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Cooper  LTO-550, LTO-350, H4210, Series 60, LTO-150, 42x10, 32x32, 26x26, swab rigs



COOPER 550 WELL SERVICE UNIT (Ref#1683Rn)  C-15 CAT Diesel Eng, 5860 DROP BOX ALLISON Trans, 42X12-42x8 DRAWWORKS w/dual disc assist, 96’ 215,000# Telescoping Mast Hydraulically Raised & SCOPED, Mtd on 6-Axle Carrier w/Sgl-Man Cab, OFF OPERATORS WALKWAY, (4) Hyd Leveling Jacks, (2) Hyd Utility Hoist, tong rack & Flotation Front Tires  Price:  $450,000


COOPER 550 TRI-FOLD DRILLING RIG  (Ref#6981Ta)  Near new, 550 hp, 250K mast, Tier 4 engine, 6200’ drilling depth, 14,500’ workover depth, 250,000# mast, substructure rated 428,000#, Ideco 175-F 17-3/4” rotary table, TDH 250 top drive, F1000 mud pump Tier 3 engine 1130 hp triples, 320 bbl mud system, pipe wrangler, 300 bbl water tank, 3500 gal diesel tank, pressure washer trailer, Iron roughneck, flow line trailer, stair trailer, sub pump HPU trailer, travel trailer, small HPU, light plant, 400 kw power unit, dog house, W440 mud pump 500 hp Tier 4-engine triplex pump, casing tongs, rod tongs, tubing tongs, rig mats, elevators, rod fishing tools, pipe tongs, rod tongs, casing tongs, drill collar tongs, jaw assy, jaw set, 1000 gal fuel trailer, 6 line McKissick 100 ton blocks, 8 line McKissick 150 ton blocks with hydra hook, (4) 7” drill collars, (2) 6” drill collars, (4) 4-3/4” drill collars, 6200’ of 4-1/2” XO drill pipe, (26) jts of 4-1/2” heavy weight pipe, 3100’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe, (26) jts 3-1/2” heavy weight, 10 pipe rack holders, 31.5” x 20” pipe racks, Bowen 3.5 power swivel, 11-1/8” BOPE  Price:  $4 Million


COOPER 400 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#6981Tb)  14,500’ depth with 2-1/2” tubing, 10,000’ workover depth 2-7/8” DP), 96’ x 205,000# mast w/6 lines, 350 hp (Tier 4) engine, W440 mud pump, 6 line block, cross over sub swedge, high pressure swivel circulation attachment, swivel tripping tools, Bown 3.5 power swivel, 7” BOP double gate and accumulator, air slips  Price:  $1,650,000


Self-propelled double drum back in
Rated capacity at 4200 m w/ 3 mm tubing
Engine Detroit Diesel series 60 375hp
Transmission Allison CLT 5860DB 6 speed
Main drum brakes 30.5cm x 106.7cm
Auxiliary brake Kobalt Disc brake
Sand line brakes 20.3cm x 96.5cm
Mast Cooper 104 200 rated 89000 daN w six lines
Racking capacity 4200m 73mm double tubing 4700m 19 mm triple rods
Travel blocks McKissick 73A 100 ton c w spring
Lights Fluorescent and quartz floods
Drilling line 25.4mm x 518m wire rope
Sand line 14mm x 3700m wire rope
Weight indicator
3m x 11.6m steel building c/w accumulator
3m x 4.25m change house
3m x 3.65m tool house
55 KW - Isuzu diesel generator
Handling Equipment
Bowen Peck-o-matic no 631 tubing tongs c w air back-up
Cavins model C power air slips
BJ elevators
Standard equipment 60.3mm and 73mm EUE tubing
19mm 25mm sucker rods
2 2.4m x 13.7m rig mats
Catwalk w 2 sets of pipe racks
Safety Equipment
4 14kg dry chemical fire extinguishers
2 self-contained breathing apparatus
w spare cylinder
Gas detector
Safety and directional signs
Electrical ground bonding equipment
1 stretcher
Crown saver
Pipe ram saver
2 Self retracting lifelines
BOP Equipment
• 152mm - 35,000kpa Shaffer Spherical
• 152mm - 35,000kpa Shaffer Sentinel II w/ valve
• Koomey 166 L - 21,000kpa accumulator w/3 station controls & nitrogen back-up system
• Hoses, remote station
• 73mm EUE - 35,000kpa tubing safety valve
• 89mm rod BOP c/w handles
• HD hydraulic oil saver
• 76mm x 9.1m swab lubricator w/jars & tool trap
• 76mm swabbing valve - 21,000kpa
• SPM 600 114 mm plungers x 152 mm stroke
• Engine - Detroit Diesel 12V-71 (336KW/450hp)
• Transmission - Eaton - 7 speed
• Mission charge pump
• Seven-valve reverse circulating manifold
• Completely housed in a building
Mud Tank
• 40m3 - 2.7m x 6.1m
• Mud guns, mixing hopper & setting ditch
• 120m x 50mm line pipe & 12m x 101mm suction hose
• Circulation degasser

