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NEW HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#15073T) New, never used. Kenworth T880, X15-485 HP engine. Fuller RTLO18913A 13 speed transmission. 20,000 front axle, 46,000 rear axle. 7,000,000 BTU heater unit, 75 barrel service tank. High pressure pump: New Gardner Denver TEE-5, 3" plungers, 5" stroke. Load pump: Bowie 220 gpm at 60 PSI. Circulating pump: 10" centrifugal, belt driven. Stainless steel operators control panel. 784 Spicer splitter box for Gardner Denver pump drive. Cold weather package. Terms: 90,000 deposit, Balance after completion. 6 weeks for delivery. Located Texas. Price: $415,000


75 BARREL HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#13524T) New build, 7,000,000 BTU input and 5,000,000 BTU output. 75 BBL single compartment tank. 165 TEE 3x5 Gardner Denver triplex pump. (2) 25 gallon chemical tanks. 3" Bowie load pump, 3" Viking pump. LPG fired burner. Mounted on 2012 Mack GU713 tandem axle with MP8 Mack engine, 18,000# front axle, 44,000# rear axle. 183,000 miles. Located Texas. Price: $315,000


2000 MACK TRUCK RUSH HOT OIL UNIT  (Ref#6603Ta)  Reworked 2012, 5,000# Gardner Denver pump, tandem axle Mack  diesel, 8,000,000 BTU, (2) 250 gallon propane tanks, Viking pump, Bowie pump, All piping tested and tagged certified to 6000#, new coils (cost $18,000), plumbed high pressure and low pressure load lines tested and certified, tank coated, all electrics replaced to and in control box, replaced transmission, new tires.  Currently in service in Texas  Price:  $190,000


2015 WESTERN STAR HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#10867Ta) Built 2015, Western Star 4900SB. Cummins ISX15 (450 HP), Miles: 33,002, Hours: 1415. Front axle: 20,000#, Rear axle: 46,000#. Unit: Allied Oilfield, built 2015. 7,000,000 BTU, 75 barrel round service tank, Gardner Denver high pressure pump TEE-5. Bowie load pump, ANSI centrifugal pump. 500 gallon propane tank, 784 Spicer splitter gear box. Located Texas. Price: $325,000


2015 PETERBILT 567 HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#9837T)  Rush Overland hot oil unit, 7 million BTU input, 5.8 million BTU output, propane burner, Cummins ISX engine (6000 engine hours), Eaton 13 speed transmission, 60,000 miles, Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump, 3” Bowie Model 3300 pump, 3 x 2 x 15 Durco centrifugal pump, (2) 250 gallon propane tanks, Schedule 80 coiles (recently inspected by Rush 2017), cold weather package, hoses, fittings, extra PTO  Price:  325,000


2013 PETERBILT 367 HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#4153R) Pacemaker Millennium Hot Oil Unit, 2013 Peterbilt 367 Chassis, Cummins Engine-ISX15 –Mileage 35,248, Hours on Unit—3783, Transmission-Fuller RTLO18913A-13 Speed, 20 K Front Axle, 46K Rear Axles, Heat Exchange System, Propane Fired Burner, 7 Million BTU rated input with 5.8 million BTU output, Single pass heat exchanger consisting of 85 pipes, 77” long. Thermal fins optional, Pipe and tube turns will be 2” schedule 80 seamless material-Schedule 80 coils,  Propane pilot with spark ignition, 30lb. Remote fired dry chemical fire extinguisher, 75 Bbl. Round Service Tank-Split 25/50, ¼” Shell, ¼” Baffle and Bulk Heads, (1) Top 20” quick opening man-ways, d. (2) Sets of 5/8” sight glasses with valves, 8” Sump with 2” dump valve for tank cleaning, Access ladder with Cat Walk, Tank will be internally coated with Cor-Chem 268 (300 Degree Lining), Heavy duty guard around sight glasses for protection, Unit built on 10” I-beam frame, (1) 25 Gallon chemical tank located on passenger side of unit. High Pressure Pump: New TEE-5 Gardner Denver pump with high pressure cast steel fluid-end, 3” Steel Plungers, 5” Stroke, Hardened Steel Valves, Heavy Duty Driveline, Heavy Duty U-Joints, Low Pressure Manifold. 3” Schedule 40 Pipe, 3” Schedule 40 weld fittings, 3” C&C Butterfly valves, 3” Line with valve direct from tank to Gardner Denver suction. Load Pump: 3” Roper Pump, Rated 220 GPM at 60 PSI, Direct Driven. Circulating Pump: ANSI Centrifugal Pump, Belt Driven. High Pressure 2” Manifold, 2” Schedule 160 Seamless Pipe and Weld Fittings, 2” 6000lb check valve, (2) 2” 6000lb Piper ball valves, Rear Swing Joint with (2) 1 ½” 6000 lb chicksans. Low Pressure 2” Manifold: 2” Schedule 80 seamless pipe and weld fittings, 2” Check Valve, (3) 2” Jamesbury ball valves, 2” Flow Meter with Digital Read-Out. Service Piping: (8) 1 ½” x 13’ Schedule 80 seamless pipes mounted on side of tank, 1 ½” 6,000 lb Figure G union. 500 Gallon propane tank mounted behind service tank. 784 Spicer Splitter box for Gardner Denver pump drive. Price: $350,000


2013 KENWORTH HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#15283R)  3.5 million BTU burner, 2 x 4 Gardner Denver pump, 3 compartment tank (diesel, methanol & working tank), capable of pumping 300 l/min and holding a maximum pressure of 5000 psi  Price:  $325,000 – Alberta


2013 WESTERN STAR CONVENTIONAL HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#5274R)  Fabmaster 5  million BTU burner, diesel powered, Serva Triplex TPD600 (12,030 psi/1200lpm), 3 x 2 durco centrifugal pump, T & E 4000 gear pump, tank: (2) 3.5m3 comparts, (1) 2.0 m3 compartment for burner diesel, Detroit DD15 diesel engine, Allison 7 speed automatic transmission, tandm axle, single steer, approx. 7000 hours,   OFF MARKET


2011 WESTERN STAR CONVENTIONAL 4900SA TANDEM AXLE HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#5271R)  CW Manufacturing 5 million BTU burner, diesel powered, Gardner Denver TE5 3 x 5 triplex mud (5130 psi/500 lpm), 3 x 2 Durco centrifugal pump, T & E 4000 gear pump, tank: (2) 3.5m3 comparts, (1) 2m3 compartment for burner diesel, Detroit DD15 diesel engine, Eaton Fuller 18 speed manual transmission, tandem axle, single steer, approx. 12,000 hours  Price:  $300,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $260,000


2009 KENWORTH TRUCK RUSH HOT OIL (Ref#5551T) Rush hot oil unit built 2009. 75 barrel single tank. 8million BTU, (2) 250 gallon propane tanks. Mounted on Kenworth tandem axle T-800 with 450 diesel engine, split-stick transmission, 265,000 miles. Gardner Denver TEE pump with 3” liners producing 320gpm, 60PSI pressure, Bowie load pump and centrifugal pump. Coils replaced Sept 20 2016. In June 2014 new Load line intake and output replaced. Tank is lined. All 3 pumps are PTO driven. Good operating condition. No issues. Rig is ready to be placed into immediate use. Currently in use, this unit is part of a fleet and is being replaced by a new unit. The company has an excellent preventative maintenance program and the unit was kept in good clean mechanical condition with the necessary repair or replacements done when required. Currently operating West Texas. Price: $160,000


2009 PETERBILT HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#15282R)  5.5 million BTU burner, 3 x 5 Gardner Denver pump, 3 compartment tank (diesel, methanol and sour sealed working tank), capable of pumping 500 L/min and holding a max pressure of 5000 psi, 10,000 hours  Price:  $275,000 – Alberta


2014 KENWORTH HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#7007R)  Kenwroth T800 triple axle truck with 485 hp Cummins engine, 13 speed transmission, 80 bbl tank, (2) 250 propane tanks, 7,000,000 BTU heat exchanger, TEE 3 x 5 pump, 10” centrifugal pump, Bowie pump, low hours, low miles, located Rocky Mountains  Price:  $375,000


INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#10867Tb) Built 2007, Miles: 305,126. Hours: 5996, New clutch, New shocks and air bags. Cummins ISX15 475 HP (1 year left on 3 year warranty). Front axle: 20,000#, Rear axle: 46,000#, Unit: Rush, completely rebuilt 2015. 7,000,000 BTU, 75 barrel round service tank, Gardner Denver TEE-5 high pressure pump. 3" Bowie load pump rated at 220 GPM at 60 PSI, 2 x 3 x 10 Summit centrifugal circulating pump. 500 gallon propane tank. Stainless steel operator's control station. Located Texas. Price: $225,000


2007 WESTERN STAR HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#8335T) Built 2007, Western Star tandem axle truck with Detroit diesel series-60 engine. Eaton Fuller 18 speed manual transmission. 17,824 hours, 317,646 kilometers, Fabmaster 5,000,000 BTU burner. diesel fired. Gardner Denver TE5 3x5 triplex pump. 5130 PSI max, 3x2 Mission centrifugal pump, 3" Bowie gear pump. Tanks: (2) 4 cubic meter compartments, (1) 1 cubic meter compartment for chemical/methanol. (1) 2.5 cubic meter compartment for diesel burner. Located Western Canada. Price: $210,000


2007 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#7108Rb)  acid/hot oil truck, 55/55 bbl split tank (110 total bbls), 7,000,000 BTU heater (heat exchanger), hydraulically operated, mounted on Mack 4 axle trailer, Mack single axle tractor (Mack Granite) powered by Mack 450 hp diesel engine, 13 speed transmission, (2) 250 gal propane tanks, TEE 3 x 5 pump, 3 x 2 x 13 centrigual pump, 300 Series Bowie pump, schedule 160 piping, 2’, 6’, 8’ and 10’ pipe joints, Chicksans connections, some spare parts, all equipment needed to operate truck, currently in use, dims  54’ L x 8’ W x 11’H, weight 54,700 lbs., located Rocky Mountains  Price:  $275,000


KENWORTH HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#14175R) Built 2000, diesel powered 8,000,000 BTU heater (2” coil), C-12 CAT engine, 18 speed transmission, One storage tank (3 compartments with 4m3 capacity for two storage compartments, 8m3 total volume, third compartment used for 1600L storage for heating fuel, 3” stainless steel internal valves, GD TEEE triplex plunger pump, Max output 500L/minute (1 ¼” discharge), electronic fluid counter, 50’ of ¾” high pressure double braided hose (W.P. 5000psi, 160L/min), approximately 170’ of 1 ¼” seamless line pipe complete with chicsans (W.P. 6000 psi), 3’ T&E gear pump (positive displacement) for loading/unloading and sucking back on lines, 3”x2” mission centrifugal pump for triplex charge, circulating, and high volume output (1500L/min), high pressure fittings for ½” to 3” NPT. Price: $180,000


2009 KENWORTH C500 8740 LITRE TRI DRIVE HOT OIL SLEEPER TRUCK  (Ref#6472R)  Cummins ISX (550 hp), autoshift 4700 A/T, double diff lock, A/R susp, 20000 lb frt, T69170HP rears, 320 in WB, 40” sleeper, Comtank 4 compartment fiberglass tank, TC412 code, Mission 3” pump, SPM 10000 psi pump, 5 million BTU burner, front mounted PTO, instrumentation cab  Price:  $580,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $465,000


2015 WESTERN STAR HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#14166R)  tri axle rear, 5 million BTU diesel burner, 15,000 psi pump, 3 compartment Hamms TC412 tank:  (2) 3.5 cube and (1) 2 cube diesel),   Price: $775,000


2001 MACK TRUCK WITH RUSH HOT OIL UNIT (Ref#3245T) Built 2001, Completely reworked 2016, Tandem axle Mack truck with Mack diesel engine. New paint. 75 barrel round tank. Viking pump, new 2016. Gardner Denver triplex pump, new valves. Bowie load pump. 8 million BTU heating unit. (2) 2,500 gallon propane tanks, Oteco valve installed. New valves and SCH 80 coils. Ready to go to work immediately, currently in use in West Texas. Reason for selling, this unit is different from the others in the company's fleet. They wish to keep standardized. Price: $175,000


2001 MACK RD6885 HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#3876R) Built 2001, 350 HP Mack diesel engine. Eaton Fuller 8LL speed transmission. LP Burner propane. (2) 250 gallon tanks. Dual PTOs. Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump: Max discharge 850 psi /  250 barrels / 1 hour with 2" plungers. Bowie pump. Centrifugal pump. hydraulic drive. 75 barrel tank. 7 million BTU boiler. Good condition. Surplus equipment. Price: $100,000


1998 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#4180Ta) 1998 RD 688S Mack tandem axle with Rush hot oil unit.  3" Bowie load pump, viking hot oil pump, Gardner Denver TEE triplex, schedule 80 coils 12 layer, 75 bbl square service tank, Murphy high temp shut down, Murphy high pressure shut down, 3bbl safety tank, 2 joints 1-1/2 steel pipe, 5 joints 1-1/2 aluminum pipe. 409,055 miles. Rebuilt 2006 - This is a total rebuild from the ground up. Located Southwest US. Price: $140,000


1998 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#4180Tb) 1998 MACK RD 688S tandem axle with Rush hot oil unit. 3" Bowie load pump, Viking hot oil pump, Gardner Denver TA3 triplex, Schedule 80 coils (replaced October 2013 - 12 layers), 75 barrel square service tank, Murphy high temp shut down, Murphy high pressure shut down, 3bbl safety tank. 3 joints 1-1/2 steel pipe, 4 joints 1-1/2 aluminum pipe. 422,185 miles. Rebuilt 2007 - This is a total rebuild from the ground up. Located Southwest US. Price: $140,000


