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SCHRAMM 985  (Ref#11641T

Manufactured 1976, 425/250 air compressor, 40,000# pullback, single arm rod loader, 6 rod carousel, 2 deck engines (one for hydraulics, oe for compressor), mounted on Crane Carrier with 501 gas engine, 5 x 4 transmission, hydraulic casing clamp at base of derrick, also comes with trailer mounted 900/150 aux air compressor  Price:  $40,000

BUCYRUS ERIE 22W  (Ref#10449R

bucyrus erie 22w

Manufactured 1957, 4 cyl Perkins 35 hp diesel engine, twin disc clutch, 3 line machine, auto braces, rebuilt jack shaft, 42’ derrick, mounted on 1973 R Model Mack tandem axle truck (cab replaced with 1988 R Model galvanized) with Gold Star Mack diesel engine, auto slip differential, air brakes, 5 speed Mack transmission, detached single berth sleeper converted to tool box, (2) 50 gallon fuel saddle bags, (4) 36” stroke jacks, no leaks.  Tooling:  wrenches, bailer, jars, 6 and 8” bits, fishing tools

Price:  $27,500 PRICE REDUCED: $25,000 – Pennsylvania



Manufactured 2004, low hours. Mounted on Tandem Axle Kenworth T800 truck, diesel powered. 375 HP Cat C-15 engine. Hydraulic outriggers. Front axle: 16,000#, Rear axle: 46,000#. Hydraco CTU 400 tubing unit. Tubing reel capacity with 1 1/4" tubing: 3200m. Fassi Hydraulic Crane. 200 PSI x 300 CFM compressor, HYD330-200. 5 barrel capacity fuel tank. Control panel, gauges. 22,000# W/D-1500 H Injector head. Sunstrand 90 series hydraulic system. Located Texas. Price: $375,000 PRICE REDUCED: $320,000

MIDWAY 1500  (Ref#6554T

Manufactured 1981, Project rig (needs new cab, rearend completely reusted out), 5 x 7 Gardner Denver mud pump, 10” retractable table, 52’ mast,  6” x 30’ hex kelly, 3” swivel, double drum, hydraulic breakout tongs, air clutches, mounted on 1981 Paystar 5000 truck with diesel engine, 4 leveling jacks (just rebuilt), can set 40’ casing, has drilled to 1600’  Price:  $57,500 PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE: $44,500


Manufactured 1977, PTO, mounted on 1977 GMC General with Series 60 Detroit engine, 750/300 Sullair compressor (new in 2002 with low hours), no mud (but plumbed for it), 35’ mast, 8-1/2” retractable rotary table, 4 ¼” x 25’ Kelly, breakout wrench, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 18gpm Bean water injection, double drum drawworks with air clutches, sandreel, rod rack, safety shut down, well maintained & ready to go 

Price:  $110,000 PRICE REDUCED: $69,500
Pipe available at additional cost

SCHRAMM T64 (Ref#14372R)

Manufactured 1973, Detroit 8V71 deck engine, mounted on 1979 Mack with diesel engine, Leroi 450/250 air compressor, no mud, standard mast & pullback, water injection, 6+4 carousels, rod box, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 400’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, 6” hammer, stabilizer, some tools 

Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $49,500

GARDNER DENVER 17W  (Ref#9990T) 

Manufactured 1977, Gardner Denver 2-stage 750/250 rotary screw air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with 8V92 Detroit diesel engine, last drilled 2017  Price:  $50,000

SCHRAMM T66  (Ref#14865T

Manufactured 1978, 450/250 air compressor, no mud, Detroit 8V71 deck engine, mounted on 1978 GMC truck with Detroit 6V53 engine, water injection, rod box, 9 rod carousel, all tools, 200’ of 4-1/2” x 20’ pipe, sitting one year but cranks it up  Price:  $45,000

SCHRAMM T64  (Ref#10154T

Manufactured 1978, 425/250 air compressor, water injection, hammer oiler, mounted on GMC 7500 truck ith Holte 135 casing driver 

Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $50,000



Built 2007, Western Star tandem axle truck with Detroit diesel series-60 engine. Eaton Fuller 18 speed manual transmission. 17,824 hours, 317,646 kilometers, Fabmaster 5,000,000 BTU burner. diesel fired. Gardner Denver TE5 3x5 triplex pump. 5130 PSI max, 3x2 Mission centrifugal pump, 3" Bowie gear pump. Tanks: (2) 4 cubic meter compartments, (1) 1 cubic meter compartment for chemical/methanol. (1) 2.5 cubic meter compartment for diesel burner. Located Western Canada. Price: $175,000

1998 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#4180Ta)

(4) Available. 1998 RD 688S Mack tandem axle with Rush hot oil unit. 3" Bowie load pump, viking hot oil pump, Gardner Denver TEE triplex, schedule 80 coils 12 layer, 75 bbl square service tank, Murphy high temp shut down, Murphy high pressure shut down, 3bbl safety tank, 2 joints 1-1/2 steel pipe, 5 joints 1-1/2 aluminum pipe. 409,055 miles. Rebuilt 2006 - This is a total rebuild from the ground up. Located Southwest US. Price: $140,000


Manufactured 1966, PTO, mounted on 1966 Ford F750 tandem axle truck with Detroit 6V53 engine (very low hours), 5 x 6 mud pump, Worthington developmental air compressor, 8” retractable table, 3” round kelly, rebuilt trans, rebuilt gear end, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 340’ of 2 7/8” drill pipe 

Price rig and pipe:  $18,500

INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#328RA) 3500 gallon round steel tank with dump, gas engine, no crane or welder 


Package Price (Rig, pipe, water truck and grouter):  $22,500

DAVEY M8A (Ref#4098RA)

Manufactured 1976, Detroit 6V71 deck engine (rebuilt 2009, 846 hours), new PTO on Detroit in 2008, mounted on 1976 Ford LN900 tandem axle truck (good tires) with 350 Cummins diesel engine, new suspension under truck 2003, new governor on truck, 3 x 4 centrifugal mud pump, 500 cfm Leroi air compressor, 4 ½” x 30’ kelly, stationary rotary table, hydraulic pulldown, new pulldown winch 2008, King swivel replaced 2013, new winch 2013, mechanical clutches, Cat 12 gpm water injection, pipe rack, mud pan, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 400+’ of 4 ½”x 20’ drill pipe, bits, etc., new paint, ready to go  

Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $45,000

SPEEDSTAR SS50 (Ref#11860R)

Tophead drive, 48,000# hook load (using 4 lines – each line 12,000#), 8-1/2” rotary table, 35’ height above rotary table, Detroit 8V71 deck engine, mounted on 1988 Freightliner with 400 Cummins engine, 13 speed RR trans, GD 600/250 air compressor, line oiler, water injection, rod box, hammers, bits, subs, underreamers, etc, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks.  Tophead could be removed and drill with kelly.
Available with the following:
1968 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK with 2000 gallon flat tank, 2000# crane, Detroit 318 engine
-560’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe (2 7/8” IF)


Manufactured 1995, 750/250 HR2 air compressor, MCM 3 x 4 x 3 centrifugal pump, 16,000# gearmatic single line winch, 2000# high speed sandreel winch, mounted on International Paystar 5000 with Cummins N14 diesel engine, Spicer 792 air shift PTO, feed cylinder and King swivel have low hours, needs the following repairs:  rig has not drilled for 3 years (truck engine started periodically), one main pump shaft seal is leaking hydraulic fluid into Funk pump drive gear box, rod box, need to be replaced due to corrosion, top head needs new bearings and seal (gears are good), tophead guide rails need to be replaced on derrick due to spreading (this occurs from the rollers not being replaced as needed and they bang against the guides while drilling rock), air shifter on Spicer PTO case needs to be replaced (they have been shifting manually)  Price, as is:  $105,000


Manufactured 1980-81, 100 ton McKisick blocks, 96’ x 215,000# mast, has blocks, derrick and drawworks,

No motor, no transmission 

Price:  $49,500

BUCYRUS ERIE 10R  (Ref#12110R

5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 8” retractable table, LeRoi 300 cfm air compressor, new brake bands, new clutch lining, new 5/8 casing line, sandline and kelly line, 23’ kelly, mounted on 1965 Ford tandem axel truck with gas engine, rod rack, stored inside (no rust), very good condition, road worthy, located Canada  Price:  $35,000 USD


