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Shop Built
Deeprock RAM10
G & L
Joy 2500, 2000, 1250, 1000 
Western Geophysical 1000, 1200
Davey M8, M7A
Ewbank M100, 75, 51
Chicago Pneumatic RT-2000, RT-1800
Howard Turner M2000, 1500
Foremost Mobile
Enid M100


SHOP BUILT RIG  (Ref#12013)  Manufactured 1996, 200’ depth capacity ,table drive, square kelly, mud rotary rig, 6 cyl Industrial gas deck engine, developmental air compressor, mounted on 1987 GMC 7000 single axle truck w/366 engine, 5 speed transmission, all hydraulic, 20’ kelly, 24’ derrick, reworked 2001, new hyd winch and Mission 1-1/2 x 2 mud pump, 400’ of 15’ drill stem, bits, subs, tooling, mud pit, new paint, excellent condition, currently drilling  Price:  $30,000


SHOP BUILT RIG (Ref#2010N) similar to Gardner Denver 1000, PTO, mounted on 1974 International Fleetstar tandem axle with rebuilt 250 Detroit diesel engine, less than 100 hours, 3 x 2 centrifugal pump, no pulldown, 6” Acker rotary table, double drum drawworks, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 20’ drill collar, 660’ of 2 7/8” x 20’ drill pipe & pipe trailer, bits, subs, etc., water truck  Price:  $50,000


SHOP BUILT RIG  (Ref#13643N)  mounted on Ford 9000 tandem axle truck, 3 x 4 Mission mud pump, hydraulic grouter, 350’ drill pipe, (1) 8-1/2” tooth bit, (1) 8” claw bit, diesel deck engine, stabilizer, new mud tub, 2 conductors  Price:  $50,000


SHOP BUILT ROTARY RIG  (Ref#1900N)  mounted on 1988 Ford LN8000 truck with 8.3 Cummins engine, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 5-1/4” retractable table, double drum drawworks, 18’ x 3” square kelly, mechanical clutches, hydraulic pulldown, breakout wrench, 400’ of 15’ x 2-7/8” pipe, stabilizer,

1980 FORD LN8000 WATER TRUCK  L10 Cummins, 2200 gall steel rect. Tank, pipe racks, toolboxes

Joy 175 air compressor (on water truck)

Package Price:  $55,000


SHOP BUILT COMBINATION RIG (Ref#10457T)  Tophead/rotary, PTO, mounted on 1986 International with DT466 engine, double trans, retractable rotary table, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price on Request


SHOP BUILT COMBINATION CABLE/MUD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#2458Na)  Isuzu diesel deck engine, mounted on 1998 GMC Topdick with Cat diesel engine, Wheatley 4 x 5 mud pump, LeRoi developmental air compressor, mud mixer, walking beam, stabilizer, hammer, bits, subs, etc., 4 hyd leveling jacks, 200’ of 2-3/8” x 10’ N rods, some tools  Price:  $95,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $70,000


COMBINATION CABLE TOOL/MUD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#8663T)  new PTO, mounted on 1985 International single axle truck with diesel engine, piston compressor, mud pump, rotary table, 300’ of pipe, diamond core bits  Price on Request -  Pennsylvania


SHOP BUILT RIG  (Ref#13816)  Built to Speedstar specs, 32’ mast, 5 x 6 mud pump, developmental air compressor, mounted on 1971 Ford F600 with new 330 gas engine, 600’ of 2-7/8” bottleneck rod, 5-1/4” retract table 3 speeds, 3 speed Ramsey transmission, 12000# winch, has been sitting for several years (but was running when parked)  Price:  $35,000


500’ ROTARY RIG (Ref#9694RA) No mud pump, 5 ¼” stationary table, 2 7/8” x 20’ kelly, mounted on truck that needs replacing, sitting a few years  Price:  $7,500


SHOP BUILT MINI EXCAVATOR WITH BUCK ROGERS FEED  (Ref#10650T)  7’6” mast, mast oscillates for angle drilling, less than 36” wide, Moyno 2L6 pump, diesel engine, 3 stage hydraulic pump, 4 leveling jacks, set up for mud rotary  Price:  $29,500


