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CME 850X (Ref#2712T) 

Manufactured 2006, Cummins QSB 5.9 engine, hydrostatic track drive, steel grouser/belt, 3L10 Moyno pump, 2 5/5 hydraulic chuck – fluted Kelly, 8500 main winch, 3500 aux winch, 1800 aux winch,100 wire line winch, (2) 130 gal water tanks, rod holder arm, 140# auto hammer, cat head, 10’ rod storage rack, front and side casing/auger rack  Price:  $154,500

CME 850  (Ref#11681T) 

Manufactured 1996, new Cummins 4B engine with less than 300 hours, 4000 rig hours, all hoses and wiring replaced 2008, Longyear auto chuck, Bean pump, breakout table, hyd jacks, no cathead, no auto hammer, track mounted, final drive on tracks new  Price:  $109,500  CME auto hammer available

CME 850 (Ref#11920N)


Manufactured 1997, Cummins deck engine, track mounted, in-out and side to side slide base, 23’ quick disconnect mast, angle capability, 140# auto hammer, breakout wrench, no cathead, Moyno 3L6 pump, 3 hoists, water tank, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks 

Price:  $135,000

CME 850 (Ref#14424R)

Manufactured 1987, crawler mounted, dual water tanks, 4 cylinder Cummins diesel engine, 140# auto hammer, angle capability, quick disconnect mast, 3 hoists, 3L6 Moyno pump, in-out and side to side slide base, cathead, pipe racks, toolboxes, auger racks, 3 hyd leveling jacks, good condition, new tooling included  Price:  $70,000 PRICE REDUCED: $45,500

CME 850  (Ref#4782T

Angle drilling capability, manufactured 1986, 6 cylinder Cummins diesel engine, mounted on track carrier, 30’ mast, in/out side to side slide base, breakout table, breakout wrench, auto SPT hammer, wireline,  winches, 175 gal water tank, 5292 hours  Price:  $55,000

CME 850 (Ref#1345R)

Manufacuted 1986, 2 winches, wireline, cathead, Moyno 3L6 pump, auto hammer  Price:  $115,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $70,000

CME 850  (Ref#5897T) 

Manufactured 1972, Moyno pump, mounted on ATV buggy carrier powered by Ford 300 6-cyl gas engine, PTO, CME autohammer, cathead, in/out slide base, 3 leveling jacks, auger racks, large tool box, water tank, 3 winches, quick disconnect tower  Price:  $89,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $74,500
2001 Freightliner FL70 with diesel engine and 31' Roge trailer available at extra cost.

CME 750  (Ref#6563T) 

Manufactured 1993, new diesel engine, angle capabilities, Moyno pump, mounted on ATV carrier, wireline winch, 3 additioal winches, fluted kelly, in/out slide base, breakout table, breakout wrench, hydraulic clutch, new tires  Price:  $163,500

CME 750  (Ref#11475Tb) 

Manufactured 1992, ATV, Cummins diesel engine (low hours), 3 winches, 3L8 Moyno pump, auto hammer, hyd rod holder, breakout wrench, 34’ mast, in/out slide base, cathead, quick disconnect for low clearance conditions, fresh paint  Price:  $119,500

CME 750  (Ref#7909Tb) 

Manufactured 1991, approx. 2000 hours, L6 Moyno pump, top mount water swivel, mounted on ATV carrier, 6 cyl Cummins, wireline, Pullmaster winch, 2 aux winches, in/out slide base, angle package, breakout table, rod holder, 3 jacks.  Rebuilt fuel pump, engine runs very good, new ignition switches front and rear, new starter solenoid, slave cylinder for clutch, new control levers.  Repairs still needed:  all hydraulic hoses replaced (6 or so already done), cleaning up and freshening up functions,   Price $62,500

CME 750  (Ref#11682T) 

Manufactured 1990, Cummins 6 cyl diesel engine, mounted on ATV rubber tire carrier, breakout table, breakout wrench, auto SPT hammer, 3 winches, wireline, 30’ mast, in/out slide base, no wiggletail, 9817 hours (as of August 2017), professionally refurbished in August 2017, 400 hours since rebuilt  Price:  $82,500

CME 750  (Ref#8627Ta

Manufactured 1974, Detroit 453 diesel engine, mounted on rubber tire ATV carrier, cathead, new radiator, SPT hammer, auger rack, in/out slide base, front winch, 3 jacks  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $39,500

CME 550 (Ref#11223T)

Manufactured 2003, angle capable, quick disconnect spindle adaptor, mounted on rubber tired ATV, new engine, 140# hammer, 45” flotation tires, air compressor with dryer, 26’ mast, 84 gpm water pump, hydraulic rod holder, good condition  Price $170,000

CME 550X  (Ref#10862T

Manufactured 2002, Mounted on 2002 International 4800 with DT466 engine, Cummins deck engine, Moyno 3L6 pump, 24’ mast, breakout wrench, in-out and side to side slide base, auto hammer, angle capability 45 degree, 3 winches, plus wireline, 3 leveling jacks, 67,000 miles  Price:  $179,500 PRICE REDUCED: $161,500

CME 550X  (Ref#6880T) 

Manufactured 1995, angle capability, mounted on ATV Carrier Cummins diesel engine, 3L6 Moyno, auto hammer, breakout wrench, in/out and side to side slide base, winches, approx 8700 hours  Price:  $115,000 PRICE REDUCED: $89,500

CME 550  (Ref#253T

Manufactured 1987, 4 cylinder Cummins diesel engine, 4 speed tranmission, mounted on CME ATV carrier 4 x 4, 3 hoists, wireline, 3200# and 1800# lbs, 3L6 Moyno, cathead, (3) 36” jacks, auto hammer, front winch, rig runs but transfer case could use repair  Price:  $19,500

CME 550 (Ref#8694RA)

Manufactured 1986, 300 Ford Industrial gas deck engine, mounted on CME buggy 4 x 4, 1 winch, in-out slide base, 3 leveling jacks, cathead, (2) toolboxes, auger rack, 1216 hours,  no Moyno, no tools or augers available  Price:  $40,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $19,500

CME 450  (Ref#3754R

Manufactured 1975, 4 cyl gas/propane engine, angle package Moyno 3L4 pump, quick disconnect tower, cathead, 2 winches, 2 onboard water tanks, mounted on ATV rubber tire carrier, newly painted  Price:  $45,000 PRICE REDUCED: $29,500

CME 95 AUGER RIG  (Ref#9080T

Manufactured 1994, 37’ mast, 3 hoists (2 @ 4000 lb and 1 @ 12,000 lb), wireline, twin 3L8 Moyno pumps, Bean pump, rod holder, breakout wrench, auto hammer, safety brake, 2 hydraulic auger racks, 500 gall SS water tank, mounted on 1994 Ford LTS8000 truck, 26,000 miles, 3100 rig hours, great condition  Price on Request

CME 95  (Ref#4732R

Manufactured 1989, 7,250 hours (Jan 2013), air line for air tools, 3J King water swivel, CME 1800# wireline installed, Cat 3208T diesel deck engine (250 hp), slide base, wiggle tail,  rig and truck sandblasted and painted 2003, quick tower disconnect for low clearance drilling, automatic CME 140# auto hammer, hydraulic breakout wrench and rod jaws, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, driller’s platform, hydraulic auger racks, removable custom toolbox for left auger rack, mounted on 1984 Mack RD686S  4 axle truck with pusher axle, new steer tires, Cummins diesel engine,  

Price:  $200,000 PRICE REDUCED: $165,000

CME 95  (Ref#6305N

Manufactured 1988, deck engine: Cat 636 cu in 8 cylinder turbocharged liquid-cooled diesel engine rated at 250 hp (8,520 hours), mounted on 1993 Freightliner with 534,300 miles, Cat 3406B engine, Jake Brake, Fuller 9 speed transmission, includes (15) 8-1/4” inside diameter augers in 5’3” sections and adapters (79.5’ total), hydraulic system on rig has been reworked, transmission 4-speed forward, 4 speed reverse power shift transmission with hydraulically actuated clutches and torque converter, 31,000 ft/lb max rotary torque , fully tooled, lots of drillig supplies