PRICE:  $1,400,000   OFF MARKET


COOPER 350 WELL SERVICE UNIT (Ref#1683Ra)  Detroit 8V-92 Diesel Eng, Allison 750 Trans, 42X12-38x8 drawworks w/dual disc assist, 97’ 200,000# telescoping mast hydraulically raised & scoped, Mtd on 4-Axle Carrier w/Sgl-Man Cab, (4) Hyd Leveling Jacks, Hyd Utility Hoist, tong rack & Floatation Front Tires  Price:  $390,000


COOPER LTO-350 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#4176R)  Manufactured 1980, completely rebuilt, double drum, Detroit 60 Series, Allison 5860 auto transmission, 96’ x 200,000# Pemco mast, mounted on 4 axle carrier, Wilson blocks, 4 hydraulic jacks, hydromatic brake, new cab, new paint  Price:  $290,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $250,000


COOPER LTO-350  (Ref#11312N)  Double drum, 55’ single piece mast, mounted on 4 axle carrier with diesel engine, 12-1/2” rotary table, 7 x 12” duplex mud pump, kelly, swivel, block  Price:  $370,000


COOPER LTO-350 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#13733R)  Manufactured 1975, double drum, triple double derrick, reconditioned 2001, Detroit 8V92 engine, Allison automatic transmission, Pemco 96-180C mast strung on 6 lines with a rting of 205,000# (rebuilt 2004), set of 3 sheave 100 ton blocks, mounted on 4 axle Crane Carrier  Price:  $139,500


COOPER TC4210  (Ref#8440R)  Refurbished 2013/2014 at a cost of $130,000, double drum, single rig mast, 64’ x 250,000# (tubing and rod racks), 70 ton blocks, 2 lines, Detroit diesel 60 gpm @ 2000 psi, hydraulic system, air clutch.  Repairs include used 65’ derrick installed, new 1” main line, repairs to air system, hydraulic system upgrade, leveling jacks, derrick lijghting, tires, 70 ton blocks installed and many other repairs.  Rig is 90% complete but is operational.    Rear axle needs to be rebuilt.

Price as is$115,000 REDUCED:  $88,000


COOPER SERIES 60 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#13391T)  Manufactured 1981, 96’ x 180,000# derrick, hydromatic brake, 750 Allison transmission, mounted on 4 axle carrier  Price on Request


COOPER 150 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#12857R)  10 x 13 and 38 x 8 main drum rebuilt, 35 x 6 sand drum, straight air drawworks, hydraulic leveling jacks, bed winch, rebuilt right angle box and rebuilt power divider box, new drive chains, mounted on 1981 International Paystar 5000 truck powered by Detroit 8V92 engine, 10 speed transmission, new tires, tooling.

Crew truck:  2010 F350 XLT 4WD with diesel engine (41,000 miles as of May 2015)

New 100 ton Titan tubing elevators 2-3/8 and 2-7/8

Rebuilt Gubierson type F air slips

5/8 and ¾ rod elevators rebuilt

7/8 and 1” rod elevators (new)

New rod wrenches

Tubing swab and casing swab

Crew truck completely tooled out

Price:  $300,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $170,000


COOPER LTO-150 DOUBLE DRUM SERVICE RIG  (Ref#442Nc)  Manufactured 1984, 38” x 10” tubing drum, 38” x 8” sand drum, 71’ x 150,000# Cooper derrick hydraulically raised and scoped, powered by 3306 Cat Turbo engine, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 754 Allison transmission, hydraulic winch, work floor/platform, 10,000’ +/- 5/8” sand line, 7/8” casing line, 75 ton casing block, bails, tubing elevators 1-1/2”, 2-3/8”, Guiberson T60 air slips 1-1/2”, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8”, rod hook, rod elevators 5/8” and ¾”, rod wrenches 5/8” and ¾”, Foster 5893-R power tongs 1-1/2”, 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” and 4-1/2”, swab tools 1-1/2”, 2-3/8”, and 4-1/2”, oil saver, pump, Martin Decker weight indicator, Cavin depth meter, Midco sand pump, wrenches, misc tools, 5 x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump with 671 Detroit diesel and 5 spd manual transmission, trailer mount HS60 Cooper Hydro sub with King 53GA swivel  Price:  $450,000  OFF MARKET