1998 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#4180Tc) 1998 Mack RD 688S tandem axle with Rush hot oil unit. 3" Bowie load pump, Viking hot oil pump, Gardner Denver TEE triplex, Schedule 80 coils - 12 layers. 75 bbl square service tank, Murphy high temp shut down, Murphy high pressure shut down, 3bbl safety tank, 2 joints 1-1/2 steel pipe, 5 joints 1-1/2 aluminum pipe. 428,997 miles. Rebuilt 2008 - This is a total rebuild from the ground up. Located Southwest US. Price: $145,000


1998 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#4180Td) 1998 Mack RD 688S tandem axle with Rush hot oil unit. 3" Bowie load pump, Viking hot oil pump, Gardner Denver TEE triplex, Schedule 80 coils replaced Sept.2012 - 12 layers, 75bbl square service tank, Murphy high temp shut down, Murphy high pressure shut down, 3bbl safety tank, 2 joints 1-1/2 steel pipe, 5 joints 1-/2 aluminum pipe. 400,000 miles (odometor shows 32,994 - replaced) Rebuilt 2008 - This is a total rebuild from the ground up. Located Southwest US. Price: $140,000


1995 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#3080R) Mack chassis with 37,407 hours and 242,011 miles, manufactured 1995, 7,000,000 BTU, Propane fired, 75 barrel square tank, Centrifugal pump, Gardner Denver Triplex Pump, Bowie Load Pump, Sch. 40 Coils (3 years old – Will be Recertified), 500 gallon stacked propane tanks, Working lights, tank sight glass, operators control panel. Unit is currently operating in New Mexico. Price: $165,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $115,000


1993 INTERNATIONAL HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#4158R)  93' International with 218,210 miles on odometer, New coils put on it in March 2014, Unit was painted in April 2014. The tanks need work and need to be recoated. The grill is missing. Triplex pump, Viking, Bowie, Heat Exchanger system. Price: $105,000


1995 PAYSTAR 5000 HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#12951R)  Tandem axle truck with diesel engine, Enerfab unit.  75 barrel round tank.  7.5 million BTU.  (2) 250 gallon propane tanks.  Schedule 40 pipe.  TEED Triplex Gardner Denver Pump with large fluid end.  Viking transfer pump.  Bowie load pump.  Complete low and high pressure manifold.  Good condition ready for use. Located Texas.  Price: $160,000


1977 MACK HOT OIL TRUCK (Ref#5552T) Mounted on Mack tandem axle truck with Mack diesel engine, 2-sticks - high and low speed. (35,000 miles on rebuild). 75 barrel tank, (2) 250 gallon propane tanks. 2000# triplex pump. Bowie pump. Viking pump. Rapidly heats fluid. 35,000 miles on engine rebuild.  Schedule 40 coils.  Good condition, complete. Located Texas. Price: $60,000


HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#7786T)  tandem axle truck, 6000 psi, split compartment tanks, 50 meter hard line, 8 million btu heater, 500 liters per minut outut, 8m3 capacity  POR



The triplex pump and power divider were refurbished in 2014, The rest is built new in 2014.

Diesel fired, 5,300,000 BTU, operates in series for increased temperature or in parallel for increased flow, plenum chamber exhaust, three cylindrical coils. 2720 Gallon tank TC-406. Hydraulic piston for circulation/centrifugal pump. Hydraulic gear pump for blower, fuel pump, load/unload. Piston motor for centrifugal. Gear motors for blower, fuel pump, gear pumps. Hydraulic cooler.

High pressure pump:

      165HP TEEF 3x5 Triplex Pump (Refurbished 2014)

      3" Plungers

      Volume @ 6000 PSI 138 gpm.

Hydraulically driven low pressure pumps:

  a. Circulation pump - 3x2 centrifugal pump.

      Maximum pressure - 175 psi

      Maximum RPM - 3000 rpm

  b. Load / Unload pump:

      Gear (helical design) pump capable of bidirectional rotation

      Maximum pressure - 125 psi

      Maximum RPM - 750 rpm

Price: $355,000

2015 KENWORTH HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#11028R)  New – never used, propane fired burner, 7,000,000 BTU per hour input, propane vaporizer with pre-heater in burner chamber, direct fired one pass heat exchanger, Gardner Denver TEE high pressure pump, 3” Viking circulating pump, 3” Bowie Model 3300 load pump, 75 bbl holding tank, set of stacked 250 gallon fuel tanks, (2) PTO installed on truck transmission one to drive Viking pump and one to drive Bowie pump, lighting, toolboxes, fire extinguishers, mounted on 2015 Kenworth truck with Cummins 485 hp engine, 13 speed transmission  Price:  $425,000  Delivery four months


PETERBILT HOT OIL TRUCK  (Ref#6327R)  Manufactured 2013 – New, never used, delivery mid November-December 2013.  Propane fired, 75 bbl tank, rated approx. 8 million BTU/h input, Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump, 3” Viking feed pump, 3” Bowie load pump, high pressure piping, control panel, fuel system, mounted on2014 Peterbilt 388 ISX15 Cummins 500 hp, 20k front axle, 46k rears. Delivery:  6 months  Price:  $400,000


TRUCK BED FOR A SLED MOUNTED CME 45 DRILL RIG  (Ref#10417R)  Manufactured by CME, fuel tank, 13’L x 8’W x 13’H  Price:  $16,500


ANDERSON SUPPLY TRAILER  (Ref#8238Rc)  Manufactured 2001, triple tandem axles, inside pip3e rack, steel roof, drum storage on top, roll up tarp sides and back, set up for pressure washer, has hole reel and platform on deck for water tank  Price:  $13,750


WHITE SERVICE TRUCK (Ref#7207R)  with Detroit 6V92 engine, 1000 gallon water tank, IR 750/250 air compressor with 903 Cummins engine  Price:  $36,500


2012 HUDSON TRAILER  (Ref#14098Rc)  18’, electric brakes, dual wheels, 10 ton  Price:  $7,500


2013 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14556Td)  5500 gallon stainless steel insulated water tank, spary bar with digital meter, wireless remote for 3” Bowie pump, Cummins Tri-drive engine, no crane or welder, heated toolboxes  Price:  $205,000


2011 FORD F750 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7272Ta)  Cummins engine, 2000 gal tank, 6 speed transmission, air brakes, 13,418 miles  Price:  $69,500


2011 FORD F750 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7272Tb)  Cummins engine, 2000 gal tank, 6 speed transmission, air brakes, 14,337 miles  Price:  $69,500


2009 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1990T)  2500 gallon Rosewall tank, 350 hp diesel engine, toolboxes, 8000# auto crane, no welder, 130,000 kilometers / 80,000 miles as of Sept 2017  Price:  $89,500


2008 INTERNATIONAL 4300 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7182T)  Manufactured 2008, DT466 engine, 2000 gal water tank, 26,000 GVW, air brakes, 140,000 miles, 5 speed auto transmission  Price: $44,500


2007 KENWORTH T800B WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10857T)  2100 gallon water tank built in 2017, 21’ of usable bed, ¼” steel plate construction, 94.5” wide x 24” tall, total tank length 23’1” with (2) front verticals, Cat C15 (475 hp) engine, approx. 430,210 miles, 18 speed RTLO 18918B transmission (reman), engine brake, suspension Neway, ratio 4.10, front axle 16,000#, rear axle 46,000#, differential lock, A/C, weather tight tool boxes, (2) 100 gallon fuel tanks with (4) 2” ports, (2) ¾” drains, sight glass, (9) 3/16 22” baffled tank, EPA interior epoxy coating, front drill rod stopper, additional bolted on headache rack, 4 welded on ratchet style tie down winches with 30’ straps, cargo winch bar, full length cargo tie down rail(s) pckets with square tube stakes, (2) tank fender cutouts so tank sits lower on truck frame, (1) 4” gravity water fill, tank vent, discharge ports with 2” brass ball valves, 2” camlocks, 3 drains in rear, water level sight glass, 2 access ladders with grab handles, 12 volt 20 gpm fuel transfer pump, 50’ 1” fuel hose reel with auto nazzle, torch locker with reel, 2 mid deck stake pockets with 20” above deck height tube stakes (3 each side), worklights  Price:  $157,500


2007 STERLING LT9500 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8234T)  2200 gallon water flat tank, Detroit Series 60 (470 hp), locking rears, 20,000# front mounted winch, (2) 110 gallon fuel tanks with fuel pump, Geo-loop grouter with hose reel, (2) vertical tool boxes, (6) horizontal tool boxes, crane mount on bed (no crane)  Price:  $100,000


2007 MACK GRANITE 2750 GALLON WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6617Tb)  50 gallon fuel tank, Mack diesel engine  Price:  55,000


2006 BROOKS TRAILER  (Ref#8186R)  24’ long, 23,000# capacity, 6 ton crane  Price:  $18,000


2006 INTERNATIONAL 4400 SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#15214R)   24’ flatbed with lift gate, DT 466 engine, 6 speed manual trans, A/C, low mileage, toolbox  Price:  $35,000


2005 FORD F650 SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#8140Tb)  5.9L Cummins diesel engine, 2 wheel drive, 10’ flatbed, 69,000 miles, air brakes, Allison automatic transmission  Price:  $39,000


2006 FORD F650 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#11623T)  1600 gal poly tank, 5.9 Cummins diesel engine, 5 sp transmission, 18’ bed, 70,000 miles  Price:  $23,500


2005 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10858T)  2600 gallon water tank built in 2017, 23’ of usable bed, 3/8” bottom steel plate, 94.5” wide x 26” tall, total tank length 25’1” with (2) front verticals, Cummins ISX (475-565 hp) engine, 1850 torque, 18 speed transmission, approx. 9950 miles, 20,000# front, 69,000# rears, full lockers all 3 axles, factory double frame, all new rear American tires, new batteries, IMT Model 7500 crane with remote, crane function module wired into truck computer for operating crane with wireless radio remote, truck start and stop, idle up and down with radio remote, crane accessores PTO, oil pump, hoses and fittings, weather tight toolboxes, (2) 110 gallon fuel tanks with 2200 gallons total, (2) 2” ports, (2) ¾” draigns, sight glass, (10) 3/16 22” baffled tank, EPA interior epoxy coating, frant drill rod stopper, cargo winch bar, full length cargo tie down rail(s) pckets with square tube stakes, 2 tank feder cutouts so tank sits lower on truck frame, 4” gravity water fill, 5 discharge ports with 2” brass ball valves, 3” camlocks, 3 drains in the rear, water level sight glass, 2 access ladders with grab handles, hose chambers, LED lights, 50’ 1” fuel hose reel with auto nozzle, 12 volts 20 gpm fuel transfer pump, torch locker with 50’ torche reel, work lights, stake pockets, 1” heavy duty pintle plate with attached rear 20” heavy duty fold down step or bumper with folding small side steps, receiver hitch, 25 ton pintle  Price:  $192,500


2005 INTERNATIONAL 4300 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8796T)  1200 gallon flat tank, no crane, no welder, front seal on 220 hp engine needs replacing  Price $35,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500


2005 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#15241Rb)  1800 gallon water bed (manufactured by Ballard), 250 gallon fuel tank  Price:  $60,000


2005 GMC TOPKICK FLATBED SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#3686R) Cat engine  Price:  $9,500


2004 FREIGHTLINER M-2 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7560Ra)  4000 gallon, steel tank, Cat C7 diesel engine, front, side and rear hyd spray system  Price:  $52,000


2004 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#15060T) 2000 gallon water tank, single axle truck  Price:  $32,000


2004 CUSTOM MADE ALUMINUM WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5935Tb)  3500 gallon, gravel pack bin, Cat C12 engine, one owner, 35,000 miles  Price:  $79,500


2003 VOLVO AUTOCAR WATER TRUCK (Ref#12288RA) 2300 gallon water tank, Amthor water bed, hydraulic crane, winch, (2) 100 gallon fuel tanks with transfer pump, 520 HP Cummins engine in truck, Fuller 18 speed transmission with low, low 3 gear, front axle 20,000#, rear axle 46,000#, IMT hydraulic crane, 10,000 original miles, like new tires, toolboxes  Price:  $147,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $94,500


2003 STERLING WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10768Rb)  approx. 3000 gallon Rosewall tank (built 2011), 113,000 miles, 250 gal refuel tank with fuel pump, 400 hp Cat C12 diesel engine, no crane, no welder, new tires, Braden direct drive winch, toolboxes, GVW 66,000#  Price  $89,500


2003 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7251T)  DT466 motors, 2500 gallon water truck, 6 speed transmission, approx. 1500 hours, rebuilt 2015  Price:  $45,000


2002 GMC TOPKICK C8500 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3849R)  21’ steel body, 1000 gal water tank, 100 gallon fuel tank with transfer pump, torch holder, welder bracket, 2 underbody boxes  Price:  $57,000


2002 INTERNATIONAL 8100 SERIES TRUCK & TRAILER PACKAGE (Ref#7918Rb) 2002 International 8100 series truck with 350hp Cat engine, runs like new with 123,000 miles and a 25 ton tilt trailer, brand new tires and rims, 300 gallon water tank, 18’ 4” long, 8’ 5” wide   Package Price: $30,000


2002 STERLING WATER TRUCK (Ref#758Na) 2000 gallon round tank, welder, no crane, hydraulic winch  Price:  $100,00


2001 CHEVY SILVERADO 3500 1 ton SERVICE TRUCK (Ref#86R) 11’ bed, 350 gas engine, tandem axle, dually, toolboxes  Price:  $9,500


2001 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK (Ref#6253RB) 2000 gallon water tank, Detroit 60 series 500hp engine, F-80 Fassi crane  Price:  $52,000


2001 FORD 650 WATER TRUCK (Ref#2012NB) 1800 gallon plastic tank, 20’ van body  Price:  $30,000


2001 FORD F-550 SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#14986Td)  7.3 diesel engine, utility body, toolboxes, tools  Price:  $26,000


2001 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6676Nb)  1400 gallon tank, single axle, flat bed  Price:  $22,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $18,000


2001 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10734Nb)  1100 gallon flatbed, Detroit diseel engine, 10 speed transmission  OFF MARKET


2001 MACK DM688S (Ref#12086RA) with 350hp engine, 12 speed trans, 2000 gallon Rosewall water body, underbody boxes, on-board Geo-Loop 50/500 grout pump, EZ Load 6000 sand hopper, mid set hose reel, loop reel, 8000# Liftmore crane  Price:  $89,500  OFF MARKET