SHOP BUILT 2500’ TRAILER MOUNTED DRILLING RIG (Ref#3130N)  50’ x 70,000# Derrick, Hacker Rotary w/ 14 inch hole under rotary table, 2 ½” King Water Swivel w/ 70,000 lb hookload, Both Blocks on 4 lines of 5/8” Cable, Sequin Machine Shop Drawworks w/ Double Stack Drums, Rig Has a 5’ Floor From Ground, Extra Wide Rear Tires, Drawworks and rotary table powered by V-6 53 Series Detroit w/ 5 speed transmission, Mud Pump 5 X 10 Worthington powered by 5.9 Cummins in-line 6 w/ 5 speed transmission, 4 point – corner hydraulic lifts (new), Drill pipe – 3 ½” I.F. pipe approx. 1,360 ft, w/ 3- 5 ¼” X 3 ½” I.F. drill collars, Includes Slips, tongs and some extra parts for mud pump, 1979 International 2.5 Ton Haul Truck, Pipe Trailer-3 axle goose neck trailer w/ pipe slide, 500 gallon trailer mounted diesel tank with new pump and filter, 4000 gallon water truck: 1986 International   Price: $175,000


SHOP BUILT ROTARY RIG  (Ref#2111T)  Drills to 1500 – 2000’, 16” Brewster stationary table, (1) Waukesha gas engine, (1) diesel engine, some tools Price on Request


SHOP BUILT ROTARY RIG (Ref#9442R) mounted on International with diesel engine, 7” stationary table, 23’ Kelly, air clutches, no pulldown, 4x3 centrifugal mud pump with 453 Detroit engine, 2 hydraulic leveling jacks, currently drilling, ready to go

Available as a package with 1985 International water truck with 2000 gallon tank, IR 185 air compressor on trailer, 700’ of 2 3/8” x 20’ drill pipe  Price:  $220,000


MUD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#4964Na)  3 x 4 mud pump, no air, 4 cyl diesel deck engine, 17’ kelly, 10” retractable table, pulldown, air clutches, mounted on 1980 Ford Detroit engine, 4 hydraulic jacks, 400’ of 3-1/2” x 15’ drill pipe, small hydraulic winch, large hydraulic winch  Price:  $30,000

1980 FORD 9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4964Nb)  2000 gallon flat steel tank, toolboxes, no crane or welder, no aux fuel  Price:  $25,000


SHOP BUILT BORING MACHINE (Ref#12952Nb) mounted on 1958 International tandem axle truck with V8 engine, 40’ mast, 100’ telescoping kelly, 4 winches, ready to go  Price:  $32,000


SHOP BUILT MUD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#4895N)  mounted on tandem axle trailer, 12” Hacker table, 50’ derrick, hydraulic jacks, 7 x 14 Gardner Denver mud pump mounted on trailer  Price:  $145,000


SHOP BUILT MUD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#10782Ra)  Built 1995, 3 x 4 mud pump, 7-1/2” table, (2) 527 Chevy gas deck engines, mounted on 1995 Kodiak single axle with 3115 Cat, 600’ depth, rod box, 300’ of 20’ Mayhew pipe  Price:  $57,000

1997 CHEVY 7500 SINGLE AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10782Rb)  366 DT engine, 1500 gallon water tank, flat bed  Price:  $16,500



MUD ROTARY RIG  (REF#13003R)  Shop made, hydraulically operated, Gardner Denver duplex mud pump, hydraulically raised mast, mounted on tandem axle Mack truck with diesel engine and leveling jacks.  PRICE:  $90,000


SHOP MADE MUD ROTARY RIG (Ref #3710R) Double drum draw works, 2 blocks, 35’ mast, 4" x 25' square kelly, 6" retractable rotary table, mounted on 1965 Mack B61 tandem axle truck with Mack Maxidyne drive quadraplex LL7 Allis Chalmers 100 HP diesel engine, hydraulically powered centrifugal mud pump, no air compressor, handling tools, wrenches, 180' of 4" x 20' flush wall drill pipe  Price: $45,000


BK 82 (Ref#9533R) Diesel engine, air compressor, mud pump, retractable table, mounted on truck  Price:  $49,500


DEEPROCK RAM 10 (Ref#5681RA) trailer mounted with Kohler gas engine  Price on request


