Double drum stacked drawworks with Twin Disc E216 16” type clutches, 15,000# single line pull, 18-1/2” x 4-1/2” double band type brakes, cathead.  Optional heavy duty 58’ x 90,000# capacity derrick with 56’3” clearance, drill string weight indicator, Failing 18” hinged 75 ton capacity oil bath rotary table, 9” OD x 8” ID x 14’ long round kelly bar, Failing 9” water course oil bath swivel, rig powered by 471 Detroit engine, 5 speed transmission, 6 part line on kelly drum, four part line on tripping drum.  Self priming Faiing Jet Eductor system with 6” x 8” 2600 gpm high pressure centrifugal pump used to draw flow via a vacumm for reverse drilling to depths of 400’ to 600’, when used in conjection with air lift depth capacity to 1000’, by closing an air valve on the system enables direct conventrial mud drilling to depths of 1000’, powered by Detroit 671 engine with over center clutch.  3 hydraulic outriggers, two screw jacks on table, mounted on low frame tandem axle trailer, no pipe or tooling  Price:  $185,000



Manufactured 2011, 30’ mast,  sliding angle mast, 93,700# pullback, 4 motor head, 1350/500 Sullair compressor with clutch, Detroit MTU 2000 diesel engine, hydraulic jib boom (exploration), 2 rod handling system for Matrix pipe, 9000# winch, sandline winch, Cat high pressure water injection, mounted on tracked carrier, no rod rack, set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ RC pipe  Price:  $750,000

SCHRAMM T685WS-D REVERSE CIRCULATION RIG  (Ref#11678Ta)  Manufactured 2011, 30’ mast,  sliding angle mast, 93,700# pullback, 4 motor head, 1350/500 Sullair compressor with clutch, Detroit MTU 2000 diesel deck engine, hydraulic jib boom (exploration), 2 rod handling system for Matrix pipe, 9000# winch, sandline winch, Cat high pressure water injection, mounted on International 7600 8x4 truck with Maxforce 13 engine, no rod rack, set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ RC pipe  Price:  $750,000


90,000# pullback, 17-1/2” rotary table, new rotary clutch, 300 hp Cummins deck engine, mounted on 1990 Dorsey flatbed
Trailer mounted Ingersoll Rand 375/125 air compressor
40’ pipe trailer, 6” x 40’ flanged pipe (680’), 6” flanged drill collars (60’), various bits and drilling accessories
Price:  $635,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $370,000

FAILING 2500CF  (Ref#10227T

failing 2500

Upgraded mast with 132,500# capacity, heavy duty Ewbanks rotary table, large standpipe and kelly for flooded reverse rotary drilling, Tier 3 diesel engnes, (2) Gardner Denver 5 x 10 mud pumps, mounted on 4 axle Crane Carrier  Price:  $295,000

FAILING JED-A  (Ref#11680T

Manufactured 1970’s, trailer mounted, Cummins engine, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 18” rotary table, no compressor, no drill pipe Price on Request


Manufactured 1989, Rebuilt 2013, 2 line, kelly line 6 part, hoisting line 4 part, 20’6” flange kelly, mounted on 1989 Peterbilt 425 hp Cat, Cummins engine on deck  Price:  $215,000


Set up for reverse circulation, Manufactured 1976, 48’ mast, 6” x 24’ kelly, 40,000# hookload, has drilled 830’ x 26” hole, trailer mounted, 600’ of 6” x 20’ flange drill pipe, good condition, currently drilling  Price $225,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $150,000


Manufactured 1984, mud/flooded reverse, 2400 ft/lb torque tophead, tilts horizontal for making connections, (2) Mission Magnum 3 x 4 x 13 centrifugal mud pumps, LeRoi 253-S2B air compressor, 55,000# pulling capacity, pulldown chains, 36’ derrick rated for 100,000# (handles up to 25’ casing), single drum drawworks with 15,000# (60,000# on 4-part oline, 22 ton traveling block), cathead, safety line, mounted on 1997 Mack p/b Mack CL713 reconditioned diesel engine (427 hp), engien brake, 8 speed Eaton transmission w/deep reduction selector, PTO, 6” ID through swivel and tophead.
Custom pipe trailer (designed by GEFCO) with slide and battery or truck powered crane
590’ of 6-5/8” OD x 20’ Hacker thread drill pipe
200’ of 2” tremmie pipe
1-1/4 SCH 4-0 pic airline and couplers, extra fittings
Tool chest
6” ID dual helix discharge hose, 2” air hose, 4” suction hose with screen
20’ – 6” x .25 flow pipe, elbows, I-beams
Breakout tongs, slides, J hook, 16” and 14” heavy duty elevators, 20’ 10k drill collar, 32” drag bit, 28” Moab tri-cone roller bit, 19” TCI bit, 15” roller bit, swab, lifting bail
Price:  $410,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $315,000

