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Hopper GXXTA, GTA, RTA750, Workover rigs
New Workover Rig
Cardwell  1000hp, J450, KB250, KB210A, KB200, A151, 150H, pulling unit
Mainline Workover Rig 36-08
Mac 400, 300

WATSON HOPPER GXXTA (Ref#10095Ta) Built 2005, 4 axle back-in rig, GXXTA Double Drum, 10"x42" brakes.  2-hydraulic equalized brakes. Hopper 1 to 1right angle drive. Oil tight chain guards. 30" Hopper air clutches, 4 axle I beam chassis, 51,000" Eaton rear ends, 150 gal fuel tank, Allison transmission. Snow/mud combo tires. Provision for working floor. Three tool boxes, 96' - 3 piece telescoping derrick 140,000#. 12V lights top/bottom, Working ft/tong retractor/tubing board, Chrome main ram and telescoping ram. 24,000# tandem front axle with power steering. 4 hydraulic jacks - long extended. Cat diesel engine. Hydrotard brake. Located North East USA. Price: $550,000


WATSON HOPPER GXXTA (Ref#10095Tb) Built 2007, GXXTA Double drum. 10" x 42" brakes, Hydraulically equalized brakes. 2 hydraulic winches/Op. console, Hopper 1 to 1 right angle drive. Oil tight chain guards. 30" Hopper air clutches. 4 axle I beam chassis, 51,000" Eaton rear ends. 150 gal fuel tank. Hydrotard brake. Allison transmission, Provision for working floor. (2) toolboxes plus spooling box.  72' T-1 telescoping derrik 140,000#. 12v lights bottom section. Working floor / tong retractor. Chrome main ram and telescoping ram. 24,000# tandem front axle w/ power steering, 4 hydraulic jacks-long extended. Cat diesel engine. Snow/mud combo tires. Located North East USA. Price: $550,000


WATSON HOPPER GXHTA DOUBLE DRUM BACK IN WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10412Ta)  Five available, 9/16” sand line, Lebus Grooved for 1” tubing line, 106’ x 300,000# SHL hydraulically raised and scoped mast, 3-stage raising ram, crown block, tubing board, rod basket, hinged mast base beam, mounted on 5 axle  carrier powered by Detroit 60 Series diesel engine, electric starter, radiator gauges, Allison automatic transmission, hydraulic pump, hydraulic reservoir, hydraulic utility winch, air compressor, air receiver tank, water tank, fuel tank, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, deadline anchor, folding walkways, stairs, safety rails, 22.5 front and R24.5 rear tires, Budd wheels, McKissick 3 sheave traveling block 83A, elevator links 6’, Cavins Model C tubing slips 2-3/8” and 2-7/8”, BJ hydraulic power tubing tongs 2-3/8” and 2-7/8”, w/air backup, BJ hydraulic power rod tongs ¾” through 1-1/4” heads and backup’s, oil saver double with hydraulic hand pump, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” tubing elevators, rod hook rod elevators ¾” to 1-1/4”, rod wrenches, weight indicator, rod fishing toosl, rod stripper with plate misc hand tools  Price:  $430,000 each


WATSON HOPPER GXXTA 2009 SERVICE RIG  (Ref#8358Ra)  Manufactured 2001, 210 ton capacity derrick, 72’ under the crown, telescoping mast hydraulically extends, mast is hydraulically raised, double drum 42” x 19.5” x 1” line, 42” sandreel, 14,400’, 9/16” line replaced 2014, Parmac brake, Wilson tubing block 100 ton, 4 and 6 line crown assembly, 4 jacks, power tong, mounted on 4 axle carrier with Cat 3406E engine, Allison transmission  Price:  $445,000


HOPPER GXXTA WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#180N)  Manufactured 1981, 102’ x 260,000# mast, factory rebuilt Detroit 8V92T engine, derrick sandblasted and magnafluxed 2006, Bowen 2.5 power swivel (rebuilt Nov 2006), National JWS 185 mud pump with 180 bbl flat tank several jts. Hardline w/5000# Guiberson unions, (4) 2” 5000# hoses 15’ long w/5000# Guibersons unions, (6) 2” swivel Chicksans w/5000# Guiberson unions

1-40’ 2” 5000# Kelly hose w/5000# guiberson unions

1- set pipe racks w/catwalk

2 - 2-3/8 tbg. Elevators

1- 2-7/8 tbg. Elevators

1- 3-1/2 tbg Elevators

2- Cavins type C slips 1, 1year old, 1 rebuilt

1- Set 2006 Gill tbg. Tongs (Fosters) W/heads 2-3/8 to 3-1/2 W/air backups

1- Set 2006 Wesco tbg. Tongs w/air backups tong heads for 2-3/8 2-7/8 & 3-1/2

1- Set Oil Country ton

1- 2008 Ford power stroke ¾ ton 4 door pickup 4x4

1- 2006 Ford power stroke ¾ ton 4 door pickup 4x4

1- 2005 Ford power stroke ¾ ton 4 door pickup 4x4

1- 2006 Light Tower AL 4000

1- Extra large work floor w/stairs and handrails

1- Base beam

1- 2000 DCT tandem axle trailer

1-1994 DCT tandem axle trailer

1-1998 Intma tandem axle dog house

1- 2007 Quadco pad weight indicator (new) W/new pads

1-2007 Quadco deadline indicator (new)

