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Ingersoll Rand RO-300
Cyclone 300R, 44R, 43R, 36R, 35R
Bucyrus Erie 40R, 30RP, 10R, 10RH


INGERSOLL RAND RO-300 (Ref#2848Nh) mounted on International Paystar with Detroit 8V71 engine, (2) Gaso 5 x 10 rebuilt mud pumps  Price:  $170,000


INGERSOLL RAND RO-300 (Ref#4875R) Manufactured late 70’s-early 80’s, mounted on 1981 International Paystar 5000 with V8 diesel engine, 40’ derrick, 8 ½” retractable table, 5 x 10 Gaso mud pump, hydraulic pulldown, air clutches, breakout tongs, no air, sandline, Bean injection pump, no air, no rod box or pipe rack, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, good condition, ready to go  Price:  $85,000

Available at extra cost:

1000’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe (2 7/8IF)

Pipe truck also available


CYCLONE RO-300  (Ref#10000R)  Manufactured 1970, 5-1/4” table, 3 x 4 centrfigual pump, mounted on 1973 Mack truck with 237 Cummins engine, 30’ mast, sandline, no hyd pulldown, has not run in several years  Price on Request


CYCLONE RO-300  (Ref#556N)  450/250 LeRoi compressor, 4 x 3 centrifugal mud pump, Detroit 8V71 deck engine, mounted on 2000 Freightliner truck with Cat 335 hp engine, breakout wrench, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $100,000   (Pipe available at extra cost)


CYCLONE RO-300 (Ref#1859N)  Manufactured 1975, 8” retractable table, 23-1/2’ fluted kelly, mast for Range 2 casing, 8V71 Detroit engine, 600/150 LeRoi air compressor,mounted on 1975 Ford F950 tandem axle truck with Cummins diesel engine  Price:  $45,000

4-1/2 x 20’ drill pipe available at extra cost


CYCLONE 300R  (Ref#35R)  Manufactured 1972, 7-1/2 x 8 GD, Scania diesel, trailer mounted, 5-3/4” x 23’ kelly, 7-1/2” retractable table to 20”, fresh paint, 32’ mast,  Price:  $60,000

4” drill pipe and tools available at extra cost


CYCLONE 300  (Ref#9575R)  Manufactured 1970, been sitting for years, 3 x 4 pump, 330 Ford porpane deck engine, mounted on 1973 Mack truck (not running), 5-1/4” retractable rotary table  Price:  $37,500


CYCLONE 300 (Ref#5693R) Manufactured mid 1970’s, Ford 300 industrial deck engine, mounted on 1985 Ford 600 (not 4x4) with 429 gas engine, 4 x 3 Mission mud pump, Leroi developmental air compressor, 5 ¼” retractable table, 3 ½” x 19’ Kelly, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, 300 gallon mud pit with mixer & hoses, breakout wrench, rod box, 200’ of 2 3/8” IF x 15’ drill pipe, bits & subs, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, ready to go  Price:  $50,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $45,000


CYCLONE 44R  (Ref#1509), Manufactured 1970 - combination mud rotary and cable rig,  Ford 6 cylinder gasoline engine on deck, 5 x 6 GD duplex mud pump, 34' mast, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks,  Mounted on tandem axle truck, Diamond Reo powered by Cummins 220 diesel engine,  3" x 24' kelly, 2-3/8" x 20' drill pipe, 13'H x 8'W x 34'L, handling equipment, table bushings, tools  Price:  $45,000


CYCLONE 44 COMBINATION CABLE TOOL/KELLY (Ref#12164Na) combination rig, diesel deck engine (removed and in pieces, but has been repaired), mounted on 1967 Mack tandem axle truck with diesel engine, rotary table removed, 4 ½” x 23’ kelly, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, no mud pump, water injection, breakout tongs, no air compressor, no pipe, 1 front 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, new tires, Price as is:  $19,500 


CYCLONE 43R COMBINATION CABLE/KELLY (Ref#4485)  12” x 600’ capacity, Mounted on tandem axle Mack truck, 4 x 5 GD mud pump, 38’ mast, 6 cyl gas Ford 300 engine runs drawworks and pump, Large rotary table, hydraulic leveling jacks  Price to be determined