Price, bare rig: $195,000

Price complete:  $220,000 

CME 85  (Ref#6590T

Manufactured 1993, Mounted on 2008 International 7400 tandem axle truck with International diesel engine, auto hammer with 140# slug, slide base, 35000 actual miles, new hydraulic hoses, Cummins diesel on deck (7961 hours), 22900 ft/lb torque, 530 rpm, Moyno 3L8 pump, FMC A0413 piston pump, 4 hoists, 10,000# derrick 24’, (2) 4000 lb aux hoist, wireline hoist with cable, cathead hoist, rod vice and rod wrench, 800 gal stainless steel water tank, dual hydraulic auger racks, deck mounted toolboxes, 3 hydraulic jacks   Price:  $195,000

CME 75  (Ref#14922T)  Manufactured 2002, mounted on 2003 Freightliner tandem axle truck (approx. 54000 miles), 3 tower winches, front bumper winch 20,000# pull, breakout wrench, hydraulic rod holder, 3L6 Moyno pump, Cummins deck engine, 225 gal water tank, hydraulic auger rack, auto SPT hammer, rig and truck in excellent condition  Price:  $189,500


Manufactured 2002, overhauled Dec 2015, Cummins diesel deck engine, mounted on 2000 International 4 x 4 truck with Cummins diesel (ex-government truck), 3L8 Moyno, 140# auto hammer, breakout, rod clamp, 8500# winch, 3500# winch and wireline winch, truck has its own winch in-out / side to side slide base, 250 gal water tank, (3) 36” jacks, new hoses, cylinders repacked, 8700 hours, 175,000 miles, no augers  Price:  $220,000

CME 75HT  (Ref#10445R

Manufactured 1997, Completely rebuilt 2015, Tier 4 Cummins diesel engine (Approx 300 hours), new hydraulic hoses, 3L8 Moyno pump, automatic hammer, down hole hammer, safety driver, water tank, mounted on 2014 Freightliner M2 with Cummins diesel engine, only 25000 miles (as of April 2016), automatic transmission, main hoist, wireline hoist, 450 gallon water tank, toolboxes  Price:  $170,000

CME 75  (Ref#12820R

Manufactured 1998, approx. 3650 hours (May 2017), cathead, automatic hammer, 2 winches, Moyno 3L6, hydraulic breakout wrench, 250 gal water tank, hydro auger rack, toolboxes, mounted on Ford F800 4 x 2 single axle truck approx. 78,600 miles (May 2017), 3 leveling jacks, in/out and side to side slide base, 22’ mast, quck mast disc 5000 lbs., excellent condition, ready to work  Price $165,000

CME 75  (Ref#1219T) 

Manufactured 1994, Cummins deck engine, in/out and side to side slide base, no cathead, auto hammer, 3L8 Moyno pump, breakout, 33’ mast with breakway, 6’ stroke, 1 front and 2 rear leveling jacks, mounted on 1991 International 4800 4 x 4 truck with DT466 engine on truck  Price:  $120,000


CME 75  (Ref#6299T

Manufactured 1989, Detroit diesel deck engine (rebuilt), auto hammer, breakout table, fluted kelly, hyd chuck, winch, 3 x 2 Mission pump, slide base, wiggle tail, mounted on 1989 Ford F900 tandem axle truck with Cummins diesel engine, currently working, water tank 

Price:  $139,500 PRICE REDUCED: $84,500

CME 75HT  (Ref#11212Tb)  

Manufactured 1989, 3L8 Moyno pump, 8.3L  Cummins on deck, mounted on 1989 Ford F900 tandem axle truck, 8 speed Eaton transmission, side to side slide base, 600 gal water tank  Price:  $79,500

CME 75 HT  (Ref#11212Ta)  

Manufactured 1988, 300 6 cylinder gas deck engine, mounted on single axle 2004 International 4400 truck with DT466 diesel engine, 158,500 miles, 32,900# GVWR, 10 speed Eaton transmission, heat/AC, cruise control, 3L6 Moyno pump, side to side slide base, 3 hydraulic jacks, auto hammer, 3 hoists, 1800#, 3200#, 8000#, storage boxes, auger rack, 200 gal water tank  Price:  $89,500

CME 75  (Ref#14789T) 

Manufactured 1987, 4 cyl gas deck engine, cathead, 2 winches, Moyno 3L6 pump, mounted on 1988 Ford 750 tandem axle truck (needs replacing), rig is in good condition  Price:  $37,500

CME 75  (Ref#7781T) 

Manufactured 1987, Ford 6 cyl diesel engine, 300 gal water tank, rebuilt transmission, cathead, needs new mud pump and new water pump, 3 winche, slide base, wiggle tail, mOunted on 1985 Ford F800 truck, (truck is very clean), new Cat 3208 (with 5,000 miles), 104,000 total miles, 13 sp Roadranger transmission, 44,000# rear, (12) 5’6” hardened augers, (2) bits, (1) fishtail, (1) carbide slip, misc tools  Price:  $57,500 PRICE REDUCED: $47,500 

CME 75  (Ref#11673T)

Manufactured 1985, 6 cyl air cooled Deutz diesel engine, mounted on 2006 Sterling Actera 6500 with Cummins diesel engine, 37,000 miles, cathead, 3CL10 and 3L6 Moyno progressive cavity mud pumps, 2 new winches  Price:  $135,000

CME 75  (Ref#14442T)  Cummins deck engine, angle capable, in/out and side to side slide base, water tank, Moyno pump, mounted on Ford 700 tandem axle 2WD truck with diesel engine, no auto hammer, cathead, no tools or augers  Price:  $139,500

CME 75  (Ref#10810T

Manufactured 1983, rebuilt transmission, right angle gear box and rotary box, mounted on 2006 International 8600 truck with 500k miles and Cat diesel engine, in out sliding base, , breakout table, breakout wrench, angle drill, 3 winches, auto hammer, 3L8 Moyno pump, hydraulic auger rack, rod holder, 3 x 4 Mission pump, water tank, Ford diesel engine on rig, 3 leveling jacks  Price:  $154,500 PRICE REDUCED: $114,500

CME 75  (Ref#13326T)  Unmounted, Ford 300 6 cylinder engine,  Moyno 3L8, wiggle tail, slide base, auto hammer, tandem hyd pump, 4 winches, Longyear chuck, auger rack, breakout wrench, quick disconnect mast, toolbox  Price:  $67,500

CME 75  (Ref#3911R

Manufactured 1981, 300 Ford gas on deck, mounted on Ardco K articulating buggy with 4 cylinder Detroit diesel engine, 3L6 Moyno pump, cathead, 2 jacks, 1 winch, in/out slide base, fresh paint 

Price:  $44,500 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

CME LC60  (Ref#1277Ta) 

Parts rig, undercarriage, slide base, 4 rams, derrick, includes hydraulic tank and plenty of misc spare parts, no hydraulic pumps, no winches, no auto hammer, in pieces  Price:  $8,500

CME 55  (Ref#3161T

Manufactured 2007, track drill with new tracks, automatic SPT hammer, diesel engine  Price:  $180,000 PRICE REDUCED: $165,000

CME 55LC  (Ref#11679T)

Manufactured 2003, low clearance track rig, new tracks, high torque, set up to core rock, 22” QD mast, spindle adapter, 36gpm water pump, 140# auto hammer, hydraulic rod holder, 18” tracks, in-out and side to side slide base, rock core set up 

Price:  $155,000 PRICE REDUCED: $124,500

Tools & auger available at additional cost

CME 55  (Ref#11711T

Manufactured 2000, Cummins diesel engine, 3L8 Myno pump, mounted on 300 carrier with high torque rotary box, 2 winches, wireline, angle drilling, autohammer, hyd rod holder, breakout wrench, wireless remote  Price:  $152,500

CME 55 (Ref#6938T)

