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Geoprobe 7730DT, 6630, 6620, 6600, 66DT, 5410, 5400, 4220, 4200
AMS Powerprobe 9630, 9600, 9580, CRS17C
Simco Earthprobe


DIRECT PUSH LIMITED ACCESS RIG  (Ref#7553R)  Stanley MB 156 hammer, 2001 Toro Tire Dingo, 3012 hours (as of June 2015), Kohler Command Pro 20 hp gas motor, set of standard solid tires for Dingo (which make the Dingo 40.5” wide), set of narrow solid tires (which make the Dingo 35” wide), overhead height is 10’  Price:  $49,500

Available at extra cost: 2006 TN Trailer


SHOP BUILT LIMITED ACCESS RIG (Ref#4890Ne) Unmounted, set up for direct push, crane, mat, all hydraulics   Price:  $19,500


HURRICANE DUAL SAMPLING SYSTEM  (Ref#2372R)  Auger head with 2” hex, 5000# of rotary torque (fence posts), separate probe head for direct push, Stanley MB165 hammer, Moyno 3L4 pump, 200 gal water tank, telescoping 15’ mast, (2) toolboxes, auger rack, mounted on 2000 Frd F550 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, PTO, 2 wheel drive, 157,288 miles  Price:  $39,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $25,000


GEOPROBE 7730DT  (Ref#13702R)  Manufactured 2005, direct push, no auto hammer, mounted on tracks, auger attachment, liner extractor, rod rack, 4 cyl Kubota diesel engine, plow blade in rear, 800 Nitrogen Charge PSI for hammer, 7’ stroke, remote, 6000 hours, well maintained  Price:  $80,000  OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 6630DT  (Ref#7593R)  Manufactured 2004, Kubota diesel engine, percussion hammer, track munted, remote control, no tooling  OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 6620DT  (Ref#12966R)  Manufactured 2006, 4 cyl John Deere engine, track mounted, no drop hammer, has remote control, 2712 hours, no tooling  OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 6620DT  (Ref#3796N) Two available, manufactured 2004 and 2007, well maintained, approx 1800 hours, track mounted, Kubota diesel engine, remote control, 2/8” probe rod, 2,000# winch, 66” stroke, auger head (optional)  Price:  $100,000 each OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 6610DT  (Ref#8832R)  Manufactured 2002, auto hammer, track mounted, Koubota engine, remote control, 66” stroke, (18) 5’ x 1.5” rods, (25) various heads, (5) 5’ x 2” rods Price:  $75,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $47,500


GEOPROBE 6610 (Ref#12018RB) Manufactured early 2000’s, track mounted with diesel engine, ready to go  Price on Request


GEOPROBE 6600 (Ref#14929RB) custom mounted on 2007 Chevy 3500  Price:  $55,000 


GEOPROBE 6600 (Ref#13198R) Manufactured 2006, less than 1500 hours, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 4x4, set up for water sampling with 1 ½” tooling  Price:  $85,000  OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 6600 (Ref#12406R) mounted on Ford F550 4x4 with new engine & trans, very low hours

Price on request


GEOPROBE 66DT  (Ref#9831R)  Manufactured 2002, Kubota diesel engine, auger attachment, no winch, set up for remote, approximately 2000 hours (as of October 2016), field ready, track mounted  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $39,500


GEOPROBE 66DT  (Ref#7057N)  Manufactured 2000, mounted on tracks, Koboda diesel engine, 5’ stroke, 2 probe standard hammer, used for auger and direct push, no tools, good running condition  Price:  $49,500  OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 66DT  (Ref#8784Rc)  Manufactured 1998, 4 cylinder diesel engine, mounted on rubber track crawler  Price:  $57,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $49,500


GEOPROBE 5410  (Ref#9508R)  Manufactured 2004, mounted on 2005 GMC Duramax 4 x 4 quad cab, Geoprobe direct push EC probe and processor, tooling, truck has fast idle switch, air bags, hyd oil cooler, 1 frost auger  Price:  $85,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $59,500


GEOPROBE 5410  (Ref#10766Ra)  mounted on 2001 Dodge D250 4 x 4 truck with 5.9 Cummins diesel engine, 6 speed manual transmission, 108,000 miles, new tires and rim in 2014  Price:  $39,500


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#14403Nb)  Manufactured 1999, mounted on 2006 Ford F350 flatbed truck, 11,400 miles, 6 ltr powerstroke diesel engine, micro core samples  Price:  $50,000


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#14403Nc)  manufactured 1995, unmunted  Price:  $19,000