CYCLONE 42R ROTARY/CABLE COMBINATION RIG  (Ref#5173N)  Ford Industrial gas deck engine, mounted on 1972 Kaiser 6 x 6 truck with 6 cyl Turbo diesel engine, (both engines rebuilt), 5” stationary table, 4” x 12’ square kelly, King swivel, portable mud pit, 5” and 6” tools, no mud or air, no leveling jacks, no pipe  Price:  $45,000


SANDERSON CYCLONE 38 COMBINATION ROTARY/SPUDDER RIG  (Ref#11403Tb)  Ford Industrial engine, mounted on 1994 Ford all wheel drive with diesel engine  Price:  $29,500 - Oklahoma


CYCLONE 36R COMBINATION CABLE TOOL/KELLY  (Ref#6274Nb)  no mud or air, Continental gas deck engine, mounted on Chevy with gas, square kelly  Price:  $24,000 – Michigan


CYCLONE 36R (Ref#2110R) PTO, rebuilt transfer case, mounted on 2001 Peterbilt with diesel engine, 8” retractable table, 5 ½ x 8 GD mud pump, no air, 3 3/8” x 23’ Kelly, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, breakout wrench, pipe rack, reamer, 600’ of 3 3/8” x 15’ drill pipe, all tools, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, ready to go  Price:  $110,000


CYCLONE R36 CABLE TOOL/ROTARY RIG  (Ref#600R)  Rig manufactured 1972, mounted on 1978 Brigadier tandem axle truck with Detroit 671 engine, 4 cyl Ford Industrial engine on deck, 3 x 4 mud pump, sandline, retractable table, mud pit, 280’ of 3-1/2” x 15’ drill rod Price:  $40,000


CYCLONE 36R COMBINATION CABLE/KELLY RIG  (Ref#12092)  Manufactured 1970’s 453 Detroit diesel deck engine, mounted on 1977 Ford 900 tandem axle truck with 290 Cummins diesel engine, LeRoi air compressor, 3-1/8” fluted kelly, 8-1/2” retractable table, 10 gpm hydraulic water injection, stabilizer, bit, breakout wrench, good condition 200’ of 3-1/2” flush rod, tooling  Price$70,000OFF MARKET


CYCLONE 36R COMBINATION CABLE/KELLY RIG  (Ref#104N)  4 cyl Industrial Ford deck engine, 8” retractable table, mud pit, mounted on 1978 International all wheel drive truck with DT466 engine, 415’ Mayhew Jr pipe, 3” diaphragm mud pump, 375/125 trailer mounted Sullair compressor, 1000 gal water tank on rig  Price:  $50,000


CYCLONE 36R  (Ref#14802T)  Manufactured 1977, (2) Ford propane deck engines (1) 6 cyl and (1) 4 cyl, 5 x 6 mud pump, LeRoi 100 SDS air compressor, 18’ kelly, 5-1/2” retractable table, hydraulic pulldown, rod box, mounted on 1968 International 6 x 6 truck with International gas engine, approx 100’ of 2-3/8” IF drill pipe, misc tools, new propane tank, new batteries  Price:  $37,000


CYCLONE 36R (Ref#3980N) combination cable/Kelly rig, manufactured 1960’s, (2) Ford gas deck engines, mounted on 1987 Freightliner with Cat engine, 3x4 Mission mud pump, 18’ Kelly, 5 ¼” retractable table, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, mud pit, cone desander, 200’ of 2 7/8” x 15’ drill pipe, breakout wrench, hydraulic leveling jacks, 4” & 6” cable tools  Price:  $47,500


CYCLONE 36R COMBINATION RIG  (Ref#11157)  2 Ford Industrial engines (one runs rig and one runs pump), mounted on 1964 International tandem truck with 220 Cummins, 5-1/2 x 6 Gardner Denver pump, 18’ kelly, 5-1/4” retractable table, 2” swivel, 4” spudder tools, 375 gal attached swing-up mud pan, 180’ of  Mayhew regular pipe  Price:  47,500