DEEPROCK RAM 10 (Ref#6510R) Powered by (2) Lister diesel engines, one engine operates the Mission Magnum 2 x 3 mud pump, one engine operates the hydraulic system and all other functions, mounted on 2 axle trailer  Price:  $37,500


DEEPROCK RAM 10  (Ref#3966R)  New.  Trailer mounted tandem axle, 15’ mast and stinger for setting casing, 10,000# swivel, air cooled Yanmar CL diesel engine, 100’ of 2-3/8” Mayhew Jr drill pipe, 3 carbide drag bits, 1 roller cone bit  Price on Request


ROCKBUSTER R77 MAGDRILL  (Ref#10777Ta)  Manufactured 2014, rated for 400’ at 8”, mounted on tandem axle trailer, 15’ mast, 10,000# swing, 7500# pullback, 42 hp Kubota diesel engine, centrifugal pump, 200’ of 2-3/8” diameter Mayhew Jr (10’ sections), assorted bits  Price:  $44,500

Available at extra cost:

MUDSLAYER M350 MUD CLEANING SYSTEM AND MIXER  (Ref#10777Tb)  Manufactured 2014, Cat diesel engine, Limaited Access, trailer mounted, 219 hours  Price:  $45,000

VACTRON  (Ref#10777Tc)  mounted on Acoa trailer, Kohler gas engine, mfg 2000, runs great  Price:  $9,500

GEOLOOP 40-500 GROUT PUMP  (Ref#10777Td)  skid mounted, Honda gas engine, low hours  Price:  $9,500

GEOLOOP GROUT MID SET HOSE REEL (Ref#10777Te)  includes 300’ of hose, hydraulic powered  POR

GEOLOOP 300’ LOOP REEL  (Ref#10777Tf)  non-powered, like new  POR

VERMEER MIXER  (Ref#10777Tg)  300 gal, needs motor  POR


G & L MUD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#14623N)  Manufactured 1997, 4 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, 4 wheel drive truck, 150’ of 2-3/8” x 20’ drill pipe, no rod box, mounted on 1967 truck with 190 Industrial Engine, 1 piece mast  Price:  $35,000


BADGER 1500  (Ref#8390Ra)  Gardner Denver 5 x 8 mud pump, Gardner Denver 7-1/2” retractable table, new 3-2/8  23’ kelly, 2” new swivel, rebuilt  Price:  $195,000


BADGER 1250  (Ref#4451N)  Manufactured 1995, 5 x 6 mud pump, mounted on International truck with diesel engine, hydraulic pulldown, air clutches, 23’ kelly  Price:  $170,000


BADGER 1250 (Ref#4418) Similar to Midway - Manufactured 1987 - 2  available - excellent condition, 5 x 6 duplex mud pump, 7.5” fixed rotary table, chain pulldown, rod box, pipe slide, winch, kelly, kelly bushing, handling tools, Mounted on Ford 9000 tandem axle with Detroit 8V92  Price on Request


BADGER 1250 (Ref#6983N) Manufactured 1980, Spicer PTO, mounted on 2001 International with N14 Cummins engine, all new hydraulics, Gardner Denver 5x6 mud pump, 667 GD air compressor, 2000 DSM table, mechanical clutches, hydraulic pulldown, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of new 2 7/8” x 20’ drill pipe, all tools  Price:  $165,000


BADGER 1250  (Ref#8508R)  Manufactured 1980, Leroi air compressor, Failing 5 x 6 mud pump, foam tank with injection pump, fixed rotary table, fluted kelly, hydrauluic pulldown, mounted on 1979 tandem axle International truck with 290 Cummins engine, 4 leveling jacks, 400’ of drill pipe, mud pit, sitting and needs some work  Price:  $80,000


BADGER 1250  (Ref#2019N)  Manufactured 1980, 1000 drawworks, Spicer PTO, mounted on 1980 International Paystar 5000 with all wheel drive, with DT466 diesel engine, 13 speed transmission, 35’ mast, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, LeRoi 50S2 air compressor, 8-1/2” Speedstar stationary rotary table, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, 2 hydraulic leveling jacks, breakout tongs, tools, 300’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ flush joint drill pipe, good condition  Price:  $145,000