2001 STERLING WATER TRUCK (Ref#8219R) 1800 gallon flat tank (water body is 2006), Detroit diesel engine, small capacity crane, 4 underbody boxes, aux fuel w/ transfer pump, no welder  Price:  $38,500


2000 FREIGHTLINER FLD120 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10581T)  2500 gallon Amthor water body, 350 gal fuel tank, 5000# IMT crane, less than 100,000 miles  Price:  $87,500


2000 FREIGHTLINER FL70 (Ref#4824R)  with Cummins 5.9 diesel engine, 6 speed trans, underbody hydraulic auger rack, underbody toolboxes & rod racks, complete deck (new 2007) for CME 55 size drill rig  Price:  $28,000


2000 STERLING WATER TRUCK  (Ref#217Nb)  Flatwater Fleet style, 2000 gallon, diesel engine, welder, generator, has crane mount (took crane off)  Price:  $85,000  OFF MARKET


2000 STERLING WATER TRUCK (Ref#2768N) 1800 gallon water tank, 300hp Cat engine, 150 gallon fuel tank, 4800 miles  Price:  $42,500


2000 STERLING WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6048Rb)  1400 gal water tank, 3,000# crane  Price:  $55,000 PRICE REDUCED:  $40,000


2000 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9634Nd)  2000 gallon flat tank, Cat C12 engine, welder, 200+ gallon aux fuel, new bed 2008, good condition, 557,000 miles, 390 Eaton rear ends 40,000, KW AG200 suspension, front 12,500, 10 speed overdrive trans, new air bags, new rear end, excellent truck   Price:  $60,000 OFF MARKET


2000 MACK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1249Nb)  Amthor water body, 1500 water capacity, 115 gal fuel capacity, mounted on Mack tandem axle truck with Mack diesel engine  Price:  $90,000  OFF MARKET


2000 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK    (Ref#3120NB) 1000 gallon water tank, Cat 3126 engine  Price:  $25,000


2000 VOLVO AUTOCAR (Ref#12348RC) 400 Cummins engine with 8 speed trans, tandem axle with Camelback suspension  Price:  $27,000


1999 FORD 800 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#644Nb)  725 gal water tank, 10,000 watt welder/generator  Price:  $35,000


1999 FORD F550 SUPER DUTY SERVICE TRUCK (Ref#7777RC), 7.3 L turbo diesel engine and 6 speed manual trans, aluminum service bed with toolboxes, split fuel tanks and pumps  Price:  $17,000


1999 FORD F450 4 WHEEL DRIVE FLATBED SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#4507R) 7.3 L diesel engine, 230,000 miles  Price:  $16,500


1999 STERLING WATER TRUCK (Ref#321Nb) 1100 gallon flatbed steel tank, Cat 3406E engine, toolboxes, no crane or welder  Price:  $55,000   OFF MARKET


1999 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5061Nc)  2200 gallon plastic tank, Detroit 466 engine, toolboxes on side, 20’ bed, good running condition  Price:  $27,500


1999 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#11491Rc) 2500 gallon plastic oval tank, DT466 engine, toolbox, no crane or welder  Price:  $28,000


1999 INTERNATIONAL 4900 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2754Nb)  24’ flatbed, 1450 gallon tank, DT466 engine  Price:  $42,500  OFF MARKET


1999 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#5753Nb)  1400 gallon Flatwater bed, DT 466 engine  Price:  $25,000


1999 FREIGHTLINER TRUCK  (Ref#839R)  1500 gallon Flatwater tank, 3116 Cat diesel engine, 110 gallon fuel tank, 25 gpm pump, toolboxes, torch box, area for welder (welder not included), excellent condition  Price:  $32,500


1998 FREIGHTLINER SUPER CAB CARRIER  (Ref#7565Rc)  470 hp diesel engine, good tires, roadworthy  Price:  $45,000


1998 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK (Ref#6990Rb) 3600 gallon, 2 available Price:  $19,500 each


1998 MACK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#170Nb)  2000 gallon tank, 25’ bed, 300 hp Mack engine, toolboxes under bed, good running condition  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $47,500


1998 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7216N)  1500 gallon tank, 20’ Rosewall bed, International diesel engine,   Price:  $55,000 OFF MARKET


1998 KENWORTH 1800 GALLON FLATWATER FLEET WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7306Nb)  80,000 miles  POR


1998 FORD F700 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1300Rb)  1200 gal poly tank, diesel engine, 36,000 miles  Price:  $23,500


1997 FORD LT8513 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#15088Tb)  2000 gallon Rosewall tank, approx. 290,000 miles, no crane, no welder  Price:  $35,000


1997 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4179Rb)  1200 gallon Flatwater tank, 466 International engine  Price:  $22,000


1997 CHEVY 7500 SINGLE AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10782Rb)  366 DT engine, 1500 gallon water tank, flat bed  Price:  $16,500


1996 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3477Nb)  1800 gallon water truck, 210 fuel, Ballard bed, Cat 3176 diesel engine, (8) toolboxes, no crane, no welder  Price:  $32,000


1996 FL120 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10328Rc)  100 bbl tank, 60 Series Detroit engine, 10 speed transmission, air ride, 4” Honda pump to tank, holds 38,000 liters  Price:  $30,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $16,000


1996 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK (Ref#8450RB), 2000 gallon tank, M11 Cummins engine  Price on request


1996 INTERNATIONAL 9500 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8278R)  Manufactured 1996, 2004 Amthor water body, 1700 gallon tank, 250 gallon fuel tank on head board, hose reel with air pump, sitting about one year, good running condition when parked  Price on Request


1996 INTERNATIONAL 4900 WATER TRUCK (Ref#3346Rb) DT 466 engine, locking axles, (2) 1000 gallon plastic tanks mounted on flatbed, 5 toolboxes  Price:  $19,500


1996 FORD F800 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14446T)  1000 gallon poly tank, single axle, 124,000 miles  Price:  $17,500


1996 INTERNATIONAL 4900 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13817)   (2) 950 gallon plastic tanks, DT466 engine  Price:  $35,000


1996 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#2626TB) 1800 gallon steel tank, DT466 engine, Grove knuckle crane, toolboxes  Price:  $50,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $32,000


1996 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9089RC) 1800 gallon tank, diesel engine, no crane or welder  Price:  $12,500


1996 INTERNATIONAL 4700 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8962Rb) 1400 gal water tank, 18,200 miles, good rubber, DT466, 6 speed  Price:  $34,500


1996 KENWORTH T800W WATER TRUCK (Ref#11968Nb) Cummins N14 diesel engine, 2800 gallon water tank, PTO driven 900/350 Sullair compressor, 8000# hydraulic jib crane, Moyno 3L8 pump, 20000# hydraulic winch, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, toolboxes, fresh paint  Price:  $122,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $110,000


1996 KENWORTH T800W RIG TENDER  (Ref#12660Ra) diesel engine, 2000 gallon tank, 300/150 air compressor, crane, grout pump, winch, 226,500 miles  Price:  $115,000


1996 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK (Ref#10085RD) 1500 gallon tank, 20’ bed, crane mount is there (no crane)  Price:  $45,000


1996 GMC SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#3472Rc)  single axle flat bed, water tank, 3116 Cat engine,  Price:  $33,500


1996 VOLVO WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14322TB) 4000 gallon tank  Price:  $36,000


1996 VOLVO WCA 64T WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12909R)  1000 gallon Ballard water truck, 300 Cummins, 200 gal fuel tank, no crane/no welder, body needs work, tank has few leaks  Price:  $17,500


1995 KENWORTH T800 RIG TENDER  (Ref#12660Rb)  diesel engine, no crane, 200 gal tank   POR


1995 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14869T)  Manufactured 1995, Detroit engine, 1800 gal water bed  Price:  $64,500


1995 PETERBILT 320E 6 x 6 CABOVER  (Ref#4529N)  80,000# rears, 40,000# front, Cummins power, 128k miles, 2100 gal flat water tank, 100 gal fuel tank, welder and torch holders, underbody toolboxes, tank epocy coated and baffled, new, never used  Price:  $65,000

Grapple crane available for additional cost


1995 FORD L-8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10642R)   1500 gallon water tank, 8.3 Cummins engine, air brakes, 8 speed trans, 150 gallon aux fuel tank, toolboxes  Price:  $35,000


1995 FORD WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1353Nb)  tandem axle truck, 2200 gallon flat tank, diesel engine  Price:  $22,500


1995 INTERNATIONAL 4900 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10084Rb)  DT 466 engine, 7 sp transmission, 1000 gallon polywater tank, 3 year old Venture crane, Miller Legend welder, cutting torch set up, custom casing bunks, underbody toolboxes, tools, 33,000 GVW, excellent condition  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $42,500


1995 INTERNATIONAL CARRIER LONG DECK  (Ref#7565Rb)  diesel engine, good tires, roadworthy  Price:  $45,000


1995 FREIGHTLINER SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#8324R)  Price:  $19,500


1995 GMC TOPKICK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14721TA) 35 barrel tank, propane engine, toolboxes  Price:  $14,000


1994 CHEVROLET KODIAK RIG TENDER  (Ref#9263R)  1994 Boundry, 1500 gallon tank with baffle, 110 gallon diesel tank, 4 tool boxes, oxygen/acetyle box and small winch to pull rods onto deck, four sections for casing/rods, Cat 3116 engine, Eaton 8 speed transmission  Price:  $37,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500


1994 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5272R) 2000 gallon poly tank on 24’ flatbed, 350hp Volvo diesel engine, toolboxes, pipe racks, no crane or welder  Price:  $35,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $28,000


1994 FORD 9000 WATER TRUCK (Ref#6071Ra) 1900 gallon tank, 250 Cummins engine, 6 speed auto transmission,  no crane or welder  Price:  $27,500


1994 FORD LOUISVILLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3194Na)  3 axle heavy spec, 3000 gal water tank, 20 bag grout machine with pump, toolboxes, standard trans., 300 gal built in fuel tank, 60,500 miles  Price:  $49,500


1994 FORD WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6918N)  300 Cummins engine, toolboxes, transfer pump, 8LL transmission  Price:  $55,000


1994 MACK WATER TRUCK (Ref#8002Nb) 350 Mack engine, tandem axle, jake brakes, 1200 gallon water tank, 200 gallon fuel tank  Price:  $57,500


1994 MACK TRUCK CRANE  (Ref#5065Nb)  9300# knuckle boom crane, 20’ blatbed, Mack diesel engine, toolboxes,  Price:  $59,000  OFF MARKET


1994 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8605Rb)  1800 gallons water, 200 gallon fuel tank, 2 vertical boxes, 6 horizontal boxes (all boxes are weatherproof), heavy duty bumper w/Pintle hitch, 6 internal stake pockets, stake pockets and rails on outwide rim, #3203 Series Auto Crane, Bobcat 225 generator/welder with 484 hours, Series 60 Detroit engine (365 hp_, 10 speed Eaton transmission, 545,000 miles  Price:  $49,500  OFF MARKET



1994 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK (Ref#4211N) 2000 gallon flat steel tank, diesel engine, pipe racks, toolboxes, 200 gallon aux fuel, no crane or welder  Price:  $37,500  OFF MARKET


1994 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4294Ta)  single axle, metal 1200 gallon tank, Cummins diesel engine, 275 gal fuel tank, air brakes, 33,000 GVW  POR


1994 FREIGHTLINER FL80 WATER TRUCK (Ref#11491RB) 2600 gallon plastic tank, 8.2L Cummins engine, good condition  Price:  $30,000


1994 FREIGHTLINER 2000 GAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2779N)  350 hp Cat engine, Jake brake, 180 gal fuel tank, 2 underbody toolboxes, heavy duty bumper and hitch, (needs new tires)  Price:  $25,000


1994 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK (Ref#377Nb)  1000 gallon rectangular tank, pipe racks, tool box, Detroit diesel, no crane or welder  Price:  $27,500  OFF MARKET


1994 INTERNATIONAL 4900 TANDEM AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1226N)  Detroit DT466 diesel engine, Amthor water body, 1200 gallon water capacity, 100 gallon fuel cvapacity, 22’ bed, 130,000 miles, fuel pump, rear end just reworked, good clean condition  Price:  $45,000


1994 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7708Tb)  2200 gallon, set up for 3” Honda relift  Price on Request


1994 PETERBILT WATER/PIPE TRUCK  (Ref#4327R)  1100 gal tank, 340 engine, brand new tires, 747,000 miles  Price:  $42,500


1994 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK  (Ref#503N)  3406 Cat engine, 700 gallon water tank, 150 gallon fuel tank, 5’ upright torch box, 20’ shopbuilt bed, worklights on rear, underbody boxes, great condition  Price:  $55,000


1993 INTERNATIONAL 9200 WATER TRUCK (Ref#9353Nb) 3000 gallon square water tank  Price:  $24,500


1993 FORD L9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4612R)  Flatbed 750 gal tank, 26’ body (3 years old, spent 14K on new), 300 Cummins, 9 speed, built in tie downs, stored inside, excellent condition  Price:  $27,500


1993 FORD 9000 RIG TENDER  (Ref#10476Tb)  2001 Flatwater Fleet 3000 gallon flat tank, 300 L10 Cummins diesel, toolboxes, hydraulic centrifugal pump, hydraulic grouter good for 100’ wells, 140 gpm transfer pump, toolboxes, 9 sp transmission, no crane, no welder, low miles  Price:  $29,000


1993 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6321RB) 2000 gallon flatbed water tank, no crane or welder  Price:  $12,000


1993 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#3367R) diesel engine, 2700 gallon flat tank, 200 gallon fuel tank with pump, screen rack, toolboxes  Price:  $28,000


1993 KENWORTH T800 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5398Nb)  Detroit diesel Series 60 (rebuilt 45,554 miles), 8 bag air suspension, 4th axle drop spring center, 2005 2,400 gal water tank, tool boxes and welder cabinet - $45,000  OFF MARKET