Manufactured 1986, gas engine on deck, mounted on 1985 Ford F700 4 x 4 truck with gas engine, Moyno pump, auger rack, auto hammer, slide base, augers, split spoons  Price:  $49,500

CME 55  (Ref#3158T

Manufactured 1985, auto SPT hammer, (2) 3000# winches, Rupp pump, 30’ mast, in/out and side to side slide base, 6 cyl Ford gas engine, mounted on 1995 GMC Top Kick, 124,000 miles  Price:  $46,500

CME 55  (Ref#7926T) 

300 Ford Industrial gas on deck, 3L6 Moyno, in/out slide base, wiggle tail, main winch, 2 aux winches, mounted on 1990 International 2400 truck with 400 Cummins, new trainsmission and differentials, rod holder, breakout wrench, auto hammer  Price:  $74,500

CME 55  (Ref#3611N) 

Manufactured 1983, mounted on 1989 International truck with diesel engine, Ford Industrial gas engine on deck, no auto hammer, no breakout wrench, cathead, Moyno pump, water injection, 3 hoists, 1 front and 2 rear leveling jacks, water tank, bare rig, no tools or augers 

PRICE: $65,000 PRICE REDUCED: $59,500

CME 55  (Ref#10854Ta)  Manufactured 1983, 6 cyl gas deck engine, mounted on 2005 Ford F650 truck with Cat diesel engine, no Moyno pump, 2 winches, auto hammer, in/out slide base, 2 rear jacks, 197,000 miles  Price:  $34,500

CME 55  (Ref#426Ta

Manufactured 1980, Moyno 3L6 pump, 6 cyl Ford Industrial deck engine, slide base in-out and side to side, mounted on Ford 700 truck with Cummins diesel, 3 leveling jacks  Price:  $35,000

CME 55  (Ref#426Tb)  Manufactured 1979, parts rig, Moyno 3L6 pump, slide base in-out and side to side, Ford Industrial deck engine, International truck  Price:  $22,000

CME 55  (Ref#11729Ta) 

Manufactured 1978, Wisconsin gas deck engine, in/out slide base, cathead, water pump, Moyno pump, water tank, no angle, no auto hammer, mounted on 2000 International tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $54,500 

CME 55  (Ref#10854Tb) 

Manufactured 1973, 6 cyl gas 300 deck engine, mounted on 1998 Ford F800 truck with Cummins engine, no Moyno pump, 2 winches, cathead, in/out slide base, 2 rear jacks, 158,000 miles  Price:  $29,500

CME 55  (Ref#8775R

Manufactured 1970, Ford 6 cyl gas on deck, no hour meter, mounted on Marooka MST800 carrier  Price:  $50,000

CME 55  (Ref#1090T

Manufactured 1967, older rig but runs, no angle capability, Ford 300 gas deck engine, in/out slide base, cathead, no autohammer, 2 winches, Moyno pump, auger racks, mounted on 1978 Chevy C65 truck with gas engine, 3 hyd leveling jacks  Price:  $18,500

CME 45C  (Ref#7909Ta

Manufactured 2008, diesel deck engine, mounted on 2004 International 4300 truck with diesel engine, Moyno pump, autohammer, angle package, 3 winches, wiggle tail, 3 jacks  Price:  $149,500

CME 45C  (Ref#10688T

Manufactured 2000, Deutz 57 hp air cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine, 18’ mast, angle capabilities, in/out side to side slide base, 435 Bean pump, 140# autohammer, 3200# main hoist, front auger rack, wireline, recovery winch, mounted on Morooka rubber track carrier with Deutz 4 cyl engine, 2 side toolboxes, 3 rod racks  Price:  $120,000

CME 45C  (Ref#6167T) 

Manufactured 1998, angle capability, mounted on CME 300 carrier, rebuilt Deutz diesel engine with 2000 hours, remote control, auto hammer, 3L6 Moyno, in/out and side to side slide base, no rod holder  Price:  $119,500

CME 45B  (Ref#12664R) 

Manufactured 1997, Deutz diesel on deck, mounted on 1993 Ford 4 x 4 truck with 429 gas engine, no mast, no winches, no auto hammer, basic rig  Price:  $37,500

CME 45B  (Ref#8627Tb

Manufactured 1984, Hercules gas engine on deck, cathead, in/out slide base, 3 jacks, front winch, mounted on 1994 Ford F700 truck with Ford gas engine, 2 wheel drive, automatic transmission  Price:  $39,500 PRICE REDUCED: $34,500

CME 45B  (Ref#13336T)  Manufactured 1976, mounted on 1998 Chevy 3500 4x4 truck, Ford 174 Industrial gas engine, 350 V8, 5 speed transmission, no auto hammer, cathead, mainline, wireline, in-out slidebase, Moyno 3L6, 3 hyd jacks  Price:  $29,500

CME 45C  (Ref#4113Ra

Manufactured 1975, 3L6 Moyno pump, skid rig trailer mounted, cathead, 4000# winch, fron winch for skidding  Price:  $49,500

CME 45B  (Ref#9380R

Manufactured 1974, Ford 6 cylinder 300 cu in gas on deck, mounted on Marooka MST800 carrier with diesel engine, in/out slide base, hydraulics for auto hammer but no auto hammer included, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, no Moyno pump, no water tank, no tooling.  Refurbished and painted 3 years ago  Price:  $57,000


Manufactured 2006, track mounted, limited access rig, brand new hydraulic pump, 3L4 Moyno pump, 6’ stroke, 35 HP Vangard gas engine (new August 2017), suction and bypass hoses, water swivel (new July 2017), extra hydraulic fittings for rig, 4000# winch, 34” wide, includes trailer (2 new axles, 4 new tires), 120’ rod (little smaller than 3”), casing, hammer & bits, aluminum mud pan, 60’ casing, will include gas power tripod.   

Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500

MOBILE B-5500 (Ref#3565R

Manufactured 1995, mounted on 1996 Ford L8000 tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 125,000 miles, multi-purpose dual speed top drive (14,000 ft/lb) drill for augering, mud rotary, or water coring (700 rpm).  Long stroke mast (can use casing system or casing hammer), 18” auger capacity, 24” rotary capacity, hydraulic driven 5 x 6” mud pump, Moyno grout pump, water tank  Price:  $85,000

MOBILE B-4300 (Ref#11619R)

Manufactured 1998, PTO, mounted on 1998 Ford F800 4x4 with Cummins engine, Sullair 375cfm air compressor, Moyno 3L8 pump, rod rack, jib boom, Mobile Safe-T-Driver, rebuilt high torque & high speed coring head assemble, 300’ of 3 ½” x 15’ drill pipe

Price:  $65,000 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

MOBILE B-3500  (Ref#4975T

Manufactured 1997, mounted on 1997 Ford F350 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, PTO, new clutch, new tires,  Price:  $45,000  Tooling available at extra cost

MOBILE B85  (Ref#1256T) 

Mounted on Cat 312 tracks, John Deere 200 hp diesel engine, no angle, in out and side to side slide base, no auto hammer, breakout wrench, 2-speed rotary head (49,200 in/lb torque @ 1 – 120 rpm, 24,600 in/lb torque at 245 rpm), head mounted on hydraulically controlled Slidramatic slide assembly, all hydraulic, 14’ feed system, 18,400# pulldown, 24,500# pullback, 26’ mast and rotating jib crown block, 8500# main rotating jib hoist, 8” breakout work table, 4500# sandline hoist, 2” rotary swivel, breakout fork, saver sub, rotary spindle crossover sub, single rod loader, in line oiler system, triplex piston plunger water/foam injection pump, grout pump, trash pump, water tank  Price:  $340,000 PRICE REDUCED: $319,500

Volvo truck with rollback bed available at extra cost.