2500’ TRAILER MOUNTED DRILLING RIG  (Ref#13601R)  Manufactured 2010, 7-1/2 x 12 mud pump, air clutch, 3000’ of 3-1/2” x 30’ drill pipe, (8) 6” drill collars, pipe trailer, doghouse, (1) 150 bbl mud tank, mud system w/shale shaker, mixing hopper, 2 cone desander  Off Market


JOY 2500 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#14157R)  Double drum drawworks with air clutches, 17-1/2” rotary table, Gardner Denver 5 x 10” duplex mud pump, mounted on 5 axle Mack Cabover chassis, currently being refurbished  Price:  $325,000


JOY 2000’ RIG  (Ref#9958)  triple drum, air clutches including sandline, kelly drum has band clutch, 48’ 1976 hydraulically raised mast x 100,000#, plus an additional 10’ extension (not on rig), mounted on International tandem axle truck with 3208 Cat diesel engine, PTO, 4’ fold down work platform, 13 speed transmission, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, tires 80%, hook and block, breakout cylinder, weight indicator, pop off valve, 3-1/2” round fluted kelly, 5-1/2 x 8” Gardner Denver duplex mud pump hydraulically driven with rebuilt fluid end, 10-1/2” Failing table retractable, one set of tongs, 1 load rig (all is contained on rig), mast is one piece, hook load 80,000#, cleaned, painted good condition, new air clutches, air tank and air controls  Price:  $115,000   OFF MARKET

Available at extra cost:  2-7/8” x 31’ American open hole drill pipe


JOY 1250  (Ref#11446R)  Mounted on 1995 Chevy 2000 truck, 372 gas engine, 1600’ of 2-3/8 drill pipe  POR


JOY 1000 ROTARY KELLY RIG  (Ref#993N)  manufactured 1960’s, unmounted, 3 x 4 diaphragm pump, no air, 2-1/2” diameter kelly, 2 mechanical leveling jacks, drilled to 800’  Price:  $18,000


WESTERN GEOPHYSICAL EXPLORATION RIG  (Ref#12981)  mounted on single axle truck with Ford 350 rebuilt gas engine, PTO, 5 x 6 mud pump, no compressor, 400’ 15’ drill pipe, 18” bit, Failing tower, 1 collar, 3 hydraulic jacks, 5-1/4” table  Price:  $30,000


WESTERN GEOPHYSICAL 1000  (Ref#7240T)  Manufactured 1954, 1200 gear gase, munted on 2 wheel drive 1964 Ford F600 2-ton truck, 330 V8 gas engine, 5-1/4” stationary table, hydraulic drawworks, 140’ of 15’ x 2-3/8 Mayhew pipe, 18’ kelly, 3-1/4” round kelly drive, pulldown, 3 line machine  Price:  $29,500


SHOPBUILT GEO RIG  (Ref#13488)  mounted on Mack Midliner, PTO, 23’ fluted kelly, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, rebuilt drawworks, clutches and brakes, new pins and bushings, rebuilt table and PTO, 4 stabilizing cylinders w/hydraulic locks, new hydraulic valves, pump lines and tank, 200’ of 2-3/8” Mayhew pipe  Price on Request


DAVEY M-8  (Ref#2804Na)  Manufactured 1978, mounted on 1990 International truck with 350 Cummins engine (rebuilt 2007), 6V71 Detroit diesel deck engine (rebuilt 2007), 550/150 air compressor (rebuilt 2006), 4-1/2” x 30’ kelly, dust collector, 300’ drill pipe, good condition  Price:  $47,500  OFF MARKET


DAVEY M8W KELLY AIR RIG (Ref#2884Na)  Manufactured 1976, mounted on Louisville Ford truck with 54 gas Ford engine, 5 and 4 transmission, 38,000# rear, 26-1/2’ Kelly bar 4” round, King swivel, 35’ tower, 7-1/2” sliding table, 671 Detroit diesel deck engine, 500 cfm/125 psi Davey air compressor, water injection system hydraulically operated, 100’ of 4” x 20’ flush wall drill pipe, can drill to 900’, can hold 300’ steel, needs new clutch in truck  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $19,500