CYCLONE 35R CABLE TOOL/ROTARY TABLE KELLY RIG  (Ref#4925R)  Gardner Denver FXG 5 x 6 mud pump with rebuilt fluid end, Ford diesel engine on deck, sliding rotary table, fluted kelly bar, rod box, mounted on late 1980’s International tandem axle truck with DT466 diesel engine  Price:  $36,500


CYCLONE 35R (Ref#9360N) Manufactured 1970’s, 6 cylinder Ford in-line on deck (needs repair – doesn’t start), 4 speed transmission (rebuilt 2008),mounted on 1992 GMC Topkick single axle truck (121” wheelbase) with 7.0L gas engine with less than 20,000 miles on engine, hydraulic brakes, fuel pump on truck needs repair, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, Ingersoll Rand 185 cfm air compressor below deck (needs repair), retractable table, kelly rod, large hydraulic rod pulldown cylinder, 25’ derrick, hydraulic motor for mud pump and winch, sitting 3 years, 2 breakout wrenches, sandline and hydraulic winch, double winch line capacity, drill rod shoot and mud tub, drillers & helpers platform, 1200# drive hammer for 4” & 6” casing, 280’ of Mayhew Jr drill pipe  Price:  $49,500


CYCLONE 35R COMBINATION CABLE TOOL/KELLY (Ref#6274Nc)  20’ fluted kelly, 1972 172 Ford gas deck engine, mounted on F8000 truck with Detroit engine, 5-1/4” retractable ktable, 3 x 4 centrifugal pump, no air, 200’ of 2-7/8 x 15 Mayhew rod, 2 rear racks  Price:  $45,000 - Michigan


CYCLONE 35R  (Ref#483N)  5-1/2 x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump, mounted on 1977 International truck with DT466 engine, stabilizer, 400’ of 2-3/8” Mayhew JR pipe  Price:  $35,000


CYCLONE 35R  (Ref#8083)  Manuactured 1972, 3 line machine, 2 x 2 diaphragm pump, 4-1/2 x 5 mud pump, 125/100 LeRoi compressor for developmental air, PTO will not carry compressor, 36” breakout wrench, single axle Chevy-C-70 truck propane/gas  Price:  $55,000


CYCLONE 35R  (Ref#483N)  Manufactured 1969, Gardner Denver 3 x 2-1/2” pump (needs new pistons), mounted on 1977 International truck with DT466, 400’ of 2-3/8 Mayhew Jr., stabilizers  Price:  $35,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 40R  (Ref#3998)  1962, Cummins engine on deck, centrifugal pump, crawler mounted, Gardner Denver WSJ air compressor, generator, John Bean water injection, extended mast  Price:  $48,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $42,500


BUCYRUS ERIE 30RT  (Ref#13547)  220 Cummins deck engine, mounted on Crane Carrier with Red Diamond 6 cyl gas engine, 5 & 3 speed transmission, tools  Price:  $20,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#11705T)  Manufactured 1973, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump (new pistons and liners 2016), 50 SDS air compressor, bailing drum, 24’ kelly, 8-1/4” retractable table, hydraulic pulldown, air clutches, mounted on 1989 Chevy Topkick with Cat 3208T, rod box, 300’ of 3” drill stem, tools, well maintained  Price:  $84,500  Additional pipe available at extra cost.


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R (Ref#1986Nc) Manufactured 1972, PTO, mounted on 1972 Ford F8000 with Cat 3208 engine, 5x6 piston mud pump, Leroi 50SDS air compressor, 8” retractable table, 5 ¼” table bushing, Myers water injection pump, line oiler, sandline, pipe rack, breakout wrench,  new water swivel, 40000# mast capacity, 16000# pulldown, mud pan, mud mixer, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 270’ of 2 7/8” OD x 20’ drill pipe, 2 3/8” IF  Price on request


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#14627)  Manufactured 1972, mounted on 1972 Ford truck, 300’ of 3-1/2” x 15’ drill pipe, 5 x 8 mud pump, small LeRoi compressor, rebuilt  Price:  $75,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#5436Ra)  Manufactured 1970, top head drive, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 450/150 LeRoi air compressor, mounted on 1996 International tandem axle truck with Dt466 diesel engine, 13 speed transmission  Price:  $55,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#8962R)  Manufactured 1970, 38’ mast, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 50 SDS air compressor, 2 line, 8-1/4” retractable rotary table, water injection, mounted on 1968 White 9000 with 250 Cummins engine, 13 speed transmission, 225’ of 3-1/2” with 2-3/8 IF pipe  Price:  $69,500

