Last Updated: 03/19/2018 4:47 PM

INGERSOLL RAND 660 III HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL (Ref#8813Tb) Built 2004. 8.3 Cummins engine (9229 hours), Drifter hours 2268, Montebert HC160 hammer. Carries 15'9 lead steel, holds 12' steels in rod carousel. Price: $89,500


INGERSOLL RAND ECM-490  (Ref#88N)  Manufactured 1997, 185 compressor, self-contained, 18’ mast, no carousel, (8) 10’ sticks of T45 pipe, YH70 hammer, dust collector, good condition  Price:  $85,000  OFF MARKET


INGERSOLL RAND ECM-450  (Ref#6482N)  Manufactured 1988, track mounted, 3 cyl Detroit  Price:  $39,500


INGERSOLL RAND ECM 350  (Ref#4037Ra)  2 available - Manufactured 1992, painted, VL 140 drifter.  Includes 825/150 IR air compressor with Cummins L10.  Price for 1 drill and 1 compressor:  $55,000 


INGERSOLL RAND ECM 350  (Ref#4814Rm)  Year 1990, with water mist system and 671 hammer, unit has been sitting for several years so may need new hoses and other things addressed, but is a complete unit  Price:  $30,000


INGERSOLL RAND ECM 350  (Ref#4814Rk)  Manufactured 1984, VL140 hammer, comes with a 1984 750 cfm air compressor mounted on trailer, both units been sitting for a long time and require attention such as hoses, filters, replaced pistons,etc  Price:  $25,000


INGERSOLL RAND ECM 350  (Ref#4814RL)  Manufactured 1980’s, VL140 hammer, complete unit but needs to be reassembled  Price:  $18,500


INGERSOLL RAND ECM 350  (Ref#2182T)  Price:  $24,500


INGERSOLL RAND CM150  (Ref#8786Te)  3 units, parts rigs track mounted POR


INGERSOLL RAND DML (Ref#3853R) Manufactured 2008, crawler mounted with Cat C15 engine, 1200/110 air compressor, 4500 hours  Price:  $470,000


INGERSOLL RAND DML  (Ref#13013RL)  1050/125 air compressor, Cummins K19 (1500 hours since rebuild), runs 5-1/2” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $110,000


INGERSOLL RAND DMM2  (Ref#13013RK)  1700/100 air compressor, Cummins K19 (3500 hours since rebuild), runs 7-5/8” x 35’ pipe  Price:  $100,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM50  (Ref#7371N)  Manufactured 1986, KTA 19C Cummins deck engine, 1200/150 air compressor, power head, spur gear head with twin motors, angle package, 5 rod carousel, 6 rod side rack,  300’ of 4-1/2” x 25’ pipe,   Price:  $180,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM50E  (Ref#6555T)  1050/150 air compressor, Cummins K19 (1500 hours since rebuild), runs 5-1/2 x 25’ drill pipe, track mounted, located Europe  Price:  $65,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM50E  (Ref#13013Rm)  1050/125 air compressor, Cummins K19 (2500 hours since rebuild), runs 5-1/2” x 25’ drill pipe  Price:  $80,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM45E  (Ref#14599)  Manufactured 1989, 1050/350 HR2 air compressor, Cummins KTA19 diesel engine on deck, mounted on Cat 235 tracks, operator’s cab, leveling jacks, 70,000# pullback, 5 rod carousel, 10 gpm water injection pump, hammer oiler, 5 drill pipe 4-1/2” x 25’ x 3-1/2 reg conn., table bushing to open to 12”, breakout wrench, operator’s manual, parts manual, dimensions/weight: 41’L x 10’6”W x 13’ H, T240 Super Jaws Bit 380 (shank for 10-3/4 OD x 10” ID casing, P80 hammer 4-1/2 API Reg. pin, T240 drive shoes, T240 diverter for 10-3/4 OD casing, underreaming system for simultaneously drilling and casing hole for 10” – 10-3/4” OD casing.  Canged all hydraulic hoses, replaced water injection pump motor, replaced all air hoses, replaced all rig lights, reconditioned cab including replacement of all laminated glass panes, replaced regulator valves, changed air regulator diaphragm, general service of engine and compressor, all hydraulics inspected and tested, cleaned and recently painted, fully operational and ready to drill, new winch and winch line, located Caribbean, excellent condition  Price:  $250,000 


INGERSOLL RAND DM45  (Ref#204N)  Manufactured 1989, track mounted, GM8V92 diesel engine, 750/150 air compressor, 12 gpm water injection, dust collector, 5 rod carousel, fully tooled, 500’ pipe, good running condition  Price:  $110,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM40SP (Ref#3855R) Detroit /MTU engine, 1800cfm air compressor, 7” kelly, 70’ single pass  Price:  $140,000


ATLAS COPCO DM30 (Ref#6909RB) Manufactured 2006, 4,700 hours (since rebuild) as of 4.01.2015, track mounted with Cummins QSX15 Tier III 525hp@1,8000RPM engine, IR 900/350 air compressor, 4 rod carousel for 4.5" x 30' (3.5"API Reg) drill pipe, 4.5"OD x 3.5"API Reg spindle sub, water injection (0-3GPM) with 200 gallon tank, dust collector, torque limit control, 7 gallon DHD Lube, Engine preheater, auto thread Lube-pneumatic,  excellent running condition  Price$450,000  PRICE REDUCED:   $385,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM30 (Ref#8986R) Manufactured 1990, completely rebuilt,, 750/350 air compressor, overhauled 400 Cummins engine with low hours, new pumps, Cat installed new rails less than 12 months ago, painted, track mounted includes full rack of pipe.  Price: $170,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $140,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM25  (Ref#7136T)  Manufactured 1989, 750/250 air compressor, Cummins NTC855 Big Cam, 500 hours, rebuilt, track mounted, located Cyprus  Price:  $90,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000


INGERSOLL RAND DM25 REVERSE CIRCULATION RIG  (Ref#3979Ra)  Manufactured 1986, track mounted, 900/350 air compressor, 70,000# pulback, 35 degree angle hole capacity, refurbished in 2010 and 2012, excllent condition

PRICE REDUCED:  $195,000

Available at extra cost:  1,300’ drill pipe, small Hurricane style booster


INGERSOLL RAND DM25SP (Ref#9817R) track drill with Cummins KT1150 engine, recently rebuilt, 750/300 air compressor, hot box, dust box, new 2 7/8” x 48’ kelly, good running condition  Price:  $85,000


ATLAS COPCO D3  (Ref#13500R)  Manufactured 2010, 3500 hours, 1640 Atlas Copco hammer, rod changer, rear winch, remote control, set up for T45  Price:  $110,000


GEOWELLTECH 3050R CRAWLER DRILL  (Ref#14089R)  Manufactured 2009, (Geowelltech recently bought out by Atlas Copco), injection pump, crawler rubber tracks, 360 rotation, DTH hammer applications, winch, step up for symmetrix system, Detuz engine, Atlas Copco drilling components, hydraulic pipe rack.  Rig is designed for dtown the hole drilling applications.  It is mounted on a versatile crawler track platform with high ground clearance.  Good for work in restricted areas.  Ten degrees of chain feeder tilt, forward, backward and sideways.  Chain feeder has a stinger mounting that permits vertical movement of the feeder. 500’ of 2-3/8” pipe  Price:  $110,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $89,500


GEOWELLTECH 3050R CRAWLER DRILL  (Ref#8974R)  Manufactured 2010, Deutz diesel engine, Atlas copco DHR-484 head, 500’ of 3’ x 10’ pipe, stem magazine, rubber tracks  Price:  $140,000