DAVEY M8  KELLY AIR RIG (Ref#2884Nd)  Manufactured 1975, mounted on tandem axle Ford Louiville truck with 534 gas engine, 5 x 4 transmission, leveling jacks, 38,000# rear, good tires, 671 Detroit diesel engine, 500 cfm/125 psi Davey air compressor, rod box, holds 300’ drill pipe, 100’ of 4” x 20’ drill pipe, slips, 7-1/2” fixed table, 32-1/2’ x 4-1/2” Kelly bar, runs 4” drill string, 46’ one piece mast (can be reduced), work platform  Price:  $40,000    PRICE REDUCED:  $25,000


DAVEY M8A (Ref#4098RA) Manufactured 1976, Detroit 6V71 deck engine (rebuilt 2009, 846 hours), new PTO on Detroit in 2008, mounted on 1976 Ford LN900 tandem axle truck (good tires) with 350 Cummins diesel engine, new suspension under truck 2003, new governor on truck, 3 x 4 centrifugal mud pump, 500 cfm Leroi air compressor, 4 ½” x 30’ kelly, stationary rotary table, hydraulic pulldown, new pulldown winch 2008, King swivel replaced 2013, new winch 2013, mechanical clutches, Cat 12 gpm water injection, pipe rack, mud pan, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 4 ½”x 20’ drill pipe, bits, etc., new paint, ready to go   Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $28,500


DAVEY M8 (Ref#12376RB) with 600’ of drill pipe (400’ brand new) and White flatbed water truck, 1500 gallon tank, also 800cfm portable air compressor  Price:  $55,000


DAVEY M8  (Ref#8066Ra)  Rebuilt 671 Detroit diesel engine on deck, 400 cfm air compressor, new 25’ kelly, 7-1/2” retractale table, mounted on 1975 International truck with gas engine, 3 hyd leveling jacks,  320’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe  Price:  $47,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $38,500


DAVEY M-8 (Ref#14212R) mounted on 1981 Mack  Price on request


DAVEY M8A (Ref#14116R) Mid 1970’s rig. 471 Detroit deck engine, mounted on ’59 GMC with gas engine, air compressor, 8” stationary table, 4 ½” x 27’ Kelly, pipe rack, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 20’ drill pipe, ready to go  Price on request

Gardner Denver mud pump available at extra cost


DAVEY M8  (Ref#2884Ne)  Manufactured 1970, air compressor bad, 6-1/4” table, mounted on Ford Louisville truck with gas engine, 100’ steel, sub and bit  Price:  $13,500


DAVEY M8  (Ref#7563N)  mounted on 1975 International tandem axle truck with Detroit 671 engine, no air, no mud, no water injection, 8” retractable table, 3” square kelly, mechanical clutches, no pulldown, sitting a few years, sitting a few years  Price:  $22,500.


DAVEY M8  (Ref#11708T)  500/125 air compressor, short mast, mounted on 1979 Mack truck, rubber tires, runs/operates  Price:  $25,500


DAVEY M8  (Ref#671Na)  Davey 500/120 air compressor, Gardner Denver 3-1/2 x 5 air driven mud pump (can be unmounted from rig and used as stand alone unit), 671 Detroit diesel deck engine, Gardner Denver injection pump, 23’ kelly bar, 7-1/2 rotary table, mounted on Ford tandem axle truck with gas engine  Price:  $75,000

(Ref#671Nb)  70 joints (1,400’) of 2-7/8” x 20’ bottleneck drill pipe  Price:  $300 per joint


DAVEY M-8  (Ref#5217)  -1975, 671 diesel engine, 550 cfm compressor, 250 gal water tank, 3-1/2” x 47’ kelly, 300’ flush 20’ rod, on old International truck with gas   Price:  $35,000   Also has 3-1/2” x 20’ kelly for additional cost


DAVEY M8A (Ref#8741Na) Detroit 6V71 deck engine, mounted on International with gas engine

Price:  $75,000

Price with 450’ of 4-1/2” FJ drill pipe:  $80,000 


DAVEY M8A  (Ref#9240R)  Manufactured 1969, 8V71 Detroit on deck, 7-1/2” retractable table, rig does not start, mounted on 1969 Chevy C70 tandem axle truck, gas wengine, no mud pump, 490/250 air compressor  Price:  $37,500


DAVEY M8A  (Ref#6569T)  mounted on 1964 International 190 truck, 471 Detroit engine, 6 cyl compressor, 28’ kelly bar, 34’ tower, sliding table, wrenches (hand made), 200’ of 4” x 20’ drill pipe  Price:  $14,500


