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Ardco buggy rigs
Atlas Copco  Predator, RD20, RD10, T5, T4(LD)(W)(BH), T3W, T2W, trucm3, TH75(W)(E), TH60 (Bucyrus Erie 22W,36), TH55, TH50, TH40/Cyclone,   TH10
Atlas Copco ROC F9-11, ROC D3, ROC 812, ROC 642, ROC 400A, L8 DTH
Atlas Copco crawler mounted, ECM-695, ECM490, ECM450, ECM370, ECM350, DML, DMM2, DM-50, DM45E(HP), DM40, DM30, DM25, D3
Barber (Foremost)  DR40, DR24, DR112/24D, DR12/36D
Boart Longyear DB430
Brainard Kilman BK81
Buck Rogers 760, 160
Bucyrus Erie 2400R, 12R, 22W Comination cable tool/top head
Canterra CT-450, CT-312 CT-311, CT-150
Chicago Pneumatic / Reichdrill   RT-1800 (top head), 7000, 750, 700, T690W, T670 (III), T650(WS) (SL), T625, T600W 
CP/Reichdrill Crawlers: C700, C650, 450
Cubex QXR913, 1320
Davey MR8
Deeprock CTM10000, D150, DR130, DR100, RAM10, DR2K, DR20, M60
Dresser T70W
Drillmaster DMAC900, DM400, 300, DM-300
Drilmax 450, 400, 350, 300, 180
Driltech Crawlers:    D75KL, C50K, D45K, C40K, C25KH
DriltechD60K, Marlin 5, Marlin 4, D40K, D35K, D25K
Duramast 100
DynoDrill Seismic drill
Foremost (Barber)  DR40, DR24, DR16, DR12
Foremost / Drill SystemsMPD1500
Franks FJ20 top head rig
Fraste FS250, MDXL140
Furukawa HCR1500ED, 1200ED, HCR900, 9ES, HCR9
G & R
Gardner Denver  Falcon 40, GD65
Gardner Denver Crawler Drills  ATD3700, 3500, 65, GD35-CHP, RDC-16B
GEFCO/Speedstar 200K, 185K, 150K, 70K, 50KM, 40K, 30K, 25K, SS-16, SS15, SS-1000, S-700, Stardrill SD300, SD200, SD50, SS50, 30AW, Ministar, StarDrill, Quickdrill DSI
Geospace 750
Geowelltech 3050R
Gil Beetle
Gus Pech GP900XHR, 600, 22R, 1100C, GP1000, 450R, Bantam 
Hardab 7000H-6, 7000H-3
HD Engineering HD325P revere circulation, HD120R
Hurricane 2000
Ingersoll Rand  TH75(W)(E), TH60 (Bucyrus Erie 22W,36), TH55, TH50, TH40/Cyclone,   TH100(A), T5(DH)(BH) , RD10, RD20, T4(LD)(W)(BH), T3W, T2W, trucm3
Ingersoll Rand crawlers D3000, LM600C, LM(EG)500,  ECM-692, ECM-690, ECM-660, ECM-635, ECM-590, ECM-580, ECM570, ECM490, ECM450, ECM370, ECM360, ECM351, (E)CM350, DML, DMMXL1400, DMH70, DM-50, DM45E(HP), DM30, DM25, DM4
Jaswell J3500, J2400, 1200, 950
Mobile B40L
Montabert rock drill
PortadrillTLS, 10TL, 10TG
Quickdrill DSI, 275
Reedrill SD250, SK62, SK50, SK45, SK40, SK35, SKF, Terex R20C
Reichdrill / Chicago Pneumatic   RT-1800 (top head), 7000, 750, 700, T690W, T673, T670 (III), T650(WS) (SL), T625, T600W   
Reichdrill/CP Crawlers: C700, C650, 450
Robbins RTT-50
Rockbuster R100
Sandvik DR580, D25KS
Schramm  TXD200, T130XD, TXD90 Telemast, T985, T685,  685, T660, 555, 455, T450, T300M, T66, T64
Schramm Crawlers: T450
Seismic service rig
Simco 7000, 5000, 2800(HS), SK1-2400 (HT)
Sonic Drill
Speedstar/GEFCO 150,  40K, 30K, 25K, 15K, 1500TH, SS-16-THH, SS15 (II), SS-1000, S-700, Stardrill SD300, SD200, SD50, 30AW, Ministar, StarDrill, Quickdrill DSI, Failing F8
Tamrock  1100 Pantera, 800.2, Commando 300, CHA560 
Techno 410   
TEI TD75, T46, HEM1000, HCM550R
Versa-Drill V-2000, V-1555, V-1550, V1040, V100NG
Walker-Neer Apache  250-40, 150-25, CC2000, 1000
Zahori 1206 Reverse Circulation

FOREMOST DR40  (Ref#12185R)  Manufactured 2013, RC 265 top drive (22,000 ft/lbs torque), 40” lower drive (287,000 ft/lbs torque), Ingersoll Rand 1250/350 air compressor, Cummins QSK19 deck engine (675 hp@2100 rpm), auxiliary service winch (12,000 lb capacity), electric line hammer oiler, Quick trip attachment, 12 volt light package, 330 CAT undercarriage, 3” plumbing with sock style whip checks, 35 gpm Bean water injection pump, 4 x 3 x 13 Mission Sandmaster mud pump, hydraulic discharge swivel clamp (new design that makes handling discharge swivel safter), hydraulic casing clamp mounted under mast base, Fall arrester mounted on top of derrick, sandline winch with 1500’ of 3/8” cable auxiliary hydraulic circuit (20 gpm @ 2000 psi) with quick couplers and flow control 12”, 20”, 24”, 30”, and 36” casing jaws, 24” discharge swivel adapter, 18-5/8”, 20” and 24” casing clamp inserts. 

PRICE:  $1,650,000 

Hammers, drill pipe, additional tooling, casing shoes, auxiliary air compressor, and doghouse available for additional cost.


FOREMOST DR40  (Ref#1237R)  Manufactured 1999, track mounted, approx 11,000 hours, Cummins QSK19 engine, 1150/350 Sullair compressor, complete with 16” and 24” jaws and 50’ drill steel (numerous centralizing pieces).  In February 2013 the following work was completed:  rebuilt upper and lower drives (complete with drive chain), new large hydraulic pump that supplies upper and lower hydrraulics, new auxiliary pump for winch, track drive and top drive, new pump drive (starter), new lower drive jaw lock cylinder.  Machine working at 100% capacity.  Price:  $1,000,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $775,000


FOREMOST DR40 PACKAGE  (Ref#15086R)  Manufactured 1999, 1150/350 Sullair compressor, track mounted, just finished big job in Asia


Holte 24” RC hammer, 34” Hole RC bits,

(7) joints 13-5/8” x 20’ pipe 

(1) 13-5/8” x 5’ pipe

(1) rotating drive head with 2 CharLynn hydraulic motors with 90 degree rotation

Complete set of jaws

Filters and spare parts

PRICE:  $1,100,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $850,000

Available at extra cost:

(2) Ingersoll Rand air compressors XHP 1170 with 2,500 and 2,200 hours  - $100,000 each

(1) Atlas Copco XRV 1200 air compressor with 400 hours   - $70,000


FOREMOST DR24  (Ref#12963R)  Manufactured 2012, Model DR12/26P-60/24-900, 900/350 Ingersoll Rand air compressor, 80,000# pullback with upgraded 6” cylinders and mast structure reinforement, upgraded RC150 high torque, top drive 12,000 ft/lbs, aux winch with swining jib, line oiler, 12 gpm Cat water injection, lower drive upgraded to 1.4 million in/lb torque (origianlly 1,000,000 in/lbs), mounted on Kenworth T800W with Tier 4 Cummins ISXZ (525 hp) engine, Jake brake, upgraded cooling package, 20,000# front, 46,000# rears  Price:  $825,000

Tooling available at additional cost


FOREMOST DR24  (Ref#749Rb)  Manufactured 1998, 1070/350 air compressor, Cat 3406E, PTO, mounted on Ford Sterling truck, recently overhauled including hydraulic system, defective hoses, radiator, oil coolers and compressor serviced  Price:  $695,000

(Ref#749Rc)  Foremost drill pipe, 45 joints of 4-1/2” x 20’  Price:  $600 per joint

(Ref#749Rd)  7” Reverse Circulation pipe with swivel and subs, 50 joints  Price:  $335,000

(Ref#749Re)  10-3/4” Beco drill pipe, 50 joints  Price:  $185,000


FOREMOST DR24  (Ref#6090T)  Manufactured 1997, 900/350 Sullair compressor, mounted on Western Star truck with Cummins N14 diesel engine (rebuilt), PTO, comes with 400’ of 10-3/4” x 20’ drill pipe  Price:  $505,000


FOREMOST/BARBER DR24  (Ref#6158N)  Manufactured 1991, Sullair 2-stage 1150/350 rotary screw air compressor, Cummins KTA19-P600 diesel deck engine (600 hp) 2000 hours since rebuild on deck engine,, mounted on 1990 Volvo Autocar tandam axle with Cat 3406 (425 hp), Eaton Fuller 13 speed transmission, top rotary drive:  26’ stroke, 16,500# pulldown, 37,400# hoist, 0-66 rpm, 115,000 in/lb torque.  Lower rotary casing drive:  12’ stroke, 33,000# pulldown, 72,000# hoist, 0-19 rpm, 1,000,000 in/lb torque, full set of hydraulic pump and motors, new top drive gearbox, hydraulic mast cylinder 26’ x 4-1/2” rebuilt, (2) spare lower drive chains, tooling:  (1) 4-1/2” x 30” s/saver, (2) 10-3/4” x 34” s/saver, (1) 16” discharge swivel, casing jaws 24”, 20”, 18”, 16”, 12”, 8”, 6”   Price:  $475,000


FOREMOST DR24  18” DISCHARGE SWIVEL  (Ref#3072Ra)   Manufactured 2005, used very little and in top condition  Price:  $20,000


(Ref#3072Rb)  DUAL WALL REVERSE CIRCULATION PIPE (concealed inner pipe)    10-3/4” diameter, 6” innter tube, approx 200’ available POR


BARBER DR-16 (Ref#14773R) Manufactured 1979, Cummins 300 deck engine, mounted on 1986 Mack, Leroi 450/250 air compressor, Meyers 8gpm water injection, Miller welder, 6” discharge hopper, 6” 8” 12” & 16” casing jaws, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $250,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $180,000


FOREMOST DR12  (Ref#6084R)  Manufactured 2006, 900/350 IR compressor (2550 hours May 2013), mounted on Kenworth T800 truck with C15 engine, 4,000# winch, 12 gpm Cat water injection pump, drill pipe tub with single pod drill pipe loader, 6, 8, 10 and 12” casing jaws and discharge swivel adapters, 600’ (30 jts) of 4-1/2” drill pipe  Price:  $540,000


FOREMOST DR12  (Ref#5270R)  Manufactured 2005, RD110 top drive (9666# torque), 900/350 IR air compressor, D40 lubricator, 6000# service winch, fully loaded with extra options including 18 gpm water injection, rod rack, single pipe loader, casing loader, hydraulic discharge swivel clamp, aux winch, mounted on Kenworth T800 truck with Cat C15 (500 hp) PTO engine, Jake brakes, Alcoa wheels and pusher axle.  Unit comes tooled with jaws: 6”, 8”, 10” and 10” discharge swivel with 6” and 8” inserts  Price:  $525,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $495,000


FOREMOST DR12  (Ref#1927Ta)  Manufactured 2004, 900/350 IR air compressor, RC 110 tophead, rock oiler, Cat 12 gpm pump, bailer line, aux winch with swing jib, mounted on Sterling LT9513 tandem axle truck with Cat C15 (475 hp) PTO engine, 6” jaws, well maintained rig with PTO, tyransfer case, pumps and motors replaced/rebuilt as necessary.  Price:  $425,000 USD


FOREMOST DR12  (Ref#14772T)  Manufactured 2003, only 7500 hours, 900/300 air compressor, no mud, Cat 12 gpm water injection, mounted on 2003 Kenworth T800 truck with Cat C15 (475 hp) engine, PTO, 4 hyd leveling jacks, no rod loader, includes 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” jaws, 10” discharge hopper with 6”, 8” and 12” inserts  Price:  $475,000


FOREMOST DR12  (Ref#12883R)  Manufactured 2003, 900/350 IR compressor, mounted on Sterling truck with Cat C15 PTO engine, 10” discharge swivel, jaws, 400’ of Foremost drill pipe (like new), rod box, rod loader  Price:  $525,000


FOREMOST DR24 DRILL ROD PACKAGE (110’ total) (Ref#13494R)

(4) 10-3/4” x 20’ joints, .545” wall, SxS with 6” Beco pin x box with breakout tubes each end

(2) 10-3/4” x 10’ joints, .545” wall, SxS with 6” Beco pin x box with breakout tubes each end

(2) pieces 6” top sub Beco box x 3-1/2 IF pin with breakout hole 

Price for everything:  $26,000

Jaws, diverters and cyclone also available.



Angle package for Foremost (Ref#14205Tb)  includes stand which is mounted on trailer, includes 100’ sections of hydraulic hoses with bulkhead, mast is removed from rig and mounted on stand and runs side by side with rig.  Allows to drill at 25 degree angle  Price:  $75,000

Casing Jaws (Ref#14205Tc)  20”, 13”, 10”, 8”, 7-5/8”, 6”  Price:  $950 each

Jaws with Casing Clamp 18”, 8”, 7-5/8”, 7”, 6”  Price:  $950 each

7” Left Handed Casing 

  (23) 5’ pieces – 115’ total

  (26) 10’ pieces – 260’ total

  (45) 20’ pieces – 900’ total

  (51) 8” x 10’  pieces – 510’ total

8” Drill Pipe

  (4) 5” pieces

  (28) 15’ pieces

  (2) 10’ pieces

Also available:  Discharge head casing adapters (20 different sizes), casing shoes, dual rotary 8” quill, circulating heads.


FOREMOST MAC-25  (Ref#1255T)  Mud, air, core, 25,000# pullback, 9,000# pulldown, 25’ stroke, 2-speed top drive, Atlas Copco 510/200 air compressor, 6,000# Pullmast M5 service winch with hydraulic crown jib, 4,00# Pullmaster M8B sandline winch, Mission Magnum 800 gpm@2500rpm mud pump, mounted on Kenworth 6 x 4 truck with Cummins 425 hp diesel engine, PTO, 9 gpm water pump, leveling jacks  Price:  $675,000


NORDIC DRC-10A DUAL ROTARY RIG  (Ref#4303T)  Manufactured 2014, 2700 hours (December 2016), crawler mounted, drills up to 10” casing, angle slide, top drive:  16’ stroke, 31,000# hoist, 23,500# pulldown, 6000 ft/lb torque, 0-90 rpm, lower drive:  10’ stroke, 35,000# hoist, 26,500# pulldown, 21,500 ft lb torque, 0-9 rpm, 12” opening.  Cat C6.6 (210 hp) engine, welder, 18 gpm water pump, hydrofrac pump, service winch, front winch, pipe tub, located Canada  Price:  $270,000 USD


JASWELL J-2400  (Ref#11536)  Manufactured 1989, 900/350 air compressor, mounted on 1981 International Harvestor 5070 tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 38’ mast, additional head motor  Price:  $145,000


JASWELL J-2400  (Ref#8105N)  Manufactured 1988, 1150/350 Sullair air compressor, 12V92T Detroit on deck,  mounted on 1988 Paystar 5000 truck with 400 hp Cummins engine, good condition, many rebuilds  Price:  $150,000


JASWELL 2400 (Ref#6195R) Manufactured 1978, Detroit deck engine, mounted on International Paystar 5000 with diesel engine, no pipe  Price:  $65,000


JASWELL 2400  (Ref#14201R)  Manufactured 1977, 900/300 Sullair compressor, 12V71TT Detroit deck engine (runs great), compressor disengage clutch, 50,000# pullback, 6 rod carousel set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ (3-1/2 Reg) drill pipe, mounted on 1977 International Paystar 5000 truck with Cat 3208 engine (runs great).  Has the following issues:  feed cylinders need to be replaced and needs some new hydraulic hoses

Price, as is:  $60,000


JASWELL 1200 (Ref#14679R) fresh deck engine, 900/300 air compressor, being rebuilt now  Price on request


JASWELL J-1200  (Ref#7147N)  Manufactured 2001, 1050/500 Sullair air compressor, C16 Cat deck engine, 38,000# pullback, mounted on 2001 Paystar 5000 truck with 500 Cummins engine, 18 speed transmission Price:  $425,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $345,000


JASWELL  (Ref#49N)  mounted on 1998 International truck, Cummins diesel deck engine, 900/350 air compressor, Cummins engine on deck, new clutch in compressor, underreamer system, new hydraulic pump, winch, approx 400’ pipe, mounted on 1998 International truck  Price:  $210,000


JASWELL J-1200 (Ref#8861Na) Manufactured 1999, remanufactured, Cummins C450 deck engine, mounted on International Paystar 5000 with 350 Cummins, Sullair 900/350 air compressor, tools  Price:  $170,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $125,000


JASWELL 1200 (Ref#1918N) Manufactured 1986, diesel deck engine, mounted on 1986 International Paystar with diesel engine, (2) compressors, only 1500 hours on complete overhaul, 320’ pipe, excellent condition, currently drilling   Price:  $200,000


JASWELL J-1200  (Ref#7262N)  Manufactured 1986, 900/350 air compressor with clutch, Cummins N14 deck engine, mounted on 1986 International Paystar with 280 hp Cummins engine, Bean 9 gpm water injection, 28’ stroke, 300’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ (2-7/8 conn) pipe, 6” and 8” QL hammers, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $200,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $170,000


JASWELL 1200  (Ref#6712N)  Manufactured 1980, 750/250 Sullair compressor, Detroit 8V92 deck engine (less than 50 hours on rebuild), mounted on 1974 Ford L9000 truck with 250 Cummins engine, 28’ stroke, Bean water injection, line oiler, 400’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, no tools, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $105,000


JASWELL 1200  (Ref#1442T)  Manufactured late 1970’s, currently working, Detroit 8V92 deck engine, Sullair 750/250 air compressor, no mud pump, mounted on Mack truck with Mack diesel engine, automatic transmission, all standard features, welder, pipe, tools, ready to go  Price:  $115,000


JASWELL J-1200 (Ref#8861Nc) Manufactured 1978, mounted on Ford with Detroit 8V92T engine, Sullair 750/350 air compressor, no tools  Price:  $75,000


JASWELL J-1200 (Ref#8861Nb) Manufactured 1978, mounted on International Paystar 5000 with Detroit 8V92T engine, Sullair 900/350 air compressor, no tools  Price:  $75,000


JASWELL J-950 (Ref#5802R) Manufactured 1988, Cummins N14 Select deck engine, mounted on 1988 International Paystar with L10 Cummins engine, Sullair 900/350 air compressor with clutch, 28’ stroke, 6 rod carousel, rod box, 20gpm Bean water injection, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 6” & 8” hammers, 300’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ (2-7/8 conn) drill pipe, ready to go  Price:  $145,000


FRASTE FS-250 (Ref#13933R) Manufactured 2008, track mounted with 350hp John Deere Tier III engine, fully loaded, 2 speed tophead, 11,000 ft/lbs of torque, 90 degree tilt, 22’ stroke, auto rod loader, rapid retract & float, mast dump, 12,000 ft/lb winch, hyd tilt on mast to reduce travel height to 10’6”, manual and wireless remote control drilling, in-line oiler, 10gpm Bean water/foam injection, Moyno 3L6 pump, steel toolboxes, excellent condition, includes many spares  Price:  $290,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $265,000



ZAHORI 1206 REVERSE CIRCULATION RIG, top head drive, manufactured 1996, 90,000# pullback, trailer mounted and powered by a brand new Deutz diesel engine with 300 hours which is compliant to California EPA rules. 

