics, completely rebuilt, 35’ hydraulically raised mast , mounted on 1994 Oshkosh 6-wheel drive truck with diesel engine, 2 rear hydraulic jacks, excellent condition, running daily  Price:  $170,000


WILSON SUPER 38 SWAB RIG  (Ref#9190T)  line compensator, Detroit 6V71 engine (remanufactured in 2008), mounted on 2002 Mack truck with 350 hp engine  Price:  $105,000


WILSON 38 SWAB RIG  (Ref#11082Rc)  Mounted on Paystar 5000 tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, Wilson 38 drawworks, 55’ one-piece hydraulically raised mast, 10,000’ of 9/16” sandline, swabbing 8 – 10,000’ wells, good condition, being painted  Price:  $134,500


WILSON SWAB RIG  (Ref#3735R)  Wilson drawworks, 9/16” sandline, 12,000’ capacity, Detroit 6V71 on deck, smooth drum and grooved drum for spool, mounted on 1992 Peterbilt truck, 60 series Detroit diesel, Eaton transmission, 448,750 miles, 31’L x 8’3”W x 14’6”H – 45,000#  Price:  $125,000


WILSON SUPER 38 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#505N)  Manufactured 1999, double drum, 7/8” drilling line, 9/16” sandline, 8” brake, 72’ x 140,000# Skytop Scorpion hydraulically raised mast, crown block, racking board, 300 hp Detroit 8V71 diesel engine  (rebuilt 0 hours), and Allison 4460 transmisstion, controls, pulls doubles, mounted on (2) 10” x 46’ “I” Beams as removed from platform.   Price:  $335,000


WILSON SUPER 38  (Ref#13387N)  mounted on 4 axle carrier, 96’ mast, 6V71 Detroit diesel engine  Price:  $150,000


WILSON 38 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#5123N)  Manufactured 1969, double drum drawworks, 335 Cummins, 10 speed manual tranmission, Franks Servicer 125,000# 4-legged 74’ double/single mast, mounted on 3 axle carrier, 50 ton 2-sheave McKissick block, Foster 74 tongs, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” elevators, Guiberson air slips, bails, swab equipment, new clutch for carrier, sand drum will hold 11,500’ of 9/16” sandline, currently working  Price:  $300,000


WILSON DOUBLE POLE RIG  (Ref#3674Na)  55’ to 84’, double drum drawworks, high/low clutches on 7/8” cable tubing drum, mounted on 1982 Paystar 5070 truck 350 Cummins, 10 speed, Wilson right angle box, holds 6000’ of 5/8” cable, air operated clutch, 2 winches, McKissick 50T 3-sheave  Price:  $170,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


WILSON SINGLE POLE RIG  (Ref#3862T)  Diesel deck engine, Allis Chalmers, single drum, 52’ pole, raises and scopes with winch, hydraulic, chain driven, mounted on 1998 GMC Top Kick with gas engine  Price:  $39,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $27,500


WILSON ROTARY DRILLING RIG  (Ref#74R)  Double pole, jaw clutch style rig, 4-1/2 kelly and swivel, 3’ kelly and swivel, breakout wrenches, 17-1/2” table, trailer mounted, 7-1/4 x 14” Wheland mud pump, 1000’ of 2-7/8” x 30’ drill pipe   Price:  $65,000