DAVEY M8A  (Ref#6123RB)  Manufactured 1967, 300/100 air, 4” kelly, rotary drive, Detroit diesel deck engine, mounted on 1967 Chevy tandem axle truck, 400’ pipe, shaft on right angle drive broke. PRICE:  $25,000  OFF MARKET


DAVEY M8  (Ref#607N)  2 available, manufactured 1968 and 1969, Detroit 318 deck engine, mounted on Ford 8000 truck with gas engine, 450/250 piston air compressor, 3” x 23’ kelly, 10” retractable table, 35’ mast, Myers 12 gpm water injection, hydraulic pulldown, mechanical clutches, no mud, breakout wrench, 1 front and 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, sitting a few years  Price each:  $40,000  Price for both:  $60,000


DAVEY M8  (Ref#3775N)  Manufactured 1959, needs head gasket in Detroit, compressor needs rebuilding, mounted on 1959 Ford tandem axle truck  POR


DAVEY M8 (Ref#5442R) Manufactured 1976, Detroit engine, no mud or air, unmounted  Price:  $18,500


DAVEY M7A  (Ref#7298)  Manufactured 1959, mounted on International tandem axle truck with gasoline engine, all wheel drive, Cat diesel engine on deck, 500 compressor which is blown, 250’ of 4” x 20’ drill pipe, uses 27’ kelly, needs work on controls and hoses, stacked for several years   Price:  $28,500


DAVEY  (Ref#13545RbPrice:  $14,500


DAVEY  (Ref#10682T)  500/125 air compressor, 7-1/2” fixed table, 32-1/2 x 4-1/2” kelly bar, 46’ one piece mast (can be reduced), 671 Detroit deck engine with 5 x 4 transmission, mounted on 1978 Ford 900 truck with 534 gas engine, leveling jacks, 38,000# rear, rod box )holds 300’ of pipe), slips, work platform, 200’ of 2-7/8” drill pipe, runs 4” drill pipe  Price:  $105,000


EWBANK M-100 (Ref#3942Na) Manufactured 1980, 2000’ depth capacity, Triple drum, 58’ x 70,000# derrick, 18” rotary table, 8V71 Detroit diesel, 4-1/4” x 39’ kelly, KG50 King swivel, 4 lines ¾” line, mounted on 3 axle trailer. 

7-1/4” x 10” FO FXD GARDNER DENVER Mud Pump with Detroit 6V92 mounted on tandem axle low boy

1,300’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe, (6) 6” drill collars, tandem axle pipe box with laydown buggy

24’ doghouse tandem axle low boy

All tools, currently drilling

Price:  $225,000


EWBANK 75 REVERSE CIRCULATION  (Ref#8254Ra)  Manufactured 1978, Range 2, 9” retractable table, 30’ drill pipe, mounted on International Paystar tandem axle truck, 671 Detroit engine  Price:  $345,000  OFF MARKET


GUS PECH REVERSE CIRCULATION / BUCKET RIG  (Ref#10219T)  All hydraulic, 2” ring gear with Delmax motor), 6 cyolinder Cummins diesel deck engine, 2 winches, 4 section 25’ kelly bar with 3.5” kelly, 95’ total length, hosewinder with 1500’ new 2” layflat red hose, operator and helper seats in rear, hydraulic oil cooler, mounted on 1990 International Navistar with 6 cylinder diesel engine, 13 speed transmission, air brakes, good tires, complete with an 8” reverse air lift system for flooded reverse, 380’ of 8” x 20’ flange pipe (8 bolts), 24” drag bit, 30” bucket  Price:  $340,000


HTB 2.5KDD DRILLING RIG  (Ref#14308T)  Double drum, 70,000# hookload x 55’ derrick, 60,000#swivel, 12” Howard Turner retractable rotary table, trailer mounted, slick line on board, powered by John Deere 6 cylinder turbo engine, tongs, breakout lines, spinning chain, hydraulic jib, 4 hydraulic jacks, 3” high pressure pluming, 2” fill up line, like new condition.

