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Currently on this page:

MAC 400 DRILLING RIG (Ref#10567R) - $225,000

SPEEDSTAR SS22 PACKAGE (Ref#11257T) - $190,000

INGERSOLL RAND TH60 (Ref#10253T) - $325,000

INGERSOLL RAND T3W (Ref#15096R) - $100,000


WALKER NEER S-310 (Ref#11499T) - $102,500 

COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#1136TA) - $245,000

2012 WESTERN STAR COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#8795c) - $285,000



ZJ70LDB 2000HP DRILL RIG (Ref#15720T) - $4,000,000


DEEPROCK DR150 (Ref#14326R) - $65,000

MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#3080R) - $115,000



MAC 400 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#10567R) 

Rated to 8500’ with 4-1/2” drill pipe, MAC 400 drawworks with hydromatic brake, catheads, p/b Cat 3408 (450 hp) with air clutch and torque converter, Gardner Denver FXN 7-1/2 x 14” duplex mud pump p/b Cat 3408, 98’ x 280,000# PJ Services Mfg free standing mast, scopes with kig pin and two axle dolly, can rack 8500’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe, 125 kw generator p/b Detroit 671 in steel house with all switchgear and transformer (2nd gen set inoperable and not included), steel house includes parts cabinets, work area and storage.  One piece substructure 8’H x 15’W x 34’L with 4’ fold down wings, enclosed parts house and large volume tank, top dog house scopes dow into 400 bbl water tank, heater, lockers, knowledge box, 17-1/2” Brewster rotary table, 4-1/2” square kelly, 3-sheave (6 lines) hook/block grooved for 1-1/8” line, 150 TSM swivel with new wash pipe and packing, Regan 10” annular blowout preventor, Mud system with single cone desander, Mission Magnum mud mixing pump, mud stirring guns (rig uses earthen pits), lower kelly valve, inside BOP.  Kelly hose (new), vibrator hoses (3), 2500’ 1-1/8” drill line (new), mouse hole, mouse hole driller, weight indicator, tong torque gage, Bear automatic driller, one-pen drill recorder, Sure Shot deviation instrument, mud gauges, 3 sets pipe racks, type C rotary tongs, lights for derrick, substructure, mud pump, generator house, drill collar slips, 2 sets drill pipe slips, Quincy 325 air compressor with electric motor, slick line wireline unit, mounted on single axle trailer. Stacked since 2010, located USA 
PRICE REDUCED TO    $225,000

SPEEDSTAR SS22  (Ref#11257T

Manufactured 1976, 5-1/2 x 8 Ga4rdner Denver mud pump, 8-1/2” rotary table, 256 LeRoi air compressor, 3” water crouse, drillers platform, derrick board, mounted on Crane Carrier, Cummins engine
20’ gooseneck pipe trailer with pipe slide
20’ gooseneck toolhouse trailer with insulated dry van box
500’ of 3-1/2” flush joint (2-3/8 IF) drill pipe
300’ of 2-7/8” bottleneck (2-3/8 IF) drill pipe
Pipe slip, pipe hoisting plug and sling, 8-5/8” casing swedge, 4-1/2” casing swedge, (2) 4-1/2” elevators
Bits, subs, 6-3/4” PDC bit, 11” PDC bit
Package Price:  $190,000

INGERSOLL RAND TH60  (Ref#10253T) 

Manufactured 2006, 900/350 IR HR2 air compressor, Braden 18,000# single line main winch, extended 38’ derrick, 29,500# pullback, 9 rod carousel set up for 3.5” pipe (can be converted for 4.5” pipe at extra cost), rod box, 18 gpm FMC water injection to be installed, 7 gal DHD lubricator, 2 speed high torque (8000#) spur gear head, hydraulics and standpipe for 5 x 6 mud pump (no mud pump installed), mounted on 2006 Peterbilt 357 8x6 tridrive chasis with Cummins ISX15 (565 hp) engine with Spicer 792 transfer case, PTO, Eaton Fuller 9 speed transmission, 163,571 km (101,638 miles), 9712 hours (include both drilling and driving) and only 1475 air compressor hours  Price:  $325,000


Manufactured 1988, 825/350 air compressor, Cummins diesel deck engine, 12,000# winch, 7 rod carousel set up for 4-1/12” pipe, Bean 4 cylinder water injection pump, no oiler, Wilden diaphragm mud pump, mounted on 1988 Ford L8000 truck with Ford 210 hp diesel engine, complete with 300’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ x 3.5 Reg drill pipe, j wrench, petol wrench, bit basket, lifting plug, bushings  Price $100,000

Available at extra cost:  440’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ (2-7/8 IF) drill pipe, 6” hammer, 8” hammer, 6” drive hammer

DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#14326R

Manufactured 2003, American 4-1/2 x 5 FGAXG mud pump, mounted on Ford F750 4x4 with Cummins 5.9L ISB PTO engine (260 HP), air brakes, hydraulic bean pump, air oiler, 4 leveling jacks, hydraulic winch, tool boxes on deck, 11'4" stroke, 12,000# pulldown, 16,000# pullback, tophead slides and mast extends to run up to 20' casing, freshly rebuilt tophead (single motor with 5,000# torque), low hour unit in very good condition  Price:  $140,000---REDUCED TO $65,000



SCHRAMM T685WS-D REVERSE CIRCULATION RIG  (Ref#11678Ta)  Manufactured 2011, 30’ mast,  sliding angle mast, 93,700# pullback, 4 motor head, 1350/500 Sullair compressor with clutch, Detroit MTU 2000 diesel deck engine, hydraulic jib boom (exploration), 2 rod handling system for Matrix pipe, 9000# winch, sandline winch, Cat high pressure water injection, mounted on International 7600 8x4 truck with Maxforce 13 engine, no rod rack, set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ RC pipe  Price:  $750,000

SCHRAMM T685WS-D REVERSE CIRCULATION RIG  (Ref#11678Tb)  Manufactured 2011, 30’ mast,  sliding angle mast, 93,700# pullback, 4 motor head, 1350/500 Sullair compressor with clutch, Detroit MTU 2000 diesel engine, hydraulic jib boom (exploration), 2 rod handling system for Matrix pipe, 9000# winch, sandline winch, Cat high pressure water injection, mounted on tracked carrier, no rod rack, set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ RC pipe  Price:  $750,000

WALKER NEER S-310  (Ref#11499T)

Triple drum, 6-5/8 x 10’ x 50’ double pole, 250,000# pullback with third leg and 6 lines, mechanical clutches, 250 hp Cummins engine (natural gas or propane), 10,500’ depth capacity, mounted on tandem axle trailer, rebuilt sheaves, bearings, chains, sprockets and brakes, not set up for rotary 

Price:  $139,500 PRICE REDUCED: $102,500


Manufactured 2004, low hours. Mounted on Tandem Axle Kenworth T800 truck, diesel powered. 375 HP Cat C-15 engine. Hydraulic outriggers. Front axle: 16,000#, Rear axle: 46,000#. Hydraco tubing unit. Tubing reel capacity with 1 1/4" tubing: 3200m. Fassi Hydraulic Crane. 200 PSI x 300 CFM compressor, HYD330-200. 5 barrel capacity fuel tank. Control panel, gauges. 22,000# W/D-1500 H Injector head. Sunstrand 90 series hydraulic system. Located Texas.

Price: $375,000  REDUCED:  $245,000



480,000# holback, 80,000# pulldown, remote monitoring capabilities via internet, 12 trailer load (does not require crane to rig up or rig down)

4 man crew, self-reporting diagnositcs

Custom built, late model, 4G certified, built for purpose, small footprint, rapid mobilization- from arrival of first load at location to commencement of drilling is less than two days.
480,000# PULLBACK
1100 HP Rig Power:  (2) 515hp Cat C15 engines
480,000# holdback capacity
80,000# pulldown capacity
35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque
65’ x 40’ drill footprint
Mast:  500,000# mast, 98’ H x 8’ W x 7’ D
Substructure:  16’ high hydraulic leveling, self-supporting (no guide wires) mechanical outriggers
(2) winches 17K; 6K
Laydown line
Topdrive Carriage
480,000# holdback capacity
80,000# pulldown capacity
35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque
4” kelly line
Hydraulic bail extension/retraction
Mounted backup clamp and guide bell
Work platform for maintenance
Computer controlled lighting system
Control System:
Full computer based control system
Capability of accurately controlling bit weight, ROP, rotary speed, rotary torque, auxiliary functions
Fault Management
Touch screen interface
Remote monitoring capabilities via internet
Self-reporting diagnostics
Automatic mitigation of fault conditions with minimal loss of functionality
Full WITS Communication
Mud System:
(1) 600 kw generator sets
Pits (like new):   
(1) 62’ x 11’6” x 7 – 500 bbl mud shaker tank with (3) partitions
                (2) 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps p/b 75 hp electric motors
(1) 55’ x 11’6” x 7 – 300 bbl mud suction tank with (3) partitions
                (2) 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps p/b 75 hp electric motors
                800 bbl mud system
Bop Stack:
Double ram:  13 5/8”
Annular:  13 5/8”
Accumulator:  Koomey type 80 6-station, 210 gallon accumulator
Rotating Head:  Washington 1500 psi
Choke Manifold 5,000 psi 4-1/16” x 2” and (2) 2-1/16” adjustable chokes
Gas Separator:  10” flanged flow line, 4” flare line
Accessories/Pipe Handling Equipment:
7,000# jib crane, winch boom, rotate
17,000# main winch
Racking board (racks 11,880’ of 4-1/2” doubles, folds for transport
Quick Change Hydraulic Power Slips
Adjustable Height Tong Pulling System with Torque Limiting
Power Tongs: Varco SSW30 and 13-3/4” D & D  Power tongs
Catwalk:  42’ x 8’ x 42” with walkway
4 kw rig lighting system