Compare Holman 750/300 air compressor powered with Cat 3306 DITA Industrial engine (unit is mounted on rig)

Light plant

Back hoe

960’ of pipe:  380’ (19 jts) smooth pipe, 580’ (29 jts) air pipe

All tooling including bits, hoses, fishing tools and everything else you may need.

Has drilled 820’ depth x 24” diameter hole in Califonria

Price:  $375,000


DRESSER T70W  (Ref#10470R)  Manufactured 1983, hydraulic driven, main winch hydraulic driven, 2 working winches with swivel booms, Detroit 671 diesel (rebuilt 2015), hydraulic cathead winch, hydraulic tong arms (no spinning chains) with wrenches, hydraulic slick line winch, mounted on Crane Carrier  Price:  $305,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $250,000


DRESSER T70W  (Ref#14477)  Manufactured 1982, 1600 cfm/250 psi air compressor with 3408 Cat engine removed from rig and operates on lowboy trailer (could be reinstalled on rig), 70,000# pullback, mast length 47’, runs range II casing, mounted on Crane Carrier with 671 Detroit (which runs rig and truck)     Off Market


NEW TOPHEAD ROTARY DRILL (Ref #10479T) New, never used. Manufactured 2017. Direct circulation Tophead with Mud, Air, Down the hole hammer. Depth capacity: 16" diameter 1300', 12 1/4" diameter 700'. Mounted on Kenworth T-800 6x6 truck powered by Cummins ISX 500 525HP electronic diesel. FRO 16210c 10-speed transmission. Fabco TC-142 2-speed transfer case. 4 hydraulic leveling jacks. 60,000lb x 36' under jib boom hydraulically raised mast. Power tophead swivel used for direct cyirculation, mud, water, air or combination. 12.5 ton capacity breakout table, jib boom, 3-cylinder water injection pump, 7 gallon lubrication, single pipe loader, hydraulic winch. Pulldown and holdback pressure 23,100lbs, Atlas Copco 1000 x 350 compressor, Gardner Denver FXG 5x6 duplex mud pump. Located Mid-Continent USA. Price: $850,000



Custom built in 2011, late model, 4G certified, built for purpose, small footprint, rapid mobilization- from arrival of first load at location to commencement of drilling is less than two days.

12,000’ X 5” DPdp, 14,000’ X 3-1/2” DP

1100 HP Rig Power:  (2) 515hp Cat C15 engines

480,000# holdback capacity

80,000# pulldown capacity

35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque

65’ x 40’ drill footprint

Mast:  480,000# mast, 98’ H x 8’ W x 7’ D

Substructure:  16’ high hydraulic leveling, self-supporting (no guide wires) mechanical outriggers

13’ height under rotary beams, matting boards, accessories

(2) winches 17K; 6K

Laydown line

Topdrive Carriage

480,000# holdback capacity

80,000# pulldown capacity

35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque

4” kelly line

Hydraulic bail extension/retraction

Mounted backup clamp and guide bell

Work platform for maintenance

Computer controlled lighting system

Control System:

Full computer based control system

Capability of accurately controlling bit weight, ROP, rotary speed, rotary torque, auxiliary functions

Fault Management

Touch screen interface

Remote monitoring capabilities via internet

Self-reporting diagnostics

Automatic mitigation of fault conditions with minimal loss of functionality

Full WITS Communication

Mud System:

(1) 600 kw generator sets

Pits (like new):   

(1) 62’ x 11’6” x 7 – 500 bbl mud shaker tank with (3) partitions

                (2) 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps p/b 75 hp electric motors

(1) 55’ x 11’6” x 7 – 300 bbl mud suction tank with (3) partitions

                (2) 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps p/b 75 hp electric motors

                800 bbl mud system

Bop Stack:

Double ram:  13 5/8”

Annular:  13 5/8”

Accumulator:  Koomey type 80 6-station, 210 gallon accumulator

Rotating Head:  Washington 1500 psi

Choke Manifold 5,000 psi 4-1/16” x 2” and (2) 2-1/16” adjustable chokes

Gas Separator:  10” flanged flow line, 4” flare line

Accessories/Pipe Handling Equipment:

7,000# jib crane, winch boom, rotate

17,000# main winch

Racking board (racks 11,880’ of 4-1/2” doubles, folds for transport

Quick Change Hydraulic Power Slips

Adjustable Height Tong Pulling System with Torque Limiting

Power Tongs: Varco SSW30 and 13-3/4” D & D  Power tongs

Catwalk:  42’ x 8’ x 42” with walkway

4 kw rig lighting system

PRICE:  $3,400,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $1,499,000 Or Best Offer


PORTADRILL TLS  (Ref#7074R)  Manufactured 1981, 900/350 Sullair air compressor, 12V71 Twin Turbo Detroit diesel on deck (recently rebuilt), pulldown catwalks all around, 54’ 2-piece mast, swing out head, racking boards, 90,000# pullback, hydraulic breakout tongs, oil injection, mounted on 4 axle Kenworth C500 truck with Detroit 6V92 Turbo diesel, 22” retractable table opening, 7 hyd leveing jacks, 45000 miles, foam injection, sandline, jib, 6-part 120,000# main block, 2000’ of 5” flush joint, bits, bailers, subs, 35 gpm Bean pump, 14 new tires and wheels  Price:  $295,000


PORTADRILL TLS  (Ref#11521T)  Manufactured 1981, 900/350 Sullair air compressor (2500 hours), Detroit 12V71 deck engine (rebuilt 500 hours), 38’ mast, mounted on 1981 International 2574 truck with Detroit 6V92 diesel engine, 5 hydraulic leveling jacks,

1989 VOLVO PIPE TRUCK with 47 joints of 4-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, Cummins engine, 9 gp transmission

2005 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK, Mercedes engine, 1100 gallon tank

43 barrel mud system

Package Price:  $195,000


PORTADRILL TLS  (Ref#14682T)  Manufactured 1979, 750/250 Sullair air compressor, Detroit 8V92 deck engine, 60,000# hoist line, water injection, mounted on 1978 International 5050 with DTi 466, less than 14,000 miles on truck, currently drilling  Price:  $165,000

Pipe available at extra cost.


PORTADRILL TLT 276  (Ref#8939Ra)  Manufactured 1974, 750/250 LeRoi piston air compressor, 41’ tower, 50,000# pullback, mounted on International Paystar 5000 with rebuilt Cummins 350, 8V92 deck engine  Price:  $85,000


PORTADRILL TLT 276  (Ref#8939Rb)  Manufactured 1974, 750/250 LeRoi piston air compressor (needs rebuild), 41’ tower, 50,000# pullback, Detroit 8V92 deck engine, mounted on Diamond Rio truck  Price:  $65,000


PORTADRILL 10TK  (ref#15457R)  Range III derrick, 23,000# top drive (4 Ingersoll Rand motors), 60,000# pullback, wireline core 8000# winch, tugger 10,000# winch, reconditioned 20W/R-14 swivel, all new hydraulic pumps, plubing, control pane, new Namco drop box, mounted on 1995 Paystar tandem axle truck, 3406 Cat, 18 speed transmission  Price:  $250,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $230,000


PORTADRILL 10TL  (Ref#9915Na)  Manufactured 1982, LeRoi 575/300 (256 piston compressor), Detroit deck engine, mounted on International with DT466   Price:  $110,000


PORTADRILL 10TL  (Ref#160N)  Manufactured 1977, 750/250 air compressor, Detroit 318 diesel on deck (rebuilt, less than 700 hours), mounted on 1975 Paystar 5000 truck with Cummins engine, casing hammer, 6” air hammer with bits up to 10”, 38’ mast, 300’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe (some 15’ available), good condition  Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000


PORTADRILL 10TG 600 (Ref#5940N)  Manufactured 1974, 256 S2 LeRoi air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump air driven, 45’ mast, line oiler, Detroit 6V71 diesel deck engine (recently rebuilt w/100 hours), mounted on Crane Carrier,  line oiler, no pipe, good condition  Price:  $100,000   PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


PORTADRILL 10THG  (Ref#337N)  Manufactured 1976, top head drive, 600/150 air compressor (overhualed, 6V71 Detroit diesel engine (overhauled), mounted on Crane Carrier with 450 Red Diamond engine, as is  Price:  $80,000  OFF MARKET


PORTADRILL (Ref#3518R) Manufactured 1974, Detroit 6V71 deck engine, mounted on CCC with gas engine, aux GD 1000 cfm compressor mounted on 2 axle trailer with Detroit 8V71 engine, 300’ of 20’ x 4 ½” drill pipe ( 2 7/8”IF)   Price:  $60,000  OFF MARKET



GEFCO 200K (Ref#6993R)  Built 2008, sold in 2014 – Only drilled one test hole and is like new

Hydrostatically powered top head rotary, max swivel torque 140,000 in/lbs, mast and corwn block total 62’5” overall length, 51’ working space above breakout table, 23” diameter removable 17-1/2” ID master bushings, max hook load capacity 196,000#, (2) King Oil 35KT (Type C) breakout tongs with hangers and counterbalances, pullback system twin hydraulic cylinders and heavy duty wireline cable actuated by variable displacement hydraulic pump 120 gpm, pullback 196,400#, pulldown max 30,000#, mounted on 2008 new Kimble C3100 5-axle (10/6) carrier, 41’L x 10’W, DOT approved regulation air brake system, Jake brake type 550 hp, Cat C18 industrial diesel engine, 18 sp manual transmission, (4) hydraulic leveling jacks.  Substructure.

Price for rig and substructure:  $2,100,000

Available at extra cost:

2014 KEMTRON 1500T MUD SYSTEM TRAILER, hydraulically balanced mud system that provides a max flow rate of 1500 gpm, mounted on 56’ dual axle rock over trailer, 9000 gallon tank, (2) tank comparts with desilter centrfugal pump (60 hp Series 250 6x8), desander centrifugal pump (60 HP Sseries 250 6x8), mud gun/hopper centrifugal pump (40 hp Series 6x5), transfer centrifugal pump (40 HP Series 250 6x5) and a 250 kw Cummins generator, trailer dims 56’ x 8.5’ x 13.5’, total weight 75,000 lbs. 

(2) WILSON 600 MUD PUMPS powered by Detroit diesel 60 Series (450 hp) with 14” stroke


GEFCO 185 (Ref#14597R) Manufactured 2008, mounted on 5 axle carrier, Cat C15 engine, hydraulic tophead drive, single rod pipe loader with 2-piece substructure, completely refurbished, ready to go  Price:  $780,000

Pipe available at additional cost


SPEEDSTAR 185K  (Ref#10990T)  Manufactured 2007, Detroit 60 Series engine, electric start, 51’ hydraulically raised mast, 8,000# hydraulic utility winch, mounted on 2007 Kimble 5-axle carrier truck, Fuller 18 speed transmission with drop box, folding walkways and steps

10’6” x 20’ back on mud boat

10’6” x 29’ back on ramp

8’H x 10’6”W x 10’L work floor

8’W x 40’L round top doghouse, back on doghouse ramp

Soap/fuel house, center tub, junk box

4500’ of 3-1/2” S-135 13.3# Range 2 drill pipe

PACKAGE PRICE:  $675,000


SPEEDSTAR 185K  (Ref#14632R)  Manufactured 2005  Price:  $900,000

Also available at extra cost:

F500 triplex mud pump p/b Cat 3412 DITA with air clutch, console, control box, 200’ lines, electric pre-charge pump, pulsation dampener, mud gauge, fuel tank, skid mounted  Price:  $375,000

Wireline unit with bailer, 2500’ of yellow bank 4-1/2” dril pipe, (2) 8” drill collars, (4) 6-1/2” drill collars, tongs, elevators, slips and subs  Price:  $145,000

(2) Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors, year 2005 - $85,000

Continental Emsco D375 duplex mud pump - $57,500

1977 Peterbilt bed truck - $60,000

2002 Kenworth Construct W900 - $70,000

2001 Western Star conventional 4900 - $45,000


SPEEDSTAR 185 (Ref#12097T) Manufactured 2007, (2) available, good condition  Price on Request


SPEEDSTAR 150K  (Ref#9013R)  Manufactured 2003, p/b Cat C15 (550 hp) engine, boat substructure

1996 International van DTT466 with Geolograph and tool cabinets with Miller 225 generator 10000 watt power unit

Sullair 900/350 air compressor trailer mounted

National C150 powered by 6V71 Detroit trailer mounted

130 jts of 3-1/2” drill pip double white 13.30# Grade E

(6) 5” x 30’ drill collars

2004 Mack Haul Truck and 40’ flat

Pipe racks, misc hoses, bits, subs,

Just drilled 4000’ hole.

Recently spend $30,000 on top head: Rebuilt tophead drive, 2 new motors and new pump to run them

Price rig only:  $550,000

Package Price:  $795,000


SPEEDSTAR 70K  (Ref#12059)  Manufactured 1982, 900/350 GHH air compressor, 8V92TA Detroit diesel engine, mounted on 4-axle Crane Carrier with 8V71 Detroit engine, Jake brakes, 9 speed transmission, DLL, tophead drive, drill direct or flooded reverse, 4 leveling jacks, dual breakout rams, pipe spinner, Cat injection pump, down hole oiler, 4 part blocks w/70,000# capacity hydraulic driven, 42’ derrick, 100,000# capacity, 10,000# service winch, (2) 100 gal fuel tanks, includes 1000’ 5-1/2” x 30’ lightweight pipe and reverse swivel

Price:   $375,000  Price Reduced:  $235,000


SPEEDSTAR 70K  (Ref#731Nc)  Single drum drawworks, 4-part ¾” cable McKissic block, third drum, service winch, pipe spinners, mounted on 1982 4 axle crane carrier, 58’ x 70000# pullback 30’ racking board, mast capacity 125000#, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks and 2 screw jacks, KT450 Cummins diesel with 10 speed transmission, 8000# tophead drive

PRICE:  $325,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $260,000

Additional Equipment:

2000’ 4 – ½” x 20’ Flush Joint w / 2  7/8” IF tool joints (wrench flats)

2 – 6” x 30’ HW collars with 3 ½” IF w/ wrench flats



SPEEDSTAR 70K  (Ref#10119R)  Manufactured 1981, 950/350 air compressor, 50’ derrick, mounted on Crane Carrier, Detroit 871 engine, 4 leveling jacks  Price  $275,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $240,000

1100’ of 5-1/2” FH pipe available at extra cost


SPEEDSTAR 50K  (Ref#11875N)  Manufactured 2004, 1150/350 air compressor, 3 x 4 Mission centrifugal pump, Atlas casing hammer (new cost $80,000), mounted on Peterbilt 357 truck w/Cat 3406 engine, PTO, 400’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ x 2-7/8 IF drill pipe, no rod box, no carousel  Price:  $545,000  OFF MARKET


GEFCO/SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#8682T)  Year 2014, 1000/350 Sullair compressor on skid (with quick disconnect to exchange mud pump), 5-1/2 x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump on skid (with quick disconnect to exchange air compressor), standard 35’ mast, no carousel, no rod loader, no rod box), hydraulic cylinder with 25,000# cable pulldown, 40,000# hoist, main winch over jib boom with 20,000# single line pull, capable of 2 part line operation at 40,000# with jib collapsed, jib boom, 2,000# capacity when extended, electric over air hydraulic, 7 gpm line oiler, hydraulic 18 gpm water injection, hydraulic rod spinner, hydraulic table, hydraulic breakout wrench, PD12 aux winch, 4 levelng jacks, mounted on Peterbilt 367 tri-drive truck with Cummins ISX 550 hp PTO engine, Fuler 18 speed transmission  Price:  $625,000


SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#6707T)  Manufactured 2011, 1060/350 air compressor, 4 x 3 centrifugal pump, 6 rod carousel, 18 gpm Bean pump, mounted on Kenworth T800 with Cummins 550 engine, 420’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe, well maintained  Price:  $565,000  OFF MARKET


SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#6540T)  Manufactured 2005, 1000/350air compressor, 3 x 4 Centrifugal mud pump, 30,000# pullback, 25,000# pulldown, jib boom, winch on mast rated at 32,000# with 2 line reeving, 7 gal DTH lubricator, 18 gpm water inujection pump, 6 rod carousel (set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ pipe), rod box, single pipe loader, pipe spinner, mounted on 2005 Peterbilt 357 6x4 truck with 550 hp engine (rebuilt November 2016 with very low hours), Jake brake, Fuller 18 speed transmission, just spent $28,000 in misc repairs and maintenance in April 2017    Price:  $375,000


GEFCO/SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#1608T)  Manufactured 2004, 1000/350 Sullair compressor, 3 x 4 x 13 Mission Magnum centrifugal pump, 16,000# main winch, (32,000# set up on 2-part line), second auxiliary winch, DHD lubrication, FMC Bean 20 gpm water injection pump, 6 rod carousel (set up 4-1/2” x 20’ pipe), single rod loader, drill pipe spinner, rod box, mounted on Peterbilt 357 with Cat C15 (600 hp) engine.  Recently spent $30,000 in maintanence and repairs  Price:  $385,000


SPEEDSTAR 30K (Ref#2399Na) Manufactured 2004, only 3700 hours,  PTO, mounted on Peterbilt with Cat C15 525hp engine, 1000/350 air compressor, rod box, carousel, 420’ pipe  Price:  $445,000  OFF MARKET


GEFCO 30K  (Ref#526R)  Manufactured 2003, Sullair 1000/350 air compressor, mounted on 2002 Peterbilt truck with Cat C15 engine (replaced 2011), 40,000# pullback PTO, water injection, hammer oiler, rod spinner, carousel, no mud, 1200’ of 4-1/2” pipe

6” and 8” hammers (less than 1 year old)

1976 Paystar 5000 Water Truck, 1000 gal flat tank, extended work bed bumper, aux fuel tank, Cummins 400, 8 sp.

PACKAGE PRICE:  $390,000 


GEFCO 30K  (Ref#1108T)  Manufactured 2000, 7-1/2 x 10 Centerline mud pump, 800/300 air compressor, (both are not on rig at same time), mounted on International tandem axle truck with Cat C15 engine, PTO, set up for 4” x 20’ pipe  POR


SPEEDSTAR 30K (Ref#8568N) Manufactured 1995,  850/350 air compressor, 3 x 4 Mission mud pump, 2 speed tophead, 6 rod carousel, pipe spinner, 18 gpm Bean water injection, hammer oiler, 18000# main winch, auxiliary winch, mounted on 1995 Peterbilt with Cat 3406 engine (PTO), new flotation tires in front, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe (2 7/8” IF conn), cylinders repacked  Price:  $250,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $230,000


SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#13530T)  Manufactured 1993, 850/350 air compressor, 3 x 4 mud pump, mounted on 1993 Peterbilt 357 truck, 400’ drill pipe  Price:  $210,000