Continental Emsco D375 mud pump p/b Cat D353 engines with air clutches

140 bbol mud system with pickup pump, 4 x 5 shaker, 2 cone Harrisburg desander cones, mixing hopper, 75 hp mixing pump, chemaical mixing tank, 150 kw generator with 0 hours on engine overhauls, in gen house with all electrical controls

3000’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe

(10) 6” drill collars

Pipe trailer with hydraulic V-door and pipe laydown system

Mats to rig up on


Doghouse and 1000 gallon fuel tank mounted on float trailer, new tires, toolboxes and extra parts

Gooseneck mounted bottom dog house with drilling tools

Ready to rig up and drill

Price:  $1,100,000


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC RT-2000  (Ref#11290)  Manufactured 1979, mounted on Ford 8000 tandem axle truck with Cat 3208 diesel engine, 40’ x 60,000# hydraulically raised mast, 10-1/2” rotary table,  5 x 10 Gardner Denver mud pump, drillers and helpers work platform, chain pulldown, kelly and kelly bushing, hydraulic leveling jacks, rod box, hook/block, trailer and  500’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe (10’ and 20’)  Located South Pacific  Price:  $95,000


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC RT-1800  (Ref#5576R)  Manufactured 1989, 1250/150 (can go up to 350 psi) air compressor, 10” rotary table, 5 x 10 mud pump, 30’ kelly, no pulldown, mounted on Crane Carrier with 400 Big Cam Cummins engine, sandline, air clutches, brand new rotary table (Dec 2014), brand new engine and transmission 2015, currently drilling daily  Price:  $170,000


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC RT-1800  (Ref#2272N)  Manufactured 1981, 825/250 GHH air compressor, 50’ mast, 35’ kelly, 5-1/2 x 8 mud pump, 10” retractable table, air clutches, chain pulldown, breakout tong, 5” x 35’ fluted kelly, mounted on Crane Carrier with 400 hp Cummins engine,  PTO, 3 leveling jacks   Price:  $175,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $155,000

3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe availble at extra cost


REICHDRILL RT-1800  (Ref#10229T)  Manufactured 1987, double drum drawworks hydrostatically powered, 10” retractable rotary table, 825/300 GHH air compressor, Gardner Denver 5-1/2 x 8 mud pump, Pullmaster hydraulic service winch, (3) hydraulic leveling jacks, mounted on 1981 Crane Carrier 6 x 4 powered by Cummins NTTA855 (400 hp) engine, 24’ x 4-3/4” hex kelly, 2-sheave travelling blocks, King swivel with 3” oljmbing, hydraulic chain pulldown, LF Series breakout tongs  Price:  $150,000


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC RT-1800  (Ref#14013R)  Manufactured 1979, combination top head/table drive, 750/250 air compressor, 6 x 9 mud pump, hydraulic rotary table, Detroit 60 (550 hp) engine (recently rebuilt), PTO, mounted on Crane Carrier  Price:  $140,000  4-1/2” x 20’ pipe available at extra cost  OFF MARKET


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC RT-1800  (Ref#15149T)  Manufactured 1978, drawworks recently rebuilt, 10” CP table (rebuit), 5-1/4” x 28 fluted kelly, 50’ derrick with racking board (will stand 40’ in derrick), mounted on Crane Carrier 400 Cummins engine, PTO (rebuilt), ready to work.  Gardner Denver 5 x 10 mud pump mounted on trailer.  Price:  $185,000


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC RT-1800  (Ref#11586T)  Manufactured 1978, 5-1/2 x 8 mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with Cummins 400 engine, PTO, 200’ of 3-1/2” pipe, 7” drill collars, 22” retracted table drive

IR air compressor with Detroit engine mounted on 48’ flatbed trailer

Mud system

Price on Request


HOWARD TURNER M2000  (Ref#14336N)  triple drum drawworks, Gaso 5 x 10 mud pump, 12” Brewster table, 50’ derrick, 6 part line, McKissick block, mounted on Kenworth chassis, 4 hydraulic jacks  Currently dismantled


HOWARD TURNER 1500  (Ref#5883)  Manufactured 1968, 671 Detroit on deck, 24’ kelly, 10” retractable table, 2” swivel, mounted on International single axle truck with gas engine   Price:  $40,000


HOWARD TURNER 1500 (Ref#1110T) Detroit 353 deck engine, mounted on 1970’s Ford L9000 with diesel engine, 9” retractable table, 4 ½” x 28’ kelly, BJ tongs, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, drill collars, sitting a few years but running when parked