1- Pennant pad indicator w/pads

1- Geoligraph Pioneer pad indicator

1-set  BJ rod tongs w/3/4-7/8 & 1” heads & backups

1- rod backoff tool

2- 3/4 -7/8 rod elevators

2- 1” rod elevators

Several obannon rod fishing tools

150 ton McKissick 6 line block w/bails & rod Becket

Hand tools, chain tongs, hammers, hammer wrenches, 4 fire extinguishers 

Operator Platform can be moved to 3 different levels additional platform that can be put on at 22’ for snubbing w/stairs and handrails

Sinkerbar and jars, swab mandrills 2-3/8, 2-7/8, Double oilsaver W/pump

New tires and rims on rear drives and tag axles

New tires on steering axles

New sand line May 08

Several spare parts

Price:  $1,375,000


HOPPER GXXTA 550 HP DRILLING RIG  (Ref#13501Ra)  7000’ class double stand drill, 96’ x 212,000# mast, double drum drawworks with 100 ton block on both lines, (2) 125 ton swivel, 18” rotary table, 2 catheadds, 2 hydraulic winches, new drawworks cables on both drums,

7-1/2 x 16” Ideco pump with Cat engines (all new fluid ends)

Mud system with Cat generators mounted on trailer

5000 gallons mud tank (complete)

Doghouse trailer mounted

4000 gallon fuel tank

3,150’ of 5-1/2” drill pipe (5-1/2 FH)

(11) 7-1/4” drill collars (5-1/2 FH)

Rig is complete with all handling tools, ready to drill

Price:  $1,300,000




HOPPER GTA (Ref#9135Rb)  trailer mounted single drum drawworks powered by GMC 8V-71 252 HP diesel engine, reworked 150,000# Ideco mast, 88' x 150,000# hydraulicly raised, cable scoped, 4,500' depth capacity, 6 lines, racking board. 10'-9" high trailer mounted sub-structure w/150,000# capacity and 8'-4" under rotary beam, Oilwell 17-1/2" rotary table, Lyons 100 ton traveling block w/BJ 460 hook, King Oil Tool 15PS 150 ton power swivel powered by Perkins 1106D 203 HP diesel engine, Gardner Denver FXN 7"x14" 500 HP mud pump powered by GMC 12V-71 460 HP diesel engine, two Caterpillar 3306T 193 HP diesel engines driving 125 KW Marathon generators, two Pullmaster PL5 hydraulic winches, two compartment 100 barrel mud tank with 2 Mission 5x6 centrifugal pumps, trailer mounted 400 barrel water tank w/2,000 gallon fuel tank inside, trailer mounted crew change house.

Price, with power swivel  $450,000

Price, without power swivel  $415,000


HOPPER RTA 750 RIG  (Ref#1683Rf)  950 hp, Power- (2) Cat-3408, Transmission- (2) 5860 Allison, Mast- 120’ 450,000#, 48” Drawworks, Parmac Hydromatic Brake & Hydraulic Anchor  Price:  $575,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $475,000


HOPPER WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#3009R)  Manufactured 1979, double drum, triple double, sandline, 96’ x 260,000# mast, 15” double hydromatic, 150 ton McKissick travelling block, currently drilling, available March 2015  Price:  $525,000


HOPPER WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8232R)  Manufactured 1965, 95’ x 195,000# jack knife mast, mounted on 4 axle drive in carrier, no engine (removed as per ARB regulations, 3 speed with torque convertor, approx 8000’ of ½” sandline, 90% tires  Price:  $320,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $250,000


HOPPER BAILER RIG (Ref#4042Ne) Manufactured 1970’s, Natural gas Cadillac V8 engine, mounted on Hopper trailer, needs new tires, sitting long time but running when parked, includes 15 bailers and bucket  Price:  $18,500

NEW WORKOVER RIG    (Ref#8490)

Mast:  104’ x 205,000# derrick, 104’ height (ground to water table), 3-1/2 degree rated tilt angle, 12,000’ of 2-7/8” racking capacity, 15,600’ optional rod hanger capacity, 2 hydraulic cylinder mast raising, 1 hydraulic cylinder top section scooping. 

Drawworks:  Main drum 16” barrel diameter, 36” distance between flanges, 40” dia disc brake size, 2 brakes, single 11” triple disc hi-torque clutch, 40,000 lb single line pull at jacket, 5-1/2” drum shaft diameter. Sand drum 12” barrel diameter, 42” distance between flanges, 40” dia disc brake size, single 11” triple disk hi-torque clutch, 31,000 lb single line pull, 12,500’ 9/16” sandline capacity, 4-7/16” drum shaft diameter.

Carrier:  5 axle with 321” wheelbase (optional 5 axle), 21” wide flange beam frame, Meritor FL941 front axle 20,000 lb per axle, Reyco front suspension, Meritor RT-50-160 rear tandem axle 50,000 lb, Hendrickson Walking Beam rear suspension, DD Series 60N engine, Allison 5610 transmission.  

Rig will be complete with 900’ of 7/8” drill line and a new 75 ton McKissick traveling block.   