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#9777T)  Manufactured 1996, mounted on 2002 Ford F250 4x4 with 7.3L Powerstroke, PTO, rebuilt hammer, 55 gal water tank, 7178 hours, toolboxes, automatic transmission, 32’ of tooling included  Price:  $45,000


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#2729R) 7.3L diesel deck engine, truck mounted  Price on Request


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#1307R)  Manufactured late 1990’s, mounted on Ford 4 x 4 truck, diesel engine, hammer  Price on Request


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#419Nc)  mounted on 1995 Ford F250 4x4 truck with 351 gas engine, PTO, no cathead  Price:  $28,500  OFF MARKET


GEOPROBE 5400 (Ref#9443Na) direct push, no remote, mounted on 1996 Ford F250 4x4 truck with 7.3L V8 Turbo diesel engine, 127,000 miles, truck does not run, missing door  Price:  $28,000


GEOPROBE 5400 (Ref#5692R) direct push unit, PTO, mounted on 1994 Ford F250 4x4 with gas engine  Price: $39,500  Price Reduced:  $31,500

Tools & augers available at extra cost


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#15053b)  Manufactured early 1990’s, truck mounted, fully tooled,  Price Open


GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#3440R)  Manufactured 1997, currently unmounted, 3142 hours on unit, wiggle tail, Geoprobe hammer, 2-1/4” Macro core samplers  Price:  $18,000


GEOPROBE 54DT  (Ref#8445R)  Manufactured 2000, 2867 hours (as of September 2015), track mounted (new tracks 2013), 4 cylinder diesel engine, wich, GH41 hammer (rebuilt), hyd line extruder, 4” tooling package comes with machine, very good condition mechanically, needs paint, ready to drill  Price:  $31,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $27,500


GEOPROBE 540B  (Ref#14403Na)  Manufactured 2002, unmounted, approx 1200 hours, 40’ x 1-1/4 rod  Price:  $35,000


GEOPROBE 4220 (Ref#3512R) only 1600 hours, new 20hp Honda gas engine, mounted on Kawasaki Mule, fully tooled  Price:  $30,000


GEOPROBE 4200  (ref#9443Nb)  direct push, no remote, mounted on Dodge 2500 truck, 145,000 miles,  Price:  $23,500


GEOPROBE 420M  (Ref#6514T)  Manufactured 2006, less than 100 hours, mounted on 1994 Ford F250 4 x 4 truck, GH42 hammer (recently rebuilt), truck has hyd pump under hood installed by Geoprobe, 42” stroke, bulkhead fittings mounted on rear bumper, truck has ramp and winch for loading and unloading, new tires, new engine at 85,000 miles, new radiator at 111,694 miles, 20’ of 1.25 probe rods, 3 large bore samplers, (2) 50’ hydraulic hoses, decontamination rack and vise, 120,798 miles  Price:  $21,500


GEOPROBE  (Ref#15034)  mounted on 1992 Chevrolet truck, new style hammer  Price:  $32,500


GEOPROBE NH  (Ref#10130R)  Manufactured 1985, trailer mounted, 4’ stroke, fairly good condition, hammer may need to be charged with nitrogen since it has been sitting for a few years  Price:  $14,500


GEOPROBE  (Ref#5448R)


AMS POWERPROBE 9630  (Ref#15050)  Manufactured 2004, direct push unit, mounted on 2004 Ford F550 truck, fully tooled 

Price rig only:  $115,000                                   Tooling:  $20,000                AMS heavy duty trailer:  $6,000


AMS POWERPROBE 9630  (Ref#3761R)  Manufactured 2003, no auger head, 80” stroke, mounted on 2003 Ford F450 4 x 4 truck with 6.0L diesel engine, currently being refurbished  Price:  $55,000


AMS POWERPROBE 9600  (Ref#4165R)  Manufactured 2001, mounted on 2001 Ford F550 truck wih rebuilt 7.3L diesel  Price:  $60,000


AMS POWERPROBE 9600DC  (Ref#3357Na)  Manufactured 1997, mounted on 1997Chevy 2500 4x4 extended cab truck with Cheyene 5.7 motor, manual trans, 160,000 miles , Isuzu diesel deck engine, SK38 hydraulic hammer, uses 4’ Geoprobe tooling (basic tooling comes with the rig)  Price:  $35,000 


AMS POWERPROBE 9600  (Ref#8727R)  direct push only, skid steer mounted, fits most skid steers, stored inside, (2) 4’ Micro core barrels, (2) 4’ rod  Price:  $23,500