3x4 centrifugal mud pump, 4-500 gpm shaker system and desander on 25’ trailer w/hyd leveling jacks

2000 gallon water tank on 25’ trailer

400’ of 20’ x 3 ½” drill pipe on pipe trailer

GMC Service truck





CAREY (Ref#11065)  Wheatly 6 x 6 mud pump, 2” x 21’ kelly, non-retractable rotary table w/4-1/2” opening, mounted on 1996 Forl L8000 truck with dieselengine, PTO, 300’ of 14’ drill pipe  Price:  $70,000


CAREY RIG (Ref#8521R) Rig manufactured 1971, PTO, mounted on 1979 International with diesel engine, 7 ½ x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump (rebuilt), chain pulldown, all hydraulic, no air, 220’ of 2 3/8” x 10’ Mayhew drill pipe  Price:  $52,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


FOREMOST MOBILE B57 (Ref#6222R) Manufactured 1983, with top drive, set up for mud rotary, PTO, mounted on 1983 International with Cat engine, new rear tires, new main master cylinder, new exhaust, new kelly hose, new pulleys and pulley sheaves, all new cable, 2” diaphragm mud pump, 145/100 piston air compressor, cathead, mud pit, 300’ of new Mayhew Jr. drill pipe, new drill collar, new 8” claw bit, working daily, ready to go  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $44,500


ENID DRILL SYSTEMS M-100 WITH M-160 MAST UPGRADE  (Ref#6407T)  Manufactured 2004, EDSI Triple Drum drawworks 6” x 24” drums, 100,000# max load (6 line). Kelly drum 6” x 24” brake drums, 20,000# single line pull, 100,000# max hookload with 6 lines, twin disc air clutch, Lebus grooving, 650’ of 7/8” wireline.  Tubing drum 6” x 24” brake drums, 20,000# single line pull, 100,000# max hookload with 6 lines, twin disc air clutch, Lebus grooving, 650’ of 7/8” wireline.  Sandreel single 6” x 24” brake, twin disc air clutch, 3,000’ of ½” wireline, 12,800# single line pull, 883 fpm line speed. Drawworks clutch and brake controls, hydrostatic vari-speed plus 2-speed selector and gauges. 120,000# hook load max mast, casing clearnce 18” diameter up to 42’ (with 22” OD casing elevator and rod hook installed.  Includes weight indicator, micro-feed on drill/casing string.  18” Ewbank design rotary table, 2-speed hydrostatic drive, table can tilt to allow 40” diameter casing, 20,000 ft/lb max torque (low speed), 100,000# load rating, 32” max bit size.  125 gal hyd tank, 4 hyd leveling jacks, mast lighting, air controlled main track extension allows kelly to come out of retract and be pulled an additional 6’.  2 fold down catwalks, railing, stairs, mast support, clearance lights, toolbox, 11” wide road travel.  Mounted on 5 axle Peterbilt truck with Cummins ISX (460 hp) engine, Fabco 500 hp gear type OTO with air shift controls and oil cooler.  Extra parts including 18” rotary table, drawworks gear box shaft, gear box, hyd motor, swivel, sprockets, bearings, hyd pump, hoist cable, kelly cable, table driveline, kelly drive bushing.  No mud pump.  Price:  $565,000


SKYE 300T MUD ROTARY RIG (Ref#16N)  New rig, 6” x 300’ (90 meters) depth capacity


7,000lb Rated tandem axle, 5 x 10 ft open grating bed, surge breaks, leveling jacks (3), pipe racks (2), 2” ball coupler, spare tire

Dimensions: Overall length 190”, width 82”, transport height 70”, operating height 130”, operating weight 4,750lbs (average).

 Mast 78” travel

5,000# pullback

2” full flow swivel

200 GPM mud pump powered by 10hp diesel engine and hoses

3000PSI hydraulic system powered by 19hp diesel engine

Controls and gauges for rotary, drawworks and pressure

300’ of 2” x 5’ drill pipe

(3) 3-7/8” drag bits

(1) 5-7/8” drag bit

(1) 5-7/8” tricone bit

Wrenches and handling tools

Complete rig, ready to drill

Will fit in a 20’ container

Price: $47,500 delivered to port in Houston, Texas.