1993 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK (Ref#3716N) 2100 gallon round stainless steel tank, used for potable water, Cat 3406 engine, grout pump, toolboxes, pipe racks, no crane or welder  Price:  $50,000


1993 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR 5000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2251Nb) 2000 plastic water tank, side boxes, 18000 miles, auto transmission  Price:  $46,000


1992 KENWORTH T400 WATER TRUCK (Ref#8393Tb) 2000 gallon Ballard flat tank, Cummins 350 diesel engine, approx. 115,000 miles, 6 x 4 truck, toolboxes, auxiliary fuel tank, torch compartment, tie downs, Effer 2500 AZ 2000# hydraulic crane, heavy duty chassis reinforced November 2017 (Grouter and Pipe shown in pictures not included), air brakes, GVW 33,001#  PRICE: $35,000


1992 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3225T)  Manufactured 1992, tandem axle, 2400 gallon, Cat diesel engine, 110,000 miles, crane, fuel tank, bed needs a little work  POR


1992 FORD AEROMAX  (Ref#2385N)  with 3176 (425 hp) Cat engine, 9 speed Fuller transmission, 2200 gal Rosewall tank with Rosewall grouter on back, pipe rack, vertical and horizontal boxes, good shape  Price:  $57,500


1992 FORD LNG8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10863T)  Ford diesel engine, 2500 gal steel tank, 40,000 miles  Price:  $35,000


1992 FORD LTS9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4696Na)  1200 gallon flat tank, diesel engine, 22’ bed, 100 gal aux fuel tank, rod rack, toolbox, (no crane or welderPrice:  $40,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $37,500


1992 FORD L8000 6X6 WATER TRUCK (Ref#9574R) Rosewall custom 2000 gallon water tank, diesel engine, Allison trans, heavy front winch  Price:  $35,000


1992 PETERBILT 379 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4248N)  Manufactured 1992, 444 Cummins diesel engine, truck “Like New” with approx. 5000 miles (Sept 2015), Hendrickson suspension, double drame, 4200 gallon aluminum oval tank  Price:  $80,000


1992 GMC-VOLVO WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12347Rb)  Cat engine, Fuller 8 speed transmission, 3600 gallon tank, 3” centrifugal pump, spray bars front and rear with hose reel, ditch loading  Price:  $45,000


1992 GMC TOPKICK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1705Nb)  3116 ATAAC engine, 1800 gallon Flatwater Fleet tank, 8800 lb IMT crane, 36,000 miles on rebuilt motor  Price for water truck:  $65,000


1992 GMC WATER TRUCK (Ref#11761R)  1000 gallon water tank, 24’ bed, Quick Load grouter (model QLB15011P, year 2002), mounted on 1992 GMC Topkick, 167,000 miles, rack for carrying mud mats, straps on side for casing, truck runs great with no leaks Price:  $29,500 PRICE REDUCED:  $15,000


1992 FORD F350 SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#3713Nb)  4 wheel drive,  Price:  $25,000


1991 FORD L9000 TANDEM AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#55Nb)   Diesel engine, 200 gallon fuel tank with transfer pump, underbody toolboxes, 750 gallon rectangular steel tank  Price:  $20,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $11,500


1991 INTERNATIONAL 4900 TANDEM AXLE WATER TRUCK (Ref#4148RD) DT466 engine & 6 speed trans (both reman 2008) 21’ steel bed with 1600 gallon steel water tank, (2) custom made fuel tanks with electric pump, pintle hitch Price:  $27,500


1991 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#11590RB) 2400 gallon water tank, 7 ton gravel bin, no crane or welder, toolboxes   Price:  $30,000


1991 INTERNATIONAL 9300 WATER TRUCK (Ref#13519R) 1200 gallon flat tank, Cummins N14 engine, grout machine with Rupe 20/300 pump  Price:  $29,500


1990 INTERNATIONAL 4600 LP 4 X 2 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7727T)  1500 gal water tank, 6 speed transmission, air brakes, 144,000 miles  Price:  $23,500


1989 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10881N)  2100 gallon tank, aux fuel tank, winch, 12000# crane   Price:  $39,500

Groutmaster grouter available at additional cost


1991 INTERNATIONAL 4900 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7807R)  1600 gallon water tank, 6 cyl diesel engine, 115,000 miles, 5 speed transmission, toolboxes  Price:  $29,500


1990’S MILITARY 6X6 TRUCK (Ref#2543R) Cummins engine, Allison 5 speed auto trans, 55 ton rears, air engaged front wheel drive, high/low, flotation tires also available  Price:  $29,500


1990 AUTOCAR WATER TRUCK (Ref#758Nb) 2000 gallon round tank, no crane or welder  Price:  $59,500  Price Reduced: $42,000


1990 PETERBILT 6 X 6 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#208Rb)  2400 gallon water tank, L10 Cummins engine, 9 speed, mileage unknown  Price:  $35,500


1990 PETERBILT TANDEM AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8882Tf)  90 bbl water truck, 60 Series Detroit engine, vacuum unit  Price:  $60,000


1990 INTERNATIONAL EAGLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12348RB) 4000 gallon tank, Bowie pump, 350 Cummins engine with 13 speed Fuller trans  Price:  $40,000


1990 INTERNATIONAL 4900 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2351Nc)  1100 gallon tank, Miller Bobcat welder, rear winch for pipe handling, 100 gal fuel tank with transfer pump, shop built 400-500 lb crane  Price:  $37,000  OFF MARKET


1990 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#14010b)  diesel engine, underbody air 125 cm  Price:  $16,000


1990 FORD WATER TRUCK (Ref#3738N) 2400 gallon flatbed tank, Cummins engine, Honda pump on board, no crane or welder  Price:  $40,000


1990 FORD LTS 9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1146Na)  2200 gallon water tank with rig fuel enclosed, 315 Cummins diesel engine, 8LL transmission, tandem axle, torch compartment, under body tool boxes, trailer hitch, wired and plumbed for electric trailer brakes and air brakes  Price:  $37,000


1990 Mack Midliner water truck (Ref#5385R) 1200 gallon 20’ flatbed tank, headache rack, 2 underbody toolboxes  Price on Request


1990 WHITE TRUCK  (Ref#6567RB)   with 1200 gallon flat water tank Price $20,000


1989 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK (Ref#4214Na)  2500 gallon water tank, Palfinger crane (46’ boom, 11,000# lift capacity), Cat 3406 engine    Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


1989 PETERBILT 377 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4589N)  2200 gallon flat tank, 3406 Cat engine, aux. fuel, underbody toolboxes, pipe rack, no crane or welder  Price on Request


1989 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9634Ne)  2000 gallon Flatwater Fleet tank, welder, 3406 Cat engine, 200+ gallon aux fuel tank, good condition, 300,000 miles  Price:  $38,000 


1989 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9634N)  2000 gal flat tank  Price:  $45,000


1989 FORD LNT8000  (Ref#361N)  Flatwater Fleet RT-1400, 1400 gal water tank, 300 gal fuel tank, tandem axle truck with Cummins 300 diesel engine, mini crane, grout pump, good condition  Price:  $15,000


1989 FORD L9000  (Ref#11792N)  350 hp 3406 Cat engine, 1800 gal flat waterbed, (2) blocking racks, 20’ bed, 1 toolbox under bed, frame extends about 20” for a crane attachment to be mounted  Price:  $22,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $15,500


1989 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14469Nb)  Flatwater Fleet water body, 2000 gallon, 250 gallon fuel, 1989 Volvo with CAT 3406 diesel   Price: $28,500


1989 INTERNATIONAL EAGLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12348RA), 4000 gallon tank, Bowie pump, 350 Cummins engine with 13 speed Fuller trans  Price:  $40,000


1989 INTERNATIONAL S1954 WATER TRUCK (Ref#9573RB) 2500 gallon Rosewall tank, DT466 engine  Price:  $27,500


1989 INTERNATIONAL 2500 WATER TRUCK (Ref#8103N) 1250 gallon flat steel tank, 300hp Cummins engine, no crane or welder, toolboxes  Price:  $35,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $23,000


1989 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR 5000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3194Nb)  all wheel drive, auto trans., 4 axle heavy spec, 3000 gal water tank with hydraulic pump, Cummins powered, 75,368 miles  Price:  $49,500


1989 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#7978Tb)  LeRoi 100S2 air compressor, 20’ bed, Cummins diesel engine, no water tank  Price:  $19,000


1988 WHITE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1231Nb)  tandem axle, water body, 8V gas engine  Price:  $12,500


1988 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13300RD) 22’ body with 1200 gallon water tank, 200 gal fuel tank w/ air pump, crane & air winch, Cat engine, body needs some repair  Price:  $44,500


1988 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5301R)  1999 Rosewall flatbed tank, 2200 gallons, 5 storage bins, transfer pump, no leaks, stored inside and in excellent condition.  Truck has Cummins 350 diesel engine, wide front tires (requires large turning radius, due to near rear springs it does not track properly  Price:  $36,500


1988 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13170N)  1200 gal water tank, tank built-in, 366 diesel engine, excellent condition  Price:  $27,000


1988 GMC WATER TRUCK (Ref#9107R) flatbed with 1500 gallon steel tank, diesel engine, 13 speed RR transmission, toolboxes, 300 gallon fuel tank  Price on request

*electric crane available at additional cost


1988 CHEVY KODIAK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8744Rb)  300 gal custom bed/tank, tank has pump, inside of tank was apoxied, 4 tools/storage boxes, 300 hp diesel motor  Price:  $25,000


1988 FORD L9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#11156RB) 1000 gallon flat tank, 350 Cummins engine, 8 speed trans, toolboxes, 200 gallon fuel tank, no crane or welder  Price:  $12,500


1988 FORD LTS9000  (Ref#2105N)  Manufactured 1988, Amthor 2000 gallon flatbed with 250 fuel tank, built 1994, IMT 2015 crane, 350 hp Cat 3406  Price:  $60,000


1988 FORD LTS8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12685N)  6 cyl diesel engine, 2100 gal Flatwater Fleet tank, front winch, crane, 240 gal reserve fuel tank, 58,000 miles, tandem axle, toolboxes  Price:  $45,000


1988 FORD LN9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14018)  diesel engine, 1950 gal tank, good condition Price: $35,000  OFF MARKET


1988 FORD F350 DUALLY (Ref#4408Rb) straight 6 engine, 5 speed trans with “granny low” flatbed, pipe racks, toolboxes, good condition  Price on request


1988 INTERNATIONAL S1700 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#141N)  DT360 diesel engine, hydraulic tag, 2200 gallon flat tank, low mileage, toolboxes  Price:  $25,000


1988 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7560Rb)  4000 gallon, steel tank, Cat 3306 diesel engine, front side and rear hyd spray system  price:  $35,000


1987 FORD 8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6137Rb) Cat 3208 Turbo engine, 21’ flat bed with 1000 gallon tank  Price:  $24,500


1987 FORD L8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9950T)  1800 gal Flatwater tank (tank has a leak), 7500 lb hydraulic rane, 200 gal fuel tank, 7.8L engine (remanufactured at 137,500 miles, 20’ bed, 54,000 GVW  Price:  $37,500


1987 FORD LN9000 WATER TRUCK (Ref#5968N)   tandem axle, diesel engine, 2000 gallon flat water tank, 120 gallon fuel tank, 4000# hydraulic crane, 20’ boom, good condition   Price: $37,500


1987 GMC TOPKICK (Ref#13063R) with Cat 3208 engine, service body, 650 knuckle boom crane  Price:  $16,500


1987 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR WATER/SUPPORT TRUCK  (Ref#529Nb)  Manufactured 1987, Detroit diesel engine, 1600 gallon tank, 100 gallon fuel tank, crane attachment, 30,000 miles on truck  Price:  $38,500


1987 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#8815Nb) 1800 gallon flat water tank, 300 gallon fuel tank  Price:  $28,000


1987 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8140Ta)  2500 gallon Rosewall bed, diesel engine, no crane, no welder, toolboxes  Price:  $16,500


1987 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#1475Nd) 2800 gallon square tank, Rosewall grouter, new rubber, 400 Cummins RTO 13 tansmission - $28,000


1987 INTERNATIONAL 1900 SERIES WATER TRUCK  (Ref#15163N)  1500 gallon flat tank, DT 466 engine, Road Ranger transmission, flat tank, 100 gal fuel tank and pump  Price:  $25,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $18,500


1987 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7515N)  2200 gallon flat water tank, DT466 engine, 120 gal aux fuel tank, 20,000# winch, toolboxes, grouter  Price:  $44,500


1987 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13861R)  1000 gal flat tank, DT466 engine, stakes, approx. 200,000 miles, 5 speed, air brakes, 223,000 miles, 5 speed manual transmission, tires and brakes good condition, bed 7 years old, 8’W x 18’6” long, good tires  Price:  $17,500


1987 FLATWATER FLEET RTT RIG TENDER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13783Rb)  1200 gallon water tank, 5000# crane capacity, mounted on 1987 IHF 1954 with DT466 (210 hp) engine, Fuller 13 speed, approx 225,000 miles, 4 toolboxes, diesel fuel transfer pump with 300 gallon tank with fuel reel  Price:  $35,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500


1987 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK (Ref#9450RB) 1500 gallon flat tank, 400 hp Cat engine, Jake brake, 9 speed Fuller transmission, twin drive rear axles,  110 gallon fuel tank with electric transfer with hose reel, Lincoln welder/generator, gas bottle rack, 90% tires, no crane  Price:  $40,000


1987 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13240Nb)  1300 gallon flat water tank, boxes, 155,000 miles, 3406 Cat engine  Price:  $42,500


1987 GMC 7000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3543Nb)  427 gas engine, 1600 gallon water tank, underbody boxes  Price:  $12,500


1987 KAYLAN GOOSENECK TRAILER  (Ref#8140Tc)  new decking, 28’  Price:  $13,000


1987 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#344N)  1500 gallon 21’ flat tank, 150 gallon fuel tank, toolboxes  Price on Request