COOPER 32 X 32 DOUBLE DRUM SERVICE RIG  (Ref#442Na)  mounted on 1993 Mack truck with Mack E7 350 engine, right angle gear box, 8” x 7” x 65’ double poles hydraulically raised and scoped, hydraulic winch, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks 6500’ +/- 5/8” sand line, air clutch, 7/8” casing line, air clutch, 35 ton McKissick casing blocks, Foster power tongs 1-1/2”, 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” tubing bail, tubing elevators 1-1/2” and 2-3/8” Guiberson T40 air slips, rod hook, rod elevators 5/8” and ¾”, wrenches, swab tools, 1-1/2”, 2-3/8” and 4-1/2”, oil saver, pump, Martin Decker weight indicator, depth meter, Midco sand pump, misc tools  Price:  $250,000  OFF MARKET


COOPER 32-32 (Ref#3171T) double drum with air clutches, equipped with S-65-120 derrick  Price on Request


COOPER 32 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#6557T)  Double pole, 10-3/4” bottom section, 8-5/8” top sectionk, 471 Detroit on deck, munted on Crane Carrier with Cat 3208 engine, hydraulically raised and scoped, completely tools:  BJ Tong, single and double sheave blocks, Guiberson slips, hand tools, 14’ doghouse, toolboxes  Price:  $90,000


COOPER 26 X 26 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#2711R)  Mounted on 2001 International truck with diesel engine, single pole 60’ x 8-5/8 x 7, 3700’ of 5/8 sandline, ¾” tubing line with blocks, hi/low side drum, 470 Detroit diesel on deck, air over jaw, 2 rear hydraulic jacks, raising winch, handling winch, completely rebuilt 2012, catwalks, toolbxoes, 60’ hydraulically raised and scoped  Price:  $145,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


COOPER 26 X 26 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#3762R)  Double drum with 7/8” drill line, Detroit 6V71 engine on deck (rebuit 2015), 10” x 8” telescoping pole, BJ Power tongs with diverter valve and swinging tong rack, 4500’ of 5/8” sandline, 5 lever hyd control spool block, hyd helper winch with 150’ of 3/8” cable, Tulsa 34 hyd raising winch with new 5/8” raising line 6000# capacity, high pressure hydraulic hoses, (2) hydraulic leveling jacks 60,000# each, overhead cable shifter, Rexroth air foot throttle, 2 Rexroth air control jaw clutches, blocks with swivel/becket, 80 gal hyd tank, toolboxes, new rear control panel, oil bath chain guard with adjustable idler inside, mounted on 2002 Peterbilt 378 truck with new Cat enigne in 2015, 150,000 miles  Price:  $110,000


COOPER SWAB RIG  (Ref#11985R)  Manufactured 2008, P-132 Cooper drum with 10,000’ of ½” swedge line, 5.9 Cummins engine, 6 speed transmission (spare transmission included), all new bearings on rig, sheaves redone, airbag and clutch brand new, 8 x 5” Cooper pole (all redone), hydraulic winch and hydraulic outriggers with safety locks, mounted on 2008 Kenworth truck (only 800 miles Jan 2014), CDL required  Price:  $265,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $210,000


COOPER SWAB RIG  (Ref#3912R)  Manufactured 2011, Cummins N14 engine on deck, 500 hp right angle drive, sandline, mounted on 1991 Freightliner truck with Cummins engine, holds 16,000’ of 9/16” capacity (no line included), air over friction, traveling crown sheave, 60’ from ground to corwn when erect, hydraulic raising, toolboxes, belly pans and drip guards, 43’L x 8’W x 12’6” H, 70,000 lbs  Price:  $65,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $44,500


BISSINGER & STEIN MODEL A32 SERVICE RIG      (Ref#14738T)  (Similar to Cooper 32-32), manufactured 1982, double drum, 65’ double poles, hydraulically raised and telescoped 125,000#, air clutches, 10” double brakes, Detroit 6V71 deck engine, 5 sp transmission, 10,000# aux winch, approx 5500’ of 9/16” sandline, 7/8” tubing line, McKissick 3-sheave 150 ton block, 2 rear hydraulic outriggers, fold up cat walks, tool boxes, tool rack, mounted on 1988 Mack R688S tandem axle truck chassis with 300 hp Mack diesel engine, 6 sp transmssion, ca protector, oilfield front bumper, good condition, tooling includes power tongs with inserts of 1-1/2 – 4” pipe, air slips, weight indicator, swab tools, sand pump, elevators, elevator links and line counter  Price:  $89,500