MOBILE B-80 (Ref#12973R)

Manufactured 1991, Mounted on 1992 Ford LT9000 6 x 4 truck, 23,000 miles on rebuilt Cat 3406B, Safe-T-Driver, main and aux hoist, 750/150 Sullair screw compressor, PTO, breakout wrench, Moyno pump needs work, front and rear stabilizer jacks, 105’ of 4-1/2” x 15’ reg pin x box drill rods with flats, 6” and 8” bits, 140# slide hammer, 70’ of 1-3/4” AWJ rod, (2) AWJ 2” x 24” split spoon samplers   

Package Price:  $89,500 $74,500

MOBILE B-80  (Ref#1981N


Manufactured 1986, excellent condition, mounted on Ford 8000 truck with Cat 3208 engine, PTO, hydraulic winch, 160# hammer, 300’ of augers, split spoons, slips, AWJ rod, 22' stroke

Price:  $100,000  Price Reduced: $60,000

MOBILE B80  (Ref#10260T) 

Manufactured 1978, 350 Detroit dweck engine, mounted on 1981 Brigadier with 6092 truck engine, 9 sp transmission, no slide base, 50 gpm pump  Price:  $64,500

MOBILE B-61 HDX (Ref#4569T)

Manufactured 1993, Detroit diesel deck engine, mounted on 1993 International 4x4 with Cat engine, no angle capability, in-out slide base, 140# auto hammer, no pump or water tank, 3 winches, swing out auger racks, toolboxes, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, approx 30’ of  8” HSA and 30’ of 6” solid stem augers, ready to go  Price:   $90,000 CDN

MOBILE B-61 HDX  (Ref#14825T

Manufactured 1992, Cummins diesel on deck, 3L8 Moyno, mounted on 1992 Ford truck with diesel engine, 2 wheel drive, 4 winches, safety driver, wireline, breakout wrench, wiggletail, in/out slide base, no auto hammer  Price:  $55,000

MOBILE B-61 (Ref#3689R)

Manufactured 1991, Cummins 6BT deck engine, mounted on 1991 Ford F700 (not 4x4) with new diesel engine, no angle capability, in-out and side to side slide base, Moyno 3L8 pump, 3 winches, hydraulic cathead, no auto hammer or breakout, 300 gallon water tank, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, sitting but running when parked   Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $33,500

MOBILE B-61 HDX (Ref#14559T)

Manufactured 1991, new Cummins deck engine with less than 1000 hours, mounted on 2007 International single axle truck with DT466 engine, in-out slide base, SPT hammer, no pump, no water tank, 3 winches, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, 50’ of 6” hollow stem augers, 50’ of 5” solid stem augers, ready to go  Price:  $105,000

MOBILE B61 HDX  (Ref#4238N

Manufactured 1990, diesel deck engine, mounted on 1990 GMC Brigadier 10 wheller with diesel engine, in/out side to side slide base, Moyno pump, no auto hammer, no cathead, safety driver, 200’ of 4-1/4” augers, 120’ of 6-5/8” augers, 75’ of 10-1/4” augers, split spoons, sitting three years  Price:  $62,500

MOBILE B61  (Ref#3305Ra) 

Mobile B61

Manufactured 1989, 300 6 cyl Ford on deck, mounted on 1989 2WD Ford F800 truck with Ford diesel engine, 3 jacks, slide base, wiggle tail, auger racks, cathead, 2 winches, safety driver, 300N line, tools, 50’ 8-1/4” HSA, 50’ 6-5/8”, 250’ 4-1/4” HSA, 100’ 3-1/2”, 3 keys 

Price:  $45,000 PRICE REDUCED: $29,500

MOBILE B61  (Ref#1953Ta

Manufactured 1989, Cummins diesel on deck, Moyno pump, hydraulic cathead, Pullmaster winch, mounted on Chevy truck (needs new truck)  Price:  $32,500

MOBILE B61 PARTS RIG  (Ref#1953Tb)  Manufactured 1970’s, new turbo John Deere dieel engine, Moyno pump, mounted on 1990 Ford truck with gas  Price on Request

MOBILE B61 HD  (Ref#1164Ta) 

Manufactured 1987, Cummins diesel on deck with 15 hours,  in/out slide base, breakout wrench, safety driver, 4 winches, wireline, 3L8 Moyno pump, mounted on1987 Ford tandem axle truck with Ford diesel, 3 jacks, heavy duty mast, air brakes  Price:  $49,500

Available at extra cost:
YANMAR CARRIER  (Ref#1164Tb)  dump bed, Model YSW45, front winch  Price:  $47,500

MOBILE B-61  (Ref#1988N) 

Manufactured 1985, 6 cyl Ford gasoline deck engine, 25’ derrick, 2” kelly bar, cathead, 500 gal water tank, 3.6L Moyno pump, 2 winches, new feed cylinder, winch on front, 2 augers racks, toolboxes, mounted on 1985 Ford 8000 tandem axle truck with 3208 Cat diesel, 4 hydraulic stabilizers, 50’ of 6-5/8” auger and 50’ 4-1/4” auger  Price:  $69,500

MOBILE B61 HDX  (Ref#8238Rb


Manufactured 1984, 300 Ford 6 cylinder engine on deck, Gardner Denver air compressor, cathead, mounted on 1991 International 4900 truck  Needs work  Price:  $39,500 PRICE REDUCED: $32,500

MOBILE B-61  (Ref#3532N)  Manufactured 1980, mounted on 1989 Mack truck, 8.3 diesel deck engine, 4BT diesel Cummins in truck, 3L8 Moyno pump, in/out slide base, breakout wrench, good running condition, no tools  Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


Manufactured 1999, mounted on 1999 International 4800 4 x 4 truck, automatic transmission, air brakes, Cummins 3.9L on decvk (110 hp) 1 main winch, 2 aux winches, hydraulic slide base, water pump 2 hyd auger racks, 361 hours, 7850 miles, ex-Government truck  Price:  $165,000

MOBILE B-59 (Ref#14067Rb)

Cummins deck engine, no angle capability, mounted on Ford F800 2 wheel drive with diesel engine, in-out and side to side slide base, no auto hammer, no Moyno pump, 250 gallon water tank, toolboxes, auger rack, 1 front & 2 rear leveling jacks, good condition, ready to go  Price:  $65,000
Augers available at extra cost.

MOBILE B-57  (Ref#6094Tb) 

Manufactured 1990, Cummins diesel engine on deck, mounted on 1990 Ford F700 truck with Ford gas engine, 2 wheel drive, 3L6 Moyno, wiggle tail, Pullmaster hydraulic winch, 3 winches, breakway mast, safety driver, plumbed for auto hammer, driller’s platform, toolboxes, 3 leveling jacks  Price:  $52,500

MOBILE B-57  (Ref#4023T

Manufactured 1989, Cummins diesel deck engine, in/out and side to side slide base, 3L6 Moyno pump, Mission pump, 2 winches, 250 gallon water tank, down hole hammer, no cathead, no auto hammer, mounted on 1991 International 4700 truck with diesel engine, 3 leveling jacks, 2 underbody auger racks/tool boxes, new tires, new paint, well maintained  Price:  $55,000

MOBILE B57  (Ref#2636T) 

Manufactured 1980’s, Ford 6 cylinder gas deck engine, Moyno 3L6 pump, 250 gallon water tank, in/out and side to side slide base, safety drive, no auto hammer, mounted on 2007 Freightliner truck with Mercedes engine, 3 hyd leveling jacks, no tools or augers  Price:  $44,500

MOBILE B-56  (Ref#11448Ra) 

Mobile B56

Manufactured 1970, mounted on 1994 International 4900 truck, DT466 engine, 500 gal water tank, Moyno pump, cathead, 1 winch, slide base, 2 pullout auger racks  Price:  $36,500

MOBILE B-56 (Ref#5677T)


Ford 6 cyl ind gas deck engine, quick disconnect mast, mounted on 1995 International with DT466 engine, no angle capability, aux winch, in-out slide base, no water tank, Moyno 3L6 pump, rod rack, auger racks, roolboxes, fresh paint, no tools or augers available  Price:  $27,500

MOBILE B-56 (Ref#1639TB)

Manufactured 1978, 300 Ford deck engine, mounted on 1984 GMC, cathead, Moyno 3L6 pump, 1800# winch, auger racks, leveling jacks  Price:  $35,000