SPEEDSTAR 30K (Ref#9565R) Manufactured 1989, Cat 3408-B deck engine (rebuilt 2012), 900/350 rebuilt air compressor, rebuilt tophead, ready to go  Price:  $170,000


SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#8054R)  Manufactured 1987, 900/350 air compressor, mounted on Pacific Carrier with 450 Cummins engine, PTO, standard pulback and mast, 18 gpm Bean water injection, hammer oiler, foamer, welder, 6 rod carousel, engine has approx 1200 hours since rebuild, 3 hammers, 400’ drill pipe  Price:  $170,000

Available at extra cost:

5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump (bare pump, could be mounted on rig deck) - $9,500

2000’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ (2-7/8 IF) drill pipe

900’ of 1-7/8” x 20’ drill pipe

(2) extra top heads

(1) Standard 30K mast


SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#5828N)  Manufactured 1987, 900/350 air compressor, mounted on Peterbilt with 400 Cummins engine, PTO, Bean water injection, single rod loader, sandline, bailing drum, hydraulic ram, breakout wrench, 3 leveling jacks, no pipe or tools, good condition  Price:  $145,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


GEFCO SD 700 (Ref#8842R) Manufactured 1988, tophead drive, PTO, mounted on International 2500 with 350 Cummins engine, 700/250 air compressor, Wilden 3” diapraghm pump, 600’ of 20’ pipe, all tools, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $100,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $90,000


SPEEDSTAR SD300  (Ref#6755N)  Manufactured 1993, mounted on Ford L9000 tandem axle truck with 3406 Cat (350 hp) diesel engine, 8 speed transmission, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 3x4 Mission Magnum pump, LeRoi TS17G2 600/300 compressor, 15000# pulldown, 20000# hoist, 10000# winch with traveling block, jib boom, front mounted winch, pipe spinner, breakout wrench, toolboxes, pipe rack, single rod loader, Meyer water injection pump, hammer oiler, handling tools, new paint job  Price:  $105,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $85,000


SPEEDSTAR SD-300 (Ref#13726RA) Manufactured 1989, 750/250 air compressor, Cat 3406 engine, 10,000 ft/lbs torque, 4 cyl Bean pump, mounted on Ford LT9000 truck,  brand new Terrell transfer case 10 years ago, single rod loader, well maintained, one owner rig, stored inside, 300’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe, (rig can also run 4-1/2” pipe), good condition  Price:  $140,000

Also available with the following:

1996 GMC TOPKICK WATER TRUCK (Ref#13726RB) 1300 flat tank, Cat 3116 engine, 20’ deck (bed), 230 gal fuel tank w/ transfer pump, toolboxes  Price:  $32,500


GEFCO SD-300 (Ref#14067Ra) PTO, mounted on Ford L9000 with Cat 3406 engine, 1250/350 air compressor, Mission 4x3 centrifugal pump, excellent condition, ready to go  Price:  $130,000

Pipe available at additional cost


SPEEDSTAR SD300 (Ref#2434RA) tophead drive, developmental air compressor, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, PTO, mounted on 1984 GMC Brigadier single axle truck with Cat 3208 engine  Price on request


SPEEDSTAR SD200  (Ref#4591Na)  Manufactured 1988, 750/250 air compressor, mounted on International truck with 466 Cummins engine, PTO driven, (2) 6” hammers, 20 gpm Bean water injection, Wilden 160 mud pump, 600’ of pipe  Price:  $108,000


SPEEDSTAR SS50 (Ref#11860R) tophead drive, 48,000# hook load (using 4 lines – each line 12,000#), 8-1/2” rotary table, 35’ height above rotary table, Detroit 8V71 deck engine, mounted on 1988 Freightliner with 400 Cummins engine, 13 speed RR trans, GD 600/250 air compressor, line oiler, water injection, rod box, hammers, bits, subs, underreamers, etc, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks.  Tophead could be removed and drill with kelly.  Major components on drill rig recently rebuilt.

Available with the following:

1968 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK with 1700 gallon flat tank, 2000# crane, Detroit 318 engine

560’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe (2 7/8” IF)

5” and 6” hammer, winged undereamer, perforator

PACKAGE PRICE:  $160,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $65,000


GEFCO SD50  (Ref#14219R)  Manufactured 1996, Leroi 275/150 air compressor, mounted on 1996 International 4800 4WD truck, DT466 engine, no mud pump, no tooling, no drill pipe  Price:  $127,000


GEFCO 15K (Ref#15694T) Manufactured 2001, 450/250 Sullair single screw air compressor, 5 x 6-1/4” duplex mud pump, 41,600# tophead torque, 10,000# main winch, aux winch, jib boom, single pipe loader, 8 gpm water injection, 7 gallon oiler, mounted on Peterbilt truck  Price:  $220,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $155,000


SPEEDSTAR SS15-II  (Ref#7075N)  Manufactured 1989, top head, 5 x 8 duplex mud pump, 800/350 air compressor, mounted on International paystar 5000 with Cummins diesel engine, hydraulic welder, 400’ drill pipe  Price:  $240,000


SPEEDSTAR SS-15 III (Ref#8897T) Manufactured 1978, Cummins NTC-290 engine, Leroi 256S2 air compressor, casing hammer available  Price on Request


SPEEDSTAR SS-15-III  (Ref#3411T)  Top head, extended mast, 256 S2 Leroi air compressor, no mud, mounted on 1978 GMC Brigadier with NTC 290 Cummins, hammer oiler, Bean water injection pump, needs a little work  Price:  $55,000

Pipe, auxiliary air or mud available at extra cost.


SPEEDSTAR SS-15-II  (Ref#2639Ta)  Manufactured 1978, 750/250 air compressor, 60,000# pullback Price:  $65,000

INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2639Tb)  1000 gal flat tank  Price:  $30,000


SPEEDSTAR SS15 (Ref#9462N) Manufactured 1978, PTO, mounted on crane carrier with Cummins engine, extended mast, rig has Welco Beales casing hammer lift system, but no casing hammer is availale, 600/250 air compressor, freshly rebuilt 5 x 6 mud pump, sandline, mainline, casing line, retractable table, Cat water injection, chain pulldown, jib boom, breakout tongs, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, hook & block, no rod box or pipe rack  Price$105,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $45,000


SPEEDSTAR SS-15 (Ref#13681R) Manufactured 1978, PTO, mounted on 1978 International with diesel engine, 250 psi air compressor, no mud, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, tools, no pipe available  Price:  $65,000


SPEEDSTAR SS-15-II  (Ref#3073N)  Manufactured 1978, 750/250 air compressor, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver duplex hydraulically operated mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with 400 hp Cummins diesel engine, 300’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe,  water injection pump  Price:  $95,000  OFF MARKET


SPEEDSTAR SS-15-III  (Ref#15221N)  Manufactured 1978, 450/250 LeRoi air compressor, mounted on 1978 International truck with 400 Cummins, PTO, water injection, 4 jacks, no rod racks, no carousel, no pipe  Price:  $140,000  

Available at additional cost:  air casing hammer,


SPEEDSTAR SS15 II (Ref#4918R) extended mast, mounted on CCC with 400 Cummins engine, 256 Leroi air compressor, plumbed for mud, sandline, 5 part main, 2 part secondary, small swing jib boom  Price:  $80,000

500’ of 4 ½” pipe available at extra cost


SPEEDSTAR SS-15  (Ref#14297Rb)  Manufactured 1976, 550/250 Leroi compressor (rebuilt), extended mast, mounted on Crane Carrier, needs work  Price:  $32,500


SPEEDSTAR SS-15-THH  (Ref#14325)  Manufactured 1976, 100 SDS air compressor, #1200 casing hammer with hydraulic swing out, 4 lines, water injection pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with Cummins engine, good condition Price:  $90,000


SPEEDSTAR SS-15  (Ref#10066Ta)  Manufactured 1973, big cam Cummins diesel PTO engine (rebuilt 1000 hours), PTO drives either Gardner Denver 5 x 6 mud pump (rebuilt 700 hours ago), or 600/250 Leroi piston air compressor (recently rebuilt), 38’ mast, 3 winches, 12,000# main winch, 4000# sandline, 1000# hydraulic, mounted on Crane Carrier, 500’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe  Price:  $85,000


SPEEDSTAR SS15THH  (Ref#13286)  Manufactured 1972, 450/250 LeRoi air compressor, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, mounted on 1972 Crane Carrier with 350 Cummins engine, water injection, 1200 casing hammer, 2 rear 1 front leveling jacks, includes 300’ of Mayhew Jr. 2-3/8” x 20’ drill pipe, good condition, currently drilling  Price:  $110,000


SPEEDSTAR MINISTAR  (Ref#13705R)  Manufactured 1991, 225/125 Sullair compressor, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pumps (complete rebuild 2015), 2-speed (hi/low) tophead (recently rebuilt), John Deere turbo diesel deck engine, winch, mounted on 1991 GMC Topkick single axle truck with Cat diesel engine, 300’ Mayhew Jr pipe 2-7/8” x 20’  Price:  $90,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000


SPEEDSTAR MINISTAR  (Ref#14760)  Manufactured 1990, low hours for its age, good running condition, Sullair 220/125 air compressor, 4-1/2 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump (newly rebuilt), John Deere 4 cyl gas deck engine (newly rebuilt), 11,500# pullback, new hydraulic head motor and pump, 2 winches 5000#, 3500#, rod loader, mounted on 1990 International truck with International 7.3 diesel engine, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, total eight of rig (without pipe) is 22,000#, 280’ of 3” x 20’ diameter Mayhew Jr with 2-3/8” threads drill pipe  Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000



PACKAGE PRICE:  $210,000


QUICKDRILL 275  (Ref#9878Rb)  Built 1979, 5 x 6 mud pump, 125 Joy air compressor, Mounted on 1985 International 4-wheel drive truck with DT466 engine, Allison automatic transmission, PTO, working condition  Price:  $80,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


QUICKDRILL 275  (Ref#3368N)  Manufactured 1987, 30-32’ reinforced derrick, single rod loader, new Mission 4 x 3 x 13 centrigual mud pump, development air, dual motor tophead, mounted on 1994 International 4600 4x4 truck, 460’ of 3” (2-3/8 API) flush joint drill pipe, flats wrench, (2) 5-1/2” drag bits,   Price:  $80,000


SPEEDSTAR QUICKDRILL  (Ref#1687R)  mounted on 1989 GMC truck, Cat 3208, PTO drive, no mud, no air needs work  Price:  $25,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $19,500


SPEEDSTAR QUIICKDRILL 275  (Ref#10168T)  Manufactured 1988, Gardner Denver 5 x 6 mud pump, 275/150 air compressor, mounted on 2001 International 4900 singel axle truck with DT 466 PTO engine, rebuilt, complete with 200’ of 20’ x 2-7/8 Failing Exploration drill rods and tooling, refurbished with new paint 2017  Price:  $59,500


SPEEDSTAR QUICKDRILL MODEL 600  (Ref#46N)  Manufactured 1986, mounted on single axle International 2600 truck powered by 8V71TA (rebuilt) diesel engine, 3 x 4 Mission Magnum mud pump, 256 Joy 600 cfm/250 psi air compressor, rod box, hydraulic pipe lifter and loader, hydraulic pipe wrench, Bean water injection pump, hammer oiler, 200’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, mast lifting valve is broken Price:  $70,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $55,000


SPEEDSTAR QUICKDRILL 275 (Ref#8079R) Manufactured 1982, PTO, mounted on 1981 International single axle truck with Cat 3208 engine, 3x4 mud pump, air driven diaphragm pump, 275 cfm air compressor, single rod loader, rod box, breakout wrench, water injection, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 20’ Mayhew Jr drill pipe, head gasket needs repair  Price:  $70,000  PRICE, AS IS:  $60,000  PRICE WITH GASKET REPLACED:  $70,000


SPEEDSTAR 275  (Ref#3372T)  Manufactured 1986, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, developmental air, Bean pump, winchline, sandline, tophead dual head motor, mounted on 1986 International truck with diesel engine, PTO , 300’ Mayhew Jr drill rods, ready to work  Price:  $87,000


DSI QUICKDRILL  (Ref#14183R)  Manufactured 1980, mounted on 1979 Ford F700 2 wheel drive single axle truck with Cat engine, no rod box or pipe rack, 5 x 6 mud pump, air compressor, 200’ of 20’ pipe on trailer, comes with Ford 1500 gallon water truck Package Price$45,000  $27,500


SPEEDSTAR QUICKDRILL DSI  (Ref#13526T)  Manufactured 1979, 2 x 2 Husky mud pump, no air compressor, mounted on 1999 Freightliner truck with diesel engine, PTO, 60,000 miles, 600’ of 20’ drill pipe

2000 International water truck with DT466 dioewel engine

Ready to drill



QUICKDRILL 275 (Ref#2358RA) Manufactured 1978, PTO, mounted on 1987 International single axle truck with diesel engine, GD 5x6 mud pump, 185cfm air compressor, no rod box or pipe rack, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, needs work  Price:  $60,000

Also available with the following:

FORD FLATBED WATER TRUCK (Ref#2358RB) gas engine, 900 gallon plastic tank, toolbox  Price:  $19,500


DSI QUICKDRILL (Ref#12912R) Manufactured 1978, PTO, mounted on 1978 Ford 7000 with Cat 3208 engine, 5x6 mud pump, 125 psi air compressor, breakout wrench, no rod box or pipe rack, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 600’ of 2 7/8” x 20’ drill pipe, complete with drill pipe trailer with 500 gallon water tank on boat, currently drilling  Price:  $60,000


SPEEDSTAR DSI QUICKDRILL  (Ref#7390T)  Manufactured 1976, Joy 220 compressor, no water injection, 10,000# winch, rod carousel, mounted on 1976 Ford F7000 4 x 2 truck, engine not working, 300’ of 2-7/8” x 20’ drill pipe, 100’ of 2-7/8” x 156’ drill pipe  Price:  $40,000


SPEEDSTAR QUICKDRILL (Ref#3961R) Manufactured 1972, mounted on ’69 GMC truck with 350 gas engine, PTO, 30’ mast, no air, no mud, water injection, rod box, breakout wrench, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of pipe (15’ and 20’ joints available), 600# hammer  PRICE REDUCED:  $25,000


QUICKDRILL TMD6  (Ref#1257N)  Manufactured 1980, mounted on 1997 Freightliner, Cummins diesel 300 hp engine, PTo, 250/125 Joy developmental air, 5 x 6 mud pump, 5” and 6-1/2” bits, 460’ of pipe,   Price:  $105,000


DRILLMASTER DMAC 900 (ref#8152Ra), Ingersoll Rand XHPWCAT 900/300 Self Powered Compressor Retro Fitted to Drill Frame (approx. 2,500 hours as of 2,2015), Tophead Drive with 3” Swivel and 6,000 lbs Torque, Gardner Denver 4 ½ x 5 Mud System (High Speed), 32 Foot Mast with 26 Foot Stroke, 12,000 Winch with Hydraulic Jib ( with 12” Sheaves and Extended Tube), Retractable Table in Frame to Allow 20” Opening, Hydraulics to Run Off Truck Engine with Direct Mount Gear Type Transfer case, Mounted on 1996 IHC Truck 6x6 Truck with lockers. Truck engine rebuilt, 8LL transmission rebuilt with new bearings and replaced 8th gear for rig operation. (gear was in good shape but replaced while transmission was apart), also equipped with 8 GPM Water Injection System, Control Panel on Driver’s Side, Pipe Rack for  Drill Pipe, Driller Platforms with Center, 4-36” Leveling Jacks, Breakout Wrench, Index Style Hammer Holder 8”, In Deck Hammer Holder 8”, 48” Tool Box, new paint  OFF MARKET


DRILLMASTER 400 (Ref#15101T) Manufactured 2001, mounted on Internatioanl all wheel drive truck, Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, 46,000 GVW truck, 300/200 air compressor, 5x6 GD mud pump, grout pump, can drill 12” wells up to 1000’ depth, good condition, ready to go  Price:  $275,000


DRILLMAX 450 (Ref#14312T) Rig was originally rebuilt from a 1988 Speedstar SD200.  The drill subframe that all components are mounted to are original: transfer case is original, jacks and jack mounts are original.  In 2008 Drillmax built brand new mast, mast mount, table, tophead, winch, all hydraulics, motors and hoses.  500/200 air compressor was original but sent to Sullair for a factory rebuild in June 2015 at a cost of $9,500 – only 300 hours since.  3 x 4 x 13 mud pump just replaced with new pump in 2015, 5 x 6 Failing mud pump was original but rebuilt in 2008 with several fluid end rebuilds since then (300 hours since last fluid end rebuild).  Rig equipped with a 6000# tophead (new bearings and packing 200 hours ago), 24’ stroke, single rod loader, pipe rack, 4 leveling jacks, mounted on 1988 Ford L8000 tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 400’ of 3 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, 10” x 15’ stabilizer, drills daily  Price:  $190,000

Additional pipe available at extra cost


DRILLMAX 350 (Ref#5980R) Manufactured 2012, low hours, PTO, mounted on International 4x4 with V8 engine, no pipe or tools available  OFF MARKET


DRILLMAX 350  (Ref#93N)  Manufactured 2007, 300/200 air compressor, 4-1/2 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, no deck engine, single rod loader, single motor variable speed tophead with 2” swivel, 24” hydraulic breakout wrench, 8,000# Braden winch, 29’6” mast, 24’ stroke, 14,000# pullback, 9000# pulldown, hyd swing and extend jib boom, pipe rack, 9 gpm Bean injection pump, 10 gal electric hammer lubricating system, toolboxes, hammer holder, driller’s platofrms, air operated breakout fork in table, misc hand tools, truck has chrome dress up package, 7 speed transmission, dual 50 gal fuel tanks, A/C, tow hooks, air brakes, 7,050 miles on truck, mounted on Ford F750 truck with 250 hp Cat diesel engine, PTO, 4 wheel drive, tool box, 4 hyd jacks, excellent condition, 300’ of 2-7/8” drill pipe  Price rig only:  $230,000   Package Price:  $280,000  OFF MARKET

2007 FORD F750 FLATBED WATER TRUCK  (Ref#80N)  975 gal flatbed tank, Cat 250 engine, 7 speed transmission, 4 wheel drive, welder, generator, 17,000 miles  Price:  $95,000   OFF MARKET


DRILLMAX 180 (Ref#6227N)  Manufactured 2004, 2 axle trailer mounted with large ball connection for towing on tow bar, (3) hydraulic stabilizers, 2 cylinder 24HP gasoline engine, top head drive, breakout coupling in head & table insert for rod breakout, 3” air diaphragm pump,  12,000# pullback, can drill to 350’, mud tub, (3) 2 3/8” x 10’ Mayhew jr. drill pipe, needs  throttle & chuck cable   PRICE: $ 28,500

Note:  mud pump requires tag along air compressor 50CFM / 125PSI.