Price and delivery time on Request


USA MADE WORKOVER RIG – NEW  (Ref#14423N)  double drum drawworks, 5 axle carrier, service depth 18,000’ with 2-7/8” tubing, workover depth 10,560’, 180’ x 350,000# hydraulically raised mast, 61’ x 9’ x 14’.  Mast, drawworks and carrier made in China and completed in the USA.   Double  drum drawworks 42x12 MD, 42x8 SD, right angle gear box assembly, unit is powered by Cat Tier 3 C-15 electronic 540 hp diesel engine w/TH35 Cat automatic electronic transmission, transmission has twin built in hydraulic pump direct drives, with high capacity hydraulic pumps, 220 gallon “custom” hydraulic tank, internal baffle system built in, hydraulic filtration system, (2) 110 gal steel diesel tanks, 220 gallon “custom” water tank for brake water cooling spray system and Eaton WCB224D water cooled assist brake w/dual piston linings w/min bore gear, complete hydraulic valve bank assembly with relief valve, (2) rear and (2) mid ship mounted hydraulic leveling legs, all wheel drive 10x8 including 2 front axles and 3 rear axles, w/(8) 12.00R20 drive tires/wheels, (4) 18x22.5 front steer axle tires/wheels, drivers cab assembly with full electronic gauge panel, electric 6 speed shifter assy, low mount air ride seat, tilt wheel, heater, windshield wiper motor, blade and arm.  Unit has full walkways, ladder and hand rails.  Unit has a hydraulic utility winch, weight indicator w/chart recorder included.  (2) sets of tools for well site service, (1) front tire/wheel assy for spare, (1) rear tire/wheel assy for spare.  Drawworks confroms to API spec 7K.  Price:  $775,000


SKYE SERVICE RIGS (Ref#10884N)   New, US manufactured, 60-80 day delivery with 30% deposit

A. Skye 300

Capacity: Drilling – 6,000’, Workover – 10,000’, Well service – 14,000’, 96’ x 180,000# mast, Detroit 60 series diesel engine, Allison transmission, Drawworks: 42 X 10    38 X 8

Main drum  Clutch: 24" 2-plate air friction outboard, Water splash brake cooling, Barrel: 16" x 38", Chain: 1 3/4" pitch single (oil bath), Shaft: 5 3/4" diameter, Lebus grooving

Sand drum  Brakes: 38" diameter x 8" wide, forged steel; demountable, Clutch: 24" single plate air friction, Water splash brake cooling, Barrel: 12 3/4" x 40", Chain: 1 3/4 pitch single, Shaft: 5" diameter, Capacity: 14,600' - 9/16" 11,900 - 5/8"

Carrier 4 axle  Rear axles: 44,000 lb. tandem double reduction, Frame: Wide flanged beam, Front: Tandem axles rated at 20,000 lb. capacity each, Front axle suspension: Spring, Front tires: 16.5" x 22.5" duplex, Rear axle suspension: Walking beam, Rear tires: 11.00" x 20" off-highway tread, Rigged Out Gross Weight: appx 83,000 lb., Front: appx 38,000 lb., Rear: appx 45,000 lb., (With basic rigging)

Dimensions:  46’ long x 8’ wide x 13’6” high

Price on Request

B. Skye 400

Capacity: 6,000’ drilling, 10,000’ workover, 14,000’ well service,96’ x 250,000# mast, Detroit 60 series diesel engine, Allison transmission, Drawworks: 42 X 10   38 X 8

Main drum  Clutch: 24" 2-plate air friction outboard, Water splash brake cooling, Barrel: 16" x 38", Chain: 1 3/4" pitch single (oil bath), Shaft: 5" diameter, Lebus grooving

Sand drum  Brakes: 38" diameter x 8" wide, forged steel; demountable, Clutch: 24" single plate air friction, Water splash brake cooling, Barrel: 12 3/4" x 40", Chain: 1 3/4 pitch single, Shaft: 5" diameter, Capacity: 14,600' - 9/16" 11,900 - 5/8"

Carrier 5 axle  Front: Tandem axles rated at 20,000 lb. capacity each, Front axle suspension: Spring, Rear axles: 46,000 lb. tandem double reduction, Rear axle suspension: Walking beam, Front tires: 16.5" x 22.5" ,duplex (38565R224), Rear tires: 11.00" x 20" off-highway tread (11R22.5), Frame: Wide flanged beam, Rigged Out Gross Weight: appx 93,000 lb., Front: appx 38,000 lb., Rear: appx 45,000 lb.,

*With basic rigging

Price on Request


C1. Skye 500 New and Unused Double Drum Workover Rig

Made in USA and meets API requirements


Drilling –7,000’ (3-1/2” drill pipe)

Workover – 10,000’

Well service – 16,000’

Derrick:  96’ - 104’ x 250,000# mast

Power Train:  Allison 4500 OFS transmission, Detroit 60 series diesel engine


Main drum:  42 X 12” Forged steel, water spray brake cooling, 48.5” air cooled disc assist, 16” x 38.75” barrel, Double 140 chain, 324 clutch, 6.60” shaft, 1” Lebus Grooving

Sand Drum:  42 X 8”, water spray brake cooling, 16” x 43.75” barrel, Double 140 chain, 224 clutch, 5.90” shaft, capacity 14,40’ of 9/16”, 11,800’ of 5/8”

Carrier 5 axle 

Front axle:  20,000# capacity, spring suspension

Rear axles: 46,000# tandem, walking bean suspension, 385/65R22.5 front tires, 11R22.5 rear tires

High tensile alloy wide flanged beam

Price on Request

Delivery three weeks after receipt of 30% deposit


C2. Skye 500

New, never used drilling rig made in USA and meets all API requirements

42 x 12 main drawworks, 42 x 8 sandline drawworks with dual disc assist, winch with hydraulic controls, elevated rotary, torque tube, hydraulic catheads, 104’ x 250,000 hydraulically raised and scoped mast with Derrick boards, mounted on 5 axle carrier with 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, 4500 OFS Allison transmission, 500hp right angle gear box, 17 ½” rotary table with 44” 12’ Cantilever substructures.

