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ROBBINS 83RM-HE RAISE BORE MACHINE PACKAGE  (Ref#9112Rk)  Manufactured 1986, 3300mm reamer and 1300mm reamers, pilot bits, cutters and stabilizers, 300 joints of 5’ (1524mm) x 10” (254mm) drill pipe (USA made), max cutting depth is 600m – 1000m, .349mm pilot hole diameter, 455kw total power, hydraulic drive, max reaming torque 407knm, max reaming pull 6124 knm,  located Asia   Price:  $1,250,000 USD


SUNAN AT2000 RAISE BORE MACHINE  (Ref#9112Rn)  Made in China, manufactured 2015, 1900mm reamer diameter, 400m depth, 280mm pilot hole diameter, 47 Knm rated torque, 60-90 degree drill angle, 143 kw motor power, 380V/50 haz voltage, 1500mm reamer, stabilizer, 140 pieces of 190 mm (7.5”) x 1120mm (44”) drill pipe, located Africa  Price:  $450,000


SUNAN AT1500 RAISE BORE MACHINE  (Ref#9112Ro)  Made in China, manufactured 2009, 50 knm rated torque, 250mm guide hole diameter, 1500 reamer diameter, 75-90 drilling angle, 120m drill depth, 380/660/1140 rated voltage, comes with 125 pieces of 190mm (7.5”) x 1120mm (44”), located South America  Price:  $500,000


DRESSER 7200 RAISE BORE RIG  (Ref#5932Na)   Electric over hydraulic motors 200hp / 50hp, requires 460 volt electric, just completed a 13’ diameter x 385’ deep hole.  PRICE FOR RIG & MOTORS ATTACHED:  $400,000


Generator if no electric is available $20,000


Air compressor


Drill pipe used with rig is 5’ long x 10” diameter screw type

(600 feet of drill pipe and (2) stabilizers available at extra cost)


DRESSER 300 RAISE BORE RIG  (Ref#5932NbPrice:  $350,000


DRESSER 4800 RAISE BORE DRILL  (Ref#5932Nc)  needs work  Price:  $125,000


DRESSER 4800 RAISE BORE DRILL  (Ref#5932Nd)  ready to drill  Price:  $300,000


SANDVIK RHINO 1000HF RAISE BORE MACHINE PACKAGE  (Ref#9112RL)  Unit manufactured 1990, complete with (1) 3300mm reamer, (1) 2500mm reamer, (3) stabilizers, 140 pieces of 1524mm (5’) drill pipe, located Asia  Price:  $850,000 USD OFF MARKET (currently working on a project;  please send your contact details ifyou would like to be contracted when it becomes available)


SANDVIK RHINO 400H RAISE BORE MACHINE  (Ref#9112Rm)  Manufactured 2006, 1500-1800mm reaming diameter, 240mm diameter, 400m drill depth, 222 knm torque rating, max operating torque 195 knm, 115knm shackle torque, 20-90 inclination range, complete with 360 pieces of drill pipe (made in Finland), 229mm diameter (9”) x 1220mm (48”) length, stabilizer, reamer, 100kw power, 380V – 660V/50hz voltage, 80 dB(a) no load noise, located Asia  Price:  $1,050,000 USD


NEW RAISE BORE DI22 PIPE  (Ref#14065R)  High strength (AISI 4330 steel) or standard strength (AISI 4145 steel), Integral raise pipe, 10” OD x 60” S-S length with 8-1/4” DI22, connections, with QITH high impact thread protectors, Robbins, Dresser or Subterranean wrench squares 750#/340 kg weight per pipe  Price on Request