PRICE: $3,400,000 PRICE REDUCED: $1,399,000 Or Best Offer


3 available in India. 1600 HP, rated pump speed 140 strokes per minute, maximum fluid cylinder liner bore 6-3/4", stroke 10", 10,000 PSI hydrostatic pressure of standard cylinder. 2.853 ratio of gears. 10" suction connection, 6" discharge connection. Valve pot mod .7., steel fluid ends, 5,000 psi pulsation dampener. Oilfield skid mounted. Performance Data: at 120 strokes per minute with 6-3/4" liners, pump will produce 4305 PSI and 574gpm. Set up for electric power.  Dimensions and weight: 84,000 lbs, 209"L x 113"W x 75"H. Built 1976.  Located India, removed from offshore drilling rig.

Package Price for all (3): $320,000
Price: $125,000 each
Available at additional cost: $30,000 for new spares (valued at $80,000 new cost)

Electric motors available at additional cost.

ZJ70LDB 2000HP DRILL RIG  (Ref#15720T

Manufactured 2009, well-maintained by large international contractor, currently stacked in Asia.  (Cost $10,000,000 USD new).  This is a complete turnkey package including tubulars and is ready for shipment.  Full inventory and photos available on request. 



Double drum 9/16” line, 4 axle carrier, workover fold outs sub ramps, Double BOP, weight indicator, complete tooling, Foster tongs, 80’ x 140,000# derrick, Detroit 6V71 diesel engine with 6 speed Allison transmission  Price $150,000
Also available miscellaneous support equipment (Ref#5832T):
6200’ of 3-1/2” x 15.50# drill pipe
(20) drill collars 4” – 6-1/2”
Misc 2-3/8” DP sucker rods and casing
(3) 40’ transportation floats
(1) International 7200D winch truck
(1) 30 bbl dual axle water tanker
Paystar 5000 pole truck with haul bed and winch
40’ tri-axle gooseeck trailer
Water well unit with derrick and power
3-axle pusher tailer
Peterbilt tractor with sleeper
Swivel with kelly
Wireline unit
14 oil tanks
3 pumps jacks
Fuel tank on (blue) drop deck
Trailer mounted generator set (green)
Misc tools/pars




2012 Western Star ta/tri, dd15 550hp, 26,000 miles, 18sp, 69,000 rears air ride, 20,ooolb frt, 445 x 22.5, hurricane 600 cfm @ 2000psi, WD3O Hydra rig injector, 30,000lb push/pull, Fassi f150c, mechanical counters, reel is 58” core x 72” wide x 9’ tall, approx 3600m of 1 ¼, 2600m of 1 ½, 2000m of 1 ¾ depending on weight allowance. 1791 hours on unit. Located Western Canada Price: $300,000 USD  PRICE REDUCED:  $285,000 USD


Mack chassis with 37,407 hours and 242,011 miles, manufactured 1995, 7,000,000 BTU, Propane fired, 75 barrel square tank, Centrifugal pump, Gardner Denver Triplex Pump, Bowie Load Pump, Sch. 40 Coils (3 years old – Will be Recertified), 500 gallon stacked propane tanks, Working lights, tank sight glass, operators control panel. Unit is currently operating in New Mexico. Price: $165,000 PRICE REDUCED: $115,000


Capacity at 1750 rpm 1400 gpm at 100 psi
SKF high pressure bearings, 4140 HT shaft, tungsten carbide mechanical sale
The “Extra Heavy” duty MCM 250 Series pump has been designed for the toughest jobs in drilling, production, well servicing, cleaning out pits, and other industrial applications.
Radiator cooled, Fuel tank, Controls, Gauges, Instrumentation
Suction hose, Discharge hose, starter, fuel tank
Powered by Cat 3208 diesel engine (300 hp)
Mounted on heavy duty oilfield base with lifting eyes
Completely cleaned, painted and reworked.  Excellent Condition
Protective frame not shown in photo
Overall dimensions:  127” long x 45” wide x 60” high – Weight 5,500 lbs.
Price:  $45,000

You can view video of the pump being tested at the links below:  video 2  video3  video4     video5