Available at extra cost:
Sullair 375H air compressor (5,554.4 hours w/John Deere engine) 150 psi

GARDNER DENVER 1700  (Ref#7551R) 

Manufactured 1980, hydraulic bailing drum, 5-1/2 x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump with new fluid end, new pump clutch, new rotary clutch, chain pulldown, 10” rotary table, mounted on 2002 Western Star, 10 speed transmission, pipe rack, air clutches, new 2” Little Giant swivel, new 4” x 24’ fluted kelly, 44’ derrick with flanges for extension, can easily be rigged up for reverse circulation  Price:  $260,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $225,000


All hydraulic, 2” ring gear with Delmax motor), 6 cyolinder Cummins diesel deck engine, 2 winches, 4 section 25’ kelly bar with 3.5” kelly, 95’ total length, hosewinder with 1500’ new 2” layflat red hose, operator and helper seats in rear, hydraulic oil cooler, mounted on 1990 International Navistar with 6 cylinder diesel engine, 13 speed transmission, air brakes, good tires, complete with an 8” reverse air lift system for flooded reverse, 380’ of 8” x 20’ flange pipe (8 bolts), 24” drag bit, 30” bucket  Price:  $340,000


Manufactured 1977, triple drum drawworks, rebuilt one year ago, trailer mounted, Detroit diesel engine, 35’ derrick, 30” opening table, 6” centrifugal pump, 6” x 18’ kelly, 2012 Sullair 375/150 air compressor (less than 200 hours)  Price:  $200,000
Drill pipe available at extra cost.


Manufactured 1976, overhauled in 2013, no air compressor, Detroit diesel deck engine, mounted on 1999 Intrernational 9100 tractor with diesel engine, 18’ long kelly, 34” ID turntable, (29) 10’ long drill pipe and (5) 15’ long drill pipes, hopper, bits  Price:  $200,000

a) CHALLENGER 320 REVERSE CIRCULATION DRILL RIG, double drum, year 1984, mounted on 5 axle Crane Carrier, 150,000# hook load, set up for reverse circulation drilling, generator on deck for doghouse/rig lighting, new swivel, new kelly, new engine, new transmission  Price:  $495,000
b)  SULLAIR 1150/900 CFM AIR COMPRESSOR 1150 cfm @ 300 psi, low hours, mounted on enclosed 3 axle trailer, California State carb complient  Price:  $185,000
c)  Doghouse mounted on 45’ trailer with 500 gal fuel tank and work table, loaded with tools, welder, and rig tooling  Price:  $37,500
d)  1500’ of 6-5/8” FH Range II drill pipe with 5” ID, (1) 10” slick drill collar with 6-5/8” FH connections, (2) 42’ pipe trailers  Price:  $95,000

SCHRAMM T685WS-C  (Ref#10786R) 

Reverse circulation, sliding angle drilling rig, manufactured 2006, Dual stage 1150/500 Sullair compressor with clutch (900/500 and 1,150/350), 93,000# pullback, tophead has 106,000 in-lbs torque, Cummins QSK19-C Tier 1 deck engine (755 hp), 30’ sliding angle mast to drill holes up to 45 degrees from vertical, swing-out style control panel on side of rig, 22” hinged table opening , 60” adjustable pipe wrench, 0-5 gal/hr air operated DTH tool lubricator, jib boom to handle pipe at angles of 45 degrees (140 degree swing, extends 40”, 1,000# capacity vertical pull), 9,600# Braden PD12C winch, foam injection (diaphragm type electric pulse pump injects foam into intake manifold of water injection pump), 35 GPM bean water injection pump, no pipe rack, 2.375” hydraulically operate blowdown valve, Side inlet swivel, set up for 4.5” x 20” RC pipe, mounted on international 7600 8x4 truck, Cummins ISM-400 engine (400hp).  All equipment have been well maintained by large contractor, all major components changed based on hours suggested by Schramm and were not changed due to failure of components.  New unit costs $1.4mm  Price:  $795,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $595,000

SCHRAMM T450  (Ref#1069N

Manufactured 1986, Fully rebuilt, Reverse Circulation, Sliding Angle Mast, 615 Welco casing hammer, 600/300 air compressor, Detroit 671 diesel on deck, mounted on 1989 Mack Superliner w/V8 Mack diesel engine, 2 cyl Bean water injection, hammer oiler, hydraulic breakout wrench, hydraulic pulldown, 4 jacks, rebuilt tophead, engine, new chain on hoist, new clutch on compressor  head  Price:  $170,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $130,000

BOART LONGYEAR DB540  (Ref#8851T)  Manufactured 2003, Deutz diesel engine water cooled, crawler mounted, 5-1/2” RC swivel and pipe  Price:  $135,000