VERSADRILL V2000  (Ref#8636R)  Manufacturing 2006, 1250/350 IR air compressor, hammer oiler, 25 gpm Bean injection pump, rod handler, mounted on 2006 HME 6 x 6 carrier with C18 Cat engine,  Price:  $395,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $315,000


VERSADRILL V2000  (Ref#9167R)  Manufactured 2005, 1250/350 air compressor, 80,000# pullback, 3 x 4 pump, water injection, hammer oiler, mounted on Kimble Carrier with Cat C18 engine  Price on Request

Drill pipe available


VERSADRILL V-2000  (Ref#14231T)  Manufactured 2003, 1070/350 air compressor, Cat C15 engine, mounted on Kimble 6WD chasis, currntly set up for 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, 15,000 overall hours, compressor rebuilt 2014 with 0 hours since rebuild, new compressor cooler, new clutch, new engine cooler, everything checked and in good running condition  Price:  $195,000


VERSADRILL V-2000  (Ref#3343R)  Manufactured 2003, 1070/350 air compressor, 11,600 hours, 18 gpm Bean pump, 600 hp Cat C16 engine (rebuilt 2012), Kimble chassis, all wheel drive, needs work  Price $225,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $150,000


VERSADRILL V2000  (Ref#5785T)  Manufactured 2001  Price (rig only):  $415,000  Pipe available at extra cost


VERSADRILL V2000 (Ref#5871N) Manufactured 2003, 8800 hours, mounted on Kimble chassis with Cat C16 engine, 1070/350 air compressor, only 3200 hours, 80000# pullback, water injection, line oiler, Atlas 2000 casing hammer   Price:  $400,000  OFF MARKET

Pipe available at extra cost


VERSADRILL V-1555 (Ref#2071N)  Manufactured 2006, 55,000 pullback, IR 900 / 350 air compressor  (2,057 compressor hours), 3 x 4 Mission Magnum centrifugal mud pump, mounted on tandem axle 357 Peterbuilt truck with 13 speed Eaton Fuller transmission, full locking rears, jake brake, cruise control, powered by ISX 565hp Cummins diesel engine (5,541 hours), (1) 67 gal fuel tank with an additional 110 gallon tank, rig has 4,268 hours, PTO drive to rig, 25 gpm water injection pump, 7 gallon hammer oiler, Carousel holds 200’ of 4 ½” drill pipe, breakout wrench, 18,000# main winch, pipe spanner, fully tooled, ready to drill.  PRICE:  $410,000  OFF MARKET


VERSADRILL 1040DP (Ref#10070RA)  Manufactured 2010, 1070/350 IR Compressor, slide rack included to quick install mud pump in 20 minutes, 3 speed tophead (8100#torque, RPMs up to 250), CAT C15 (540HP) engine, 40,000# pullback, 22,000# pulldown, 15 rod carousel, 15 rod pipe rack, includes 400’ of 3.5”x20’ pipe, 12,000# main winch, 4,000 aux winch with swing jib, Beam 25GPM, 7GPM oiler, pro heat engine heater, mounted on 2010 Peterbilt 367 6x4, truck with Cummions ISX (565HP) engine, Fuller 13 speed, 68,000 GVWR, Jake brake  Price: $575,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $455,000

5x6 Mud pump available at extra cost (slide rack for quick connect included with rig)


VERSADRILL V1040TRX (Ref#10070RB) Manufactured 2011, 1070/350 IR compressor, CAT C15 (540 HP) deck engine, track mounted, 40,000# pullback, 22,000# pulldown, slide rack included to quick install mud pump in 20 minutes, 15 rod carousel, 15 rod pipe rack, includes 400’ of 3 ½”x20’ pipe, 12,000# main winch, Beam 25GPM water injection with foam, 7GPM Line oiler, 18” catwalk Price: $575,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $505,000


VERSADRILL SONICOR 50K  (Ref#14743T)  Mounted on 2002 Intrernational 4900 truck with diesel engine, PTO rebuilt and upgraded 2015, brand new hydraulic clamp system, hydraulic line, electronics and inspection plate panels have been simplified and upgraded for easier access Price:  $220,000


VERSADRILL V-100  (Ref#3361T)  500/200 IR air compressor, 3 x 4 mud pump, mounted on 2013 Peterbilt 348 6 x 6 chassis, on deck mud recycling system, 15 rod carousel for 3-1/2” x 20’ rod, 300’ pipe  Price:  $490,000


VERSADRILL V-100NG (Ref#3273R) Manufactured 2010, mounted on 2010 Peterbilt 348 6x6, 300’ of 3 ½” rod with carousel  Price:  $445,000


VERSADRILL V100  (Ref#15446T)  Manufactured 2009, Ingersoll Rand 500/200 air compressor, 4 x 3 mud pump, mainline winch, sandline which, on board grouter, mounted on 2009 Peterbilt 6 x 6 chassis, rod handling, (22) 3-1/2” x 20’ rods, 4 hydraulic jacks, well maintained  Price:  $369,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $325,000


VERSADRILL V100NG  (Ref#14029R)  Manufactured 2009, 500/200 air compressor, Mission 3 x 4 Sandmaster pump, 2” Gorman Rupp with mechanical seal, aux hydraulic lines plumbed to back for mud guzzler, 40,000# pullback, 22,100# pulldown, 300’ carousel loaded with 300’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ pipe, 9 gpm Bean injection pump, 2 speed tophead, 12,000# main winch, Pullmaster M8 aux sandline winch, mounted on 2009 Peterbilt 348 6 x 6 truck with PACCAR T8 Cummins engine, PTO  Price:  $380,000


VERSADRILL V100NG (Ref#5907N) Manufactured 2008, low hours, mounted on Peterbilt 340 6x6 with Cummins engine, IR 300/200 air compressor, Mission 3x4 mud pump, 15 rod carousel, 18000# winch, jib boom, rod rack, 400’ of 3 ½” x 20’ drill pipe Price:  $325,000  OFF MARKET


VERSADRILL V-100 (Ref#10141T) Manufactured 2007, mounted on 2007 Peterbilt PB340 6x6, 500/200 air compressor, 10 rod carousel for 3 ½” and 7 rod carousel for 4 ½”, mainline & sandline winches, 400’ of 3 ½” drill pipe  Price:  $275,000


VERSADRILL V100  (Ref#7833T)  Manufactured 2006, one owner/operator rig since new, IR 500/200 air compressor, duplex piston pump, 2 hyd winches w/hyd jib booms, aux hydraulics for sand guzzler or 3 x 4 Mission Magnum pump, mounted on 2006 International 7400 6x6 truck with DT466 diesel engine, low hours, low miles, excellent condition.

Support truck with 2000 gallon diesel tank, new rod spinner

Package Price:  $260,000


VERSADRILL V-100 (Ref#10142T) Manufactured 2006, mounted on 2006 International 7400, 500/200 air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump, mainline & sandline winches, 400’ of 3” drill pipe  Price:  $275,000


VERSADRILL V-100NG (Ref#1833R) Manufactured 2004, PTO, mounted on 2005 International Navistar 7400 6x6 with DT530 engine, 10 speed trans, 500/200 air compressor, 3x4 centrifugal mud pump, 12000# winch, injection pump, 10 rod carousel set up for 3 ½” rods, good condition  Price:  $250,000  OFF MARKET

Pipe available at extra cost


VERSADRILL V100NG  (Ref#6122R)  Manufactured 2004, no air, no mud, grouter on deck, 3 lines, 10 rod carousel, complete with 2-3/8 IF x 20’ pipe, subs, stabilizer  Price:  $230,000

Available at extra cost:  5 x 8 mud pump, Mud Slayer system 250 gpm with only 100 hours


VERSADRILL V-100 (Ref#1886T) Manufactured 2004, good condition  Price on request


VERSADRILL V-100  (Ref#15445T)  Manufactured 2002, Ingersoll Rand 300/200 air compressor, 4 x 3 mud pump, 12,000# mainline winch, 4,000# sandline winch, on board grouter, mounted on 2002 International 4900 6x6 chassis, 7 rod carousel, 24 pieces of 3-1/2” x 20’ drill rod, very well maintained  Price:  $190,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $175,000


VERSADRILL V-100 (Ref#10140T) Manufactured 2002, mounted on 2002 International 4900 6x6 truck with DT530E diesel engine (rebuilt 2014), PTO, 300/200 air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump, auxiliary hydraulics for 2 x 3 centrifugal or sand guzzler, rod box, 400’ of 3 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, stored inside  Price:  $150,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $130,000


VERSADRILL V100  (Ref#15315T)  Manufactured 2001, 500/200 air compressor, 3 x 4 centrfiugal mud pump, mounted on 2000 International 6x6 tandem axle truck with International 530 diesel PTO engine (approx 5000 hours/20,000 since engine was rebuilt in 2013), main winch and jib, no carousel, single rod loader, rod box, includes approx 900’ of 3” x 20’ x 2-3/8 IF drill pipe  Price:  $165,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $150,000


VERSADRILL V100 (Ref#2336Na) Manufactured 2001, 7,700 hours, 28,000 miles, mounted on International 4900 all wheel drive with 530E engine, 500/200 air compressor, double life 250  3 x 4 Centrifugal mud pump, 7 rod carousel, grouter, 3 hammers, new 6” Symmetrics underreamer, 500’ of 3 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, bits, stabilizers, etc   Price$230,000  OFF MARKET

Also available as a package with the following:

1990 FORD 900 WATER TRUCK (Ref#2336Nb) 2000 gallon flat tank, diesel engine, 100 gallon fuel tank, 3200# auto crane, toolboxes

ATLAS COPCO 375/120 AIR COMPRESSOR (Ref#2336Nc) less than 100 hours, 4 cylinder John Deere diesel engine, trailer mounted

Price for the package:   $280,000  OFF MARKET


VERSADRILL V100  (Ref#6740T)  Manufactured 2000, 500/200 air compressor, mud pump, hammer oiler, water injection, 7 rod varousel, rod box, mounted on International 6 x 6 truck with diesel engine, PTO, 400’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ rod, (2) stabilizer 8-3/4” and 10”, hammer bits.  One owner rig, stored inside, excellent shape.

1993 WHITE GMC WATER TRUCK  2000 gal tank, pipe storage on sides.

PACKAGE PRICE:  $245,000


VERSADRILL V100  (Ref#10144Ta)  Manufactured 1996, 300/200 Sullair compressor, 5 x 6 Failing piston mud pump, 3 x 4 centrifugal pump, mounted on International 4900 tandem axle truck with DT466 PTO engine, main winch, 8 rod carousel, rod rack, Moyno pump grouter, water injection, 4 leveling jacks, comes with 400’ of 3” x 20’ Failing Exploration pipe  Price:  $95,000


GEOSPACE 750  (Ref#15249)  Manufactured 1970, 100 cfm Westinghouse developmental air compressor, 2L10H Moyno pump, winch on front, mounted on 1974 Ford F600 truck with 391 Ford engine (new 5 – 6 years ago), hydraulically driven,  200-300’ Mayhew Jr. pipe, stabilizers, bits, needs rotator and stater, freshly painted   Price:  $22,500


GEOSPACE RIG  (Ref#2208R)  Mounted on articulating buggy, top head drive, chain drive mast, Gardner Denver piston mud pump, Dressor 50S1 air compressor, runs 10’ drill pipe (100’ included)  Price:  $27,500


SONIC DRILL RIG SDC500-28 (Ref#4890Nc) Recently refurbished, mounted on 2004 International 7600 6x4 with Cummins ISM 320V engine (83,317 miles) ECM upgraded (rated @ 385 hp / 1450 ft torque, Eaton Fuller 13 speed transmission, Hendrickson 38k rear axles, 11R22.5 tires, Diedrich sonic head, GMC Bean pump, Moyno 3L6 pump, breakout table ($20,000), no tooling, new paint  Price:  $470,000


EIJKELKAMP COMPACT SONIC RIG (Ref#4890Nb)  unmounted, (no power pack)  Price:  $40,000


DIEDRICH 80K SONIC HEAD  (Ref#7745R)  refurbished with upgrades  Price:  $55,000


SONIC SDC500-28E SONIC DRILL  (Ref#14204T)  Manufactured 2009, mounted on 2006 Kenworth tandem axle truck, Sonicor 50K sonic head, Cat 3126B deck engine, 24,000# pullback, 28’ head travel, 12,000# hoist, 4” – 13” clamps, Bean water pump, Bredel SPX/40 hose pump  Price:  $560,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $500,000


SONIC SDC-425 TRACK MOUNTED DRILL RIG  (Ref#895R)  Manufactured 2010 Versa Drill 2-motor top head, 18 gpm water pump, Cat C6.6 engine, Cat 312 undercarriage, rod handling, carries 700’ of 2-7/8” drill rod on board (20’ sections), Rexroth valves, pumps and controls, breakout table up to 8” Price:  $245,000


SDC 390-14 SONIC DRILL RIG (Ref#3169R) Manufactured 2011, 50K Sonicor head, small platform, many extras, well maintained and in excellent condition  Price  $430,000


VERSADRILL TM2260 SONIC RIG (Ref#12556T) Top drive (in great condition) single rotary, two speed (first speed up to approx 150 rpm, second speed 220 rpm) manufactured 2009, approx 3000 hours, track mounted with Cat engine, no air, runs 20’ rods, good condition, rebuilt Bean water injection pump, rebuilt rod handler, replaced electric over hyarulic controls, added diwesel heater for engine with elecgronic timer  Price:  $172,500 CAD


VERSADRILL SONICOR 50K  (Ref#14743T)  Mounted on 2002 Intrernational 4900 truck with diesel engine, PTO rebuilt and upgraded 2015, brand new hydraulic clamp system, hydraulic line, electronics and inspection plate panels have been simplified and upgraded for easier access Price:  $220,000


TERRA SONIC TSI 150CC SONIC DRILL  (Ref#4860T)  Manufactured 2014, coring head, rod loading system, track mounted, completely tooled, excellent condition, approx 300 head hours, 1553 engine hours  Price:  $545,000

Support equipment available at extra cost



LS600 Drill Rig, built 2013 with 1950 hours, 6.6L Turbo charged Cat engine, depths up to 600’ and 12” diameter, finger board to store pipe vertically next to mast, 15,000# pullback, BL150 Sonic head with 2700# torque and 50,000# output force (0-150hz frequency), head tilt from 0 to 90 degrees, drills at angles to 45 degrees off horizontal to 90 degrees vertical down, IMT air compressors, main winch, wireline hoist, double clamps (305mm/12” max diameter), auto hammer, grout pump, mounted on Marooka 1500VD undercarraige with rubber tracks.

Also comes with:

2013 Marooka 1500VD Support truck, 1800 hours, on rubber tracks, Cat C6.6 engine, flatbed for rod storage, gantry crane for rod feeder (500#), 25,000# winch, unit designed for this rig complete with the following tooling valued at approx $250,000:

100’ of 12”, 200’ of 10”, 300’ of 9”, 500’ of 8”, 600’ of 6”, 700’ of 3.5”, coring head sample hammer, pipe tongs, crossover subs, taps, casing shoes for all size casing, 30’ of 4.75” core barrels, 20’ of 6” core barrels, 20’ of 7” core barrels, 4”/6”/7” flapper bits/drill bits

Price for Everything:  $945,000


AMS CRS17 SONIC RIG  (Ref#14913R)  Manufactured 2010, mounted on AMS carrier, 293 hours on head with tooling  Price:  $325,000


AMS CRS17-C SONIC RIG  (8904R)  Manufactured 2009, low hours, top head drive Sonic head with 20,000# of force and can select sonic vibration mode or rotation mode, John Deere 404 5HF485 diesel engien, rod clamp, aux hoist, water swivel, Kerr water pump, mounted on tracked carrier  Price:  $210,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $200,000


CAREY RIG  (Ref#7583Na)  Manufactured 1970’s, rebuilt 2002, mounted on new gooseneck trailer, tandem axle, 125 hp Perkins diesel engine, top head drive, 3 x 2 centrifugal pump, extended derrick  Price:  $65,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000

800’ of 2-3/8 API Reg F135 grade pipe available at extra cost


CAREY RIG (Ref#8521R) Rig manufactured 1971, PTO, mounted on 1979 International with diesel engine, 7 ½ x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump (rebuilt), chain pulldown, all hydraulic, no air, 220’ of 2 3/8” x 10’ Mayhew drill pipe  Price:  $52,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


DCI 140TH RIG  (Ref#5922N)  Similar to Speedstar (manufactured by Drill Concepts in Florida in 1990, 500/250 Sullair air compressor, 4-1/2 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, 30,000# pullback, 20,000# push down, mounted on Ford L9000 10 wheeler truck (floatation tires on front) with 3306 Cat engine, power divider in drive shaft, 2 hydraulic riggers on top of mast, 26’ mast, Bean pump, diaphragm mud pump, 3L6 Moyno pump, small welder, 18” table with bushings, 300’ of Mayhew Jr. pipe with sub, subs, set up with 4 stabilizers, single rod holder, dual controls, drills approx 100’ an hour, good running condition  Price:  $170,000


G & R 4” RIG  (Ref#4655N)  Manufactured 1985, mounted on 1986 International truck 6.0 diesel engine, PTO, hydraulic walking beams, 2 x 3 centrifugal pump, 3” diaphragm pump, 125/150 air compressor, 3 leveling jacks, top head drive with swing out top head, 180’ of 2-5/8” pipe, mud tank, rig in running condition, needs some TLC  Price:  $45,000

Water truck available at extra cost


G & R TOPHEAD RIG (Ref#13910R) PTO, mounted on International with DT466E engine, less than 4000 miles, 5 x 6 GD mud pump, brand new IR air package 185/150, 7000# and 11,500# winches, breakout wrench, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, no pipe available, ready to go  Price:  $270,000


G & R TOPHEAD RIG (Ref#13422Ra) Refurbished & updated, mounted on 2004 Chevy C-65 with C2 engine, rebuilt 4 ½ x 5 mud pump, developmental air compressor, slide tophead, slide table, rod rack, 2 winches, walking beam, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of 15’ FDEP drill pipe, ready to go  Price:  $128,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $105,000


HURRICANE 2000  (Ref#1467R)  Manufactured 1991, 825/350 air compressor, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver hydraulic mud pump, mounted on 1991 GMC truck, 284,000 miles, diesel engine  Price:  $110,000  OFF MARKET


EXPLORER 2000  (Ref#13126Tb)  Built 1980, low clearance rig, 12’ mast, bare rig with tophead and hydraulic centrifugal mud pump, no engine, sitting several years  Price:  $9,500


GARDNER DENVER FALCON 40  (Ref#6716T)   900/300 Air compressor, no mud, Detroit V12 (580 hp) deck engine, mounted on 1987 Ford w/300 hp Cummins, 42’ mast, 28’ travel, 16” opening in table, 70,000# pullback with 160 chains, has drilled to 1400’, 300’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ (3-1/2 Reg) drill pipe  Price:  $125,000


GARDNER DENVER FALCON 40 (Ref#12367T) Manufactured 1987, tophead drive, 70000# pullback, 850/350 GHH air compressor, several hydraulic pumps, used for air & mud, drills daily  Price:  $145,000


GARDNER DENVER 40 BLASTHOLE MUD ROTARY TOP HEAD DRIVE  (Ref#2957N)  Manufactured 1973, mounted on 4 axle Crane Carrier with Detroit diesel, 5 rod carousel  Price:  $65,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $38,500


GARDNER DENVER 17W  (Ref#9990T)  Manufactured 1977, Gardner Denver 2-stage 750/250 rotary screw air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with 8V92 Detroit diesel engine, last drilled 2017  Price:  $50,000


GARDNER DENVER GD65  (Ref#117Nb)  mounted on 1988 International truck with 400 Cummins, GD air compressor, good condition Price:  $85,000    Tools and pipe available at extra cost