1986 MACK R686ST WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6301N)  Flatwater Fleet 2300 gallon tank, diesel engine, 6000# hydraulic crane, good condition  Price:  $40,000


1986 MACK WATER TRUCK (Ref#5055N) 1200 gallon water tank, diesel engine, welder/generator, toolboxes   Price:  $30,000


1986 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#8828RB)  2000 gallon water tank, 350 Cummins engine, 250 gallon fuel tank, crane, toolboxes  Price:  $45,000

(Ref#8828RC)  1000’ of 4 ½” x 25’ pipe, (1) 8” IR 380 hammer, (2) 6” IR360 hammers, 2 stabilizers, etc

Price on request


1986 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (ref#9512Nb)  2000 gallon flat tank, 20’ bed, aux fuel tank, no crane or welder  Price on Request


1986 INTERNATIONAL 2500 WATER TRUCK (Ref#6877RB) 1800 gallon tank, 350 Cummins engine, 18000# Atlas knuckle boom  Price:  $18,500


1986 KENWORTH T600 SUPPORT TRUCK  (Ref#7910Nb)  2005 Montana flat tank water bed  Price:  $52,500


1986 GMC BRIGADIER 20’ FLAT BED TRUCK  (Ref#12940Rb)  Cummins L10 engine, Eaton Fuller 9 speed tranmission, air brakes, 4 under body tool boxes, extra heavy duty 88’ x 20’ flatbed constructed out of ¼” plate with cross members spaced every 12” and pockets for stakes.  Pintle hitch on rear, 208,000 miles showing on odometer,  Price:  $17,500


1986 GMC GENERAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7180b)  1100 gallon square tank, 6V53 Detroit engine, 20’ body, pipe rack, toolboxes  Price:  $42,500


1986 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6878RA) 1300 gallon steel tank, Detroit diesel engine, custom toolboxes, low mileage, no crane or welder  Price:  $13,500  OFF MARKET


1986 FORD F8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#10524b)  2000 gallon tank, Cat 3208 diesel engine, good tires, good condition  Price:  $28,500


1986 N-12 VOLVO TRUCK  (Ref#13310d)  285 hp Volvo engine, 9 speed trans, 1600 gallon water bed mounted on truck, exhaust brake, Volvo T-ride rear suspension, approx 122,000 miles  Price:  $28,000


1986 FORD F700 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4033N)  825 gallon flat tank, gas engine, toolboxes, no crane or welder  Price on Request


1986 FORD L9000 TRUCK  (Ref#6980Nb)  2 plastic tanks, holds a total of 2750 gallons of water, 24’ flatbed, 350 Cummins diesel  Price:  $15,000


1986 FORD LTL9000 (Ref#1572N)   300 Cummins engine – rebuilt 10,000 miles ago, 24 ft. 1,800 gallon water bed with 250 gallon fuel tank, water bed 4 years old, truck and bed painted in 2002, flatwater tank, Price: $43,000


1986 FORD WATER TRUCK (Ref#9025Nc)  1200 gallon water tank, diesel engine  Price on request


1986 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5753Nc)  2000 gallon water tank, Cat engine  Price:  $30,000


1985 WESTERN STAR WATER TRUCK  (Ref#7391Nb)  Cat 3406 engine, 1700 gallon water tank, 20’ bed, pipe racks, tool boxes  Price:  $22,000


1985 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#12614TB) 1400 gallon flat tank with electric hoist, dump hoist, less than 12,000 miles, gas engine, 5+2 trans, good condition  Price:  $19,500


1985 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5143T)  2000 gallon tank, 300 Cummins engine, toolboxes, no crane or welder  Price:  $23,500


1985 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#487N)  DT466 engine, 1000 gallon tank, casing on top  Price on Request


1985 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5338Nb)  1100 gallon rectangular tank, 200 gallon fuel tank, 366 gas engine, 20’ flatbed  Price:  $14,500


1985 FORD WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9506R)  1000 gal square steel tank, LP gas engine, wrencker winch, no crane, no welder  Price:  $13,500


1985 FORD 9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2873R)  800 gallon water tank, 400 gallon fuel tank, Cummins engine, toolboxes, tanks are center mounted so there is room for casing and rod on the side, good condition  Price:  $19,000


1984 PETERBILT WATER TRUCK (Ref#675Nb) 1500 gallon flatbed tank, knuckle boom  Price:  $27,500


1984 VOLVO WHITE EXPEDITER WATER TRUCK  (ref#12524Nb)  1900 gallon box tank, aux fuel tank, 6000# crane, no welder  Price:  $22,500


1984 VOLVO WATER TRUCK (Ref#7487Ra)  2000 gallon, L10 Cummins diesel, 8,000# turbine crane, no welder, tool boxes.  Price: $17,000  REDUCED TO $10,000


1984 WHITE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4041Nb)  L10 Cummins engine, 1950 gallon baffled tank, 8000# crane, gravel box  Price:  $20,000


1984 GMC WATER TRUCK (Ref#9694RB) 1000 gallon tank, gas engine, no crane or welder  Price:  $8,500


1983 FORD WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2016Nb)  2000 gallon tank, 300 Cummins engine, pipe racks  Price:  $12,500


1983 INTERNATIONAL 1854 SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#1151N)  250 hp DT 466 aftercooled engine, rebuilt, low miles, rebraked, good rubber, 1500 gallon square tank, toolboxes underbed, 21’ bed  Price:  $40,000


1982 MACK SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#9319)  Manufactured 1982, 185 hp diesel engine, 5&2 transmission, 20’ bed, 400 gal rectangular water tank, pipe rack, hose reel, under bed boxes, Liftmore 2000# crane, truck not running  Price:  $8,500


1982 GMC 9000 BRIGADIER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9567)  Manufactured 1982, 3800 gallon steel water tank, 350 Cummins Big Cam diesel engine, 7 sp Eaton trans., tandem axle, good condition  Price:  $38,500


1982 FORD LNT 8000 WATER TRUCK (Ref#12288RB) 2100 gallon flat water tank, Cat 3208 engine, 13 speed Road Ranger transmission, 20’ bed, 30 ton front winch, Ventura electric crane, 210 fuel tank w/ transfer pump, toolboxes, flood lights  Price:  $26,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $19,500


1982 FORD 9000 SINGLE AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4481N)  1200 gallon flatbed tank, Cat 3208 engine, toolboxes, no welder, 100 gal fuel tank  Price:  $18,500


1982 FORD 8000 TANDEM AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5295T)  Cat 3208 turbo diesel engine (rebuilt with 1000 miles), 600 gal flat tank, 5 ton heavy duty crane, welding boxes, 200 gallon fuel tank, excellent condition, good paint  Price:  $34,500


1982 INTERNATIONAL MODEL F2275 WATER TRUCK (Ref#6797R) with 2002 baffled bed, 2500 gallon tank, 200 gallon fuel tank with transfer pump, no crane or welder, 22’ bed (bed manufactured 2000), underbody boxes, 4 toolboxes,   Price:  $26,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $24,500


1982 MARMON WATER TRUCK (Ref#7778RE) 1200 gallon flatbed water tank, Cat 3406 engine and 13 speed RR trans  Price:  $22,500


1981 FORD LTS 8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1146Nb)  1800 gallon water tank, rig fuel, enclosed under bed tool boxes, trailer hitch, Cat 3208 210 hp Cat diesel engine, 13 speed transmission, tandem axle  Price:  $33,000


1981 FORD 8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6101R)  1000 gallon water tank, Miller welder  Price:  $10,500


1981 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#2898Nb) 2200 gallon flatbed tank, DT466 engine, 20 speed transmission, toolboxes, good rubber  Price:  $30,000  REDUCED:  $20,000


1981 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#335Ra)  3000 gallon tank, tandem axle, new DT466 diesel engine, new radiator, fan clutch, muffler and 2 front tires  Price:  $22,000


1981 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6420)  Manufactured 1981, 2200 gal water tank, 466 gas engine, heavy duty winch and transfer pump, 15’ bed, 5 & 4 transmission, 45,000 miles, needs paint  Off market.


1981 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6952Tb)  1700 gal poly tank, Cummins diesel engine  Price:  $9,750


1980 INTERNATIONAL WATER TURCK  (Ref#335Rb)  1300 gallon water tank, single axle, 446 gas engine, 5 speed transmission, new PTO on transmission, 50,000 miles  Price:  $17,500


1980 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4812Rb)  2000 gallon tank, no welder, no crane, running, used daily  Price:  $18,000


1980 International 4800 water truck (Ref#6001RB) 1850 gallon water tank, 300 Cummins, 150 gallon fuel tank with electric pump, Bowie grout pump, 3 tom crane, underbody toolboxes and gravel bin  Price:  $30,000  Price Reduced:  $15,000


1980 MACK WATER TRUCK (Ref#52N) 1500 gallon tank, diesel engine, leak in bed  Price:  $10,500


1980 AUTOCAR WATER TRUCK (Ref#4275RA) Cat 3408 engine, RT-2300 Flatwater Fleet tank (1991) toolboxes, 5000# crane  Price:  $55,000


1980 FORD F700 SINGLE AXLE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4006)  Detroit diesel, 1000 gallon aluminum tank, 250 gallon fuel tank, toolboxes, stored inside - $18,000.


1980 FORD L9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#543R)  3200 gal tank, 671 Detroit diesel engine, no crane, no welder  Price:  $30,000


1980 GMC TOPKICK WATER TRUCK (Ref#2131N) single axle with 1200 gallon square tank, pipe racks, no toolboxes, no crane or welder   Price:  $10,000


1980 GMC BRIGADIER WATER TRUCK (Ref#2698Nb) 1000 gallon water tank, 24’ flatbed, Detroit 6V71 engine, Jake brakes, 4 axles, 250 gallon fuel tank, welder    Price:  $27,500


1980 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12298N)  1250 gallon poly tank, 330 gas engine, toolboxes, pipe rack (no crane or welder)  Price:  $12,500  OFF MARKET


1980 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#3383Ra) diesel engine with Rosewall 2200 gallon 20’ flatbed tank, grouter  Price:  $22,500


1980 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#3319N) 1800 gallon flat tank, DT466 engine, toolboxes, aux fuel tank, no crane or welder  Price:  $25,000 CAN


1980 CHEVY WATER TRUCK (Ref#12017b) 900 gallon flat tank, 20000# winch, gas engine, toolbox, no crane or welder  Price:  $102,500


1980 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8902R)  2000 gallon flat tank, Detroit diesel engine, Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, 6,000# crane, 200 gal fuel tank, 4 toolboxes  Price:  $32,500  OFF MARKET


1980’S WATER TRUCK (Ref#7607TB) 1300 gallon custom water tank, mounted on truck in poor condition, 400 gallon fuel tank with transfer pump  Price:  $9,000


1979 FORD LOUISVILLE 9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3537N)  1000 gallon flat tank, 671 Detroit engine, 8 speed transmission,  (2) 5’ toolboxes, (2) 2’ toolboxes, mounted under waterbed, 140,000 miles on truck  Price:  $9,500


1979 FORD F7000 FLATBED PIPE TRUCK  (Ref#4700Rb)  20’ LONG, Cat 3208 diesel engine, 485 gallon water tank under bed, 130 fuel tank transfer with pump  Price:  $17,500


1979 FORD 8000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#14131R)  1200 gallon flat tank, diesel engine, Pittman winch, toolboxes  Price:  $25,000 Off Market


1979 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3252Rb)  2850 gallons with 350 Cummins engine, 10 speed, air brakes, winch, Chem-grout grouter w/new Honda motor, storage box  Price $21,000


1979 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2520Tb)  3000 gallon tank, diesel engine, no crane or welder  Price on Request


1979 GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#518Nc)  427 gas engine (needs rebuild), 55 barrel square steel tank  Price:  $14,000


1979 CHEVY BRUIN WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1452N)  653 diesel engine, 2000 gallon water tank on 24’ bed, 13 speed, good tires  Price:  $17,500


1978 GMC WATER TRUCK (Ref#10804RB) single axle truck, 1500 gallon flatbed water tank, grouter  Price:  $20,000


1978 GMC WATER TRUCK (Ref#3383Rb) single axle with 1500 gallon flatbed tank  Price:  $16,500


1978 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK  (Ref#347Na)  tandem axle, 20’ wter bed 1500 gallon, Cummins 40 Big Cam 3 diesel engine, 5 speed transmission with 4 speed air shift (20 gears), 130 gallon diesel tank, tool boxes  Price:  $27,500


1978 INTERNATIONAL 2500S SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#5280RB)  DT466 engine, 13 speed RR trans, 56,000 miles   Price on Request


1978 INTERNATIONAL CARGO STAR 1810B WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12020R)  404 gas engine, 24’ bed, 325 gal poly tank, Miller welder w/Onan engine, 100’ each welding cable for stinger and ground cable, 3000# double line hoist, 100 gal rectangular fuel barrel with fuel pump (not shown in photo) and 65 gal barrel tank with fuel pump,  new front tires, 71,200 miles  Price:  $22,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $17,500


1978 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6381Nb)  Cummins diesel engine, tandem axle, 1000 gallon water tank, 300 gallon fuel tank   Off Market


1978 FORD 9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#3458N)  Manufactured 1988, 2100 gal. 1988 Flatwater Fleet tank, 5000 lb crane with remote, H/D PTOI winch, vertical cabinets, oxy-ace rack, underbody toolboxes, fuel tank with electric pump, platform for welder, rear fold-down step, 350 Cummins engine, Jake brake, 13 speed transmission, walking beam suspension, good condition,  Price:  $45,000


FORD FLATBED WATER TRUCK (Ref#2358RB) gas engine, 900 gallon plastic tank, toolbox  Price:  $19,500


1977 INTERNATIONAL 1700 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8449Nb)  2500 gallon water tank, toolboxes, good condition  Price:  $10,000


1977 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR 5000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#580Ne)  8V71 Detroit engine, 13 speed transmission, tandem Hendrickson suspension, 80 bbl vac tank, new vac pump - $30,000


1977 AUTOCAR WATER TRUCK  (Ref#247Nb)  tandem axle, 25’ water bed 2000 gallon, Detroit 671 diesel engine, 10 speed Eaton transmission, toolboxes  Price:  $27,500