ZAHORI 1206 REVERSE CIRCULATION RIG, top head drive, manufactured 1996, 90,000# pullback, trailer mounted and powered by a brand new Deutz diesel engine with 300 hours which is compliant to California EPA rules. 
Compare Holman 750/300 air compressor powered with Cat 3306 DITA Industrial engine (unit is mounted on rig)
Light plant
Back hoe
960’ of pipe:  380’ (19 jts) smooth pipe, 580’ (29 jts) air pipe
All tooling including bits, hoses, fishing tools and everything else you may need.
Has drilled 820’ depth x 24” diameter hole in Califonria
Price:  $375,000

SPEEDSTAR 70K  (Ref#12059) 

Manufactured 1982, 900/350 GHH air compressor, 8V92TA Detroit diesel engine, mounted on 4-axle Crane Carrier with 8V71 Detroit engine, Jake brakes, 9 speed transmission, DLL, tophead drive, drill direct or flooded reverse, 4 leveling jacks, dual breakout rams, pipe spinner, Cat injection pump, down hole oiler, 4 part blocks w/70,000# capacity hydraulic driven, 42’ derrick, 100,000# capacity, 10,000# service winch, (2) 100 gal fuel tanks, includes 1000’ 5-1/2” x 30’ lightweight pipe and reverse swivel
Price:   $375,000  Price Reduced:  $235,000


Drills 405’ with 26” bit,, 200’ with 36” bit
HD Engineering HD325P RC drill on tracks, less than 4,000 hours, Cat C7 engine, 90,000# overall weight, 44,000# torque, 12,000# main winch, 5,000# aux winch
Price for rig:  $450,000

Available at extra cost:
RC dual wall pipe (10-3/4” outer, 6” inner): 18 jts of 20’, 1 jt of 15’
Standard drill pipe (28 joints – 30’ each)
20’ x 24” stabilizer
Numa 210 hammer
(2) RC 210 – 26” drill bits (1,000 hours)
(1) RC 210 – 21” drill bit (new)
Numa 300 hammer
RC 300 (36”) drill bit (4 hours)
(4) air compressors mounted on 45’ trailer:  (2) Doosan 1170/350 with 19,645 hours (rebuilt at 19,000 hours) and 18,500 hours (rebuilt at 18,000 hours) and (2) Doosan 1070/350 (4900 and 4,800 hours), plus air manifold to support 4 compressors
Loadsafe/pipe handler (new)
Many extras including:  30” and 20” diverters, 25 gpm Bean pump, 5 gpm Bean pump, 4-1/2” DP slip, 6” DC slip, RC crossover, standard stinger, crossover subs, 4 standard roughtneck jaws, 36” hole reamer, hoses, flowlines, wrenches, drill stands and more
Price for all:  $2,050,000


on M4 Military tracks, built 1989, set up for reverse circulation, runs 10’ pipe  Price:  $265,000

DANDO MULTITEC 9000  (Ref#15055R

Manufactured 2013, only 550 hourws (as of Sept 30, 2015), 20,000# weight, mounted on crawler base, 18’ height, 11.5’ travel, 20,000# hoist force, 13,000# feed force, double clamps 60m – 250mm diameter, FMC LO618 triplex piston pump (36 gpm/700 psi) for coring, oiler for DTH, 4 leveling jacks, cyclone reverse circulation, comes with 500m of 3” lightweight pipe (300m brand new), located Canada  Price:  USD$285,000 PRICE REDUCED: $250,000 USD


Reverse circulation, 45 – 90 degree angle drilling, manufactured 2010, 1000’ depth with 3-1/2” drill pipe, Perkins diesel engine, rubberized steel track (radio controlled), 12’ stroke, 15,400# pullback, 7,500# pulldown, 20’6” mast length, 0-85 rpm top drive, 2500 hours, rod handling system, 600’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe  Price:  $205,000

CUBEX QXR 913  (Ref#8071R

Reverse Circulation, manufactured 1997, completely reworked and more similar to 920 Series, 900/350 air compressor, angle mast (not sliding), Cat C15 (600 hp) deck engine, (rebuilt with less than 1000 ours, extended frame, 13’ rod changer, many extra parts and spares included  Price:  $140,000


2 available, manufactured 2008 – 2009, 130’ x 700,000#, electric fluid system 3000 GPM, 3 / 250hp pumps, electric air compressor Sullair silent type rotary screw, power requirements: actual power demand is 500 KW or less.

Electric Series Rigs were designed and built in 2008 – 2009.  These rigs are totally electric-powered including the drawworks, fluid pumping and air systems.  Each includes its own electric substation that is set up near the power company’s overhead power lines.  This substation safely accepts any voltage available at the location and distributes power to our equipment through heavy duty, over current and ground fault protected mining cable up to two miles away.

Can drill deep wells in excess of 10,000’ and has drilled 24” diameter x 3,000’
PRICE:  $5,500,000 EACH