Manufactured 1976, was blasthole rig converted to waterwell rig, 600/250 air compressor, 8V71 Detroit diesel on deck, mounted on Crane Carrier with 6V53 Detroit engine, 5 rod carousel with 4 more on the side, 175’ (9 jts) of 4-1/2” x 25’ drill pipe, good running condition  PRICE REDUCED:  $65,000

MAYHEW 500 (upgraded from 250) (Ref#6181N)

Detroit 471 deck engine, mounted on 1995 Chevy truck with Cat 3206 engine, disc brakes, 5 ¼” stationary table, 3 x 2 centrifugal pump, new drawworks, friction clutches, etc. pulldown, allnew tires, aluminum wheels,  portable mud pit, 300-400’ of 2-3/8” x 10’ upset tubing drill pipe, misc support equipment, ready to drill  Price:  $37,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500


3 available in India. 1600 HP, rated pump speed 140 strokes per minute, maximum fluid cylinder liner bore 6-3/4", stroke 10", 10,000 PSI hydrostatic pressure of standard cylinder. 2.853 ratio of gears. 10" suction connection, 6" discharge connection. Valve pot mod .7., steel fluid ends, 5,000 psi pulsation dampener. Oilfield skid mounted. Performance Data: at 120 strokes per minute with 6-3/4" liners, pump will produce 4305 PSI and 574gpm. Set up for electric power.  Dimensions and weight: 84,000 lbs, 209"L x 113"W x 75"H. Built 1976.  Located India, removed from offshore drilling rig.

Package Price for all (3): $320,000
Price: $125,000 each
Available at additional cost: $30,000 for new spares (valued at $80,000 new cost)

Electric motors available at additional cost.


2010 Western Star ta/tri, DD14 515 HP Regen, WD30 30,000lb push/pull, Fassi F150C, non-raisable cab, mechanical counters, electronic counters, set up for high pressure stripper/bops no included, reel is 58” core x 72” wide x 9’ tall, approx. 3300m of 1 ¼, 2600m of 1 ½, 2000m of 1 ¾ depending on weight allowance. Located Western Canada. Price: $270,000 USD


2012 Western Star ta/tri, dd15 550hp, 26,000 miles, 18sp, 69,000 rears air ride, 20,000lb frt, 445 x 22.5, hurricane 600 cfm @ 2000psi, WD3O Hydra rig injector, 30,000lb push/pull, Fassi f150c, mechanical counters, reel is 58” core x 72” wide x 9’ tall, approx 3600m of 1 ¼, 2600m of 1 ½, 2000m of 1 ¾ depending on weight allowance. 1791 hours on unit. Located Western Canada Price: $300,000 USD PRICE REDUCED: $285,000 USD

2015 WESTERN STAR 4700 HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#76R) 

New – Never Used, manufactured 2015, LPG fired burner, rated at 7,000,000 BTU, output 5,800,000 BTU, Schedule 80 coil, Murphy high/low shut down, 75 bbl split tank, (2) 1250 LPC tanks, TEE Gardner Denver triplex pump 3” plunger/5”stroke 138gpm and 1742 psi @ 300 rpm, Feed pump: 2” x 3” x 13 Durco centrifugal pump, Load pump 3: Bowie, 3” manifold, mounted on 2015 Western Star 4700 475hp, 18 speed triaxle truck, hydraulic drive, flow meter, Epoxy paint, guaranteed for one year, located Rocky Mountains USA  Price:  $395,000 – immediately available, detailed specifications available on request


Year 1975, dual motor – high torque tophead with 10,000# torque, up to 60,000# pullback attained through 2-feed cylinders, (2) Leroi 256S2 reciprocating air compressors combine for 900/250 air, disconnect clutch, Detroit 8V71NA (318HP) deck engine, Gearmatic 16,000# single line capacity winch (32,000# on 2 part line) 2,000# high speed sandreel, FMC Beam 18GPM water injection, Venturi style lubricator, 3 leveling jacks, hydraulic breakout wrench, 70,000# overall weight. Price: $49,500 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

CME 45B  (Ref#8627Tb

Manufactured 1984, Hercules gas engine on deck, cathead, in/out slide base, 3 jacks, front winch, mounted on 1994 Ford F700 truck with Ford gas engine, 2 wheel drive, automatic transmission  Price:  $39,500 PRICE REDUCED: $34,500