Price on Request

TERMS:  30% deposit upon purchase, balance due before delivery.  Delivery: 60 days after receipt of 30% deposit


D. Skye 700

Drilling/Workover rig

Capacity: Drilling – 10,000’, Workover – 16,000’, Well service – 22,000’, 112’ x 350,000# mast, (2) Allison CLT 5860 transmissions, (2) Detroit 60 series diesel engines, Drawworks: 42 X 12

Main drum  Brake: 42" diameter x 12" wide, Water circulating brake cooling with external connections, Chain: 1-1/4" pitch triple (oil bath), Airflex (Fawick) clutches, Shaft: 6-1/2" diameter, Lebus grooving, Barrel: 18 x 43

Carrier 6 axle  Front: Triple axles rated at 20,000 lb. capacity each, Front axle suspension: Spring, Front tires: 18" x 22.5" duplex, Rear axles: 50,000 lb. tandem double reduction, Rear axle suspension: walking beam, Third rear axle: 20,000 lb. capacity air bag, Rear tires: 11.00" x 20" off-highway tread, Frame: High tensile allow wide flanged beam, Rigged Out Gross Weight: 115,000 lb., Front: appx 55,000 lb., Rear: appx 60,000 lb.
(With drilling line, block, and guylines)

Price on Request


E.  Skye 600

Capacity  Drilling – 8,000’ , 104’ x 315,000# mast

Drawworks:  42 x 12  42 x 8

Main drum  Clutch:  24” 3-plate air friction outboard, Water splash brake cooling, Barrel: 16” x 38”, Chain: 1-3/4” pitch double (oil bath), Shaft: 6-1/2” diameter, Lebus grooving.

Sand drum:  Brakes 42” x 8”, Clutch: 24” single plate air friction, Water splash brake cooling, Barrel:  16” x 43”, Chain: 10-3/4” pitch double, Shaft: 5-3/4” diameter

Carrier 5 axle

Price on Request

Rotary system at extra cost



Manufactured 2011

Mast:  72’ (crown to ground) vertical telescoping mast, ladder, block crade, dead line anchor, engineered and certfied to 60,000# vertical/50,000 without rigger guide lines, load ines c/w turnbuckles, fall arrest, tension style elctronic weight indicator c/w backlit 6” gauge mounted in panel, SJ-100 belly jacks, SJ-100 rear jacks c/w lock rings, (2) mast raising cylindrs, derrick wiring in coduit, mast lock down strapes, hydraulic outriggers

Crown:  double 20” diameter sheaves c/w pedestals and bearings, grooved for 7/8” line, crown saver

Drawworks and Winches:  TCB conventional drawworks with Lebus grooving, 25,000# single line pull, 650 ft/mi high gear, 7/8” drill line, Pullmaster PL5 c/w 130’ 3/8” line with tail chain safety hook/block.

Block:  25 ton single sheave block

Rod table:  Engineered rod boat, rod basket wil fit 5/8”, 7/8”, ¾” and 1”

Workfloor:  structural steel tubing construction, composite lightweight flooring c/w aluminum handrails, adjustable height

Splitter box right angle drive:  Namco 436-A dropbox 600 hp, air shaft, 600hp right angle drive, drive lines balanced as required, installed complete as required

Deck:  Steel and composite decking c/w hand rails, (4) aluminum tooboxes, headache rack w/mast tiedowns, heavy steel rear bumper with tow hooks, mud flaps, chain hangers, wet box, pipe hose hangers, mount on deck to carry spare drill line

Hydraulics:  hydraulic cooler, return and charge filters, hydraulic tank complete with suction strainers, suction valves, temperature gauge, and fluid level gauge, Synflex air lines,200 gal reservoir c/w temperature and level gauge, piston pumps in place of vain pumps to reduce line szie and heat problems, hydraulic heat exchanger, control panel with pressure gauge and weight indicator, gear5 pump to run rod tongs, rod BOP w/hand pump, hydraulic controls for BOP

Truck:  Automatic Western Star, 560 hp, double frame

Price:  $470,000


SKYE 300T MUD ROTARY RIG (Ref#16N)  New rig, 6” x 300’ (90 meters) depth capacity


7,000lb Rated tandem axle, 5 x 10 ft open grating bed, surge breaks, leveling jacks (3), pipe racks (2), 2” ball coupler, spare tire

Dimensions: Overall length 190”, width 82”, transport height 70”, operating height 130”, operating weight 4,750lbs (average).

 Mast 78” travel

5,000# pullback

2” full flow swivel


00 GPM mud pump powered by 10hp diesel engine and hoses

3000PSI hydraulic system powered by 19hp diesel engine

Controls and gauges for rotary, drawworks and pressure

300’ of 2” x 5’ drill pipe

(3) 3-7/8” drag bits

(1) 5-7/8” drag bit

(1) 5-7/8” tricone bit

Wrenches and handling tools

Complete rig, ready to drill

Will fit in a 20’ container

 Price: $47,500 delivered to port in Houston, Texas.