MOBILE B-54  (Ref#7276T

mobile b54

Manufactured 2008, 2075 hours, mounted on 2015 International 4 x 4 truck, Big Allison 3500RDS 6-speed automatic transmission, 5.38 gear ratio, Cummins ISB 325hp diesel engine with 9300 kms, 350 hours, 3L8 Moyno pump, 3 winches, slide base, auto SPT hammer, water swivel, toolboxes, in frame rod and PVC storage, on/off hole slidramatic, 100’ of 3-1/4” HSA c/w continuous sampling, 100’ of 6” SSA, 100’ of 4-1/2” SSA, 100’ of A rod, 180’ of N rod, 210’ of 4-1/2” geothermal auger, 80’ of H3 core pipe, 60’ of 8”SSA, slips, subs, bits, spares, located Canada  Price:  $235,000 USD  PRICE REDUCED:  $220,000 USD

MOBILE B-53  (Ref#1031R

Manufactured 1999, Moyno 3L6 pump, water tank, in/out slide base, mounted on 1999 Ford F800 truck, diesel engine  Price:  $55,000

MOBILE B-53  (Ref#6094Ta

Manufactured 1990, mounted on 1990 International 4 x 4 truck with DT466 diesel engine, PTO, angle package, safety driver, Moyno 3L6 pump, Bean 35 pump, Pullmaster winch, 10 speed rotation, 3 hyd jacks, water tank, tool boxes, TH swivel set up, wireline, hyd oil cooler, side to side slide base, breakout wrench, 2 swingout auger racks  Price:  $54,500

MOBILE B53  (Ref#8442R

Manufactured 1989, mounted on 1986 Bombadier, Perkins diesel motor, side to side slide base, 3L6 Moyno pump, no autohammer, 2 winches, no cathead, 3 leveling jacks  Price:  $55,000

MOBILE B-53  (Ref#8781T) 

Manufactured 1986, mounted on 1986 Ford F700 4 x 4 truck, 8.2 Detroit diesel, 171,000 miles, 25’ auger, 3 cutterheads  Price:  $37,500

MOBILE B-53  (Ref#7140R)

mounted on 1984 Interantional truck with DT466 diesel engine, 20,000# bumper winch, PTO, cathead, Moyno pump, 10 speed head, STP hammer, 4EOES Moyno pump, side to side slide base, (no in and out), 300 gallon water tank, extended tower, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $45,000

MOBILE B-53 (Ref#9752Na)

Manufactured 1980, 353 Detroit deck engine, mounted on 1978 Ford 4 wheel drive with gas engine, hydraulic chuck, extended mast, in-out slide base, cathead, mainline, sandline & wireline winches, no auto hammer, 435 Bean pump, underbody swing out auger rack, toolbox, no water tank, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks 

Price:  $55,000 PRICE: $31,500

MOBILE B-53 (Ref#14351R)

Manufactured 1973, set up for auger & coring, Ford 300 gas deck engine, mounted on 1979 Ford F660 4x4 with gas engine, extended mast with lights, hydraulic oil cooler, cathead, mainline, sandline & Mobile safety hammer sampling winches, 140# & 300# top sampling hammers, water tank with diaphragm pump, swing out auger racks, hydraulic Longyear chuck with various size jaws, all tools, rods, augers, etc  Price:  $60,000 PRICE REDUCED: $47,500

MOBILE BK-51HT  (Ref#10848T) 

Mobile BK-51HT

Manufactured 1999, 2 hyd hoists 5000# and 1300#, Moyno 3L6 with reverse, 5.0 psi, comes with brand new set of rubber tracks packed on shipping pallet  Price:  $41,500 PRICE REDUCED: $37,500

MOBILE B61  (Ref#12732T)  Manufactured 1988, Moyno pump, Bean 35 pump, hydraulically driven rig, hydrostatic drive, 3 winches, 30’ mast, new hydrauliuc pump, mounted on 1983 Ford 8000 6 x 6 truck, 3 leveling jacks, ready to work  Price:  $64,500

MOBILE B47-HD  (Ref#10686T) 

Manufactured 1994, approx 6000 hours (as of Oct 2017), cathead, wireline winch, 3L8 Moyno pump, slide-o-matic head, mounted on Marooka ST700 diesel truck engine, 3 cyl Duetz diesel engine, 3 leveling jacks  Price:  $49,500 PRICE REDUCED: $42,500

MOBILE B-47  (Ref#6042Rb

Manufactured 1986, go track carrier, safety hammer, 2 winches, cat head  Price:  $45,000 PRICE REDUCED: $37,500

MOBILE B-47  (Ref#9095R

Manufactured 1993, STP hammer, cathead, side to side slide base, 100’ of 5-1/4” augers, mounted on 1993 GMC 3500 truck with diesel engine, PTO, 4 wheel drive, 65,361 miles, 3 hyd leveling jacks  Price:  $45,000

MOBILE B47  (Ref#8479T

Mounted on 1984 Ford F700 truck with diesel engine, PTO, no side to side slide base, 2 winches, cathead, hammer  Price:  $34,500

MOBILE B-37LC  (Ref#11541T) 

Manufactured 2011, track mounted, auger/coring rig, hydraulic rotation motor, Deutz 230 Tier 3, approx. 4000 hours, 8600 ft/lb torque in low gear, high speed coring gears, automatic sample hammer (SPT), rubber tracks, low clearance mast with hydraulic extendible crown shivers

Price rig only: $115,000


2800 hours, 123,000 kms, 24’ steel flat, hydraulic ramps, hydraulic outriggers


MOBILE B-37LC  (Ref#6248R) 

Manufactured 2008, 10’ low clearance, angle capability, track mounted, set up for auger, DPT and mud drilling, Deutz diesel engine, 4K rotary, Stanely DPT hammer, aux and main hoist, aluminum water tank, Moyno 3L6, slide base side to side, mast dump, front auger rack, side rod rack, wireless remote, toolboxes, trailer included  Price:  $129,500 PRICE REDUCED: $112,500

FOREMOST B3300  (Ref#3113T) 

Manufactured 1999, mounted on 1999 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine, 5 speed transmission, 69,997 miles, 10’ mast, Deutz diesel engine on deck, slide base, main winch, Safe-T driver, Cat 1010 water pump, 3 leveling jacks, 726 hours  Price:  $64,500

FOREMOST MOBILE B31 (Ref#11050T)  Manufactured 1996, Moyno 2L4 pump, in/out slide base, 20’ mast, 1 winch, boom added, spudder, mounted on 1996 Ford F350 4x4 truck with power stroke  Price:  $49,500

INGERSOLL RAND A-300  (Ref#4910R

Manufactured 1992, new Moyno 3L6 pump, cathead, safety hammer, rod rack, 3 speed rotary head, retractable tower, 3 leveling jacks, mounted on 1992 F700 truck with 6.0 diesel engine, PTO, (truck needs injector pump), 60’ 2-3/4 HSA auger  Price:  $59,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $27,500


John Deere 4 cyl diesel engine, completely rebuilt in 2016, 14,000 ft/lb spindle torque, auto hammer, 3L8 Mouno pump, 2 swing out auger racks, 2 winches, mounted on 1997 International 4 x 4 truck, 15,000 miles  Price:  $69,500


Manufactured 2009, track mounted, cathead, hammer, drilling clearance less than 8’, 47-1/2” wide, 58hp diesel engine, 12 volt electric start engine, double acting chain drive main feed mechanism connected to hydraulic cylinder with 48” stroke, 11,000# pullback and 11,000# pulldown, 0-72 rpm speeds up and down, 4 speed drill head (3-5/8” open spindle), welded rectangular mast supports and guides rotation of feed compoents, 1 hydraulic cylinder rigidly held in vertical position for drilling and is lowered to the travel position for moving from hole to hole, allows for angle at 90 degree vertical drilling, mast dump up to 36”, crown block with sheaves, 9” rubber crawler tracks with independent reversible hydraulic motor drive, remote radio control, ground bearing pressure 5.2 psi without options or tooling, hydraulic oil cooler, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, hydraulic engine tilt, low clarance sheave block assembly – for use with cathead operation in low ceiling situations.  Price:  $99,500