BRAINARD KILMAN BK 81  (Ref#10483)  Manufactured 1995, Bean pump, 4 winches, toolboxes, mounted on 3 axle Top Kick with diesel engine, John Deere 6.9 deck engine  OFF MARKET


BUCK ROGERS 760 (Ref#1516RA) two deck engines, diesel for the rig, and gas for the mud pump, mounted on 1998 Ford F700 2 wheel drive with diesel engine, 4x3 mud pump, pipe rack, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, runs 2 3/8” x 10” Mayhew Jr pipe  Price   $52,000

Also available with the following at extra cost:

ATLAS COPCO 185CFM AIR COMPRESSOR  (Ref#1516RB) with John Deere diesel engine & shop built grouter mounted on trailer


BUCK ROGERS 760  (Ref#14602R)  Mounted on 1993 International 4000 Series truck, Murphy diesel deck engine, 2 x 3 centrigual mud pump, developmental air, grout system, 4 hydraulic jacks, 260’ drill rod, mud pit  Price:  $80,000


BUCK ROGERS 760HD  (Ref#6823T)  Manufactured 1989, 4000 hours, twin MWM 3 cyl diesel motors, 4 x 3 mud pump, mast extensionfor 20’ casing, cathead, aux 3500lb winch, 300’ of 2-7/8 rod, 30’ of 4-1/4 ID on support trailer, tooling  Price:  $65,000


BUCK ROGERS 760 (Ref#15137R) Manufactured 1980’s, PTO, mounted on 1986 International with DT466 engine, hi speed tophead, extended mast to set 20’ casing, 4x3 Mission mud pump, dev air compressor, sit-down controls, pipe rack, mud pit, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 2” x 10’ Mayhew Jr pipe, good condition, drilling now  Price:  $50,000


BUCK ROGERS 760  (Ref#3743R)  Mission 5 x 2 x 11 centrifugal pump, Wilden M15 pump, Honda 20.0 V-Twin deck engine, mounted on 1979 International Harvester 1824 4x4 single axle truck, 2 rear jacks, single, 300’+ drill pipe  Price:  $34,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $23,500


BUCK ROGERS 160  (Ref#11832R)  5 hp Honda gas powered air compressor, 20 hp Onan Performer gas powered main deck engine, 4 HP Mistubishi gas powered water pump, 115 gal horizontal water tank, MCM 2 x 1-1/2 open faced impeller type mud pump belt driven (150 gpm at 250’, top head drive with upper swivel, mounted on 1992 Ford F350 4 x 4 truck with 7.3 diesel engine, 100’ of 1-1/4” x 10’ drill stem, pipe rack, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $39,500


BUCK ROGERS 160 (Ref#3283RA) Trailer mounted with 19hp Onan deck engine with electric start, Mission 1 ½ x 2 mud pump, 500 gallon water tank, toolbox, pipe rack, 160’ depth capacity, hydraulic rotary top head system, 2500lbs drill head torque  Price:  $22,000


OLATHE DRILL  (Ref#6294T) air cooled gas deck engine, extended mast, mounted on 1981 Ford F350 4x4 with gas engine, (2) centrifugal mud pumps on board, Wheatley duplex mud pump on skid, no air, 4 manual leveling jacks, drill collars, bits, subs, etc, 150’ of 2 3/8” x 10’ Mayhew Jr pipe  Price:  $34,500

Also available at additional cost:

Pipe trailer

55’ of 8” H S A

core barrels & rods


TOP DRIVE SHALLOW WELL RIG  (Ref#10346)  4-1/2 x 5 mud pump, chain pulldown, 55 gal. water tank, all hydraulic, mounted on 1985 International truck with diesel engine  Price:  $39,500


SHOP BUILT WATERWELL & GEOTHERMAL DRILL RIG  (Ref#4273Ra)  Built 2008, 30’ mast, 23’ stroke, mounted on Ford F650 truck with Cat diesel engine, 6 speed transmission, 18,000 miles, like new condition  Price:  $155,000


SHOP BUILT TOPHEAD RIG  (Ref#14010a)  manufactured 1982, hydrostatic, mounted on 1982 International all wheel drive truck w/DT466 engine, PTO, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, developmental air compressor, breakout wrench, hydraulic pulldown, stabilizers, all bits, subs and tools, 400’ of 3-1/2” x 15’ drill pipe, excellent condition, drills daily  Price:  $80,000

1990 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#14010b)  diesel engine, underbody air 125 cm  Price:  $16,000


SHOP BUILT TOPHEAD RIG (Ref#3714N) Manufactured 1980, PTO, mounted on Chevy Kodiak tandem axle truck with Cat 3208 engine, 4 x 3 centrifugal mud pump, air compressor, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 250’ of 2 3/8” x 15’ drill pipe  Price:  $100,000


SHOP BUILT TOPHEAD RIG (Ref#13696R) all hydraulic, mounted on 1972 Chevy 350, Mission mud pump, 250’ of Mayhew Jr rods, includes 5 inch Armstrong grout machine on trailer  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $19,500


SHOP BUILT RIG (Ref#8546RA) mounted on Komatsu excavator with diesel engine, 20’ stroke, 24’ fully extended boom, air hook-up with hydraulic shutdown, water hook-up, rod clamp, oiler for DTH hammer, 2 3/8” saver sub adaptor, 1 5/8” auger adaptor  Price on request


SHOP BUILT RIG (Ref#15527R) similar to T64, Detroit Silver 92 deck engine, mounted on mid 1980’s International with diesel engine, IR 750/350 air compressor, no mud, water injection, pipe rack, 200’ of 4 ½”  x 20’ drill pipe, sitting but running when parked, located Canada  Price:  $47,500 Canadian


SHOP BUILT TOPHEAD RIG  (Ref#9632Ra)  Gardner Denver air compressor, 3 x 4 Mission pump, Detroit diesel deck engine, mounted on 1985 Ford F700 truck with 4 cyl Detroit. 

1981 Ford F700 water truck, 1400 gal water tank, 

300’ Mayhew Jr drill rod, tooling, bits

Price:  $45,000


SHOP BUILT TOP HEAD DRILLING RIG  (Ref#1167T)  550’ depth, 4 cyl Detroit diesel deck engine, Mission 4 x 3 mud pump (1 year old), Westinghouse air compressor, mounted on 1985 Ford truck with 6V71 diesel engine, PTO, no rod rack, 3 leveling jacks, approx 650’ Mayhew drill rods, casing adapters, drill bits, fishing tools.

Also included:  1992 International Water Truck, 1600 gallon tank, welding machine, 6 cyl diesel engine

Package Price:  $59,500


SHOP BUILT COMBINATION RIG (Ref#10457T)  Tophead/rotary, PTO, mounted on 1986 International with DT466 engine, double trans, retractable rotary table, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price on Request


SHOP BUILT TOPHEAD RIG  (Ref#9632Rb)  GD air compressor, 3 x 4 Mission centfugal pump, 4 cyl Detroit deck engine, mounted on 1986 GMC 3208 Cat engine

1991 International water truck, 600 gal tank

350’ Mayhew Jr drill rod

Price:  $45,000


WATER WELL RIG (Ref#8570R) mounted on 1978 GMC, includes 1982 International water truck with 1000 gallon tank & aux. air compressor, pipe & tools   Price:  $80,000


WALKER-NEER 250-40  (Ref#11963R)  Single drum drawworks with 160,000# hoisting capacity, Cat 3406 diesel engine, Allison 750 transmission, 63’ x 250,000# single section hydraulically raised mast, dual 3-stage raising rams, mast slides back in down position for moving, 9270 ft/lb top head drive torque, 50,000# chain pull down, mounted on 3 axle trailer, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, Walker-Neer hydraulic pipe handling boom, (2) hydraulic pipe racks, back on ramp  Price:  $650,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $325,000


WALKER-NEER APACHE 150-25  (Ref#15286)  with top drive and hydraulic gin pole for racking from pipe racks, Gardner Denver duplex mud pump, 17-1/2” Wheland rotarytable, 7/8” wire line, 21” clutch, HRI 66’ mast with Skytop drawworks, 6V71 GM engine mounted on Iveco truck, good shape  Price:  $275,000


WALKER-NEER APACHE 100-25  (Ref#1692N)  Manufactured 1978, drawworks, barrel with grooved jacket, 10-3/4” x 12”, double brakes 6” x 26”, 35’ x 100,000# hydraulically raised mast, 6V71 Detroit diesel on deck, top head drive,  standard maximum torque 3,750 ft/lbs., 0 – 116 rpm, 30,000# hydraulic pulldown, mounted on tandem axle carrier powered by 210 Cummins engine, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, hydraulic pipe handling arm, rig uses 20’ drill pipe, cleaned and painted, located Mexico  Price:  $210,000


WALKER NEER CC-2000 (Ref#11264RA) Top head drive, 40’ mast, rod loading system, Detroit 6V71 deck engine, mounted on 3 axle CCC with Cummins engine, 650/250 air compressor 

WALKER NEER CC-1000 (Ref#11264RB) Top head drive, 40’ mast, rod loading system, mounted on CCC 

Price for both$130,000  $100,000


ROBBINS RTT-50 (Ref#7165R) Manufactured 1981, fully  refurbished, PTO, mounted on 4 axle carrier with Cummins 350 engine, 800/125 air compressor (updated to 1000/125), 4 rod carousel, dust collector, 33000# pullback, 50000# pulldown, 200,000 ft/lbs torque, 38’ mast, rear cab, 16” opening in table, hydraulically raised and lowered drilling platform, used for large diameter blasthole, (3) joints of 5” x 25’ drill pipe   Price $150,000



ROBBINS RRT ROTARY RIG  (Ref#7068R)  Tophead drive, air compressor, mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier, 250 Cummins engine (rebuilt with less than 1000 hours), PTO, 4 rod carousel, 1 front and 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, was drilling when parked in 2011, working rig just needs air pump assembled, 80’ of 20’ drill pipe.  Price:  $90,000


ROBBINS RRC-50  (Ref#2225R)  Manufactured late 1980’s, rebuilt engine, track mounted, table pullback and pulldown, no chains, 3-1/4” bits, 25’ carousel, drill rod  Price:  $70,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB430 (Ref#1884R) Manufactured 2008, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, angle package, 15000# pullback, 200’ of 10’ drill pipe  Price:  $285,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB430  (Ref#10752Rc)  Manufactured 2005, track mounted, approx 5600 hours,r emonte controls rtation, multi position and angle pacakge, 500’ of 3-1/2” x 10’d rill pipe  Price:  $200,000


HARDAB-7000H-6 TRACK MOUNTED DRILL RIG  (Ref#10752Rb)  Manufactured 2016, rod handling system, angle package, 21’ stroke  Price:  $345,000


HARDAB-7000H-3 TRACK MOUNTED DRILL RIG  (Ref#10752Ra)  Manufactured 2010, less than 2500 hours, rod handling system with angle package, 12’ stroke, 600’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe  Price:  $200,000


SIMCO 9100   (Ref#6616R)  Manufactured 2000, 30,000# pullback, 12,000# main hoist, 22’ stroke, auto hammer, pipe spinner, 500/210 psi air compressor. 

Price:  $340,000


SIMCO 7000 (Ref#13904R) Manufactured 2008, tophead drive, only 1900 hours, 10 rod carousel, hydraulic breakout table, 2 winches, rod box, stainless steel mud tank, mounted on 2008 Peterbilt with Cat C7 diesel engine, PTO, transfer case has 4 hydraulic pumps, aluminum wheels, 4 leveling jacks, 300’ of 2 3/8”IF x 20’ drill pipe, “like new” condition  Price $425,000


SIMCO 7000  (Ref#7012N)  Manufactured 2004, mounted on Peterbilt truck with diesel engine, 30,000# mast, 12,000# hydrostatic hoisting winch, hydraulic retractable table, breakout wrench, 4 x 3 Mission pump (new Sept 2008), 3 hyd pumps, 4 leveling jacks, 10 rod carousel, includes 10 rods of 3-1/2” x 20’ pipe with 2-3/8 IF, drilling daily  Price:  $225,000OFF MARKET


SIMCO 5000  (Ref#6640R)  Manufactured 1990, track mounted on Cat D4 base, 6 cylinder Deutz engine  Price:  $56,000


SIMCO 5000 (Ref#5197R) Manufactured 1989, tophead drive, newer water swivel, Cummins 4BT deck engine, mounted on International tandem axle truck with DT466 engine, 2014 Sullair 185cfm on-board air, 3x4 centrifugal mud pump (new, never used), 12000# winch, plumbed for aux winch, 400’ of 3 ½” x 20’ drill pipe (2 3/8IF) good condition, 4 leveling jacks, 4 x 10 aluminum tub, ready to go  Price:  $100,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000

SIMCO 5000 (Ref#12615TA) Manufactured 1989, Cat deck engine, mounted on Chevy Kodiak with diesel engine, 3x4 mud pump, 500/200 air compressor, mud pit, some tools  Price:  $52,500


SIMCO 5000 (Ref#12614TA) Manufactured 1985, PTO, mounted on International tandem axle truck with DT466 engine, 3x4 centrifugal mud pump, Joy air compressor, on-board grouter, mud pit, some tools & pipe  Price:  $46,500


SIMCO 5000 (Ref#6268N) shop built, PTO driven, mounted on 1981 International 2575 with 300 Cummins engine, 3 x 2 centrifugal mud pump, 185/100 air compressor, 8000# winch, grouter, desander, mud pan, mud mixer, stabilizer, bits, etc. fully tooled, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 435’ of 2 /78” drill pipe  Price:  $80,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $60,000


SIMCO 5000 TOP HEAD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#11785)  Duetz diesel deck engine, mounted on Ford 9000 tandem axle truck w/3208 Cat engine, auto transmission, 200’ depth capacity, all tooling, good condition  Price:  $50,000


SIMCO 5000 (Ref#4697R) Manufactured late ‘70s, PTO, mounted on Ford 9000 with diesel engine, dual topheads, 5 x 6 hydraulically driven mud pump, (3x4 centrifugal also avail) hydraulic cooler, no cathead, developmental air compressor, rod spinner, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO TR2-4000  (Ref#9642T)  Manufactured 1995, track mounted, Bean pump, Deutz 5 cyl diesel engine, 700 rpm speed head, 11’ stroke mast with extension, 2 winches (main and wireline)  Price:  $10,500


SIMCO TR4000  (Ref#4113Rb)  Manufactured 1992, mounted on Simco metal track carrier, 5 speed head, 4 cylinder Deutz diesel engine, expandable mast, cathead, Pullmast winch, EO4 Beam pump, carrier winch  Price:  $49,500


SIMCO 4000 (Ref#3464R) Manufactured 1988, unmounted, 8 speed drill head, mud pump, no drill table, no breakout wrench, needs some work  Price:  $12,500


SIMCO 4000 TR-2  (Ref#9617Ra)  Manufactured 1982, Duetz 4 cylinder diesel engine, air cooled, steel tracks made by Simco, cathead, boom winch line frame winch, Moyno L6 pump, angle capability, all major compnents work but needs rebuilding, complete, no tools  Price:  $8,500  SALE PENDING


SIMCO 4000 (Ref#9752Nb) Manufactured 1995, 2691 hours, angle capability, 4 cylinder Duetz diesel engine, 8 speed head, 30’ extendable mast, mounted on Simco steel tracks, 8500# wireline winch, 12000# main winch, cathead, Bean pump, air cooled, auger rack, rod box, tool box, breakout wrench, angle guide, rod handling table, store inside.  Price:  $120,000   PRICE REDUCED:  $77,500


SIMCO 4000  (Ref#8704N)  Manufactured 1980’s, mounted on crawler  Price:  $34,500


SIMCO TR4000  (Ref#4113Rc)  Manufactured 1978, mounted on Simco metal track carrier, 2 speed head, 4 cyl Duetz diesel engine, expandable mast, cathead, Pullmaster winch, EO4 Bean pump, carrier winch  Price:  $49,500


SIMCO 2800 (Ref#8549T) Manufactured 2015, less than 100 hours, diesel deck engine, mounted on 2015 Dodge Ram 5500 4x4 with diesel engine, 10’ stroke, 2 winches, 7 ½ x 10 Centerline mud pump  Price on request


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#4028T)  Deutz diesel deck engine, piston pump, mounted on 2014 Dodge 5500 4x4 truck with diesel engine, 287 hours, 100’ of PDG rod  Price $220,000


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT (Ref#3037Re) Manufactured 2010, mounted on Ford F550 extended cab, Centerline mud pump, Deutz 70hp air cooled diesel deck engine, stainless steel mud pan, fully tooled  Price:  $150,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT (Ref#3037Rc) Manufactured 2008, mounted on Ford F550, 2x3 centrifugal mud pump, stainless steel mud pan, 200’ drill rod, fully tooled  Price:  $107,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT (Ref#3037Rd) Manufactured 2008, mounted on International 4200 with diesel engine, side to side slide base, grouter, no water tank, no auto hammer, , 2x3 centrifugal mud pump, 3 hydraulic jacks, parked inside, stainless steel mud pan, 200’ drill rod, fully tooled  Price:  $130,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $115,000


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#1440Rf)  Manufactured 2008, 1723 hours, 3L6 Moyno pump, 4000 ft/lbs, safety hammer, mounted on 2008 Ford XL F550 extended cab, 6.4L V8 powerstroke diesel, manual 6 speed, 34,080 miles  Price:  $130,000


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT  (Ref#5812R)  Centerline mud pump, stainless steel mud pan, mounted on 2008 F550 extended cab, new Deutz deck motor 71 hp with cold weather start, 300’ of 3” PDQ drilling rod, fully tooled  Price:  $145,000


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#8719R)  Manufactured 2006, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 4x4 truck with diesel engine, Centerline pump, Moyno pump, auto hammer, hydraulic oil cooler, cathead, in-out slide base  Price:  $150,000


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#1440Re)  Manufactured 2006, 41,425 hours, 3L6 Moyno pump, 4000 ft/lbs, safety hammer, mounted on 2006 Ford XLF550 truck with 6.0 L V8 powerstroke diesel engine, PTO driven, manual transmission, 50,916 miles  Price:  $95,000


SIMCO 2800 (Ref#4826R) Manufactured 2006, brand new PTO, mounted on 2006 Ford F550, 4 ½ x 5 GD mud pump, Bean pump, grouter, many tools & extra parts

Available as a package with the following:

2007 IR 750/300 trailer mounted air compressor, less than 4000 hours

Mudslayer Minislayer mud mixing system

Package Price:  $185,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $150,000


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT (Ref#330R) less than 5000 hours, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 , set up for auger and air, auto drop hammer, breakout wrench  Price:  $103,500 


SIMCO 2800 (Ref#13903R) Manufactured 2005, approx 5000 hours, 2 x 3 centrifugal mud pump, grouter, small Rupe pump, PTO, mounted on 2005 Ford 550 4x4 with diesel engine, good condition   Price on Request


SIMCO 2800   (Ref#3135N)    Mounted on hydraulic carrier, 23 x 10.5 tires, Wisconsin 30 hp 4 cylinder gas deck engine, 3” swivel drilling head, Moyno 3L6 pump, Liberty water pump (max psi 150, max flow rate 35 gpm @700 rpm), Ramsey winch 8,000# line pull first layer, (2) 75 gallon water tanks, no cathead, fully extendible outriggers, augers & tooling available, 102” long x 57” wide x 7’ H (with mast down), 12’ H with mast fully extended