NEW, NEVER USED, MADE IN USA, Meets all API requirements

Main Drum

Sand Line Drum

Draw Works Features

Mast Model 104/275
(Double Tubing, Triple Rods)-(per API 4F)

Drive Train


Controls and Hydraulic System

Extensive Inventory Available Upon Request

PRICE:   $850,000



SUN DR-1000 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#4382N)

NEW, NEVER USED, MADE IN USA – Meets all API specifications

Main Drum

Draw Works Features

Mast Model 120/410
(Double Tubing, Triple Rods)-(per API 4F

Drive Train


Controls and Hydraulic System

PRICE:  $1,750,000

Rig Options at extra cost:

Hydraulic oil cooler for continuous use and hot climate applications

Cold weather engine package with fuel, oil and coolant heaters

Ventilated engine/transmission enclosure with removable doors

Folding walkways on off-operator side

Rotary drive package




Mast: BHL 131’ x 550,000# cantilever mast, crown block with 5 sheave cluster, racking board

Drawworks:  Cardwell 1000 hp double drum drawworks, Lebus grooved for 1-1/8” line, breakout catheads, over-running clutch

Engines:  (2) Cat 3456 Electronic diesel engines (550 hp) twin disc F-11561TCO torque converter

Substructure:  22’W x 10’H x 40’L box substructure, rotary beams, V-door ramp, pony subs 5’H x 6’W x 40’L

Primary pump:  MZ9 triplex mud pump (1000 hp), 7500 psig, fluid end modules, pulsation dampener, powered by Cat D398B diesel engine, mounted on master skid

Standby pump:  MZ9 triplex mud pump (1000 hp), 7500 psig, fluid end modules, pulsation dampener, powered by Cat D398B diesel engine, mounted on master skid

Rotary equipment:  27-1/2” Ideco rotary table, National N69 300 ton swivel, 4-1/4” x 40’L square kelly, kelly drive bushings, OWI kelly spinner, OWI pipe spinner

Travelling equipment:  Emsco RA36 250-ton block with Web Wilson, 250 ton hook, elevator links

Well Control Equipment:  Cameron Iron Works 11” x 5m double ram double studded BOP, 11” Type K annular BOP, Cameron type FC choke manifold

Generator House:  (2) 420kw generator with Cat 3412 mounted in utility house

Mud System:  Orbital 3000 dual linear shale shaker, Vortex 2-cone desander, Vortex 10 cone desilter, 500 bbl suction tank, 500 bbl shaker tank, (2) mud mixing and transfer tanks

Water Tanks:  511 bbl water tank on skid, (2) Mission pumps

Instrumentation:  Satellite automatic driller, 3 star pen recorders, Martin Decker sealtite wieght indicator, Eastman straight hole instrument

Other equiment:  Catwalk, 2 Joy air tuggers, 2 pipe racks, 5 pipe tubs, rig lights, 2 pipe tongs, 250 elevators, pipe slips, drill collar slips and elevators, (25) 6-1/4” drill collars, 2012 Surveyor 31’ travel trailer, plus many miscellaneous parts and tools to numerous to mentioned.

Full inventory available on request

Price:  $795,000


CARDWELL 500  (Ref#4976T)  Manufactured 1981, double drum, new Dragon 96’ x 250,000# derrick, 100 ton McKissick blocks, 8V92 Detroit engine, mounted on 5 axle carrier, back end needs repair, workable rig  Price:  $100,000



8,000’ capacity, 520 HP,

Mast: 100’ Lee c Moore Derrick with Sheave Crown 1 1/8 Grooving with Runaround, Racking Board, Tong Weights, Stand Pipe, Catline Sheave, Boom Pole, Derrick Stand

Drawworks: Cardwell J-450 S/D Drawworks, 520 hp, 1 1/8” Line, Kelco M.U. & B.O. Catheads, Single Engine Drive, Skidded, 15” Double Hyd Brake, Detroit Diesel Twin 6-71 Engines, Skidded, Allison TC955 Torque Converter, Quincy Air Compressor

Sub Base: 11’6”H x 23’W x 40’L Box Type Enclosed (winterized) 4- Steps, Deadman Anchor, Hand Rails, Engine Shed Air Tank, Mission 2” x 2” Pump with 10 hp Electric Motor , Mud Line, Stand Pipe Valve, 7’ x 10’ x 7’ Possum Belly V- Door Air Compressor w/15hp Electric Motor

1-Rotary Table, Brewster 18” with Drive Bushings

100 Ton Swivel

1-40’ x 4” Square Kelly

1-Mud Pump, Cardwell V-1000 Quad with Q/C Caps, Bull Wheel, and Skidded

1- Mud Pump 218 Oilwell, New Skid & House, Powered by D-353 Cat – Low Hours

1- Gardner Denver 5” x 10” Duplex w/ 463 Detroit

1- Cat 3306 160 KW Gen Set N 7 ½ W x 21”L House

1-Water Pump 5” x 5” Wheatly with 4 Cyl. Waukasha

1 Set 4 ½ Bottle Neck Elevators

1-Set 4 ½ Drill Pipe Slips

1-Water Tank Skidded 400 BBL

2-Mud Jets

1- New Catwalk 18”H x 5’W x 45’L

3-Set New Pipe Racks (1 Set 18”H x 45’L)

(2 Sets 18”H x 20’L)

Mud Tank- 6’10”H x 7’6”W x 38’L

1-McKissick 100-Ton 3 Sheave Traveling Block & Hook, 24”, 1 1/8” Groove

1-Doghouse 7’6”x 25’ w/4’ Porch


1 Drillograph

1- 7’6” x 24’ Mud House

1- Lubester (4 compartment)

Skidded w/ Change House

1- Kelly Hose 4”

1- Martin Decker Wt. Indicator

W/Torque Gauges

250 BBL Premix Tank

Mud House

PRICE:  $680,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $425,000


CARDWELL KB-250 (Ref#660N)  Workover rig, Double drum, 96’ x 215,000 hydraulically raised mast (rebuilt), Series 60 Detroit diesel engine, TC955 torque converter, TG 627 transmission, Mounted on 5 axle carrier, Leveling jacks, Racking board, Tools, Price: $120,000

Rebuilt and modernized (rebuilding cost: $280,000).