AMS POWER PROBE 9630 EQUIPMENT PACKAGE (Ref#4082R)  Complete impressive setup to complete vacuum excavation, direct push, well installation, grading, site clearing and soil load outs on all types of sites.  2005 Track mounted 9635 Deluxe AMS Power Probe (4078 hrs), 2002 4x4 truck mounted Geoprobe 5400 (6800 hrs), Custom trailer mounted vacuum excavation unit (air knife), Trucks, Trailers and support equipment for confidential sale located in NE US.  All equipment and vehicles have been well taken care of and most were kept inside.  AMS probe is the most impressive setup you will ever see, mounted on a 2005 Takeuchi TL150 all terrain loader (3905 hrs) with a support trailer to keep tooling and materials close, equipped with the most powerful hammer 550 ft-lb and 5000 ft-lb auger motor available from AMS, capable of installing 2” wells via direct push or Hollow stem auger. AMS setup is transported by a 2001 Freightliner Tractor W/ Sleeper (688437 miles) in a 48 ft enclosed trailer that is fully equipped with lights, tools a bucket for grading and well materials, everything you could need onsite.  AMS rig can also be transported with the 2006 Winston equipment trailer that is included for smaller sites.   Geoprobe is mounted in a 2002 4x4 F250 super duty diesel (124096 miles) with water tank, boxes and tooling rack.  Vacuum excavation unit is powered by a 185 CFM Sullair air compressor with a Catarpillar engine (1623 hrs) and is capable of utilizing the trailer mounted vacuum containment unit or remote vacuum unit.  Support trucks are a 2007 4x4 Chevy Silvarado 3500 Diesel  flatbed (87537 miles) with SS boxes and king pin.  Other support truck is a 2000 4x4 GMC Sierra 3500 (166647 miles), new 454 engine, aluminum boxes, ladder rack and extra HD suspension. Too much extra trailers, equipment and tooling to list.  This package deal is everything you will need for a few years, except expendable materials, to complete direct push and well installation projects on a variety of sites, free training on all equipment.  Package deal is priced to sell and individual items will not be sold separately.  Price $415,000


POWERPROBE 96  (Ref#6340Tb)  Manufactured 2001, unmounted, new hydraulic pump, rebuilt, new tank and oil cooler, PTO  Price:  $9,000



Manufactured 2016, auto hammer, loaded  Price:  $197,000 – OFF MARKET


AMS CRS17 SONIC RIG  (Ref#14913R)  Manufactured 2010, mounted on AMS carrier, 293 hours on head with tooling  Price:  $325,000


AMS CRS17-C SONIC RIG  (Ref#8904R)  Manufactured 2009, low hours, top head drive Sonic head with 20,000# of force and can select sonic vibration mode or rotation mode, John Deere 404 5HF485 diesel engien, rod clamp, aux hoist, water swivel, Kerr water pump, mounted on tracked carrier  Price:  $210,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $200,000


HURRICANE DUAL SAMPLING SYSTEM (Ref#8610R) Manufactured 2000, PTO, mounted on 2000 Ford F550 2 wheel drive with diesel engine, 5200ft/lbs of rotary drilling power, 175 ft/lbs of probe impact energy, Stanley MB156 hammer, 50’ of HSA, 20’+ of push probe rod, fully tooled, currently working, ready to go  Price:  $70,000


SIMCO EARTHPROBE 200  (Ref#15533)  Manufactured 1997, Kohler 18 hp gas engine on deck, mounted on 1997 Ford F250 w/powerstroke diesel, good condition, no tools or augers  Price:  $40,000


SIMCO EARTHPROBE 200 (Ref#14456R) Manufactured 1995, mounted on 1995 Dodge Ram, all tools, 2 probe hammers, peristaltic pump, ready to go  Price:  $25,000


SIMCO EARTHPROBE 200 (Ref#4480N)  Manufactured 1994, mounted on 1995 Ford F250 truck, 18 hp Briggs & Stratton deck engine, 5.7 ltr V8 gas in truck, no tools  Price:  $20,000


SIMCO EARTHPROBE 200  (Ref#13552)  Manufactured 1994, unmounted, Kohler engine, no hour meter  Price:  $24,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $15,500


SIMCO EARTHPROBE 200 (Ref#6844RC) direct push unit, gas engine, mounted on Pug 4x4, (2) available  Price:  $21,000 each

Augers available at extra cost

(Ref#6844RD) 30’ of 12 ¼” ID HSA

                         55’ of 10 ¼” ID HSA

                          2” hex bits


SIMCO EARTHPROBE (Ref#12005RA) unmounted  Price on request