2004 Load Trail Utility Trailer, 7’ wide x 20’ long, double 14,000# axles, 8 lugnut, 235 x 85 x 16 radial tires, lift up ramps, electric brakes, military hitch  Price:  $36,000


SIMCO 2800 HT (Ref#9048N)  Manufactured 2004, tophead drive with tower extension, PTO, mounted on 2004 Ford F550 4x4 with 6.0 liter turbo diesel engine, only 1500 hours, hydraulic in-out slide base, 2x3 centrifugal mud pump, breakout wrench, 2 winches, rod box, stainless steel mud pan, 280’ of 3” PDQ drill rod, some tools, excellent condition  Price:  $142,500  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#961N)  Manufactured 2004, 3211 hours, 10,311 miles, 4-1/2” x 5” Gardner Denver duplex mud pump, mounted on single axle Ford 550 4x4 truck, 6 speed powered by Ford 6.0 diesel engine, PTO, no CDL required, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 11’ stroke, (2) winches 4500# and 2000#, tower telescopes to handle 20’ casing, rod rack, 0-185 rpm drill head, 200’ of 2-7/8” x 10’ flush wall Mayhew Jr drill pipe, excellent condition  Price$145,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#12005Rb)  Manufactured 2002, collapsible and extendable mast, cathead, main line, in/out and side to side drillhead, mounted on 2006 Ford F650 truck  Price:  $60,000 OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT (Ref#9335N) Manufactured 2002, low hours & miles, PTO, mounted on Ford F550 4x4 with diesel engine, centrifugal mud pump, water injection, sandline, hydraulic breakout tongs, rod rack, mud pan, 12’ stroke, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 3” x 10” drill pipe, stored inside, like new condition  Price:  $105,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT  (Ref#8343R)  Manufactured 2001, munted on2 001 Ford 450 truck, 86,000 miles, 6900 hours (as of Sept 2015), 4000’/# drill head torque (2-speed), 0 – 200 rpm, 11’ stroke, 12,000# pullback, 12,000# pushdown, 4,500# main winch, 2550# aux winch, capable of drilling 9” x 400’   Price:  $70,000


SIMCO 2800HT  (Ref#8221N)  Manufactured 1996, mounted on Hydro tracks, 3 leveling jacks, 4500 ft/lb, 60 cube, has drilled to 440’,3.9L Cummins diesel engie (1600 hrs), 12’ drill stroke (tower telescopes to handle 20’), 150 gallon mud pit, 4-1/2” x 5’ failing mud pump, developmental air, 2000# and 8000# winche, carries 20 rods in rod rack, 10’ rods 2-3/8” APi thead (500’ flush joint), 4-1/2” x 10’ collar, 6-5/8” x 10’ collar, has drilled to 286’ 4”-6” diameter wells, modified rod loading system    Price:  $110,000


SIMCO HS HT 2800 HS HT  (Ref#7318)  Manufactured 1995, high speed, high torque, new engine, mounted on 2002 Ford 550 4-wheel drive truck with diesel engine, 150 lb hammer, 4 x 6 Gardner Denver pump, 10’ – 20’ rods, complete with tooling  Price:  $80,000 


SIMCO 2800 (Ref#7788RA) Manufactured 1989, mounted on 1989 Ford F600 2 wheel drive with diesel engine, 10’ stroke, 10,000# of thrust, 4000# rotation, Mission 2 x 3 mud pump, Sullair air compressor, 200’ of Simco drill rod, mud pan attached to truck for easy set up  Price:  $80,000  Price Reduced:  $67,000 


SIMCO 2800 (Ref#1210T) Manufactured 1989, tophead drive, PTO, mounted on 1980 International with 404 gas engine, 2x3 Mission mud pump, no air, diverter, mud pan, all hoses, spare engine, 2 subs, 4 drag bits, air/mud swivel, Bean grout pump, 400’ of 15’ x 2 3/8” Mayhew Jr drill pipe, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $64,500


SIMCO 2800  (Ref#8788R)  Manufactured 1989, mounted on 1989 International truck with International 404 gas engine, PTO, 2 x 3 Mission pump, water tank, 2 winches, new cable on mainline, 4 drag bits, mudpan, diverter, 375’ of Mayhew Jr 15’ rod  Price:  $75,000


SIMCO 2800 HS/HT  (Ref#10096R)  Manufactured 1986, high torque, 2 speed motor, unmounted  Price:  $27,500


SIMCO 2400 SK-1  (Ref#8238Ra)  Manufactured 1985, mounted on Military trailer, Wisconsin engine, mast extension, Cat head  Price:  $10,500


SIMCO 2800 (Ref 7201R) Manufactured 1980’s, unmounted, single line winch, set up for augering, in-out and side to side slide base, cathead, auger racks, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, no mud, no tools  Price:  $24,000


SIMCO 2800 (Ref#12005RB) mounted on Ford F650 2 wheel drive  Price on Request


SIMCO 2400  (Ref#6683T)  Manufactured 1993, Deutz deck engine, no Moyno pump, 17’ stroke, mounted on 1993 Ford 1-1/4 ton Super Duty truck with 7.3L diesel engine (rebuilt 4-5 years ago), no leveling jacks, 4” and 6” hollow stem (50’), 2 hammers, augers, rod rack, 60’ drill pipe, cathead  Price:  $50,000


SIMCO 2400  (Ref#4299T)  Manufactured 1996, mounted on CME trailer, new John Deere diesel engine, Moyno ump, SPT hammer, cathead, 1 winch  Price:  $34,500


SIMCO 2400 DRILL RIG  (Ref#6654N)  10’ stroke, gas powered engine, mast winch, large water tank built in to truck bed, Moyno pump, mounted on 2005 Ford F550 XL Super Duty truck, power stroke Turbo diesel, automatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, dual rear tires, air conditioning, AM/FM CD player, 27,500 miles, warn winch on front of truck (12,000# rating)  Price:  $55,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2400 SK-1  (Ref#657N)  10’ stroke, Deutz diesel powered engine (40 hp), mast winch, large water tank (built-in to truck bed), Moyno pump, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, mounted on 2003 Ford F550XL Super Duty, power stroke turbo diesel engine, automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive, dual rear tires, air conditioning, AM/FM with cassette player, only 104,283 miles  Price:  $75,000  OFF MARKET


SIMCO 2400 (Ref#673N) Manufactured 1990, mounted on dual axle trailer, Hercules gas engine, cathead, 1 winch, 5’ stroke, safety hammer, toolbox, no breakout wrench, 3 manual leveling jacks  Price:  $39,500


SIMCO SK24  (Ref#14407N)  Manufactured 1978, Yamar steel tracks  Price:  $25,000


TECHNO 410 DRILL RIG  (Ref#5645Tb)  Manufactured 2009, Cat engine, 4800 hours  Price:  $115,000


AQUA BORE TOP HEAD ROTARY RIG  (Ref#7894T)  Manufactured 2014, skid mounted, gas engine, 100’ Mayhew Jr drill pipe, breakout wrench, 2 x 2 centrifugal mud pump, located Canada  Price:  $24,500 USD


DEEPROCK 155  (Ref#10223T)  Manufactured 2007, 4-1/2 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, no air, uses 15’ drill pipe, slide out tophead that makes capable of setting 20’ casing with 4’ clearance from the ground, mounted on Ford 650 single axle truck with Cummins diesel PTO engine, Otto rod handling system, jib boom, rebuilt tophead, 4 leveling jacks, comes with 300’ of 15’ x 2-3/8 Mayhew Jr drill pipe  Price:  $115,000


DEEPROCK 150 (Ref#13503R) Manufactured 2011, approx 3000 hours (as of October 2016), Perkins deck engine, mounted on 2011 Ford F650, truck approx 7000 hours, Rupe piston pump, Bean pump, auto rod handler, 300’ of 2 3/8” x 10’ drill pipe, excellent condition  Price:  $170,000


DEEPROCK DR-150 (Ref#14638RB) Manufactured 2010, electronic Perkins turbo diesel engine, less than 900 hours, mounted on Kenworth T404, automatic rod loader, pipe racks, 1000+’ of 15’ Mayhew Jr rods   Price (rig only):  $170,000  Price on truck:  $270,000


DEEPROCK DR-150 (Ref#15311R) Manufactured 2008, mounted on 2008 Ford F-550 4x4 with 6.4 powerstroke diesel engine, 12000# pulldown, 16000# pullback, pipe rack with auto loader, hydraulic mast extension with winch for setting 20’ casing, Rupe 8” piston pump, 240gpm @ 400psi, Beam 9gpm pump, lubricator, hydraulic tophead, 2500ft/lbs torque @ 150rpm, 5000ft/lbs torque @ 75rpm, catwalk & side ladder, toolboxes, many spares

Available as a package with the following:

2013 Mudslayer 400 with 2x3x13 downhole centrifugal pump, hydaulic outriggers & mixing pump, no engine (runs hydraulically off rig)

Package Price$160,000  REDUCED:  $145,000


DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#9287R)  Manufactured 2006, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 4 x 4 with 6.0 diesel, 3 x 4 centrifugal pump, no air, automatic rod loader, mud box, 190’ of 10’ x 2-3/8” Mayhew Jr rod, currently drilling  Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $115,000


DEEPROCK DR-150 (Ref#14558T) Manufactured 2005, only 1400 hours, PTO, mounted on 2005 Ford F-750 2 wheel drive with Cummins engine, 20’ mast, 4 ½ x 5 hydraulically driven mud pump, no air, hammer oiler, aux hydraulics, 12gpm water injection, hydraulic rod box, 6000# winch, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of AWJ rod, ready to go  Price:  $105,000


DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#10212R)  Manufactured 2004, mounted on Ford F440XL 4x4 Super Duty with Power Stroke V8 Turbo diesel (9800 hours), FMC pump, Rupe pump, winch, set up for mud rotary, plumbed for air, (20) 10’ sticks, (1) 20’ drop rod, roller cone, auger bits  Price:  $125,000


DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#14326R)  Manufactured 2003, 5x6 mud pump, mounted on Ford F750 4x4 with Cummins 5.9L ISB PTO engine (260 HP), air brakes, hydraulic bean pump, air oiler, 4 leveling jacks, hydraulic winch, tool boxes on deck, 11'4" stroke, 12,000# pulldown, 16,000# pullback, tophead slides and mast extends to run up to 20' casing, freshly rebuilt tophead (single motor with 5,000# torque), low hour unit in very good condition  Price:  $140,000---REDUCED TO $75,000


DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#11523T)  Manufactured 2002, 4-1/2 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, automatic rod handler mounted on 2002 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, 16,000 miles, 400’ of 2-3/8 Mayhew Jr drill pipe, currently drilling  Price:  $140,000


DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#3827R)  Manufactured 2001, bought new in 2003, one owner rig, well maintained, 8” Rupp piston mud pump, mounted on 2001 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck (approx 20,000 original miles), with Ford 7.3 liter diesel PTO engine, 5 speed transmission, automatic breakout on tophead (tophead is dual motor and rebuilt recently), extended mast, rod rack, 150’ of 2-3/8” x 10’ Mayhew bottleneck pipe, 6,000# main winch, 16,000# pullback, no rod loader, 3 leveling jacks  Price:  $105,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000


DEEPROCK DR130  (Ref#3827Rb)  for rebuilding  Price on Request


SHOP BUILT RIG (SIMILAR TO DEEPROCK DR-150) (Ref#3944Nb)  5 x 6 mud pump, no air, mounted on 2-wheel drive Ford F750 truck with Cummins diesel engine, tilting rod rack, winch, 4 hydraulic jacks, low hours, 13’ stroke, 300’ drill pipe  Price:  $195,000


DEEPROCK DR100  (Ref#10388Rb)  Manufactured 1992, drill is independently operated by a Wisconsin 4-cylinder air cooled gas engine, runs 10’ rods with extendable mast to set 20’ casing (tophead slides out of the way), centrifugal mud pump, mounted on 1993 Mitsubishi, welder, clean out pump, 200’ of 1-7/8” rods   Price:  $42,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $26,000


DEEPROCK DR100 (Ref #4102RB) Deeprock DR100, manufactured 1985, Rupe pump, mounted on Isuzu truck with Isuzu diesel engine, 300’ of 10’ Mayhew JR pipe    Price: $29,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $23,000

ROSEWALL DUAL BATCH GROUT PLANT  (Ref#4102Re)  new gas motor, 500 gallon water tank, mounted on a 20’ – 14,000 lb trailer  Price:  $16,500



DEEPROCK DR-20 (Ref#7187R) Kohler 23hp deck engine, mounted on 2 axle trailer, mud pump with 14hp engine, also Gorman Rupp 1 ½” x 2” centrifugal mud pump, 270’ of 2 3/8” MHJ x 5’ drill pipe  PRICE:  $42,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


DEEPROCK CTM-10000 (DR10)  (Ref#969N)  Manufactured 1983, trailer mounted, 2 Kohler engines 23 hp, hydraulics, Mission 2x1.5 mud pump (26 hp) (rebuilt 2016), mud pit, fullt tooled with Subs: 2-3/8 x 2-3/8 FMx FM, 2-3/8 x 3-1/2 FM x FM, Misc. drag bits: 3-1/2 to 6”, Misc. roller bits:  3-1/2” to 6-1/8”, 4” hammer with 4-1/4” bit, 4” shock absorber sub for DTH, Hydraulic breakout wrench, Electric jib winch, Approximately 200’ drill pipe, this unit was later known as Deeprock DR10

Price:  $19,500


DEEPROCK RAM 10 (Ref#6510R) Powered by (2) Lister diesel engines, one engine operates the Mission Magnum 2 x 3 mud pump, one engine operates the hydraulic system and all other functions, mounted on 2 axle trailer  Price:  $37,500


DEEPROCK  (Ref#15455T)  Manufactured mid 1990’s, diesel deck engine, mounted on 2000 Ford F350 2-wheel drive with diesel engine, hydraulic casing hammers, no air, no mud, pipe rack, 1 front and 2 rear hyd leveling jacks, 100’ of AW rock, ready to go  Price:  $35,000


ROCKBUSTER R77 MAGDRILL  (Ref#10777Ta)  Manufactured 2014, rated for 400’ at 8”, mounted on tandem axle trailer, 15’ mast, 10,000# swing, 7500# pullback, 42 hp Kubota diesel engine, centrifugal pump, 200’ of 2-3/8” diameter Mayhew Jr (10’ sections), assorted bits  Price:  $44,500

Available at extra cost:

MUDSLAYER M350 MUD CLEANING SYSTEM AND MIXER  (Ref#10777Tb)  Manufactured 2014, Cat diesel engine, Limaited Access, trailer mounted, 219 hours  Price:  $45,000

VACTRON  (Ref#10777Tc)  mounted on Acoa trailer, Kohler gas engine, mfg 2000, runs great  Price:  $9,500

GEOLOOP 40-500 GROUT PUMP  (Ref#10777Td)  skid mounted, Honda gas engine, low hours  Price:  $9,500

GEOLOOP GROUT MID SET HOSE REEL (Ref#10777Te)  includes 300’ of hose, hydraulic powered  POR

GEOLOOP 300’ LOOP REEL  (Ref#10777Tf)  non-powered, like new  POR

VERMEER MIXER  (Ref#10777Tg)  300 gal, needs motor  POR


DRILL2WATER MODEL 84 TURBO  (Ref#7497R)  Manufactured 2009, Gardner Denver 2 x 3 mud pump, top head drive, Kobuta 90 hp Turbo diesel engine, mounted on tandem axle trailer, 300’ of 2-7/8” x 9’ drill pipe, 3 jacks  Price:  $75,000


DURAMAST 100 (Ref#10221N) Kubota diesel engine, less than 20 hours, mounted on Ditchwitch SK650 skid steer, 7’ stroke, top head drive with auto breakout, 2” diaphragm pump, 250’ of 1 ½” x 5’ drill pipe, bits, tools  Price:  $72,500

20’ tandem axle trailer available at additional cost


DAVEY DRILL (Ref#4917R) Manufactured 1981, mounted on CCC with new Detroit 6V92 Silver engine, open loop Sunstrand hydraulic system, swing out rod carousel, 256 Leroi air compressor, sandline, main winch, Holte 140 casing hammer system, all hydraulics & gear box rebuilt, 500’ of 4 ½” drill pipe, plumbed for mud, rod box  Price:  $135,000


DAVEY MR8HP (Ref#9119Na) Manufactured 1969, Detroit 8V71 deck engine, mounted on 1966 Ford F800 (not 4x4) with 391 gas engine, 575/250 Davey air compressor, no mud, 400’ of 4” x 20’ drill pipe with Davey threads, 3 hammers, stabilizers, etc, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $40,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $24,500


DAVEY BLASTHOLE RIG (Ref#3988RC) trailer mounted with Detroit diesel engine, 30’ mast, 375/125 air compressor (needs new hoses) no mud pump, 1 front leveling jack, 2 rear jacks available

Price:  $35,000


CANTERRA 450  (Ref#11327)  Manufactured 1991, Detroit diesel 285 hp deck engine, 625/220 GHH air compressor, mounted on 1991 Mack tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 5 x 6 mud pump, 4 leveling jacks, auger racks, hammer racks, good condition  Price:  $155,000


CANTERRA 312 BUGGY RIG  (Ref#5425)  Manufactured 1989, rig compressor and water tank mounted on separate buggy, designed to go anywhere.  Rig: mounted on 4 wheel articulating buggy, powered by 240 hp Cummins diesel engine, sliding angle mast, drills vertical to 45°, can drill to 1,000’, uses 10’ drill pipe, 3-7/8” diameter, air side inlet, reverse circulation package, 4” hammer, 1000’ of Matrix drill pipe x 10’, has been used in Alaska to the US desert.   Compressor:  900/350 Sullair compressor, mounted on 4 wheel buggy, John Deere log skidder C543, powered by 8V92 Detroit diesel, articulating.   Water buggy:  water tank mounted on John Deere log skidder 543, powered by 6V92 Detroit diesel.    Complete Package, ready to drill:  $525,000


CANTERRA CT-311  (Ref#14058T)  Manufactured 1987, top head drive, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 8000# winch, mounted on 1987 Ford F700 truck with 8.2 Detroit diesel engine, PTO, new transmission in truck recently, 360’ of 15’ drill pipe  Price:  $50,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $42,000


CANTERRA CT-150  (Ref#148Rb)  Manufactured 1990, Perkins diesel engine on deck, mounted on 1989 International 4900 truck with diesel engine, 4 jacks, wiggletail, hydraulic breakout, development air, 2 x 3 centrifugal pump, sandline, main winch, slide base, subs, drill collars, 240’ of 2-3/8” Mayhew reg, 200’ of 2-3/8” API reg, 300 gal mud pan, 20’ heavy duty dual axle pipe trailer  Price:  $95,000


CANTERRA 150 (Ref#15290R) Manufactured 1990, set up for augering, Cummins deck engine, mounted on Bombadier Muskeg with gas engine, no angle capability, in-out and side to side slide base, mainline & sandline, auger racks, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, no Moyno, no breakout or auto hammer, no mud or air, no tools, good condition  Price:  $55,000


GUS PECH 1900R  (Ref#7765T)  Manufactured 1995, set up for geothermal well drilling, 5 x 10 Gardner Denver mud pump, Cat 3306 (300 hp) engine, mounted on 1986 Freightliner FL112 truck  Price:  $139,500