CARDWELL KB250  (Ref#10412Tb)  Double drum, 1” drill line, 15” double hydromatic brake, Detroit Series 50 diesel engine, 3 speed Allison transmission with reverse, 104’ Cardwell mast, stand pipe and racking board, mounted on tandem axle trailer, 100 ton Baasch Ross traveling block, 40’ x 3-1/2” kelly with driver, 3” 2000lb kelly hose, 100 ton National swivel, Type C BJ rotary tongs, 100 tons bales, slips and elevators for 4” drill pipe, 8’H x 7’W x 12’L substructure with V door ramp, steps, handrails, 17-1/2” Emsco rotary table, 12’ x 18’ doghouse, 100 gal fuel tank mounted on trailer, 5000’ depth using 4” drill pipe  Price:  $110,000 


CARDWELL 226 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#7755T)  72’ derrick, 5-10’ substructure, Detroit 8V71 engine, National C150 pump with (2) Detroit 671 engines, 125 bbl mud tank, mud mixers, doghouses, light plant, catwalk, pipe tub, shale shaker, (4 loads), no pipe available, located Canada  Price:  $535,000 CAD (Approx $400,000 USD)


CARDWELL KB-210-A  (Ref#202R)  Manufactured 1964, single/double, mounted on Crane Carrier with Detroit 8V92 engine, 69’ x 140,000# single.double derrick, completely tooled

Skid mounted Gaso duplex mud pump w/4 cylinder Detroit power, hard line rack

Skid mouted Gardner Denver duplex mud pump w/8 cylinder Perkins power, hard line rack

Skid mounted pit (split 80 bbl tank) with hard line rack

Two axle dog house

(2) power tubing tongs, BJ, Foster, assorted inserts

(1) Power rod tongs HK

(13) Tubing elevators assorted sizes/assorted inserts

(15) Rod elevators

(15) Rod wrenches

(4) Air tubing slips (2 Guiberson, 2 Cavins) assorted inserts

(3) Hand Slips (assorted inserts)

(1) 140,000# pennant weight indicator

(1) Single Townsend BOP with hoses (accumulator rig mounted)

(1) Stripper head

(4) Sets of tubing bails 7’, 6’ and 5’

(2) Rod hooks

(3) Traveling blocks (1) 6-line, (1) 4-line, and (1) 2-line

(1) King power swivel

(1) Fluid swivel

(3) Rod tables

(8) Rod transfers

Price:  $370,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $140,000


CARDWELL K200C WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#9281R)  Manufactured 1980, completely refurbished 2004, 5 axle double drum well service unit, double 15 Parmac brake on main drum, 96’ x 180,000# hydraulic raised mast, mast lighting, Detroit 60 Sereis engine, 5860 Allison 6 speed transmission, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, dual manual outriggers, PD12 Braden utility winch, McKissick 100 ton tubing block 21-31 diving, 1000’ of 1” tubing line, 13000’ of 9/16” sandline  Price:  $425,000


CARDWELL KB200  (Ref#9140R)  Double and single drum, all new hydraulics front and right outriggers, new rear ends, new controls, 5000’ sandline, mounted on 1980 GMC truck, good rubber, BJ tongs, pulls 50’ rod and 30’ tubing, ready to work  Price:  $145,000

Available at extra cost:

1996 1-ton Super Duty tool truck, tandem axle, Cat 3208 diesel  $19,500


CARDWELL K200 WORKOVER RIG (Ref#7281R)  Double drum, double pole, 9/16” x 6500’ line on sandline, 7/8” tubing line, (2) – 2 Sheave McKissick block, mounted on International truck with Cummins (rebuilt) diesel engine, 145 Waukesha engine on deck, Foster 58 tongs, elevators, handles 3500’ of 23/8” tubing, new brake pads on tubing drum, new PTO, new hydraulic tank, new tubing line, all new connections.  PRICE:  $110,000


CARDWELL K-200  (Ref#1526N)  Double drum, 96’ x 180,000# hydraulically raised mast, mounted on 5 axle Wilson carrier with Detroit diesel engine, 8 leveling jacks, McKissick block, no tools  Price:  $300,000


CARDWELL A-151 SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10094R)  5500’ capacity, Double drum, Detroit 6V53 diesel engine on deck, mounted on 1973 International Paystar with Detroit 8V71 diesel engine, 70’ hydraulically raised and scoped mast, hydraulic tong hook up (Westco tongs), hydraulic jacks, McKissick 50 ton two sheave blocks, air clutches, 7/8” casing line, 7000’ of 5/8” sandline, tubing and rod tools, sand pump  Price:  $195,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


CARDWELL A-151 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8120Rh)  10” x 13” pole, 65’, 80,000# on 1981 Kenworth C-500  PRICE:  $150,000