Set up for air rotary, coring, augering and split spoon, manufactured 1985, PTO, mounted on 1997 International with diesel engine, no Moyno pump but hydraulics are there, SPT hammer, 3 winches, auto chuck set up for NQ, located Canada  Price:  $72,500 USD


Manufactured 1987, diesel deck engine, mounted on 1987 Ford 4x4 with gas engine, in-out slide base, cathead, no pump or water tank, set up for split spoon sampling, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, includes augers, rods, etc, one owner rig, well maintained  Price:  $34,500

BK-66  (Ref#8237R) 

Manufactured 1995, Diedrich auto hammer, 3L6 Moyno pump, 2 winches, mounted on 1995 Ford F800 with Cat diesel engine  Price:  $57,500

BUCK ROGERS 760  (Ref#2663Tb

Needs rebuilding (pump and swivel), 3 cyl Duetz diesel engine, 3L6 Moyno pump, cathead, 1 winch line, no auto hammer, 2” swivel, needs new hoses, skid mounted  Price:  $18,500
Can also be sold mounted on 2003 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L diesel engine  Price:  $43,500

DIEDRICH D120  (Ref#10175T

Manufactured 1994, John Deere deck engine, mounted on 1994 International 4700 truck with DT466 diesel engine, 33,000 GVRW, 6 speed transmission, 22’ detachable tower, auto SPT hammer, hydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench, hydraulic auger rack, 3L8 Moyno pump, 300 gallon water tank, 2 rod boxes, 2 tool boxes, rig and truck are in great shape, ready to work  Price:  $134,500


4 cylinder turbocharged diesel, 13" automotive type clutch, Heavy duty herlical gear transmission with 5 forward and 1 reverse, right angle drive (heavy duty spiral bevel gearbox), rotary box 2 speed all rear drive with 8620 heat treated gears (tapered roller bearings) running in SAE 90w gear oil, automatic 140# sampling hammer, 650 gallon water tank, hydraulic rod holder and breakout wrench, high torque rotary box with shift to high speed coring mode, high speed hoist for well development and wireline coring, slide out rod rack which can hold 200' of drill rod, mounted on 2006 Chevrolet Kodiak C8500 truck, diesel engine, tandem axle, air brakes, 4 hydraulic jacks, approx 8000 hours Price: $110,000

DIEDRICH D50  (Ref#3522R

Manufactured 2002, mounted on Diedrich 48” rubber tire carrier (only 2 wheels out of 4 working), 26’ mast, 140# automatic hammer, 2 winches, 2-7/8 x 17’ fluted kelly w/N3 pin connection Failing hydraulic pulldown with automatic chucks, 4 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump, in/out side to side slide base, hydraulic rod holder, hydraulic breakout wrench, 3 hydraulic jacks, 3” x 30” hydraulic Shelby tube extruder, cathead, carrier needs work (only 2 of the 4 wheels are pulling), hasn't ran in 5 years  Price:  $90,000 PRICE REDUCED: $59,500

DIEDRICH D50  (Ref#1788T

Manufactured 1999, rebuilt Moyno 3L6 pump, auto hammer, cathead, 4 cyl Deutz diesel on deck, 2 winches 5000# and 3000#, side to side slide, in/out slide, mounted on 2000 Ford F650 truck with Cat diesel engine, 6 speed transmission, 26,000# non CDL, 129,500 miles, 2 toolboxes, water tank with under tank storage  Price:  $81,500

DIEDRICH D50  (Ref#2242T

Manufactured 1999, John Deere diesel engine 4 cyl turbo, 8030 hours, 7000# and 2000# winches, front winch, in/out slide, 3L6 Moyno, ASV remote carrier, no augers

 Price:  $64,500

Truck and Trailer available at extra cost:

1998 Volvo single axle, day cab, Cummins 6 cyl diesel engine (odometer doesn’t work)
1999 International 24’ trailer, air brakes, 24,000#

DIEDRICH D-25  (Ref#4651T) 

Manufactured 2012, auger rig with rotary capabilities, 28 hp Kohler 2 cyl air cooled gas engine with 12 volt electric start, dual in-line transmission with 6 forward gears and 2 reverse, 15’ mast, 3000# Bloomberg winch with 3/8” cable, side port swivel, custom built trailer with 3 hydraulic jacks, no auto hammer.  55’ of 3-1/4” hollow stem augers with continuous sample system with bearing, drive cap and 5’ continuous sample barrel, 60’ of 4-1/2” continuous flight augers, (2) 2” split spoons, 45’ x 5’ of AWJ rod  Price:  $69,500

DIEDRICH D25  (Ref#8857R

Manufactured 2007, brand new Deutz 4 cylinder diesel engine on deck, new clutch, brand new auto hammer, single winch, mounted on 2014 Super Duty F550 DRW with diesel engine, 14,000 miles, no tooling  Price:  $125,000 PRICE REDUCED: $92,500

ACKER AD-II  (Ref#11697T) 

Manufactured 1989, Moyno 3L4 pump, cathead, mounted on 1990 Mack Midliner, breakout wrench, wobble tail, 3 jacks, no water tank, angle angle, no auto hammer, breakaway mast  Price:  $59,500 PRICE REDUCED: $49,500
Tooling and augers available at additional cost

AMS 9600-VTR POWERPROBE  (Ref#14448T)  track mounted, manufactured 2007, diesel engne, with trailer  Price:  $54,000

POWERPROBE 96  (Ref#6340Tb) 

Manufactured 2001, unmounted, new hydraulic pump, rebuilt, new tank and oil cooler, PTO, vari speed auger head, direct push hammer  Price:  $9,000

GEOPROBE 8140LS  (Ref#8377T) 

Manufactured 2013, new sonic head with 100 hours, track mounted, Cat diesel engine, rod handling arm, pipe rack, toolbox, top to bottom repair by Geoprobe, 140# drop hammer no mounted on rig, 125’ of 4 x 6 tooling, 25’ of 10” casing, drill bits, DT45 sampling system, located Canada  Price:  $495,000 CAD

GEOPROBE 8040DT  (Ref#8291T

Manufactured 2010, 1400 hours, GH80 hammer 32 hz percussion hammer rate, 6,000 ft/lb torque (high torque/low speed 0-100 rpm), 3,000 ft/lb torque (low torque/high speed 0 – 200 rpm), CB8 combo head with auger capabilities, 84” vertical travel, 26” side shift travel, 32 ft/min head feed speed (down), 26 ft/min head feed speed (up – no Regen), 63 ft/min head feed speed (up – Regen), 59,000 lb down force, 80,000 lb retraction force, lateral swing +- 8 degrees, oscillation +-10 degrees, 40 gal diesel fuel capacity, Cat 120 hp 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, 6.8 psi surface load pressure, 55 gal hydraulic oil reservoir, 100 gpm max hydraulic flow, 4000 psi max hydraulic system pressure, 0 – 12 gpm aux hydraulic outlets flow, 3000 psi aux hydraulic outlet pressure, 2500 lb winch pullback, 0 – 140 fpm winch line speed, 63” winch mast stroke  Price:  $265,000

GEOPROBE 7730DT  (Ref#8095T)  Manufactured 2007, direct push, 2 speed auger head, overhead mast, winch, hydraulic liner extruder, track mounted, well maintained, less than 3000 hours (as of April 2018)  Price:  $69,500

GEOPROBE 7730DT  (Ref#11447T) 

Manufactured 2007, track munted, auger attachment, overhead winch, Kubota diesel engine, 2800 hours  Price:  $84,000

GEOPROBE 6620DT  (Ref#11461T)  

Manufactured 2006, Kubota diesel engine, 5000 hours, track mounted, auger head, winch, remote control, no drop hammer, no tooling  Price:  $70,000

GEOPROBE 6610 (Ref#12018RB)