GUS PECH GP900XHR (Ref#10691R) Manufactured 2014, new, never used, mounted on 2013 Freightliner with 450hp engine, 700/200 Sullair compressor, 9000 ft/lbs torque, Mayhew table, Centerline 7 ½ x 10 duplex mud pump  Price:  $795,000


GUS PECH GP900XHR  (Ref#8184Ra)  Manufactured 2008, approx 3900 hours, 700/200 Sullair screw compressor, Centerline 7-1/2 x 10 duplex mud pump, option for rotary table (available at extra cost), 40,000# pullback, 18,000# Pullmaster winch, 5,000# wireline, runs 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, mounted on 2008 Freightliner truck with Mercedes Benz engine with Cotta transfer box to operate the drill  Price:  $475,000


GUS PECH GP900XHR  (Ref#8184Rb)  Manufactured 2006, 700/200 Sullair screw compressor, Centerline 7-1/2 x 10 duplex mud pump, option for rotary table (available at extra cost), 40,000# pullback, 18,000# Pullmaster winch, 5,000# wireline, runs 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, mounted on 2008 Sterling truck with Cotta transfer box to operate the drill  Price:  $400,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $225,000


GUS PECH 900XHR  (Ref#8184Rc)  Manufactured 2005, 7-1/2 x 10 Centerline duplex mud pump, 700/200 Sullair screw compressor (removed from rig but included), pipe handler with breakout on bottom, set up for 4-1/2” coring pipe, 18,000# Pullmaster winch, 5000# wireline winch, mounted on 2005 Sterling truck with Cotta transfer box, Mercedes engine, reconditioned 3 years ago with very few hours drilling since then  Price:  $150,000


GUS PECH BRAT  (Ref#5661T)  3 x 4 Mission pump, no air, mounted on Ford 8000 cabover w/210 Turbo diesel engine, PTO, 3 underbody toolboxes, (1) 3’ toolbox behind cab, ready to go, tools  Price $65,000

Available at extra cost:  400’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, (2) stabilizers


GUS PECH BRAT 22R  (Ref#6980Na)  mounted on 1984 International DT466 engine, PTO, 8-1/2” stabilizer, King water swivel, universal for augers, Mission Magnum 3 x 4 pump, 20 gallon aux air tank, 11 gpm Bean water injection, hammer oiler, automatic feed, fold down mud tub, on board grouter tank, pipe rack, auger rack, good running condition

1989 FORD L9000 WATER TRUCK 2750 gal poly tank, 24’ flat bed, tandem axle, locking differentials

300’ of 4-1/2” pipe

6” hammer with bit

4” hammer with bit

(2) 5-5/8” PCD bits



GUS PECH BRAT 22R (Ref#7659R) Manufactured 1986, freshly rebuilt, low hours, PTO, mounted on 1986 International S1900 single axle truck with DT466 engine, 3x4 centrifugal mud pump, no air (hook-ups are there), brand new hydrostat, side inlet swivel, pipe rack, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 300’ of 3 ½” x 20’ drill pipe   Price:  $100,000


GUS PECH BRAT 22R  (Ref#4812R)  Manufactured 1983, 22’ stroke, 24,537# pulldown, 10,000 ft/lb torque, 18,412 lb retract, mounted on 1983 International diesel truck, 233,748 truck miles  Price:  $65,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $55,000


GUS PECH BRAT 22 (Ref#5969Rb) Manufactured 1983, mounted on 1986 International 2574 with 350 Cummins engine, 3x4 Mission Magnum mud pump, set up with 4.5 side inlet swivel   Price:  $75,000


GUS PECH BRAT 22  (Ref#7018Rb)  Manufactured 1985, PTO, mounted on Ford 8000 truck with Cat diesel, Moyno pump, 2 winches, cathead, PTO, 22’ stroke (long stroke), mounted on 1985 Ford 7000 truck   Price:  $60,000


GUS PECH BRAT 1100C (Ref#8901N) Manufactured 1993, Cummins 4BT deck engine, mounted on Ardco buggy, hydrostatic top head drive 88-160 rpm, 11000 ft/lbs torque, 14’ stroke, 12” tube style mast, slide base, hydraulic swing around jib with hydraulic extension, 12000# Pullmaster winch, Rupe Auto Stroker hoist with 1000# winch & cable, 2x3x13 centrifugal mud pump, Moyno 3L6 pump, rod rack with hammer holder, auger rack, steel water tank, toolbox, 4 outriggers, no tools available  Price:  $130,000


GUS PECH BRAT GP1000 BRAT  (Ref#1064N)  Manufactured 1980, mounted on Transequip ATV2 axle all wheel drive, all terrain tires, Cummins diesel engine with PTO, 3L6 Moyno pump, 28’ mast, uses 20’ drill rod or auger, front and rear leveling jacks, high torque, drilling capacities:  with 4-1/2” auger can drill to 250’, with 3-1/2” drill pipe can drill to 700’  Price:  $145,000  PRICE:  $120,000


GUS PECH 450R BANTAM DRILL (Ref#11355Nc) Manufactured 2002, only 2800 hours, Cummins 4BTA deck engine, mounted on 1999 International 4900, 22’ stroke, hydraulic swing around jib with hydraulic extension, 8500# winch, 4 hydraulic outriggers, rod rack, toolbox, 4500 ft/lb torque, centerline 150psi/400 gpm pump, head completely rebuilt  Price:  $170,000


GUS PECH BANTAM AUGER DRILL  (Ref#5109R)  Manufactured 1988, trailer mounted, hollow stem auger or air rotary, Cummins 4 cylinder diesel engine, approx. 5,000 hours  Price:  $21,000


MOBILE B40 TOP HEAD DRIVE  (Ref#980N)  Manufactured 1980, mounted on 1992 International single axle truck with DT466 diesel enhgine, 3 x 4 diaphragm pump, PTO, 240’ drill rod, hydraulic breakout wrench, rod carousel, 100/80 air compressor, desander, drilled to 700’, 240 of 2-3/8 flush wall pipe, currently drilling  Price:  $55,000


MOBILE B85  (Ref#1256T)  Mounted on Cat 312 tracks, John Deere 200 hp diesel engine, no angle, in out and side to side slide base, no auto hammer, breakout wrench, 2-speed rotary head (49,200 in/lb torque @ 1 – 120 rpm, 24,600 in/lb torque at 245 rpm), head mounted on hydraulically controlled Slidramatic slide assembly, all hydraulic, 14’ feed system, 18,400# pulldown, 24,500# pullback, 26’ mast and rotating jib crown block, 8500# main rotating jib hoist, 8” breakout work table, 4500# sandline hoist, 2” rotary swivel, breakout fork, saver sub, rotary spindle crossover sub, single rod loader, in line oiler system, triplex piston plunger water/foam injection pump, grout pump, trash pump, water tank  Price:  $340,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 2400R (Ref#12039R) PTO, mounted on 1976 Ford with 40 Cummins engine, 10 speed trans, 450/250 air compressor, no mud, jib boom, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, includes 400’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, Mission hammer & service truck, all ready to go  Price:  $100,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 2400 (Ref#4916R) heavy mast, 70000# pullback, 4 part main winch, mounted on CCC with new Cummins 400 Big Cam engine, 5x6 GD mud pump, (2) Leroi 256 air compressors, sandline, all new tires with flotation in front, Holte 140 casing hammer & underreaming system, 600’ of bottleneck pipe & tools  Price:  $175,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 2450R  (Ref#15231R)  Manufactured 1980, 256-S2 Leroi air cmpressor, 350 Cummins engine, 10 gpm Meyer water injection pump, mounted on 1980 Hendrickson carrier, (10) 4-1/2” x 20’ drill with (2-7/8 IF)  Price on Request


BUCYRUS ERIE 12R  (Ref#12646N)  Manufactured 1979, 400/250 air compressor, no mud pump, mounted on 1979 Ford F800 truck, Detroit diesel engine runs compressor, gas engine PTO, water injection, 4 stabilizers, 4” hammer, 6-1/2” and 10” bits, 300’ of 3-1/2 IF thread drill pipe, excellent condition  Price:  $95,000  OFF MARKET


BUCYRUS ERIE 12R  (Ref#7051N)  Manufactured 1975, mounted on Ford truck with 3206 Cat engine, PTO, 450/250 air compressor powered by 671 Detroit diesel engine, 10 gpm water injection pump, 400’ of 4-1/2” IF thread pipe,  Price:  $85,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000


BUCYRUS ERIE 22W COMBINATION CABLE TOOL/TOP HEAD  (Ref#392Na)  mounted on gooseneck trailer, 3 lines, 900’ of ¾” cable, 3 cylinder Deutz diesel engine (1000 hours since rebuild), top head rotary Sullair 750/150 air compressor, 3 hydraulic jacks, 400’ of 3-1/2 x 10’ rods (2-3/8 IF), tooling  Price:  $42,500 - Arizona

Also available 450/100 Gardner Denver compressor at extra cost.


SHOP BUILT TOPHEAD DRIVE/CABLE TOOL (20W) COMBINATION RIG (Ref#2012Na) Cummins deck engine, mounted on 1986 Ford L9000 with Cummins engine, 4 x 4 Mission magnum mud pump, 185 CFM air compressor, 360’ pipe  Price:  $60,000


GARDNER DENVER 3700 ROCK DRILL  (Ref#4814Rd)  rig operates but has weathered hoses, pistons needs repacking, rig can use some work  Price:  $12,000


GARDNER DENVER 3500 (Ref#4601R) track mounted with Cat engine, good condition, includes parts rigs & tons of extra parts  Price $34,500


GARDNER DENVER ATD3700 AIR TRACK DRILL  (Ref#4814Re)  with Gardner Denver 750 compressor powered by Detroit diesel, PR55 hammer, running good when parked in 2014  Package Price:  $19,000


GARDNER DENVER 65  (Ref#777RaPrice  $65,000 or best offer


GARDNER DENVER GD35-CHP  (Ref#8269N)  Track drill, 3406 Cat engine, new top drive, good condition  Off Market


GARDNER DENVER RDC16B (Ref#9086Rc) crawler mounted, Detroit 4V71 deck engine, 250/100 air compressor, 4” x 38’ pipe single pass, dust collector, A/C enclosed cab, 16000# pulldown, rated up to 5 1/8” hole  Price:  $22,500


MONTABERT (Jarvis Clark) HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL  (Ref#1936N)  Manufactured 1984, Duetz diesel engine, track mounted, dust collector, rod changer, Montabert HC120 hammer, runs T45 or T38 rods, excellent condition, currently drilling  Price:  $60,000



Drills 405’ with 26” bit,, 200’ with 36” bit

HD Engineering HD325P RC drill on tracks, less than 4,000 hours, Cat C7 engine, 90,000# overall weight, 44,000# torque, 12,000# main winch, 5,000# aux winch

Price for rig:  $450,000

Available at extra cost:

RC dual wall pipe (10-3/4” outer, 6” inner): 18 jts of 20’, 1 jt of 15’

Standard drill pipe (28 joints – 30’ each)

20’ x 24” stabilizer

Numa 210 hammer

(2) RC 210 – 26” drill bits (1,000 hours)

(1) RC 210 – 21” drill bit (new)

Numa 300 hammer

RC 300 (36”) drill bit (4 hours)

(4) air compressors mounted on 45’ trailer:  (2) Doosan 1170/350 with 19,645 hours (rebuilt at 19,000 hours) and 18,500 hours (rebuilt at 18,000 hours) and (2) Doosan 1070/350 (4900 and 4,800 hours), plus air manifold to support 4 compressors

Loadsafe/pipe handler (new)

Many extras including:  30” and 20” diverters, 25 gpm Bean pump, 5 gpm Bean pump, 4-1/2” DP slip, 6” DC slip, RC crossover, standard stinger, crossover subs, 4 standard roughtneck jaws, 36” hole reamer, hoses, flowlines, wrenches, drill stands and more

Price for all:  $2,050,000



ZY CRAWLER MOUNTED 2000’+ DRILLING RIG  (Ref#7413T)  Manufactured 2015, Cat C7.1 Tier 4 final engine (400 hours), 60 ton pullback, 22,000N torque, excellent condition, like new, ready to drill  Price:  $270,000


FOREMOST MPD 1500  (Ref #2079R)  Reverse circulation rig, Year 1992, 8V92TA Detroit diesel engine (approx. 1,000 hours) since rebuild), 900/350, all hydraulic pumps and motors replaced when engine was rebuilt, hydraulic rotary head tilt for changing drill rods, Includes 500’ of 4’ x 10’ dual wall reverse circulation drill pipe (50 joints total). Located South America.  Price on Request


LANG D40A TRACK DRILL (Ref#14115R) on M4 Military tracks, built 1989, set up for reverse circulation, runs 10’ pipe  Price:  $265,000


DANDO MULTITEC 9000  (Ref#15055R)  Manufactured 2013, only 550 hourws (as of Sept 30, 2015), 20,000# weight, mounted on crawler base, 18’ height, 11.5’ travel, 20,000# hoist force, 13,000# feed force, double clamps 60m – 250mm diameter, FMC LO618 triplex piston pump (36 gpm/700 psi) for coring, oiler for DTH, 4 leveling jacks, cyclone reverse circulation, comes with 500m of 3” lightweight pipe (300m brand new), located Canada  Price:  USD$285,000 (option of down payment and assumption of lease).


HARDAB 7000H-3 TRACK MOUNTED DRILL RIG  (Ref#10752Ra)  Reverse circulation, 45 – 90 degree angle drilling, manufactured 2010, 1000’ depth with 3-1/2” drill pipe, Perkins diesel engine, rubberized steel track (radio controlled), 12’ stroke, 15,400# pullback, 7,500# pulldown, 20’6” mast length, 0-85 rpm top drive, 2500 hours, rod handling system, 600’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe  Price:  $205,000


HARDAB-7000H-6 TRACK MOUNTED DRILL RIG  (Ref#10752Rb)  Manufactured 2016, rod handling system, angle package, 21’ stroke  Price:  $345,000



Can Core Drill or Standard Drill


Manufactured 2006, 2500 hours

Drill carrier: 6’ X 6 X 38’ pontoons, cabin – heated, AC,  swivel operators chair, deck and spot lights, full instrumentation, video/audio monitoring system, retractable stairway, Cat C15 engine rated at 540 HP @ 1800 RPM, Funk rubber block pump adaptor, 1500 liter hydraulic reservoir.
Self-leveling deck
Dog house 6’ x 10’ with custom control console, swivel chair, intercom to drilling platform, insulated, fluorescent lighting, electric heat. 
Range II single piece mast (pipe and casing) rated at 60,000 pounds with a drilling depth of 1000 feet and pull down of 20,000 pounds, twin hoisting cylinders on mast.
Conveyor belt pipe handler. Custom built Range II tubular (pipe) handling system with pipe rack, tilt and kick cylinders 
Ingersoll Rand TH60 top drive with link tilt capability, hydraulic elevators, hydraulic slips.
Warrior hydraulic wrench with 31/2 to 105/8 make/break out jaws with spinner.
Custom built Warrior coring winch hydraulically driven with Kobelt 15019 brake and 1000 meters if ¼ cable.
Gensco model  HG60 genset 60 KVA  driven by Kawasaki hydraulic motor.

PRICE:  $235,000

WILCO SUPPORT SYSTEM  (Ref#10143Nb)  Manufactured 2006,

Gardner Denver mud pump rated at 1.7M/3 min @215 bhp with conventional heads, pulsation chamber, Odrill relief valve, 3.0” mud valve, exhaust fan, mixing hoper, liner wash pump and lubricator, driven by Eaton hydraulic pump with gear reducer and rubber block gear box. Pump house fitted with core bench, storage cabinets, insulated, fluorescent lighting, electric heat, 20 M/3 four compartment mud tank, electronic float levels, Tsunami sump pump, Mission 4x3 pre-charge pumps, Derrick FC-313M liner motion shale shaker with super G agitator.  All ancillary equipment hydraulically driven off Funk rubber block four pump adaptor powered by C15 Cat engine rated at 540 HP @ 1800 RPM. Aluminum 1500 liter hydraulic tank. Operators cabin – heated, AC, swivel operators chair, deck/spot lights, full instrumentation, audio/video monitoring system, roof beacon, Retractable stairway. Aluminum fuel tank. Self-leveling deck. Pontoons 6’ X 6’ X 38”, four compartment, aluminum cleats, 5.0” chain.

PRICE:  $210,000 




TAMROCK 1100 PANTERA  (Ref#15361)  Manufactured 2000, approx 4900 total hours, 2450 percussion hours, 3.5” – 5.5” holes, rock pilot option, currently running Sandvick GT60 steel, HL1000 drifter, dust collector, water injection system, angle indicators, serviced, ready to drill Price:  $220,000


TAMROCK RANGER 800-2 HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL (Ref#8813Tc) Built 2004. CAT 3126 (6872 hours), Drifter hours 2628. HL800 hammer, carries 15'9 lead steel, holds 14' steels in rod changer rack. Price: $99,500


TAMROCK RANGER 800-2 HYDRAULIC ROCK DRILL (Ref#8813Td) Built 2005. CAT 3126 (hours 7356), Drifter hours 2763. HL 800 hammer, carries 15'9 lead steel, holds 14' steels in rod changer rack. Price: 110,000


TAMROCK COMMANDO 300 (Ref#8813Ta) Built 2006. Engine hours 3353. Price:  $79,500


TAMROCK COMMANDO 300  (Ref#4814Rj)  Manufactured 2000, water tank, mounted on wheels  Price:  $69,500


TAMROCK COMMANDO (Ref#5110Rb) (2) units available. Self-contained and mounted on wheels, Hatz diesel engine, ideal for limited access work, base is only 48” wide with wheels it is 62” wide. Price: $13,500 each unit or take both for $26,000


TAMROCK CHA 1100 ROCK DRILL (Ref#8749R) Manufactured 1997, crawler mounted with Cat 3306 engine, HL1000 drifter/hammer, telescopic/extendable boom, dust collector, water injection, cab with heat & a/c, rod changer, set up for T51 steel, new engine and compressor  Price:  $70,000


TAMROCK CHA-560 (Ref#8194R) Manufactured 2006, (2) available  Price on request



6 units available

2005 Furukawa 1500 (2 units), 4400 hours and 4600 hours  $95,000 each  Price Reduced:  $80,000 each

2004 Furukawa 1500, 9000 hours  $75,000  Price Reduced:  $60,000

2003 Furukawa 1500 (2 units), 9000 hours and 10,000 hours  $70,000  Price Reduced:  $55,000 each

2002 Furukawa 1500  $50,000  Price Reduced:  $35,000



FURUKAWA 1500  (Ref#14730Ta)  Manufactured 2004, 11,122 hourts, new engine @ 10,654 hours, fuel injection pump  Price $110,000


FURUKAWA 1500  (Ref#14730Tb)  10,434 hours, new engine @ 10243, new compressor  Price $110,000


FURUKAWA 12ED  (Ref#7300Tb)  Manufactured 1996, 4200 hours on drill frame, 866 hours on new engine 6B61 Turbo, new cooler, new radiator, rebuilt rod changer and manifold, total rebuild on exhaust fan shaft and bearings, redone seats, wipers and new glass and much more  Price:  $78,500


FURUKAWA 12 (Ref#3515R) completely rebuilt, good condition  Price on Request


FURUKAWA HCR 900 (Ref#6081R) Manufactured 2005, Cat engine, 4900 engine hours, 2800 drifter hours, angle capability, dust collector, water tank, no rod changer  Price:  $155,000