CARDWELL AL-150 DOUBLE DRUM SERVICE RIG  (Ref#6908T)  Spudding beam, 10 x 13 single pole, 5/8” sandline, 3/4” tubing line, swab setup, BJ RS power tongs, air clutches, mounted on 1999 Mack CL713 Gold Series Elite, Jake brake, diesel engine,  Price:  $75,000


CARDWELL 150 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8120Re)  Drum size 33”, 80,000# on 1981 IHCF2574, no pole.  PRICE:  $115,000  Pole available at extra cost


CARDWEBLL KB-150 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#156N)  mounted on 1993 International F Series tandem axle truck, 6V92 Detroit on deck, 100,000# derrick cable raised, no tools or pipe, 50 ton McKissick block  Price:  $145,000  OFF MARKET


CARDWELL PULLING UNIT (Ref#15209R) double pole, rated for 10,000’ wells, mounted on 1994 Peterbilt with 60 series Detroit engine, 10 speed trans, weight indicator, underreamer, power swivel, BJ tongs, working daily   Price:  $220,000


CARDWELL H  (Ref#986N)  double drum workover and cable tool rig, mounted on 1999 56’ tandem axle trailer (98,000# capacity), 1800’ sandline with about 4,000’ of new line on a spool, new block, doghouse on trailer, 6 cylinder Hercules deck engine propane, 55’ pole with 3 settings 42’, 48’ and 55’, (3) 15 ton manual jacks, 20’ stem and jars, elevators, bails, boomers, tubing group slip, quick hitch block, (2) breakout tongs, tubing tong, rod wrenches, cable line cutter, 30’ bailer, 2-7/8” elevators, (4) tubing slips, 2-3/8” elevatros, spudding attachment, (2) hyd jacks and (1) manual jack,  Price:  $55,000


CARDWELL SPUDDER (Ref#6789RC), skid mounted with Waukesha engine, excellent condition with live hydraulics, 11” pole with hydraulic winch to raise and lower pole  Price:  $37,000


CARDWELL WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#8858T)  65’ mast, Cat 3208 deck engine, spudding beam, 35 ton McKissick block, mounted on 1988 Ford L9000 with Cat engine  Price:  $65,000


CARDWELL WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#10414Tc)  Detroit 8V71 engine, Allison 750 transmission, 15” double Hydromatic brake, Franks 96’ x 150,000# triscope hydraulicaly raised and scoped mast, rod and tubing boards, 4 axle carrier, leveling jacks, utility winch, work bplatform, 100 ton McKissick  Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $49,500


CARDWELL/SKYTOP  (Ref#4306N)   mounted on 5 axle carrier, powered by Detroit 8V71 engine, 627 Allison transmission, T1000 air compressor, 38x8 double drum drawworks, 7/8” drill line, 72’ x 53,400 daN (119,000#) stiff single mast with four lines, free standing, equipped with McKissick dual sheave tubing blocks rated at 44,480daN (100,000#).  Racking capacity 2-3/8 tubing 9,350’, 2-7/8 tubing 6,562’, 3-1/2 tubing 4,101’.  Price:  CAD $375,000 (canadian)


MAINLINE 36-08 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#15513Rb)  Double drum, manufactured 1981, June 2002 Recert., double single, 69’ x 120,000# hydraulically raised mast, mounted on 4 axle carrier with 8V71 Detroit, 5 speed auto transmission, hydraulic outriggers, sand drum requires bearings, located Canada  Price:  $200,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000




MAC 400 Single Drum Trailer-Mounted Portable Drilling Unit, LEBUS Grooved f/1-1/8” Drill Line, FOSTER Catheads, Air Clutches, TCM 22” Water Brake p/b DETROIT 12V-71N Diesel Engine w/ Electric Starter, Radiator, ALLISON TC 955 Torque Converter, 96’H 205,000# Static Hook Load Cantilever Mast, Hydraulically Raised &Cable Scoped, (2) 4-Stage Raising Rams, Double Racking Board, All Mounted on Shopbuilt 3-Axle Trailer, Hydraulic Utility Winch, Stairs, Fuel, Air, Water & Hydraulic Tanks, 12.00x20 Tires


Shopbuilt 10’H Box-Type Substructure w/ Rotary Beams, V-Door Ramp, Stairs, Safety Rails, 40’L Mud Boat


MAGNAMAX 380 KW Generator,  p/b DETROIT Series 60 Diesel Engine,  Electric Starter, Radiator, Mounted in 10’W x 32’L House w/ CURTIS Air Compressor, Air Receiver Tank, Electrical Control Panel, Parts Room, Skidded


CONTINENTAL-EMSCO D-375 Duplex Mud Pump, 375 HP, 7-1/2” x 14”, Cast Steel Fluid End w/ Threaded Caps, HYDRIL K-20 Pulsation Dampener, OTECO 2” Shear Relief Valve, Type F Pressure Gauge p/b CAT 3408 Diesel Engine, w/ Air Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Air Clutch, Suction Hose, Master Skidded

NATIONAL K-380 Duplex Mud Pump, 380 HP, 7-1/4” x 14”, Cast Steel Fluid End w/ Threaded Caps, HYDRIL K-20 Pulsation Dampener, OTECO 2” Shear Relief Valve, OTECO Model 7D Pressure Gauge p/b CAT 3408 Diesel Engine, w/ Air Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Air Clutch, Suction Hose, Master Skidded