1976 FORD WATER TRUCK (Ref#8497RB) 2000 gallon rounk tank, diesel engine, toolboxes, no crane or welder  Price:  $8,500


1976 GMC TANDEM AXLE 2000 GALLON WATER TRUCK  (Ref#9285Rb) 366 Chevy gas engine with Chemgrout 550 grouter Price:  $22,500


1975 INTERNATIONAL 1600 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#480N)  1000 gallon tank,  Price on Request

Also has 1000 gallon tank on trailer


1975 IHC PAYSTAR 5000 VAC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#12347Ra)  new vacuum pump on 4000 gallon tank, 671 Detroit diesel, 45 x 4 transmission  Price:  $35,000


1975 FORD 9000 SERVICE TRUCK  (Ref#5860Nb)  500/350 Sullair compressor twin screw, 1000 gallon tank, 270 Cummins engine  Price:  $33,000


1975 KENWORTH WATER TRUCK (Ref#14447N) 1100 gallon flat tank, 350 Cummins engine, 4 underbody toolboxes, pipe racks, 20’ bed, 200 gallon aux fuel tank, no crane or welder  Price:  $20,000


1975 INTERNATIONAL PIPE TRUCK (Ref#427Nb) rebuilt Cat 3208 engine, 25’ hyd knuckle boom  Price:  $24,000


1974 INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#13098RC), 4000 gallon tank, no crane or welder  Price:  $6,900


1974 INTERNATIONAL TRUCK (Ref#3877Nb)  300/50 air compressor, gas engine  Price on Request


1974 FORD 900 TRUCK  (Ref#5860Nc)  crane, 900 gal water tank, 2 fuel tanks, 529 gas engine  Price:  $15,000


1974 MACK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#518Na)  tandem axle, Mack disel engine (needs rebuild), vac pump, 60 barrel round steel tank  Price:  $15,000


1974 FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6821)  Manufactured 1974, 2200 gallon cylindrical water tank, Winch behind cab, Dump body, Freightliner tandem axle truck powered by 671 Detroit diesel (rebuilt), New paint and new steel box, Good tires, Very clean  Price:  $12,500.


1974 FORD F600 WATER TRUCK    (Ref#1121)  Manufactured 1974, 330 gas (new), 4 speed, 2 speed rear, 1200 gallon water tank (square), (2) 45 gallon fuel tanks,  Single axle, holds pipe on left side/right side, new front tires  Price:  $11,500.


1974 CHEVY 2 ½ TON WATER TRUCK (Ref#1174Nb) new 366 gas engine, 1600 gallon round steel tank, toolbox, pipe rack, no crane or welder  Price:  $6,500


1974 PETERBILT CONVENTIONAL TRUCK (Ref#5065Na)  350 Cummins Engine, Spicer 5 speed Main Transmission, Spicer 4 speed Auxillary with power-tower, 30,000 lb winch, 16.5 X 22.5 Front Tires ( 90% good ) with 25,000 Front Axle, 1100 X 22.5 Rear Tires ( New) with 44,000 lb Rubber Pad Suspension, 3670 Gallon Epoxy Coated New Tank ( 2007 ) 4 inch outlet w/3 inch butterfly valve, Side Racks for hauling or storage, New Dupont Emeron 3.5 Paint, 1 Extra complete suspension with axles, hubs, drums, differentials  Price: $45,000


1973 MACK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#580Nf)  Thermadine motor, 5 and 4 trans., tandem Mac suspension, 80 bbl vac tank, and vac pump - $25,000


1971 FORD LOUISVILLE 9000 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#518Nb)  tandem axle, 60 barrel square steel water tank, Detroit 8V71 engine  Price:  $15,000


1971 MACK WATER TRUCK (Ref#7487Rb)  1500 gallon, 325 Mack diesel, tool boxes, no crane, no welder.  Price: $17,000  REDUCED TO $10,000


1970’S INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK (Ref#1747NB) 5000+ gallon round aluminum tank, Cat engine, hydraulically driven water pump, spray bars, no crane or welder  Price:  $12,000 OFF MARKET


1970 MACK WATER TRUCK (Ref#1922Tb) with 2500 gal flat tank  POR


1970 MACK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#409Ne)  diesel tank, diesel pump, welder  Price:  $25,000


1970 ARMY 6 WHEEL DRIVE WATER TRUCK (Ref#6682N) 1200 gallon flat steel tank, diesel engine, no crane or welder  Price:  $17,500


1969 WHITE WATER TRUCK  (Ref#1338Tb)  2000 gallon tank, diesel engine, no crane, no welder  POR


INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2639Tb)  1000 gal flat tank  Price:  $30,000


5 TON EX-ARMY WATER TRUCK  (Ref#15323R) new 3400 gallon tank, new Cummins engine, no crane or welder, no toolboxes  Price:  $42,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $33,500


MACK WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6711T) 1200 gallon water truck, steel upright tank, Mack 350 diesel engine, no crane, no welder  Price:  $42,500


MACK WATER TRUCK (Ref#7348TA) 100 barrel water tank, diesel engine  Price:  $26,500


FREIGHTLINER WATER TRUCK (Ref#7348TB) 100 barrel water tank, diesel engine  Price:  $29,500


1979 PETERBILT WINCH TRUCK  (Ref#8882Th)  Price:  $50,000


1978 AUTOCAR WINCH TRUCK  (Ref#8882TgPrice:  $40,000


1968 KENWORTH WINCH TRUCK  (ref#580Nd)  270 Cummins, 5 and 4 trans., tandem axle, Tulsa winch – $17,000


CLINE SUPER WINCH TRUCK  (ref#827N)  Model TD-804, 3,979 miles, 3,779 hours, 328” wheelbase, 100,000# Tulsa #1 winch, 60,000# Tulsa #2 winch, 30,000# Tulsa #3 winch, 80,000# DD4640 8.07 ratio on 80,000# Hendrickson Beam suspension, rear axles, 8V71T 350 hp out of chassis rebuilt engine (0 hours), Fuller RT910 trans with 3-way auxiliary and power tower, Chelsea mid shaft PTO with 3 PTO’s for winches, 14R24 front tires, 11R24 rear tires on budd wheels (approx 40%), 12-1/2” double drame wih 3/8” x 18” factory fish plate, 22’ body to back of 10-1/2” roller, roller to center of rear axle 43”, 62” back of cab to end of winch frame area, 2” oak deck with ½” steel overlay on rear half, refurbishing body, winch drives cab, etc.   Truck refurbished (all systems inspected or rebuilt.  Cab solid, all electrical reconditioned, rear rollers reconditioned, new window channels and door gaskets, frame great and solid, ready to work, less cables.  Price:  $65,000


GMC WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8606RB) 1300 gallon tank  Price:  $18,500


GMC 3500 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#15353b)  1680 gallon fiberglass water tank, propane, extra storage tank, no crane, no welder  Price:  $17,500


INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#328RA) 3500 gallon round steel tank with dump, gas engine, no crane or welder, tandem axle, 13 seed Road Ranger, needs new gaskets  Price $7,500

DSI GROUTER ON TRAILER  (Ref#328RB) mounted on 1993 trailer, 9 hp Brigg and Stratton engine, 9 bag mixer, needs new tires on trailer Price:  $5,500


INTERNATIONAL WATER TRUCK  (Ref#8606RC) good water body, needs engine  Price:  $13,500


CASING TRAILERS  (Ref#972Nc)  Two available, close tandem axle design, (1) unit 1998 Wabash-Nation, (1) Unit 1984 Fruehauf.  Both DOT compliant  Price:  $9,000


WATER TRUCK  (Ref#5234N)  2 plastic oval tanks 500 gal each, FL diesel, older but runs, no crane, no welder, no grouter  Price on Request


FORD F750 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#2214Nb)  runs very good, holds approximately 1000 gallons  Price on Request


1968 JEEP-KAISER M-35A2 MILITARY CARGO TRUCK  (Ref#2910N)  2-1/2 ton, 6 x 6, tandem axle rear, high/low range transfer case, multifuel turbocharged diesel engine w/38,000 original miles, new batteries, good rubber  Price:  $15,000


1966 KENWORTH SUPPORT TRUCK   (ref#7609)  Manufactured 1966, water and fuel tank, tool boxes, 1693 Cat engine wTurbo  Price:  $35,000.


KENWORTH TRUCK  (Ref#8496)  tandem axle, diesel engine, lowboy trailer, excellent condition Price:  $37,500.


INTERNATIONAL 4700 FLATBED TRUCK (Ref#1575R) with diesel engine  Price:  $7,500


FORD 9000 FLATBED WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6322N)  1800 gallon tank, Cat diesel engine, no crane or welder  Price on Request


FORD F600 WATER TRUCK  (Ref#4499)  330 gas engine, 1200 gallon tank, aluminum tank, flat bed, tool boxes  Price: $12,500.


1984 FORD F700  (ref#12555b)  with 370 V4 engine, 22’ chassis, 100,000 miles, needs carburator  Price on Request.


1996 ROSEWALL 1200 GALLON FLAT WATER TANK (Ref#5732Nc)   150 gal fuel tank with hose reel and pump, IMT 1015 crane with power extend, strap winches, bumper hitch, toolboxes   Price:  $22,000


TRAILER MOUNTED WATER TANK  (Ref#5657N)  1000 gallon steel flatbed watertank, mounted on 20’ twin axle gooseneck trailer, 30,000# axles, flotation tires all around, electric over hydraulic disk brakes  Price:  $17,500


1997 MINI EXCAVATOR  (Ref#4247RB)  Price:  $24,000


BOMBARDIER  (Ref#7565Rd)  Built 1974, Perkins diesel engine, final drive  $37,500


BOMBARDIER MUSKEG CARRIERS  (Ref#6186RC)   (2) available  Price:  $40,000 Each


YANMAR CARRIER  (Ref#1164Tb)  dump bed, Model YSW45, front winch  Price:  $47,500


ARDCO 4 X 4 BUGGY  (Ref#3645N)  Manufactured 1988, Ford Industrial 300 6 cyl gas engine, 2 front hydraulic leveling jacks, needs hydraulic cylinders for rear jacks, 62.5” wide from rear tire to rear tire, 113” long deck Price  $15,000


ARDCO K 6 X 6  WATER BUGGY (Ref#4707RA) with 453 Detroit engine, 5 speed transmission, oscillates and articulates, PTO, on transfer case, front axle engages or disengages, 20000# winch, 10 ply terra tires  Price:  $110,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000


ARDCO L 4 X 4 BUGGY (Ref#4707RB) model “Outlaw” with air cooled 300 6 cyl Deutz engine, hydraulic leveling jacks, new paint, 700 Ramsey winch, 23-126 tires  Price:  $43,500



ATV buggy with Detroit diesel - $65,000

ATV Buggy with Ford gas engine - $35,000


MARSH/SWAMP BUGGY  (Ref#1421R)  Crew and equipment carrier,  Manufactured 2008, Model 701, Volkswagon 4 cylinder Industrial diesel engine, radiator cooled with 2 hydraulic pumps for drive  (Italian made pumps 2006-2009), hydraulic tank, fuel tank, aluminum floatation tanks inside tracks, load carrying capacity approx 2,000 – 2,500 lbs.

Price without rig$45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $34,500


GEOSPACE WATER BUGGY  (Ref#5851T)  2 available, manufactured 1982, both need work, needs new radiators and new batteries, fuel tanks need to be reinstalled, 1 unit needs drive shaft re-installed  Price:  $32,000 each

Or package including both water buggies, (2) 4” hammers, geothermal loop spinner, pipe and extra buggy for parts Price:  $57,000


GEMCO BUGGY (Ref#11042NC) model 3T-300, top head drive, sandline, mainline, cathead, Detroit 353 engine, 4 ½ x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump (pump not working), needs tires, 100+’ of 2” x 10’ rods  Price:  $60,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $30,000


HILLYARD BUGGY, HILLYARD WATER BUGGY, HILLYARD DRILL (Articulating)  (Ref#4575R)  Price:  $55,000


ARDCO 1000 GALLON WATER BUGGY (Ref#8116RB) Built 1980’s, winch, 453 Detroit engine  Price:  $37,500

ARDCO C1000 DRILL  (Ref#8116Rc)  mounted on Ardco buggy with 453 Detroit engine  Price:  $44,500

ARDCO C1000 DRILL  (Ref#8116Rd) mounted on Ardco buggy with 453 Detroit engine, rebuilt and painted  Price:  $88,500


WATER TANKS (Ref#4437Nb)

5000 gal Walker - $21,500

4200 gal Krohnert - $15,500


GEARHART OWENS WIRELINE WELL LOGGING TRUCK  (Ref#15174)  Completely rebuilt.  Model 1700, Manufactured 1977, stacked for years, aluminum drum for open and closed hole logging, 6000’ of single conductor wire, 4000’ of seven conductor wire, new paint, V8 gas 188 hp engine, Fuller 5 speed transmission, (2) Onan 60 generators, GearHeart Owen 900 series drawworks, ½” aluminum plate for open hole service, 44” flange O.D. x 31-3/8” flange opening, 38,000’ of5/16” O.D. cable, 26,000’ of 3/8” O.D. cable, 20,000’ of 7/16” O.D. cable, Closed Loop Generation II Dyna Power Model 60 120 hp hydrostatic transmission, Dyna power motor, Dyna Power pump, Funk 4 speed transmission, hand brake, relief valve, Martin Decker 10,000 lb weight indicator, spooling wheel, GearHeart Owen 4’ heavy duty 7/16” measuring head, instrumentation, truck control panels.  Unit has not been in service since refurbished.  The truck, drawworks, instrumentation and miscellaneous parts and equipment have been cleaned and serviced withnew parts as needed. The unit is in very good condition.  The truck does need tires and a brake check.    Price:  $185,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


GEARHART OWENS WIRELIINE UNIT    (Ref#8222R)  1600’ of ½” cable, 2 probes, mounted on 1975 Ford F350 4 x 4 truck with 360 gas engine, 25,000 miles  Price:  $17,500