Manufactured early 2000’s, track mounted with 4 cyl Kubota diesel engine, remote, currently drilling and ready to go  Price:  $65,000

GEOPROBE 6600  (Ref#3192T) 

Manufactured 2000, 2814 hours, mounted on Ford F550 4 x 4 dually with 7.3L diesel engine, 155,000 miles, steel flatbed, toolboxes, vice, probe lights, no auto hammer, manual transmission  Price:  $63,500 PRICE REDUCED: $54,500

GEOPROBE 66DT  (Ref#7057N


Manufactured 2000, mounted on tracks, Koboda diesel engine, 5’ stroke, 2 probe standard hammer, used for auger and direct push, no tools, good running condition  Price:  $49,500 

GEOPROBE 5410  (Ref#9508R)

geoprobe 5410

Manufactured 2004, mounted on 2005 GMC Duramax 4 x 4 quad cab, Geoprobe direct push EC probe and processor, tooling, truck has fast idle switch, air bags, hyd oil cooler 

Price:  $85,000 PRICE REDUCED: $59,500

GEOPROBE 5410  (Ref#11717T) 

Manufactured 2004, mounted on 2004 Ford F350 XLT 4x4 truck, 8 cylinder, 97,700 miles, new tires, 1953 hours, vacuum system with pump and tank, built in water decon system with tank and pump, utility vise, expanded tool and supply racks, rod and sampler dolly, 60’ of 1.25” rods, 40’ of 2.25” casing, 8 macro samplers, 6 large borre samplers, 4 groundwater screens and samplers, liners, caps, PVS well casing  Price:  $49,500

GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#6614T

Manufactured 2001, 3393 hours, Munchi pump, mounted on 2000 Chevy 2500 truck with gas engine, 18,000 miles, 50 gal water tank, hydraulic oil cooler, misc tooling  Price:  $37,500

GEOPROBE 5400 (Ref#5692R)

Direct push unit, PTO, mounted on 1994 Ford F250 4x4 with gas engine  Price: $39,500 PRICE REDUCED: $31,500
Tools & augers available at extra cost

GEOPROBE 5400  (Ref#8786Ta)  Hydraulic driven, PTO, unmounted  Price:  $18,500 PRICE REDUCED: $15,500

GEOPROBE 540MT  (Ref#7799T

geoprobe 540mt

Manufactured 2002, hammer includes hydraulic Portaco, (4) 50’ hydraulic hoses, no tooling included  Price:  $30,000  Tooling available at extra cost.

GEOPROBE 54DT  (Ref#8445R

Manufactured 2000, 2867 hours (as of September 2015), track mounted (new tracks 2013), 4 cylinder diesel engine, wich, GH41 hammer (rebuilt), hyd line extruder, 4” tooling package comes with machine, very good condition mechanically, needs paint, ready to drill  Price:  $32,500

GEOPROBE 54  (Ref#4190T) 

Manufactured 1995, 711 hours, trailer mounted, 18 hp gas engine.  Tooling:  Starbit with 4’ hex rod 2 retainer (point) rods 4’, 3 Macro core samplers 4”, 2 water samplers 4”, 1 x 1” driver cap, 1 x 1” puller (non-slotted) 1” rods: 7 x 4’, 6 x 3’, 3 x 2’, 2 x 1’, 10 stainless retainer extractor rods ¼ x 4’, drill puller (foot) 1-1/2 rods, anchor/centering plate 1 x 3.5” and 1 x 8” (custom), misc parts  Price:  $19,500

SIMCO 4000 (Ref#9752Nb)


Manufactured 1995, 2691 hours, angle capability, 4 cylinder Duetz diesel engine, 8 speed head, 30’ extendable mast, mounted on Simco steel tracks, 8500# wireline winch, 12000# main winch, cathead, Bean pump, air cooled, auger rack, rod box, tool box, breakout wrench, angle guide, rod handling table, store inside. 

Price:  $120,000     PRICE REDUCED: $77,500

SIMCO TR2-4000  (Ref#9642T

Manufactured 1995, track mounted, Bean pump, Deutz 5 cyl diesel engine, 700 rpm speed head, 11’ stroke mast with extension, 2 winches (main and wireline)  Price:  $10,500

SIMCO TR4000  (Ref#4113Rb) 


Manufactured 1992, mounted on Simco metal track carrier, 5 speed head, 4 cylinder Deutz diesel engine, expandable mast, cathead, Pullmast winch, EO4 Beam pump, carrier winch  Price:  $49,500

SIMCO 4000  (Ref#11889Tb)  auger/core rig, mounted on rubber track with hydrostatic undercarriage, diesel engine on deck, 2 heads (1 auger and 1 core), 2 winches  Price:  $29,500

SIMCO TR4000  (Ref#4113Rc) 

Simco TR-4000

Manufactured 1978, mounted on Simco metal track carrier, 2 speed head, 4 cyl Duetz diesel engine, expandable mast, cathead, Pullmaster winch, EO4 Bean pump, carrier winch  Price:  $49,500

SIMCO 2800  (Ref#8719R) 

Manufactured 2006, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 4x4 truck with diesel engine, Centerline pump, Moyno pump, auto hammer, hydraulic oil cooler, cathead, in-out slide base  Price:  $150,000

SIMCO 2800  (Ref#2663Ta) 

Manufactured 2006, mounted on Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 6.0L diesel engine, 5 speed, 3L8 Moyno pump, auto hammer, 2 winch lines, slide base, wiggle tail, breakout wrench, 10’ rod rack, 3 jacks  Price:  $110,000

SIMCO 2800 HS/HT (Ref#330R)

Manufactured 2006, less than 5000 hours, mounted on 2006 4x4 Ford F550, diesel engine, PTO , set up for auger and air, auto drop hammer, breakout wrench, no augers available  Price:  $105,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $94,500

SIMCO 2800  (Ref#12817T) 

Manufactured 2002, trailer mounted (axles replaced 2015), 3L6 Moyno pump, Bean pump, auto hammer, breakout wrench, Geoprobe attached, 170’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ flush joint drill pipe (2-3/8 IF) with breakout flats, 2 Mincon hammers and other accessories  Price:  $72,000

SIMCO 2800HT  (Ref#8221N


Manufactured 1996, mounted on Hydro tracks, 3 leveling jacks, 3.9L Cummins diesel engine (1600 hrs), 12’ drill stroke (tower telescopes to handle 20’), 150 gallon mud pit, 4-1/2” x 5’ failing mud pump, 2000# and 8000# winch, carries 20 rods in rod rack, 10’ rods 2-3/8” API theads (500’ flush joint), 4-1/2” x 10’ collar, 6-5/8” x 10’ collar, has drilled to 286’ 4”-6” diameter wells 

Price:  $110,000

SIMCO 2800 HS HT  (Ref#7318) 

Manufactured 1995, high speed, high torque, mounted on 2002 Ford 550 4-wheel drive truck with diesel engine, 150 lb hammer, 4 x 6 Gardner Denver pump, 10’ – 20’ rods, complete with tooling  Price:  $80,000 

SIMCO 2800 HS/HT  (Ref#11448Rb) 

Simco 2800 HS/HT

Manufactured 1995, mounted on ATV 4WD truck, Deutz 3 cyl engine, 3L6 Moyno pump, 2 leveling jacks  Price:  $44,500

SIMCO 2800 HD  (Ref#11688T) 

Manufactured 1994, 7.3L turbo diesel engine, 2200 hours, 11’ stroke, Wilden 2” mud pump, mounted on 1993 Ford Super Duty, drag along IR compressor  Price:  $92,500


Manufactured 1991, Mayhew rotary table, cathead, 3500 lb winch, rod box, breakout wrench, toolboxes, new Wisconsin deck engine, in and out slide base, rig mounting body is newly fabricated and power coated, mounted on 2001 Ford F450 4 x 4 truck, V10 gas, excellent condition with refurbished hoses, leaking cylinders and equiment Price:  $54,500