SKYTOP RSB180 18” x 44” Rotary Table w/ Split Master Bushing


4-14” x 40’L Square Kelly w/ Mousehole & Shuck

BAASH-ROSS-Type Kelly Drive Bushing w/ Square Drive

EMSCO NB-30 Block/Hook Combination w/ (4) 30” Sheaves f/1-1/8” Line

(2) 2-3/4” x 84” Elevator Links


REGAN 10-1/4” 3000# Annular Blowout Preventer

3-Station Closing Unit, , w/ Triplex Hydraulic Pump p/b Electric Motor, (2) Separator-Accumulators, Skidded


8’H x 8’W x 40’L Mud Suction Tank w/ 3 Compartments, Internal Plumbing, (2) HALCO 3” x 4” Centrifugal Pumps p/b 30 HP Electric Motors, (2) MAX 2000 7-1/2-hp Mud Agitators, Single-Cone Desander, Top-Mounted Walkways, Stairs, Safety Rails, Skidded

40”H x 8’W x 28’L Mud Shaker Tank w/ 7’L Skid Extension, Internal Plumbing, (2) HALCO 3” x 4” Centrifugal Pumps p/b 30 HP Electric Motors

Approximately 8’Dia. x 4’H Mud Mixing Tank w/ (2) 5” x 6” Centrifugal Pumps p/b Electric Motor, Mud Hopper, Skidded

TRI-FLO 146 Linear-Screen Shale Shaker (On Yard – Rental Unit on Rig)


10’W x Approximately 40’L Toolpusher’s House, Fully Furnished, Skidded

6’8”w x 31’L Doghouse w/ V-Top, Knowledge Box, (8) Lockers, Bench Storage, Parts Bins, Fluorescent Lights, Mounted on Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailer


8’Dia. x 18’L Diesel Tank, Skidded

500-Bbl. Cylindrical Water Tank, Skidded


WOOLLEY Type C Rotary Tongs w/ Heads

BJ 3-1/2” BN CL Drill Pipe Elevators

BJ Square-Shoulder CL Elevator

(2) Drill Pipe Slips

VARCO Drill Pipe Slips

VARCO Drill Collar Slips

10-Segment Drill Collar Slips

BAASH-ROSS Type C Drill Collar Safety Clamp

Approximately (12) Drill Collar Lift Subs

Approximately (8) Assorted Changeover Subs



TOTCO Hydro Weight Special 280,000# Weight Indicator

TOTCO 4-Pen Drilling Recorder,

3-1/2”ID x Approximately 50’L Rotary Hose

(2) 3-1/2”ID Vibrator Hose

8’W x 36’L Catwalk Trailer

7’6”W x 30’L Pipe Skid

Electric/Hydraulic Wireline Measuring Device S/N-N/A

Mud Bucket

Fluorescent & Quartz Rig Lights w/ Wiring

Approximately 2000’ of 1-1/8” Drill Line w/ Spool, Stand

DOUBLE LIFE 5” x 6” Centrifugal Water Pump p/b DETROIT 3-71 Diesel Engine, Skidded

8’ x 12’ Junk Basket

16’L Tandem Axle Utility Processor

ELECTRO-MAGIC Pressure Washer p/b HONDA 20-hp Engine, (2) Plastic Tanks, Mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer

Assorted Hand Tools, Rig Parts/Spare, Fire Extinguishers, etc.


5518’ (178 Joints) 3-1/2”, Grade E, 13.30#, Range 2 Drill Pipe w/ 3-1/2” IF, BN Tool Joints, 4-3/4”OD (Per Principal, DWB)

(25) 4-3/4”OD x 2-1/2”ID x 31’L Drill Collars w/ 3-1/2”IF Connections

(9) 5-1/2”OD to 5-3/4”OD x Approximately 30’L Slick Drill Collars

2 Sets (4) 48”H x 28’L Triangular Pipe Racks

1 Set (2) 36”H x 28’L Triangular Pipe Racks

Price on Request


MAC 400 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#10567R)  Rated to 8500’ with 4-1/2” drill pipe, MAC 400 drawworks with hydromatic brake, catheads, p/b Cat 3408 (450 hp) with air clutch and torque converter, Gardner Denver FXN 7-1/2 x 14” duplex mud pump p/b Cat 3408, 98’ x 280,000# PJ Services Mfg free standing mast, scopes with kig pin and two axle dolly, can rack 8500’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe, 125 kw generator p/b Detroit 671 in steel house with all switchgear and transformer (2nd gen set inoperable and not included), steel house includes parts cabinets, work area and storage.  One piece substructure 8’H x 15’W x 34’L with 4’ fold down wings, enclosed parts house and large volume tank, top dog house scopes dow into 400 bbl water tank, heater, lockers, knowledge box, 17-1/2” Brewster rotary table, 4-1/2” square kelly, 3-sheave (6 lines) hook/block grooved for 1-1/8” line, 150 TSM swivel with new wash pipe and packing, Regan 10” annular blowout preventor, Mud system with single cone desander, Mission Magnum mud mixing pump, mud stirring guns (rig uses earthen pits), lower kelly valve, inside BOP.  Kelly hose (new), vibrator hoses (3), 2500’ 1-1/8” drill line (new), mouse hole, mouse hole driller, weight indicator, tong torque gage, Bear automatic driller, one-pen drill recorder, Sure Shot deviation instrument, mud gauges, 3 sets pipe racks, type C rotary tongs, lights for derrick, substructure, mud pump, generator house, drill collar slips, 2 sets drill pipe slips, Quincy 325 air compressor with electric motor, slick line wireline unit, mounted on single axle trailer. Stacked since 2010, located USA 

PRICE REDUCED TO    $225,000