2005 KENWORTH T300 WIRELINE TRUCK  (Ref#11776RA) 20,000’ of good used 5/16, new probe shooting panel, new road power generator, printer, monitor, needs a warrior system  Price:  $165,000


2007 INTERNATIONAL ARTEX WIRELINE TRUCK  (Ref#11776RC) brand new engine w/ warranty, less than 200 hours, warrior system, 30,000’ new 5/16  Price:  $265,000


2006 STERLING WIRELINE TRUCK  (Ref#11776RD) needs line and warrior system   Price:  $95,000


MARITIME E-LINE WIRELINE LOGGING TRUCK  (Ref#7543Ra)  Manufactured 1998, single drum, PTO, mounted on tandem axle 1998 Mack w/Mack 400 hp diesel engine, Eaton Fuller 10 speed manual transmission, Lee Specialites measuring head (overhead system) and Reliable digital weight indicator, aluminum control cabin with AC, 10 kw Marathon generator, toolboxes, work station, 260,944 miles  Price:  $115,000


MARITIME CASED HOLE E-LINE LOGGING TRUCK  (Ref#7543Rb)  Manufactured 2001, mounted on tandem axle 2001 Peterbilt  truck p/b Cat C12 400 hp diesel engine, Eaton Fuller 8 speed H/L manual transmission, double drum hydraulic operated from PTO, Lee Specialties measuring head (overhead system) and measuring, aluminum control cabin w/ AC, hydraulic controls wieth steering joy stock, powered by 10 kw Marathon generator, benches rack for Warrior system, benches work station, toolboxes, bax cover,  included braided line 13,650’ 5/16” braided line, 19,646’ of 3/16” braided line, 4383 hours, 173,000 miles  Price:  $125,000


MARITIME E-LINE LOGGING WIRELINE TRUCK  (Ref7543Rc)  Manufactured 2000, mounted on Mack tandem axle truck p/b Mack 400 hp diesel engine, Eaton Fuller 10 speed H/L manual transmission, single drum hydraulic operated from PTO, Lee Specialties Measuring head (overhead system) and Reliable digital weight indicator, aluminum control cabin with AC, hydraulic controls with steering joy stock, p/b 10 kw Marathon generator, benches, rack for Warrior system, benches work station, tool boxes, back cover, holds 25,000’ of 3/16 line, 223,078 km miles  Price:  $140,000


DYNAWINCH SLICKLINE WIRELINE TRUCK  (ref#7554R)  Manufactured 2007, single drum, brand new line of 7000 meters of Briden Fox .125’ 316 SS, complete with 8 drop spool drums .092 stainless (1370-2550m), Lee measuring head, outback inverter, mounted on 2007 Freightliner with Mercedes MBE900 engine, 8 speed Fuller transmission, single axle, tools or pressure control not included.  Price:  $187,500


1976 GRUMMAN-OLSON WIRELINE UNIT  (Ref#15175R)  SIE 800 Series, gas engine, aluminum drums, SIE electrostatic instrumentation  Price:  $120,000


WIRELINE UNIT  (Ref#6056N)  Double split 108 drum with 20,000’ capacity, mounted in 1998 van, refurbished in 2002, International 4600 4 x 4, all refurbished in 2002, all tools included, 466 engine  Price:  $145,000


ASTRO OPEN HLE LOGGING TRUCK  (Ref#1411N)  GMC tandem axle truck with Detroit 671V diesel engine, 84,000 miles, Spicer transmission, PTO, hydraulic winchpowered by a Dynapower pump and motor, Funk 2-speed main winch transmission,44” drum with capacity of 26,700’ of .39” 7 conductor wireline, 14,000’ of 3/8 7 conductor Camesa line on truck, (2) WTI composite sheaves 26” powered by a 10K Harrison hydraulic generator with 3 Coleman air conditioning units, Schlumberger measuring head and a Geolog measuring head with electronic strain gauge, original maintenance and operational manual, complete with schematics, diagrams and specifications.  Price: $150,000


WIRELINE TRUCK  (Ref#6923N)  van 17’ long x 8’ wide extensively equipped, control panel, 6kw generator, split drum drawworks holds 2500m of .092” line, Sundstrand hydraulic system, spooling and measuring head, extensive support equipment  Price:  $875,000


DIGITAL MEASURING SYSTEM  (Ref#1077T)  Comprobe mech, 7 cameras (3 with zoom), 3 hyd winches (5,000’, 10,000’ and 4,500’), various lightheads, weight b ars, stabilizers, parts, 2006 Intl 4300 ext cab TransSatr DT466 engine, Allison trans, like new, approx. 47,000 miles.  Price:  $215,000


INTERNATIONAL S SERIES ROD TRUCK  (Ref#12541)  Manufactured 1988, rod truck, diesel engine, 800’ of 4” x 20’ drill pipe  Price:  $24,500



FCPUMP TRUCK  1988 International 1900 series with gas engine, Cyclone F-40 pump hoist, DT466 International engine on deck, Swing doors to open deck, Air brakes, Walking Beam attachment, Sputter arm, (2) tool boxes, 150# drive hammer, 5,0000 watt generator, 16 ft. deck, 10hp Briggs & Stratton engine power generator   Price: $24,000

GROUTING TRUCK  1979 GMC C-65 series water truck, 720 gallon water tank, U2 stationary engine, Deck mounted grouting machine, 16 ft. deck, 4L8 Moyno pump, Built on side tool boxes   Price: $13,000

PUMP TRUCK  1977 Chevy pump truck, Cyclone F-40 pump hoist, 366 V8 gas engine, 11 ft. tool boxes, Hydraulic brakes, Drive hammer   Price: $18,000


BAKER PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#14084N)  Mounted on 1995 Ford F350 Powerstroke diesel engine, manual transmission, 144,000 miles  Price:  $14,500


INTERNATIONAL PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#11557)  Manufactured 1974, powered by Cummins 300 hp diesel engine, 5 x 10” Gasso duplex mud pump (recently rebuilt gear end), 30 bbl circulating tank  Price:  $22,000


PUMP TRUCK (Ref#9859R) 1989 Kenworth with Cat 3406 engine, 9 speed Fuller trans, Pinon 5x9 triplex pump, well maintained, many rebuilds  Price:  $35,000


PETERBILT PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#136R)  Manufactured 1991, tandem axle rear, 3176 Cat diesel, Allison transmission, double drame, Gardner Denver TEE-BGB 4 x 5 mud pump, 671 Detroit engine, 5 speed Eaton Namco angle drive, railings and hose, M3 pintle hitch tank, tandem axle 13’6”H x 39’L x 8.6’ wide, railings line pipe  Price:  $110,000


WORKOVER PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#6118Ra)  2000 International Harvester thandem axle truck with IHC DT466 diesel engine, auto transmission, Gardner Denver PE5-Y triplex pump with forged steel fluid end, manifold, Roper pump, Braden hydraulic winch, 15’L x 9’W x 6’H well service tank, (24) jts 2” hardline pipe  Price:  $90,000


WORKOVER PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#6118Rc)  1993 Cardwell 4 axle carrier with Detroit 8V71 diesel engine, 312” wheelbase, Allison CLBT-4460-1 transmission, Oilwell 364P triplex pump, cast steel fluid end, manifold.  8’W x 5’H x 20’L well service tank, (8) jts 2” hardline pipe  Price:  $90,000


WORKOVER PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#6118Rf)  1978 Kremco 4 axle carrier with 8V71 Detroit diesel engine, 281” wheelbase, Allison CLT-750 transmission, National Oilwell JWS165L Triplex pump with manifold, Mission 3 x 4 centrifugal pump, hydraulically driven, 8’W x 5’H x 18’L well service tank, Braden winch, (18) jts 2” hardline pipe  Price:  $90,000


WORKOVER PUMP TRUCK  (Ref#6118Rg)  1995 Freightliner 4 axle truck with Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, Fuller Roadranger 10 speed transmission, PTO, Gardner Denver TEE-D triplex mud pump with steel fluid end, Harrisurg 3 x 4 centrifugal pump, Tulsa hydraulic winch, 8’W x 5’H x 18’L well service tank, (23) joints of 2” hardline pipe  Price:  $90,000



Tri-drive, 5600CFM, 5400 CFM blower, CAT 3560 pump 25gpm @4000 PSI, DOT 407 tank 9m3 debris, 3.8m3 water, 1 million BTU burner, 8” Moro boom, dual cyclone, wet/dry vac, full opening rear door with dual 6” heated valves, 45,000 kms and 2000 hours, approximately 750 hours on blower and wash pump.




Manufactured 2002 & 2003, 3 available, with 2004 custom vac hydrovac back end, 10gpm/2500PSI wash pump, 7500 BTU burner, 2.5M3 water capacity 4.5m3 debris 1600CFM Hibon blower.  Less than 3000 hours.



HYDROVAC UNIT  (Ref#7596R)  Hercules motor, skid mounted  Price:  $26,500


2010 VACMASTER 1000  (Ref#4048R)  290 hours (as of June 2014), John Deere diesel engine, Murphy switches, Vanair compressor 150 psi @ 100 cfm for the air-knife, also runs jackhammer and air tools @100 psi, water pump, (2) 75 gallon water tanks, spoils tank 300 gallons, the spoils tank dump operated by hydraulic hoist, 30 gal diesel tank, warning light bar with directional lights, warning strobe light, work lights, diamond plated tongue box, air hoise/reel and air-lance, vacuum hose rack, extra vacuum hoses and downhole pipe extensions, high pressure water hose/reel and water lance, drum interceptor, 3 vacuum filters, extra oil and air filters, holster for pneumatic jackhammer with heavy duty security chain, mounted on Maxey dual axle trailer, electric brakes, good tires, Price:  $62,500


2013 VAC STAR VACUUM TRAILER  (Ref#6957T)  New demo unit, 75 hours, 500 gallon spoils tank, 250 gallon frewsh water tank, 28 hp Kubota diesel engine  Price:  $48,500


2004 INTERNATIONAL 7600 VACUUM TRUCK (Ref#13523R)  with Cat C-13 engine, 100 barrel vac tank, hydronic lift tank, good condition  Price:  $105,000


2003 INTERNATIONAL 5600 VAC TRUCK (Ref#12954R)  4200 gallon capacity, Cat C15 engine  Price:  $45,000


1999 INTERNATIONAL 9400 VACUUM TRUCK  (Ref#4510Ra)  Brand new 110 bbl, Cummins N15 (500 hp) diesel engine, two new front floats, 605 Challenger Pump  Price:  $95,000


1999 MACK 613 VACUUM TRUCK  (Ref#4510Rb)  80 bbl, 350 Mack diesel engine, Challenger pump  Price:  $55,000


1997 PETERBILT 70 BBL VACUUM TRUCK  (Ref#10124Rb)  gear pump  Price:  $49,500


1985 FORD VACUUM TRUCK  (ref#15583Nb)  LT9000, 3406 Cat engine, Vactor vacuum set up on rear, needs new front tires to be roadworthy  Price:  $22,000


1978 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR 5000 VACUUM TRUCK  (Ref#5697R)  350 Cummins engine, 80 barrel with Massport Pump  Price:  $27,500


1973 VAC TRUCK (Ref#2977R) mounted on Kenworth with diesel engine, triplex pump, good condition  Price:  $35,000


1970 FORD VAC TRUCK  (Ref#9694RC) 1000 gallon capacity, mounted on 1970 Ford with propane engine  Price:  $10,500


VAC-TRON VAC TRAILER  (Ref#4103Rf)  positive and negative pressure  Price:  $19,500


VAC UNIT (Ref#2716N) Manufactured 2002, 500 gallon capacity, mounted on Marooka tracked carrier with diesel engine   Price:  $50,000


1997 FORD WITH 1997 PIONEER CRANE  (Ref#15191b)  Ford F Series with Cummins engine, 15 ton capacity, 104’ to tip, 64’ main boom, hydraulically operated, no remote, no basket, 4 outriggers takes all weight off truck frame    Price:  $64,500


1992 FORD LN9000 CRANE TRUCK  (Ref#8429)  330 hp engine, 160,000 miles, 41’ folding knuckle boom with winch, 65,000# rear axles, 9 speed transmission  Price:  $40,000


12000# CRANE (Ref#8931R)  with 36’ extension, mounted on 2000 Ford F550 all wheel drive with diesel engine  Price:  $32,500


P & H 70 TON 670WLC CRAWLER CRANE  (Ref#12236T)  Built 1969, 100’ tubular boom, Cummins NH220C engine, twin disk coverter, planetary load lowering, drum socket factory modified to accommodate 1” rop wedge, independent swing and travel, 36” shoes, extendible side frame, pile spotter bracket, 3rd drum, 30,000# counterweight, well maintained  Price:  $75,000


1970’S GMC BRIGADIER WITH PRENTICE 15000# CRANE WITH JIB (Ref#5601RC) Detroit engine, 5+4 trans. 22’ bed, good condition  Price:  $14,500


1989 PETERBILT RIG UP TRUCK  (Ref#15508Rc)  34k winch with rolling tailboard and 20’ gin poles, 400 hp Cat engine, 350,000 miles  Price:  $37,500


1988 PETERBILT RIG UP TRUCK  (Ref#15508Rb)  24k winch with rolling tailboard, no gin poles, 400 hp Cat engine, 199,000 miles  Price:  $57,500


1978 INTERNATIONAL RIG UP TRUCK  (Ref#9195R)  25 ton pole truck, 30’ gin poles, 3 winches (84k, 64k, 34k)  Price:  $65,000


AUTOCAR 12-TON RIG UP TRUCK  (Ref#10744)  Manufactured 1976, tandem axle Autocar powered by NHT 270 Cummins diesel engine w/RT 0910 transmission, Tulsa 527 winch, 8341 B Auxiliary, 35 Tulsa winch, gin poles, new rear end and clutch  Price:  $52,500


