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(3) EMD 12-645-E1 diesel engines (1500 hp_, (1) Cat D353 diesel engine (435 hp, 1200 rpm) with GE 300kw AC generator

Lee C. Moore 142’ x 30 x 30’, 1,200,000# hook load derrick

Gardner Denver 1500E drawworks powered by (2) EMD D-79-MB 800 hp motors with 6032 electric brake

Oilwell 37-1/2” rotary with 2-speed transmission powered by EMD-79-MBG 800 hp motor

Oilwell 500 ton block with 6 x 60 sheaves grooved for 1-3/8” drill line

BJ 5500 Dynaflex hook 500 tons

Oilwell PC 500 swivel rated for 500 tons

Gardner Denver PZ10 triplex mud pump 1350 hp powered by (2) EMD D-79-MB 800 hp motors

Solids control system: (2) Derrick Floline shale shakers, (1) Derrick Floline mud cleaner, (1) Swaco GEXC degasser with 5 hp vacuum pump

10,000 psi Quality Valve 33 choke manifold with for H2S service, 10 x 3”, 10,000 psi manual gate valves, 3 x 4” 10,000 psi gate valves, (1) Swaco hydraulic adjustable choke, (1) adjustable choke

In 2007 owner spent $3,500,000 in upgrades on the rig and platform and used for one well – stacked since 2009

Price:  $1,100,000



Rated depth:  11,000’ using 4-1/2” drill pipe

Gardner Denver 700 drawworks, 580,000# max hoisting capacity, Parmac Hydramatic brake

P/B (2) Cat 3412 diesel engines (900 hp)

Carmco M-550 triple cantilever 134’ x 390,000# mast

Carmco box on box substructure, 18’ KB-ground, 14.5’ clearance for BOPs, 300,000# setback capacity

Oilwell A20-1/2 rotary table

National P300 swivel

BJ/National hook block

1-1/8” drill line

 (2) mud tanks, 8 compartments, 5 x 6 Mission pump, (4) Radicon agitators

(2) Swaco Linear shale shakers

Mud Gas Separators

Accumulator Marlin 2-station 3000 psi

Light plant, instrumentation, kelly spinner, drill pipe spinner, fuel storage, water storage

Price:  $825,000



Built 1996, Reworked 2012, small cmpact foo print, 9000’ w/4-1/2”, 12,000’ with 3-1/2”,

Drawworks: Gardner Denver GD5000E (800hp) single drum with 1-1/8” line, Parkersbrug Hydromatic Brake, p/b (2) GE 752DC (800 hp) electric motor, Ideco 100’ x 360,000# telescoping mast, racking board 9000’ capacity. 

Substructure:, rig to ground 19’, two tier box on box, 39’ x 9’ x 9’ tool room, 39’ x 9’ x 10’ 600 bl water tank, 39’ x 9’ x 9’ mud system room, 39’ x 9’ x 10’ mud pit w/tank. 

Mud system 400 bbl w/mud mixing, desander, desilter, shale shaker, 6 x 5 mixing pump, 200 bbl aux tank

Mud Pumps:  (1) Gardner Denver PZ7 (550 hp) w/GE752DC (800 hp), (1) Gardner Denver PZ7 (500 hp) w/ Cat D379

Centrifugal pumps: (2) 6 x 5”

Rotary Table:  Gardner Denver 27-1/2”

Kelly/Swivel:  5-1/4” x 40’ kelly, Oilwell PC300 swivel

BOP:  11” x 3,000# double ram, 11” x 3000# annular, 13-5/8” Washington rotating head

SCR Generator:  1000kw generator w/C ummins KTA300, 125 kw utuility generator w/ diesel engine

Houses:  7’W x 9’H x 32’L doghouse, 8’W x 9’H x 20’L tool pusher’s office/medical, 8’ x 9’ x 20’ mud logging house

Tubulars:  (75) joints of 4-1/2” drill pipe Range 2, (4) 8” drill collars, (4) 4-1/2” HWDP, (16) 6-1/4” drill collars, (170) jts of 3-1/2” drill pipe Range 2

Elevators, subs, slips, tongs, considerable amount of support equiment.  Located South Pacific