SIMCO 2800HS  (Ref#10584Ta

Manufactured 1980, 4 cyl Wisconsin engine, hyd cathead, winch, slide base, rear hyd jacks, STP hammer, mounted on 1980 Chevrolet C35 1-ton 4 speed 4 x 4 truck, 350 gas engine, 15’ of 3-1/4” hollow stem augers, 20’ of AW drill rod, 140# slide hammer, 4 split spoon samplers 

Price:  $25,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $18,500

SIMCO 2800  (Ref#11729Tb) 

Manufactured early 1970’s, trailer mounted with 4 cyl Wisconsin gas engine, 2 winches, no jacks, in/out slide base  Price:  $19,500

SIMCO 2400 (Ref#4587N)

Manufactured 2006, 40 hp diesel deck engine, approx. 350 hours (May 2017), stored inside, equipped for Enviro/Geo-Tech 2 speed high torque tophead, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 4x4 with diesel engine approx. 15,500 miles (May 2017), 74” stroke mast with hydraulic foot, 1800# hoisting winch, cathead with rope, in-out slide base, operators platform, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, underbody toolboxes, auger racks, tools available 

Price:  $95,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $69,500

SIMCO 2400  (Ref#4299T

Manufactured 1996, mounted on CME trailer, new John Deere diesel engine, Moyno pump, SPT hammer, cathead, 1 winch 

Price:  $34,500 PRICE REDUCED: $19,500

SIMCO 2400  (Ref#10584Tb) 

Manufactured 1996, auger and probe, 3 cyl Deutz diesel engine, 1321.7 hours, hydraulic cathead, winch, hydraulic slide base, mounted on single axle trailer  Price:  $35,500 PRICE REDUCED: $29,500

SIMCO 2400 SK-1  (Ref#3461T

Manufactured 1991, new Deutz diesel 3 hp air cooled engine with 96 hours, extended mast,74” stroke, in/out slide base, manual off hole tophead, cathead, 18000# winch, mounted on Simco 3600 single axle trailer, hydraulic leveling jacks, tool box, new tires, Price rig only:  $32,500
Available at extra cost:  55’ of AW rod, 47’ of 3-1/4” ID 3-key hollow stem auger, two cutting heads, 32’ 6-1/4” ID 3-key hollow stem auger with cutting head 

SIMCO 2400 (Ref#673N)

Manufactured 1990, trailer mounted, Hercules gas engine, cathead, 1 winch, 5’ stroke, breakout wrench, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks  

Price:  $39,500

SIMCO 2400  (Ref#3462T) 

Manufactured 1989, 30 hp Wisconsin air cooled engine (approx. 1500 hours), extended mast, 74” stroke, wireline winch, air compressor for probe hammer, high speed topheadhead with off hole, in/out and side/side slide base, mounted on GMC 1-ton hydraulic tilt flated CL Sierra 3500 with V8 454, 2 WD automatic tran, tilt, cruise, AC, bed stakes, approx. 70,000 miles 55’ DPT rod, (3) 60” macrocore soil samplers, cutting shoes and accessories  Price:  $32,500

SIMCO 2400 SK-1  (Ref#8238Ra) 

Manufactured 1985, mounted on Military trailer, Wisconsin engine, mast extension, Cat head  Price:  $10,500

SIMCO 2400  (Ref#11635T)  Manufactured 1975, 3 cyl Duetz deck engine, mounted on 2004 Chevy dual 4 x 4 truck with 421 engine, no mud pump, no winch, hydraulic slide base, hydraulic cathead, 2 drill speeds, ready to work  Price:  $18,500

SIMCO 2400 (Ref#13502RB)

Trailer mounted with 4 cylinder Wisconsin gas engine, core head, auger head, hydraulics need work  Price:  $10,500



Manufactured 1996, mounted on 1996 International 4900 with DT466, approx. 81,000 miles, 3 winches, 3L8 Moyno pump, SS water tank, fluted kelly, rod table with breakout wrench, (2) swing out auger racked  Price:  $77,500

GEFCO/FAILING SS15  (Ref#7288T) 

Mounted on 1995 single axle International 4700 truck with diesel engine, 5 speed/split rear end, 250 gal water tank, 2 auger racks, new ties, new hyd pumps, rebuilt Cotta transfer box, 3L8 Moyno pump, top head water swivel, 3 winches, 130,000 miles, 24,000 machine hours (as of November 2016)  Price:  $75,000



Manufactured 1989, Moyno 3L6 pump, Gardner Denver 5 x 6 duplex mud pump, 6.3L 6-cyl Cummins diesel on deck, Mobile Drill Down Hole safety drive winch and hammer, bumper winch and cable, cathead, wiggle tail pipe rack/toolboxes, mounted on 1989 Ford L8000 10 wheel truck with 474 cubic inch Ford diesel engine, Roadmaster transmission, 42,000 miles, 3 leveling jacks, drill gear box rebuilt 2012, transmission rebuilt 2014 PRICE REDUCED:  $89,500

FAILING F10  (Ref#8708N

Manufactured 1989, mounted on International tandem axle truck, 38,000 miles, low hours on rig, Cummins deck engine, 10” and 12” augers, 400’ drill rod, Gardner Denver 5 x 6 mud pump, Waukesha engine powered mud pump, cathead, fastline, mainline, low hours, no coring head, rig is like new 

Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $90,000

FAILING F10 (Ref#11968Nc)

Manufactured 1990, set up for core/auger/water and air rotary drilling, mounted on 1990 International 4900 6x4 with DT466 diesel engine, Gardner Denver 5x6 mud pump, Moyno 3L8 pump, 2 winches, new Cummins deck engine (less than 300 hours), deck mounted hydraulic drive 2000psi steam cleaner/power washer, toolboxes, auger rack 

Price:  $210,000  Price Reduced: $165,000

FAILING F6 (Ref#11968Na)

Manufactured 1990, core and auger drill, mounted on 1990 International 4900 with DT466 diesel engine, 2 winches, Moyno 3L8 pump, electric over hydraulic controls, Cummins 4BT deck engine, deck mounted 2000psi steam cleaner/power washer, toolboxes, auger racks 

Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $90,000


Manufactured 1995, mounted on 1995 Dodge Ram, all tools, 2 probe hammers, peristaltic pump, ready to go  Price:  $18,500


(Ref#15489R) Diedrich 6 ¼ ID hollow stem augers, 50’ with center plug, barely used, like new condition  Price on Request

(Ref#5124Nb)  35’ of 8-1/4” hollow stem augers, 3-key, 2 bolt, new bit, drive head, foot  Price $7,500

(Ref#5653Rb)  11 pcs of 6-5/8” hollow stem augers 4-key  Price:  $5,300


(Ref#4298RB) 75’ of 12 ¼” OD heavy-duty CME augers  Price on Request

4-1/4 Hollow Stem Augers 15 @ 5’, Bolts for HSA (40), 4-1/4” auger holder, 4-1/4” double adapter, 4-1/4” auger head blade bit (3), 4-1/4” auger head finger bit
6-1/4” Hollow Stem Augers 12 @ 5’ and 1 @ 3’, auger bolts (40), 6-1/4” hex pin box cap, 6-1/4” pilot bit, 6-1/4” auger holder (3), 6-1/4” auger blade bit
2-7/8” AW rods box pin conn 21 @ 5’, 4-1/2” AW core barrel for auger, 4-1/4 AW rod bit, 2-7/8 AW rod closed pulley plate, 2-7/8 AW rod open pulley plate, 2-3/4” AW water swivel, 2-3/5 AW rod drag bit, AW pin connect swivel, 4-1/4” AW rod solid bit, 2-7/8 AW rod cap adapter
3” Shelby Tube Head, 3” Shelby Tubes (44), 3” extruder holder, 2” split spoon sampler 4 @ 2’, 2” AW head for sampler, 2” threaded shoe end (2)
3-1/2” Solid Flight Auger 12 @ 5’, 1-1/8” hex pin to box conn, 3-1/2” auger holder (3), 3-1/2” U pins for augers (20), 4-1/2” auger bit


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