Available at extra cost1996 INTERNATIONAL 4700 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8962Rb) 1400 gal water tank, 18,200 miles, good rubber, DT466, 6 speed  Price:  $34,500


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#7509R)  Rebuilt 8V71 Detroit diesel on deck, air rotary, no mud pump, LeRoi 256SD air compressor, table drive, mounted on Ford F700 4 x 4 truck with new Ford 392 Industrial gas engine (less than 100 hours)  Price:  $50,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R (Ref#5588RA) Manufactured 1966, PTO, mounted on 1966 Ford tandem axle truck with propane engine, rebuilt 5 x 8 mud pump, retractable table, kelly, leveling jacks, sitting 5 years but running when parked  Price:  $18,500 


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#12110R)  5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 8” retractable table, LeRoi 50 SDS air compressor, new brake bands, new clutch lining, new 5/8 casing line, 9/16” sandline and kelly line, 23’ kelly, 40’ derrick standing (working height), 32’ derrick (down for transport), new cable and pulldown chains, mounted on 1965 Ford F800 tandem axle truck with 392 Ford gas engine, PTO, 3 leveling jacks, rod rack, stored inside (no rust), very good condition, road worthy, located Canada  Price:  $35,000 USD


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#4817N)  5 x 6 mud pump, 50 SDS air compressor, air clutches, retractable table, (3) hyd jacks, mounted on Ford truck with diesel engine, good condition  Price:  $75,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  Ref#826N)  Manufactured 1970’s, mounted on 1978 Chevy truck, 3 line machine, rebuilt 3208 Cat engine, no tools  Price:  $100,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $65,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#7203N)  650/250 air compressor, no mud, 6 cyl Detroit on deck, mounted on 1978 Kenworth truck, 8V71 Detroit, water injection, no pipe or tools  Price:  $42,500


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#2083N)  Manufactured 1970’s, 450/250 LeRoi air compressor, 6V71 Detroit deck engine, 8-1/2” retractable table, mechanical clutches, hydraulic pulldown, sandline, water injection, 23’ kelly,  no pipe rack, no rod box, (15) 4-1/2” FJ x 15’ drill rod, 3 hyd leveling jacks, needs new truck   Price:  $30,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10RH  (Ref#5154)  Double drum, 1-1/2” pulldown chain, rotary rig with air compressor LeRoi 256-S2 500/250, mounted on Ford T-750 trandem axle truck with 391 engine, gasoline or propane, 4-1/8” x 23’ kelly, 8” hydraulic retractable rotary table, drilling platform  Price:  $50,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10RH  (Ref#1161)  2 available - 500/250 air compressor, 671 Detroit diesel, mounted on Ford 750 tandem axle truck with gas engine, 23’ x 4” kelly, parts, 400’ of 4” x 20’ drill pipe, (1) manufactured 1968 good condition, (1) manufactured 1963 needs work      Price for both:  $55,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#13828)  Manufactured 1968, mounted on 1976 truck, (3) 6” hammers, 300’ drill pipe. Tender truck 1985 International w/1000 gallon water tank, 100 gallon fuel tank, drill pipe  Price:  $58,500


BUCYRUS ERIE 10RH  (Ref#5709)  Manufactured 1968,parts rig 


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#1847N)  23’ fluted kelly, table drive, LeRoi 450/250 air compressor, Mission 4 x 3 pump, mounted on Ford F800 tandem axle truck with gas engine, needs deck engine, hyd pump and rebuilding  Price:  $28,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#1502N)  (2) 5 x 6 mud pumps, (1) 3 x 4 Mission Magnum centrifugal pump (low hours), mounted on Crane Carrier, Detroit diesel engine, PTO, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, retractable table, 3-1/2” x 23’ kelly, breakout wrench, good condition, currently drilling, 155’ of 3-1/2” pipe, 200’ of 20’ stems  Price:  $65,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#14720Tb)  parts rig


BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#13101Rd) only derrick, kelly bar, turntable, in pieces POR