CME 750  (Ref#8627Ta

Manufactured 1974, Detroit 453 diesel engine, mounted on rubber tire ATV carrier, cathead, new radiator, SPT hammer, auger rack, in/out slide base, front winch, 3 jacks  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $39,500

FAILING 1500  (Ref#9825Ra

Manufactured 1954.  Comes with two derricks (1) 37’ derrick with 28’ kelly and (1) 26’ derrick (fluxed and power coated) with 17’ kelly, Model 250 mud slayer (low hours) and shale shaker (2 extra screens).  Both kellys have swivels, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, no air compressor, mounted on 1986 International 1700 truck (non-CDL) with diesel engine, hydraulic brakes, 120’ of 2” drill pipe (50’ new), paddle bits, subs  Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $70,000
Package Price:  $55,000 


Manufactured 1988, trailer mounted, hollow stem auger or air rotary, Cummins 4 cylinder diesel engine, approx. 5,000 hours  Price:  $21,000


mayhew 1000

2000 GD rotary table, mounted on 1978 Ford 9000 tandem axle truck, Badger 32’ mast, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, Wichita 1250 drawworks, air clutches, 2” Little Giant swivel.  Rotary, swivel and mud pump have been reworked.  New clutches in drawworks.  100S LeRoi air compressor, chain pulldown, 23’ kelly

400’ of 2-7/8” drill pipe 
2007 DODGE 3500 DUALLY PICKUP  diesel engine, 4 door
35’ TRAILER with GEOLOOP 50-500 GROUTER (rebuilt), 3000# hopper, hosereel, water tanks, Miller bobcat welder, lots of extras
Parts and tools
PACKAGE PRICE:  $159,500 REDUCED: $109,500


BOWEN 2.5 POWER SWIVEL  (Ref#1205Tb)

Skid mounted, with Detroit 453 engine, hours on available, good oil pressure and tempertature, swivel turns well.  Hose reels, remote operations controls, fuel and hydraulic tanks.  Replaced top nut, wash pipe and packing.   Price:  $55,000

DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#14326R

Deeprock DR150 drilling rig

Manufactured 2003, 5x6 mud pump, mounted on Ford F750 4x4 with Cummins 5.9L ISB PTO engine (260 HP), air brakes, hydraulic bean pump, air oiler, 4 leveling jacks, hydraulic winch, tool boxes on deck, 11'4" stroke, 12,000# pulldown, 16,000# pullback, tophead slides and mast extends to run up to 20' casing, freshly rebuilt tophead (single motor with 5,000# torque), low hour unit in very good condition  Price:  $140,000---REDUCED TO $85,000

2001 VACUUM EXCAVATOR (Ref#15475RC) trailer mounted, Sullair H-D air compressor and Tuthill 5511-46R3 vacuum pump, both p/b John Deere 4- cyl diesel engine with PTO, (2) receiver tanks, excellent condition  Price:  $48,500  PRICE REDUCED: $40,000


cooper lto-350

Manufactured 1980, completely rebuilt, double drum, Detroit 60 Series, Allison 5860 auto transmission, 96’ x 200,000# Pemco mast, mounted on 4 axle carrier, Wilson blocks, 4 hydraulic jacks, hydromatic brake, new cab, new paint  Price:  $370,000 PRICE REDUCED: $250,000

SOILMEC RTC-S  (Ref#775N103) 

soilmec rtc-s

Manufactured 1983, 113km rotary head torque, 16,000 kg torque, GM453N diesel engine, 4 x 12m friction kelly bar, 1.5m max diameter.  Unit has been completely refurbished at a cost of €25,000 euros including:  rebuilt GM engine, brand new swivel, new alternator, new engine radiator,new exhaust, new air filters, new electric plant, new hydraulic hose, new paint.  Has been tested and is in excellent condition.  Also comes with mounting bridge and controls for crane.  Price:  €39,500 euros

2001 MACK RD6885 HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref #3876R)

hot oil unit hot oil truck

Built 2001, 350 HP Mack diesel engine. Eaton Fuller 8LL speed transmission. LP Burner propane. (2) 250 gallon tanks. Dual PTOs. Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump: Max discharge 850 psi /  250 barrels / 1 hour with 2" plungers. Bowie pump. Centrifugal pump. hydraulic drive. 75 barrel tank. 7 million BTU boiler. Good condition. Surplus equipment. Price: $100,000