1982 MACK TRUCK WITH WINCH GIN POLES  (Ref#2115Rc)  pulls low boy trailer with reverse unit, 8 x 10 Bethlehem pump p/b 453 Detroit engine, new hydraulic pump and hoses p/b 371 Detroit engine, 33 barrel tank, tandem axle trailer for power swivel, 7000# axles with 353 Detroit, new Sundstrand pump, 75 WP King swivel  Price:  $75,000


Chevy 1 ton Support Truck (Ref#5911B)  12’ bed, 200 gal water tank, swing boom winch  Price:  $9,500


WFT-WELL FRAC TM MODEL 3K/65 HYDRO-FRAC MACHINE  (Ref#8605Rc)  mounted on trailer, 6 cylinder tubro charged Deutz air cooled diesel rated at 160 hp, Triplex piston delivering 76 gpm @ 2750 or 90 gpm @ 2500 psi, air compressor assy 43 cfm @ 250 psi, 80 gal res. WFT, air hose reel assy electric w/1/2” x875’ hose, winch assy 800’ includes 800’ 3/16” cable, Packer hose reel 875’, 5-1/2” Frac-Packer cables model 4075C, 40 ea frac pipe 1-1/2” OD x 10’, 20 ea frac pipe 1-1/2” OD x 20’, 5-1/8” rubbers and washers for work in existing well w/pitless adaptor, 5-1/2” packer, 7-1/2” packer, all tooling, adaptors, pipe and fitting needed to frac well, stored inside, completely rebuilt  Price:  $95,000


CUSTOM BUILT FRAC UNIT (Ref#9100T) Mounted on 1997 Ford Louisville 32-ton (GVW) truck with Cat engine, 4-6 ton crane, Wilson Snyder Oilwell triplex plunger pump, frac working pressure up to 5000 psi, pumps 150 gpm, powered by 300 hp Cat engine, Oshkosh transfer case and triple chain drive with gear reduction assy, 2400 gal water tank, extendable 35’ boom (4-ton) with double separate winching motors, 350’ of 2” pipe, Honda pressure washer, Honda centrifugal trash pump, double set inflatable packers for 6” bore holes, overpressure safety release wellhead breakaway assembly, used on residential and commercial wells for working of existing and newly constructed wells to maximize water yield.    Price:  $175,000


KYLE HYDRAULIC FRAC UNIT  (Ref#6617Ta)  Manufactured 2006, single pump, mounted on 2002 FL70 Freightliner truck with diesel engine, 2008 Simco pump hoist mounted on rig, 700’ of 1-1/2” aluminum pipe, (2) Kyle packers  Price:  $85,000

2007 MACK GRANITE 2750 GALLON WATER TRUCK  (Ref#6617Tb)  50 gallon fuel tank, Mack diesel engine  Price:  55,000

PACKAGE PRICE:  $130,000


KYLE HYDRO-FRAC UNIT  (Ref#1450T)  Kyle hoist, 2 frack pumps total 2500 psi, total 175 gpm, mounted on 1996 Ford F800 truck, 91,000 miles with only 19,550 miles on Cummins 5.9, (1) 6” packer, 700’ steel pipe  Price:  $87,500


HYDROFRACKING TRUCK  (Ref#5920RC) mounted on 1989 Ford F350 4x4 with 7.3L diesel engine, good tires, pump, derrick, bed & toolboxes in good condition, elevators, packer & some tools  Price:  $34,500



1993 PETERBILT – 460 computerized Cummins, 18 speed, 44,000 rear ends, double frame

1988 WATER TRAILER – Aluminum, insulated

NATIONAL CRANE  - 10 ton, with remote control system

HYDRO-FRACTURING UNIT  - Wheatly 323 pump, 4 cylinder Yanmar engine, 1000gal ss tank

INFLATION PUMP – Cat, triplex, 5000 psi, pto driven


HOSE REEL FOR WELL REHAB  with  associated equipment





PVC CASING PULLER / ELEVATOR – for 4”,  4.5” & 6”

PERFORATOR – Wheel type 6” – 12”







INFLATION PUMP -  CAT, triplex 5000 psi, pto driven

SUCTION HOSE – 7    20’ X 4”

PRESSURE HOSE  - 2000’ X 1”

JETTING TOOLS – 6” – 24”


DISCHARGE FITTINGS  - 2   8” ,  2   6”

TRANSFER PUMPS – 3 phase – 2

CABLE  ¼”  2400’  (4 spools)

ROPE  300’ spools – 2

FORMATION PACKERS – 4   4”X8” ;  6   4” X8”



HYDRUALIC 5000 PSI HOSE ¼” – 700’ (other than on the truck)

COUPLINGS – 4”, 4.5’, 6”







1”     1000”+

1 ¼”   300’

2 ½”   500’


2”     850’

3”     84’

4”     400’

6”     110’

FLUSH PVC – 10’ X 1”   30 PIECES

PRICE:  $210,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $170,000



 (1) Hydraulic drive Hydro-Frac Pump (used)

3,000 psi max pressure, 75 gpm max volume

12,000# Pump Hoist (used), 6,000# single line pull/ 12,000# Double Line Pull, 140 ft/min line speed

98” x 120” Steel Flat Bed (used), Includes (2) 8’ Steel tool boxes, Includes (2) pipe racks

Hydraulic System (used/ new), Includes hydraulic fluid reservoir and filters, Includes deck mounted diesel engine w/ power take off and hydraulic pump

Packer Inflate System (used), Packer inflate pump, Inflate Hose Reel, 300’ Inflate Hose

4 ¾” Inflatable Packer (new)

Tooling Package (new), 1 ½” Well head assembly, (20) 1 ½” x 10’ Hydro-Frac pipe, 1 ½” x 12’ High Pressure hose, (2) 2” suction hoses, Gas powered charge pump, (2) 2” Pipe Wrenches

Additional tools includes, (2) 3” Pipe Wrenches, (2) ¼” open ended wrenches, (2) ¾” open ended wrenches

PRICE:  $65,000


HYDRO FRAC UNIT  (Ref#2626TA) mounted on 1992 International with DT466 engine, triplex pump, 1100 gallon water tank, pipe & (2) Baski seals  Price:  $36,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $26,500


GARDNER DENVER FRAC PUMP  (Ref#2503T)  200’ frack pipe, packer, gas engine, 1000 gallon tank, 6,000# crane, mounted on International truck with DT466 engine  Price:  $32,000


MYERS FRAC PUMP D65  (Ref#926Rb)  Manufactured 1987, trailer mounted, Ford V8 engine, includes packer, needs refurbishing  Price:  $29,500


SPM QWS 2500 FRACK PUMP  (Ref#10220Tc)  207,000 lbf road load, 8” stroke, 28-1044 gpm capacity, rebuilt  Price:  $86,500


FRAC PUMP (Ref#5402T) Bean 40gpm pump, 2350psi, 366 gas engine, 5 speed trans  Price:  $34,500


FRAC PUMP (Ref#7596R) skid mounted, Gardner Denver triplex pump, 70gpm, 2000psi,

4 cyl Hercules gas engine, Rockwell clutch, belt driven  Price:  $28,500


FRAC PUMPS (Ref#11498R) various units available:

35 up to 300 gpm

1200 up to 2500psi

75hp up to 250hp

Prices on request


FMC FRAC PUMP (Ref#9012R) bare pump, no engine  Price:  $10,500


FRAC TANKS  (Ref#6960T)  40 tanks available, 500 gallon, standard flat bottom (slight V), flat top, corrugated, made from 2005 – 2010, held oily water and some flow back fluids (no acids), factory liners (can change coating at additional cost), tires 75%, brakes and air conrols in working order, passed leak test, Price:  $14,750 each


FRAC TANK  (Ref#12068Na)   Price on Request


CUSTOM BUILT CRANE/HYDROFRAC UNIT  (Ref#3312Nf)  mounted on 1991 International (converted school bus), 12,000# Marvin Harrington 4wd conversion DT 466 pre electronic, 4 speed Allison automatic transmission, 10,000# National crane, 30,000# Tulsa hydraulic driven (4 speed) frack unit, 6 cyl Perkins diesel, pump is 2,500 psi plunger pump (triplex), 150 gal per minute, custom built in 2005  Price:  $45,000 (12’ county road plow availble for additional cost.)




Mack EM7-300 engine, Maxitorque 72080 8 speed manual transmission, Dowell Model L5 4-1/2” triplex plungers, Mission 3” x 2” run by deck mounted Detroit Diesel 453 Engine Centrifugal Mix Pump, Mission 4” x 5” Centrifugal Charge / Pressurizer Pump, Spice Model H738-30-7 transfer case.

PRICE:  $230,000 EACH


1996 CRANE CARRIER OILFIELD CEMENTER  (Ref#11776RB)  carrier powered by 50 series Detroit, 20 bbl cement mixer tank, (2) 10 bbl freshwater tanks, Western RR1500 triplex with 60 series Detroit engine, (2) centrifugal pumps, one mixes cemenet, one primes triplex and loads freshwater tanks  Price:  $145,000


1992 PUTZMEISTER CONCRETE BOOM PUMP TRUCK 2065 PUMP WITH CHALLENGER BOOM (Ref#10995R)  mounted on 1988 International S Series truck, 17 meter boom length, 8081 hours, 76,957 miles, 6 speed transmission  Price:  $49,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


1979 SCHWING CONCRETE BOOM PUMP TRUCK 801 KVM 28  (Ref#10985R)  mounted on 1979 Ford F8000 truck, Schwing concrete boom pump truck, 801 KVM 28, 28 meter boom length, 90,000 miles (reman), Cat engine  Price:  $36,500


1981 INTERNATIONAL 2575 TANKER TRUCK  (ref#12715Nb)  with 4500 gallon aluminum tank, 300 Cummins diesel, 5 & 4 transmission, Jake brake, 64000# gvw, 3” charge pump with 150’ of discharge hose.  Good working condition.  Price on Request


MILITARY 6 X 6 TRUCKS FOR REMOUNTING OF RIGS  (Ref#11939)  M812 5-ton 6x6, less than 10,000 miles, tires 14.00 x 20 like new, NCH250 Cummins diesel engine, 40,000# capacity, 55 mph road speed, 19’ bed, dimensions/weight 31’L x 8’W x 10’H, 25,000 lbs

Sun can mount many of the rigs (Schramm T64, CP 650, auger rigs, core rigs) on this rugged military truck for an additional $15,000.


MILITARY 5-TON TRUCK  (Ref#9199)  Surplus Veitnam War Vintage, 6x6 all wheel drive tandem axle rear, Multifuel engine Cummins 250, long wheel base, Mack end T673, excellent for mounting a drill rig  Price:  $22,500


2003 KENWORTH GRAVEL TRUCK  (Ref#9088R) diesel engine, 25 ton capacity  Price:  $65,000


EUCLID R35 ROCK TRUCKS (Ref#11426R) 2 available, manufactured 1994, Cummins KT19 diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, wet disc brakes, 75% rubber

Price each:  $145,000


ROCK TRUCKS   (Ref#10979b)  Model 769B, Manufactured 1975, 343 Cat engine, Cat transmission, 3 speed and 2 speed, Weight: 68,000#, 12’ wire, cleaned and painted  Price:  $35,000


EUCLID R35 ROCK TRUCK  (Ref#14240)  Manufactured 1977, Detroit engine, new brakes  Price:  $60,000


WABCO 35 TON ROCK TRUCK  (Ref#8302RB)  Price on request


WABCO 75B ROCK TRUCK  (Ref#13072)  75 ton, 2 available, manufactured 1978, Detroit V16 diesel engine, engine and transmission good,  1 has broken tooth on bull gear, both run  Price:  $45,000 each


WABCO 50 TON ROCK TRUCK  (Ref#13083)  Manufactured 1978, diesel engine, good tires, good condition  Price:  $36,500


WAGNER 30 TON ROCK TRUCK  (Ref#13016)  3 available - Manufactured 1983, Cat 3406 diesel engine, Painted, Not used since 1993   Price Open


DOGHOUSE (Ref#972Na)  Custom built in 2003, 8.5’ x 30’, 40 kw Perkins diesel fired generator, catwalks, custom heating system, mounted on 1979 tandem axle Great Dane, custom heating system, custom built heavy duty oilfield undercarriage, meets all DOT regulations  Price:  $35,000


DOGHOUSE AND TOOLHOUSE  (Ref#2975Nc)  Brand new, never used, fuel tank, 45’, watertank  Price:  $115,000


DOGHOUSE  (Ref#3674Nb)  built on 8” I-beams with open bottom,8’ wide x 23’ long, storage/work quarters are 14’ long x 7’ wide and 82” high with sliding doors at each end.  Outside has holders for different length 4-1/2” pup joints, overall height is 8’  Price:  $23,500


MOBILE DOGHOUSE/STORAGE/WORKSHOP  (Ref#9588)  Manufactured 1986, mounted on International single axle truck powered by 8 cylinder diesel engine, travels 60 mph on high, steel body, overall dimensions 35’L x 8’W x 11’10” H, inner dimensions 30’L x 8’W x 7’H, lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation powered by separate 7.5kw generator, several available   Price:  $28,000 - $45,000*

*for newer model 1990 with DT360 6-cylinder engine



New in 2008 and never used, 5 berths in each upper and lower section, each with all new still wrapped bunk beds, shower and bathroom unit and dressing room and cupboard space, etc.,   Fully wired for Telecoms, Fire system, AC system and water systems.  Dimensions/weight:  17.6m x 5.45m x 7.75m (57.7’ x 17.8’ x 25.4’), weight 70 tons.  Located Europe. 

Loading cost from port:  £12,000 British pounds

Rent:  £65,000 British pounds per month

Sales Price:  £1,000,000 British pounds per month


2003 INTERNATIONAL SERVICE TRUCK  (Re#8623Rb)  6000# Autocrane  Price:  $32,000


NATIONAL 5 TON CRANE  (Ref#12193)  mounted on 1993 GMC Topkick with 3208 Cat engine  Price:  $35,000


1970 FMC FUEL TRUCK  (Ref#13417)  1000 gallon tank, 6V53T Detroit motor, 4 speed Allison transmission, hose-reel-meter, good condition Price on Request