Price:  $4,400,000


UNIT U-34 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#7822Ra)  Trailer mounted, 96’ x 205,000# Pemco derrick, Detroit 12V71 (450 hp) diesel engine, 2000 gallon fuel tank, hydraulic leveling jacks, ramp, Substructure with 12-1/2” Brewster rotary table, V-door, 48’ catwalk, 65 ton McKissick blocks, 50 ton Brewster swivel, trailer mounted doghouse telescoping with 100 bbl water tank and transfer pump  Price:  $225,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $175,000


U-34 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#14234N)  Single drum drawwors, 350 hp, grooved for 1” drilling line, Foster makeup and breakout catheads, overrunning clutch, rotary table drive, Parmac 15” triple hydromatic brane, Crown-O-Matic, air driller’s console controls, single engine compound p/b GM Series 60 diesel engine w/starter, radiator, gauges, Twin Disc F-11524-TC-1 torque converter, air clutch, skidded.

Lee C Moore 100’H cantilever mast, crown block w/(3) 30” sheaves, 24” sheave, fastline sheave, 1” line, Crown safety platform, 4” standpipe, standpipe manifold with gate valves, pressure gauge, racking board, tong counter weights, ladder, derrick  climber, boom, rig lighting, wiring, mast stand,.  6’H x 18’W x 40’L box type substructure with rotary beams, stairs, safety rails, V-door ramp, deadline anchor, skidded.

National C-250 duplex mud pump 350 hp w/MATTCO steel fluid end with valve covers and cylinder head caps, suction and discharge manifolds, Continental Emsco 3000# psi pulsation dampener, 3” shear relief valve, pressure gauge, mud line, master skidded, p/b Cat D343 diesel engine, 375 hp, w/starter, radiator, gauges, pump drive, air clutch, skidded.

Onan DGFA-3381671 electric generator, 125 kw p/b Cummins 6CTA8.3 disel engine w/electric starter, radiator, gauges, skidded, mounted on 1986 Freuhauf PB100 8’W x 42’L tandem axle flat bed trailer, w/3000 gal fuel tank, propane tank, 2-compartment lubester.

8’W x 30’L doghouse, round top w/3’L porch extension, knowledge box, parts storage, fluorescent lights, heater, wiring, skidded, mounted on 1978 Hobbs 8’W x 42’L tandem axle flat bed trailer.

300 barrel water storage tank, skidded.

Traveling block/hook comination w/(4) sheaves, 1” line

Rotary swivel

Ideco 17-1/2” x 44” rotary table w/master bushing

Kelly drive bushing, 4-1/2” drill pipe slips, drill pipe elevators, 4-1/4” x 41’ L square kelly, elevator links

Drill collar slips, drill collar elevators

Rotary hose, suction hoses, drilling recorder, 1 set pipe racks, assorted changover subs, bit subs, lift subs, rig lighting, wiring connections, vibrator hose, weight indicator, catwalk w/steel deck, 4 drill pipe/drill collar tubs, 1” x approx 3500’ drilling line, approx 5000’ 4-1/2” BN YB drill pipe with 4-1/2 XH connections, (14-16_ 5-5/8” OD – 5-3/4” OD drill collars with 4-1/2 XH connections

Price:  $1,650,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $800,000


MID-CONTINENT U-34  (Ref#14139)  Mid Continent U-34 drawworks, Ideco 17-1/2” rotary table, Cat 3406 diesel engine, Allison TC-955 torque converter, Lee C Moore one-piece substructure, M3 mud tank, doghouse/water tank, Lee C Moore 102’ x 210,000# mast with Tri-Service Crown  Price:  $550,000 or make offer




MID-CONTINENT U914C  (Ref#2816N)  Rig components, Mid Continent U914C drawworks, double drum 900-1400 hp, 1-3/8” line, 48” Parkersburg hydromatic brake, twin disk torque converter 21’ x 1,200,000# six section substructure, 142’ x 1,330,000# 12-line mast, 1,000,000# hook load, 7 sheave crown block, BJ500 TM travelling block and hook, 30 drill collars, (2) 4-1/4” kelly, (3) 4-1/2” elevator, extensive list of subs, located South America  Price:  $700,000