FURUKAWA HCR 9ES  (Ref#7300Ta)  Manufactured 2000, 2526 hours on drifter, 8472 hours on drill frame, oil changed every 200 hours, filters, etc. well maintained (records available), excellent condition, one owner  Price:  $72,500


FURUKAWA 9ES (Ref#8777Rb) Manufactured 1998, new engine, 6826 hours, ready to go  Price:  $55,000


FURUKAWA 9ES (Ref#8777Ra) Manufactured 1997, new engine, 7764 hours, ready to go  Price:  $55,000


TEI WD50 ELECTRIC FOUNDATION DRILL  (Ref#9899Rb)  Hydraulic drive using 20 hp electric motor (240/480), auger and hammer drilling, 3500 ft/lbs lift and pulldown, suitable for auger and hammer drilling, 1500 ft/lb torque, mountedon 3 wheel rame  Price:  $32,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $27,500


TEI HEM550 DRILL ATTACHMENT (Ref#15236T)  Manufactured 2011, new and never used, remote control  Price:  $95,000


TEI HCM550R ROCK DRILL ATTACHMENT  (Ref#9280Re)  Manufactured 2013  Price:  $75,000


CRAWLER TYPE ROCK DRILL  (Ref#5879N)  Manufactured 2008, under 100 hours, 120’ of 2-3/8 api drill rod, one never used medium pressure DTH hammer, 2 slightly used hammers, 4” diameter, 2 tricone bits (one new), 120’ air hose, Sullair 2006 375H 100-150 psi air compressor (new condition), 1 cylinder diesel mud pump (never used), Drill is goof for 4” bore, 120’,  Price:  $60,000

Trailer available at extra cost


CUBEX QXR 913  (Ref#8071R)  Reverse Circulation, manufactured 1997, completely reworked and more similar to 920 Series, 900/350 air compressor, angle mast (not sliding), Cat C15 (600 hp) deck engine, (rebuilt with less than 1000 ours, extended frame, 13’ rod changer, many extra parts and spares included  Price:  $140,000


CUBEX 1320  (Ref#4953Rd)  Manufactured 2010  Price:  $175,000


SANDVIK D25KS  (Ref#4953Rc)  2 units available, year 2013  Price:  $275,000 each


SANDVIK DP1500I DRILL  (Ref#2610T)  Excellent condition, ready to go, Cat C13 engine, 14’ steels carousel, wrenches with greaser, water injection, dry dust collector, lubricator, ROPS/FOPS, cab with heater, AC, rear TV, low hours on rebuilt hammer Price:  $320,000


SANDVIK TITAN 600  (Ref#2609T)  Excellent condition, ready to go  Price: $220,000


FECON (FORMERLY DYNADRILL) MOBILE TRACK DRILL  (Ref#15578R)  Manufactured 2012, mounted on rubber track base, 300/175 on board air compressor, 100 hp Kubota turbo diesel, can drill up to 300’, used for getothermal wells and seismic drilling, 10,000# overall weight, includes 200’ of drill pipe, Sandvik hammer and bits, transition rod and auger  Price:  $130,000


FECON GL300 RUBBER TRACKED AIR DRILL  (Ref#6183T)  Manufactured 2013, air compressor, 200’ drill pipe  Price:  $124,500


ATLAS COPCO ROC 9-11 (Ref#5433R) Manufactured 2004, Cat C9 engine, 175 air, good condition, heat & ac  Price:  $120,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC D3  (Ref#14122Ra)  Manufactured 2006, less than 5000 hours, 5m reach, Cummins QSB 4.5 engine, Atlas copco screw compressor  Price:  $90,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC-D3 (Ref#4891R) Manufactured 2005, track mounted with 4 cyl Deutz diesel engine, compressor, no rod changer, currently drilling, one owner, wants to retire, set up for T38 rods  Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC 812  (Ref#5644N)  two available, mid 1990’s, 6L913 Deutz diesel engines, 1550 hydraulic hammer, 185/150 air compressor, tools  Price:  $95,000 eachPRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC 642  (Ref#4814Ri)  Manufactured 2000, 6500 engine hours, 2000 hammer hours, recent work done: newer muffler, coupler between engine and hydraulic pump changed, oils and air filters serviced within 50 hours, gauges (rotation, feed and air) changed, winch.  Price:  $44,500


ATLAS COPCO ROC 642 (Ref#8193Ra) Manufactured 1998, only 1000 hours on rebuilt Deutz diesel engine  Price:  $85,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC 642  (Ref#4814Rf)  Manufactured 1998, with rebuilt motor and 1238 hammer  Price:  $25,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC 642 (Ref#8193Rb) Manufactured 1999, only 1000 hours on rebuilt Deutz diesel engine  Price:  $85,000


ATLAS COPCO ROC 400A  (Ref#8046)  Manufactured 1985, crawler mounted, BBE-57 drill, as is  Price:  $25,000


ATLAS COPCO L8  (Ref#4814Rg)  Manufactured 2001, Full ROPS/FOPS cabin with AC/heat, dust collector, water injection, full rack of 20’ pipe, 6” DTH hammer, rear jack, engine preheat, 9500 hours on dengine and 5800 hammer hours (as of March 2015), Cat 3196 power, 900/350 onboard air compressor, new batteries, several updates.  Price:  $165,000


ATLAS COPCO L8 DTH (Ref#5720Ra) Manufactured 2001, DHR 48H rotary unit, steel fuel tank upgrade, pressurized water tank upgrade, new batteries 10/11, new dct filters 2/12, both air ends rebuilt, rotation unit rebuilt, new air rec tank and separator as well as new air oil and hydro oil cooler upgrade, 25 bar air compressor, 20’ drill pipe, floating sub upgrade  Price:  $255,000


ATLAS COPCO L8 DTH (Ref#5720Rb) Manufactured 2003, DHR 48H rotary unit, steel fuel tank upgrade, pressurized water tank upgrade, new batteries 3/12  Price:  $255,000


SURE STRIKE MODEL 4000 ROCK BREAKER ATTACHMENT  (Ref#14122Rb)  Manufactured 2013, 15,900# wieght, 52,000# single blow impact energy, 20 blows per minute, to be used with 100,000 excavator class  Price on Request


REEDRILL SD250  (Ref#15659Ra)  Manufactured 2001, 2.5” – 3.5” diameter, Isuzu engine, 250/150 on board air compressor  Price:  $55,000


REEDRILL SK62  (Ref#13808)  track mounted blast hole drill, 1200/150, 3412 Cat diesel engine, all hydraulic, heavy duty, bare rig  Price:  $225,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $175,000


REEDRILL SKF50  (Ref#13013Rb)  1050/125, Cat 3406, runs 6” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $140,000


REEDRILL SKF50  (Ref#13013Rc)  1050/125 Sullair, 3406 Cat, runs 6” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $140,000


REEDRILL SK50I  (Ref#13013Re)  900/125 Sullair compressor, Cat 3406, runs 5-1/2” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $65,000


REEDRILL SK50I  (Ref#13013Rf)  1050/125 air compressor, Cat 3406, runs 6” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $80,000


REEDRILL SK50I  (Ref#13013Rg)  1050/125 compressor, Cat 3406, runs 6” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $140,000


REEDRILL SK45I  (Ref#13013Rd)  1050/125 Sullair, 855 Cummins, runs 5-1/2” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $100,000


REEDRILL SK40  (Ref#6770R)  Manufactured 1985, track mounted, 750/150 air compressor, Cat deck engine, good running condition  Price:  $75,000  PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE:  $45,000


REEDRILL SK35 (Ref#13404R) Manufactured 1991, Cat 3408 deck engine, mounted on CCC with 335 Cummins (needs a little work) 850/350 air compressor, dust collector, 6 rod carousel, no water tank, 6 joints of 4 ½” x 25’ drill pipe, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks  Price $85,000


REEDRILL SKF  (Ref#13013Ra)  1250/125 air compressor, Cat 3408, runs 6” x 30’ pipe  Price:  $150,000



REEDRILL SK35  (Ref#13013Rj)  760/125 Sullair compressor, Cat 3406, Cat 3406, runs 5-1/2” x 25’ pipe  Price:  $40,000


REEDRILL SK-25  (Ref#13013Ri)  450/100 Leroi air compressor, 3306 Cat, runs 4-1/2” x 25’ pipe  Price:  $60,000


REEDRILL SKF12 BLAST HOLE RIGS  (Ref#4953R)  3 units available, manufactured 2007, Cat C27 engine, 50,000# pulldown, 42’ drill depth single pass or 182’ depth multi pass, 6 – 105/8” diameter, can toggle between low pressure and high pressure air (1050-1700 @ 125-100), 4 leveling jacks, single cylinder cable pulldown system for pulldown/pullback

Price per unit:  $185,000

Package price for all three units:  $525,000


REED SK-1  (Ref#2884Ne)  Manufactured 1976, 750/150 Sullair air compressor, Cummins engine on deck (low hours), dust collector, mounted on Crane Carrier with Cummins engine, 13 speed transmission, transfer case (could run rig), leveling jacks, tricone drill, winch, carousel, 120’ of 5” x 25’ drill pipe  Price on Request               


TEREX REEDRILL R20C (Ref#12575R) Manufactured 2007, cab drill with HPR 4519 drifter, Cat 312 undercarriage, Isuzu diesel 6 cyl engine with Gardner Denver Tempest 12 250cfm on-board air compressor, 3700 engine hours, 1250 percussion hours, excellent condition  Price:  Canadian $250,000


TEREX REEDRILL 345 BLAST HOLE DRILL  (Ref#13439T)  Manufactured 2006, cralwer mounted, Cat C9, 5400 hours  Price:  $110,000


GILL BEETLE  (Ref#2125N)  Manufactured 1987, crawler mounted, hydraulic driven undercarriage, Detroit 353 diesel engine, 6 rod carousel.  825/300 VHP IR compressor with diesel engine mounted on Fast Track 2-axle trailer, good condition, (2) 6” hammers, 5” hammer, 300’ of 10’ aluminum pipe  Price:  $110,000    REDUCED TO $85,000


GILL BEETLE (Ref #4988R) Manufactured 1966, 6 rod carousel for 10’ pipe, chain driven undercarriage, Detroit deck engine, tophead traverses mast by cable drive, comes with spare tower, just needs one small piggyback hydraulic pump ($500), good working condition.  Price: $12,000


BEETLE DRILL MODEL 150C (Ref#10409Ra) Manufactured 2001, crawler mounted with 4 cyl Cummins engine, cab & A/C, good condition  Price:  $90,000


(6) BUGGY MOUNTED SHOT HOLE RIGS  (Ref#9671)  Manufactured 1998 and used for 6 months.   (6) Rolligon RA-15 4 x 4 buggy rigs, Cummins diesel engine (120 hp), operator’s station, total weight: 24,000#.  (6) Duratec support trucks, staff motors, 3200# winch.  200 gal water tank, mud injection system, stem rack holder, Eagle pumps  Price:  $735,000


GEMCO BUGGY RIG (Ref#6644Ra) Manufactured 1981, 453 Detroit diesel engine, 13’ mast, 4 ½ x 5 mud pump, fluid end rebuilt with “0” hours, main winch, sandline, new motors on rotary and pulldown, 99% tires, some new u joints, fresh paint, spares,  300’ of 10’ x 2 3/8” Mayhew Jr. pipe, ready to go  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $39,500


GEMCO BUGGY (Ref#11042NC) model 3T-300, top head drive, sandline, mainline, cathead, Detroit 353 engine, 4 ½ x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, 100+’ of 2” x 10’ rods  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $47,500


GEMCO  (Re#5021R)  w/swivel head, 5 x 6 mud pump, 185 air compressor, new breakout table, mounted on 1995 Chevy Topkick truck, 2-3/8 Mayhew Jr. Rods  Price:  $78,500


ARDCO K BUGGY MOUNTED SEISMIC RIG  (Ref#5985T)  453 Detroit engine, American 4-1/2 x 5 pump, winch, 100’ pipe  Price:  $90,000



(1) Ardco drilling rig with 4.5x5 Gardner Denver mud pump and new forestry tires

(1) Ardco water buggy with 2” Bowie pump, low profile water tank, rebuilt 353 Detroit, 542 transmission, clutch fuel tank, roll over cage, radiator and winch cable.

Both have been refurbished and only used 5 months in the field since refurb.

Package price: $110,000  REDUCED:  $79,500



(2) GEMCO 3117 drill buggy  Price:  $150,000 each

(1) Hillyard D14 drill buggy  Price:  $145,000

(3) water buggy  Price:  $65,000 each


ARDCO C-1000 (Ref#8416Ra) 2 available, mounted on 1994 International 4700 with diesel engine, 5x6 Gardner Denver mud pump with new brass & fluid end, auxiliary winch with weight to set loop, mud pan, loop spool, tilting rod rack, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 310’ of 2 3/8” x 10’ drill pipe  Price:  $100,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000 each


ARDCO 2510  (Ref#6228N)  Manufactured 1983, mounted on crawler, 30,000# rig, on board duplex 85 gpm pump, 4 cyl turbo Cummins engine, rig has about 400 hours, Price:  $85,000

Available at extra cost:  1000’ of drill stem 


ARDCO CD320 (Ref#14057R)  rebuilt tophead and hydraulic pump, rod rack, 3 x 4 Mission pump, sandline, 300’ of 1-1/2” x 10’ drill rod, mounted on 1994 International 4700 single axle truck with diesel engine, PTO, 3 hydraulic jacks  Price:  $125,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000



Located Rocky Mountains

ARDCO CK 21  (Ref#1315Na) 

466 Detroit, 5 speed transmission, 4 wheel air brakes, new rubber 66x43x25, 4 stage hydraulic pump, 10 ft mast assembly, stem handler, 2 in moyno, self load pump, newer paint, 500 gallon water tank, clean and ready to go.  Spares pkg.  Price:  $100,000


IVI PROSPECTOR 600  (Ref#1315Nb)

1000 gallon water tank, articulating with oscillating front axle. 471 T Detroit,  Clark automatic 4 speed, front hydraulic blade, front hydraulic winch, hours on meter 7130. 23.1 x 26 tires spare wheel and set of tire chains, top of tank setup for carrying rods, welder and torch assembly. Runs good with no known issues.  Price:  $70,000


IVI PROSPECTOR 600 (Ref#1315Nc)

471 engine, Drill build - derrick mounted, hyd jacks mounted, new 4 stage hyd pump, plus many spare parts to finish, original pipe rack, and original water tank goes with it.  Price:  $60,000


ARDCO L174 AND L166  (Ref#1315Ne)

Carriers built by Ardco articulating and oscillating, 453 T engines recently overhauled, 5 speed manual transmission, 2 speed transfer case, PTO to rig. Rig built by Georex 10 ft mast assembly hydraulic winch type pull down, rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 2 man carrier. Lots of spares, compressor’s 4 with sep tanks.  Rear main frames have been overhauled and reinforced with new steel, jacks rebuilt, new 2 stage hydraulic pumps - this is a project and needs finishing.  

Price:  $100,000 for everything

Spares - 4 new tires, 4 terra tires, 1 spare mast, 100 ft new chain, 1 new PTO box, 3 winch pull downs, 2 rotaries, 4 Gardner Denver compressors, 2 mud pits.

Price:  $150,000 for both units and all related parts.


ARDCO BUGGY RIG (Ref#5613R) transquip topdrive, Cat engine, Leroi 256S2 air compressor, GD 4 ½ x 6 mud pump, 300’ of 10’ x 2 3/8” Mayhew Jr pipe, currently drilling, excellent condition  Price:  $320,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $165,000


HILYARD RIG (Ref#8116RA) good condition, no pipe or tools available  Price:  $39,500

ARDCO 1000 GALLON WATER BUGGY (Ref#8116RB) 453 Detroit engine  Price:  $37,500

ARDCO C1000 DRILL  (Ref#8116Rc)  mounted on Ardco buggy with 453 Detroit engine  Price:  $44,500

ARDCO C1000 DRILL  (Ref#8116Rd) mounted on Ardco buggy with 453 Detroit engine, rebuilt and painted  Price:  $88,500



(2) TRANSQUIP AT 400 BUGGY PACKAGE (Ref #14184R) Two available. Both completely refurbished, powered by newly rebuilt 453 detroit diesel engine, 525A Spicer transmission T226 Rockwell transfer case, Ramsey 700 winch with 5/8’ cable, 75 rockwell front and rear ends, brand new 23.1x26 10 Good year tires, (2) all purpose utility / equipment beds for Transquip 400 Buggy.

Package price: $165,000



6 - Newly reconditioned heli drills.

Drill has a 5 ft mast assembly, ram over chain pull down,

Charlin 6000 series rotary, new turbo 4 cylinder

Deutz 75 HP, hypro water injection 10 gpm @ 400 psi, hydraulic leveling jacks plus manual legs, manual cooling fan for hydraulic oil cooler, 30 gallon fuel tank, with a weight of 2400lbs.

7 Compressors, 6 cylinder turbo Deutz, CF90G air end 300 cfm-200 psi, 30 gallon fuel tank, leveling legs, new control panel, new wiring, lots of new parts.

6 support baskets aluminum, holds pipe, water, parts box, powder magazine, cap magazine, etc.

These drills will easily go to 300 feet. Pipe and hammers available. Also fly fuel tanks. Baskets, magazine, water barrels, rock boxes, etc. new 20 ft parts trailer, and 40 ft semi trailer, 5 spare drill frames, 3 spare compressor engines, 4 spare air ends. Lots of parts.

Package Price:  $650,000 with all parts


Price per 3-piece drill package:  $100,000  (drill, compressor, basket)


HILLVIEW DRILL (Air/Mud Rig)  (Ref#1315Nk)

Mounted on 1992 Volvo White/GMC, 350 Cummins, 13 speed, 1,000 gallon water tank, 300cfm 200 psi onboard air compressor powered by a 6 cylinder turbo Deutz, stem handler, nice air water combo drill, Hillview, 2 - 2in moynos heated drill stand, hot box. Ready to go, new rubber.  Price:  $95,000


(2) MST800  (Ref#1315Nq)  2 man cab, 8.3 Cummins, hydrostatic drive hyd driven air comp, 300 cfm 200 psi, 500 gallon water tank, 2” Moyno injection pump, self-load pump, stem handler, hydraulic breakout, powder magazine and cap mag., new units less than 300 hours, pipe, blades, and hammers available OFF MARKET  Price:  $370,000 each.


DYNO-DRILL SEISMIC RIG  (Ref#679N)  Manufactured 2005, self contained, 185/125 Ingersoll Rand air compressor (570 hours), John Deere Powertec 4.5L diesel engine on deck, air and hydraulic breakout, C50R-3B Yanmar rubber track carrier with Yanmar disel engine, crawler has 294 hours, (2) 10’ augers, 18’ of 2-3/8 drill rod, 28’ of 2-1/4” drill rod, various bits  Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $115,000


MARSH/SWAMP BUGGY  (Ref#1421R)  Crew and equipment carrier,  Manufactured 2008, Model 701, Volkswagon 4 cylinder Industrial diesel engine, radiator cooled with 2 hydraulic pumps for drive  (Italian made pumps 2006-2009), hydraulic tank, fuel tank, aluminum floatation tanks inside tracks, load carrying capacity approx 2,000 – 2,500 lbs.

Price without rig:  $45,000