1999 Tri-flow 6000 gallon mud recycling system  (Ref#223Rb)



Price:  $300,000


Tooling at additional cost




Manufactured 2000, track mounted, diesel engine, approx. 1000 hours, 200’ rod, good condition 


Price:  $39,000



VERMEER D750 x 900  (Ref#15177R) 



Manufactured 2011, 1600 hours, (2) Cat C18 @ 600 hp each (1200 hp total), doghouse mounted on trailer with engines and hydraulics 


Price:  $1,400,000



VERMEER D100 X 120II  (Ref#1511R



Manufactured 2006, John Deere engine, 225 hp, track mounted, 1534 hours, 12,000 max spindle torque, 55,000# thrust, 100,000# pullback, 1200’ rod 


Price:  $457,000


VERMEER D100 x 120 SERIES II  (Ref#15437R



Manufactured 2010, 3577 hours, rebuilt Kerr water pump, track mounted, 225 hp John Deere 6.8L diesel engine, climate controlled operator’s cab 


Price:  $520,000



VERMEER D100 x 120 SERIES II  (Ref#15541R

Manufactured 2007, 225 hp John Deere engine, 6045 hours, remote lockout, 200 gpm Kerr pump, no drill rod, track mounted 

Price:  $299,000


VERMEER D55 X 100  (Ref#15528R



Manufactured 2001, 185 hp John Deere engine, 3636 hours, rod loader, 2 baskets of 3.5” drill rod, 1 dirt head, 1 tri-hawk drill head, Eclipse locator, track mounted 


Price:  $215,000


VERMEER 50 X 100 (Ref#3435N)



Manufactured 1996, track mounted, self contained unit with Cat engine, Apex water pump, drill head, breakaway tongs, 535’ of 15’ x 3 ½” rods 


Price:  $80,000                         


Eclipse Digitrak locating system available at extra cost.  Price: $22,500



VERMEER 24 X 40 SERIES II  (Ref#2516R


Manufactured 2005, track mounted, John Deere diesel engine, Digitrack Mach V locating system, 1500 gal mixing system, full rack rods, trailer 


Package Price:  $115,000






Manufactured 2008, track mounted, John Deere Tier III turbo, cab with air conditioning, 500’ rod (full rack), 2950 hours 


Price:  $115,000



VERMEER 24X40A  (Ref#237R




Manufactured 1999, Cummins diesel, track mounted, swivels and pulling heads, 500’ pipe, dirt bit, reamers up to 22”

1993 GMC Top Kick with Cat dieswel engine, 5 speed transmission, 1600 gallon water tank, 180,000 miles

1995 Load King 10 ton trailer


Package Price:  $75,000




VERMEER 24X40  (Ref#5458R)  Manufactured 1998, John Deere diesel engine, track mounted, full rack rods, locating system, 2 MTM mixing systems, 2001 trailer  


Price on Request

VERMEER 24x40  (Ref#7015R)  Manufactured 2000, track mounted, John Deere diesel engine, no tools, rack of rods 

Price on Request





Manufactured 2001, diesel engine, mixing system, (2) locators: 1 brand new Mach III, 1 Mach II upgraded to Mach III, trailer, 400’ of 10’ rods, 1 drill head, ready to go 


Price:  $60,000


VERMEER 440A  (Ref#931N)  jet track, Deutz 4 cylinder diesel engine, 2 drill heads, 2 66 TKR Beacons, 6” reamer, 380’ of 10’ rods, tools 


Price:  $23,500


VERMEER 7 X 11 D  (Ref#13707R)  Manufactured 1996, completely rebuilt, 302 ours, Digitrack locater, mud pump, holding tank, 2 axle trailer, 200’ of rod, 10 pieces never used, John Deere engine 


Price:  $46,000


VERMEER D6  (Ref#7040R)  Manufactured late 1990’s, track mounted, no locating system, 25 gpm mud pump, (20) 5’ pieces of firestick, needs hoses, running condition 


Price:  $18,000



DITCHWITCH JT4020AT  (Ref#15262R



Manufactured 2011, 190 hp Cummins engine, 1305 hours, 300 hours on JT inner rod, rack mounted, includes 3 Rockmaster heads and 1600’ of  drill rods, 7 extra rod baskets 


Price:  $415,000



DITCHWITCH 4010  (Ref#2386N


Manufactured 1988, mechanical tractor with Deutz 50 hp diesel engine, 4 wd, 6-way backfill blade, center mount and offset rear digging attachment, 70k rock chain and dig boom, front attachment backhoe and outriggers, 24” buckets, 1995 custom dovetail trailer with tandem axles, new electric brakes 


Price:  $23,500


DITCHWITCH 3610  (Ref#4599N)  Manufactured 1999, Deutz43 hp diesel engine, 4 WD, rear wheel weights, 6 way backfill blade 60”, sprocket boom, new “Shark” chain, front attachment, backhoe and outriggers, 12” buckets

1999 Belshe dovetail trailer with tandem axles and electric brakes 


Price:  $18,000




Manufactured 2002 with Rock Beacon Housings, only 350 hours, 20 reamers ranging in size from 9” to 30”, 470’ of dirt rod & 650’ of cobble rod, ready to go 


Price:  $130,000


DITCHWITCH 2720  (Ref#15012a) 



Manufactured 1999, self-contained, jet track, 520’ pipe, 750 locator head up display, 86DH Beacon, John Deere diesel engine 


Price:  $70,000


DITCHWITCH 1720  (Ref#6009R)  Manufactured 2002, rubber track mounted, 17,000# pullback, John Deere diesel engine, 400 gallon mud tank with mixer, set of back reamers up to 14” (new 2005), 400’ standard 1720 drill pipe, Ditchwitch locator and utility location, Beacon housing w/located Beacon 


Price:  $60,000


DITCHWITCH 1720  (Ref#2175N) 


Manufactured 2000, trailer mounted, John Deere diesel engine, low hours, 500 gallon mud mixing system, new hydraulic pump, new water swivel, new tires, 950 Tracker locating system, 810’ of 10’ rods, good condition, reamers, pullers 


Price:  $69,000


DITCHWITCH TT1010  (Ref#5696R)  Manufactured 2001, 150 hours, 100’ rods, separate power pack, track mounted 


Price:  $32,500


DITCHWITCH JT920L  (Ref#12181R)  Manufactured 2002, Duetz engine, 715 hours, FM3 mixing system, all electronics including locating system, full rack of rods, skid mounted 


Price:  $57,500






Manufactured 1989, 400000# pullback cable drill unit, hydraulic run by 300hp electric motor, 45000# & 60000# cable winches, 400kw generator & driller’s control cabin mounted on drop deck trailer 


Price:  $335,000



For Additional Information, Call, Email or Fax Maryann