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SOILMEC R312  (Ref#9843T) 

Manufactured 1996, only $8,500 original hours, 3 x 9m locking kelly bar, 113knm/83,000# rotary torque, Cummins 6BTA 5.9 diesel engine, 35 ton operating weight.  In past 4 years: new hydraulic pump, new hoses, rebuilt mast lifting cylnders, new rotary sleeve ($22,000), rebuilt undercarriage all track links (idler, rollers changed), maintained and serviced to the highest standards, very clean rig in great condition for its age.  Ready to drill.  Price $165,000



Year 1989, single 3-speed rotary head with mast extension, 480 volt powepack on deck (generator required), winch, 144”L x 50”W x 80” H – 3,000 kg weight  Price $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $30,000

CASAGRANDE B250  (Ref#5591T

Year 2001, 44m drill depth,, 2500mm diameter, Deutz BFM 61015C (400 hp) diesel engine, 43,000# main winch, 24,000 aux winch, Casagrande H25 rotary head (224 knm/165,000# torque), 4 x 12m locking kelly bar, self lifting counterweight, located USA  Price:  $245,000


Manufactured 2012, Cat C9 Tier 3 (281 kw) diesel engine, 201 knm torque (20 ton/m), 62 ton overall weight, 4 section interlocking kelly bar (42m depth), 1000mm diameter x 22.5m drill depth in CFA mode  Price:  $465,000


Manufactured 2008, Cat C9 (261 kw) diesel engine, 201 knm torque (20 ton/m), 62 ton overall weight, 4 section interlocking kelly bar (42m depth), 1000mm diameter x 22.5m drill depth in CFA mode)  Price:  $350,000 USD

SOILMEC SR50 WITH CFA KIT AND ROTARY KIT   (Ref#1935Ta)  Manufactured 2007, Cat C7 engine, 60 ton overall weight, 118,000# torque (161 knm), 40,000# main winch, 16,000 aux winch, mounted on retractable undercarriage (2500mm – 3900mm)  Price:  $295,000 USD

SOILMEC SR30  (Ref#5729T

Year 2012, 2 units available, well maintained and single owner unit with only 4200 hours, Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine, 130 knm torque, 38,000 kg overall weight, 4 x 9m interlocking kelly bar  Price:  $395,000

SOILMEC SR30  (Ref#775N122)  Manufactured 2015, delivered Jan 2016, only 1200 hours, 4 x 10.5m locking kelly bar  Price:  $475,000 USD

Foundation company has closed its doors after many decades in business.  Everything is being sold. 
Equipment includes:  Texoma 700, Texoma 600, Texoma CM100 crane attachment, loaders, flatbeds, cranes and trailer.
Tooling and casing includes:
Earth augers from 24” – 96”
Belling tools from 24” – 48”
Core buckets from 24” – 72”
Drill buckets from 18” – 48”
Single wall casing; all lengths and diameters.
Inventory and Pricing Available on Request

BAUER BG-7  (Ref#1831R

bauer bg-7 bauer bg-7

Manufactured 1979, Detuz diesel engine, 74 knm torque, O & K RH6 LC base, 2 Gearmatic winches, 25 ton overall weight, 27m drill depth, 3-section telescoping kelly bar, located Chile  Price:  €40,000 (Euros)

TEXOMA 700 (Ref#8434Ra)

texoma 700 drill rig

Extended mast, manufactured 1980, 80’ drill depth (standard is 60’), 2 section Kelly bar with 5½” outer, 4” inner bar, John Deere 4045T diesel deck engine, Allison automatic transmission, 4 out and down outriggers, 53,000# torque, mounted on 2003 Western Star with CAT C15 diesel engine, Eaton Fuller 18 speed, single steer, tridrive. Replaced final drive seals, replaced turntable shims, requires new clutch on rig. Price: $95,000

TEXOMA 700 (Ref#8434Rc)

texoma 700 drill

Extended mast, manufactured 1985, 80’ drill depth (standard is 60’), 2 section Kelly bar with 5½” outer, 4” inner, John Deere 4045T diesel deck engine, Allison MT63 RM transmission, 53,000# torque, mounted on 2007 Western Star truck with Detroit 60 engine, Allison 6 speed transmission, single steer, tridrive. New rear differential on Western Star, replaced left rear jack cylinder, new winch line, replaced slide cylinder, replaced shive on derrick. Requires transmission rebuild and driveline to be installed. Price: $95,000

TEXOMA 650-50  (Ref#14153Ta) 

texoma texoma 650-50

Manufactured 2012, 50’ drill depth, John Deere 6068T diesel deck engine, hydrostatic drive, 43,000# torque, 65 gallon fuel tank, mounted on 2012 IH 7400 6x6 with Maxforce (300 hp) diesel engine, Allison automatic  Price:  $250,000


Mounted on Gradall 1000 with 12 wheels, (2) 471 Detroit engine powers the Gradall arm and Texoma mast, 6V71 engine powers the truck, joystock controls allow for one man operation, Pullmaster M12 cable winch assists in extracting the drill under extreme extension and depth is necessary.  Very versatile unit that can drill up/down and even back under (for example, if a shoring wall needs tiebacks at the edge of roadway and there is no access to position a drill on a steep bank.  Price:  $35,000

SOILMEC R10  (Ref#14152Rc

soilmec R10

Built 1990, 10 ton torque, Cat 3304DI engine, located South/Central America  Price:  $95,000


comacchio mc305 

Manufactured 2005, 2204 hours on the clock, Hatz 4L41C deisel engine (63HP/47KW), 3.1m mast height, winch with 2,248# line pull, tophead with 3,319# torque, single clamps up to 8.7" with 28,000# clamp force/7,300#breaking force, Transport dimensions 13.1' Length x 3.9' Width x 6.8' Height, 6,600 lbs overall weight. This is a compact and versatile hydraulic drill rig mounted on rubber crawlers.  Suitable for geo-technical soil investigations, coring, environmental, ground consolidations and low clearance/limited access situations such as certain buildings and indoor situations Priced to Sell - Contact us!


ice 812 vibratory unit


Manufactured 1980’s, 4000 in/lbs eccentric moment, 400 – 1600 VPM frequency, 100 ton clamp force, sheet clamp, 15,000# weight, comes with ICE 570 power pack with Cat 3408 engine and 100’ hose bundle, video demo available upon request. Recently renovated and new paint in 2016.

Price:  $75,000 PRICE REDUCED: $69,500

SOILMEC RTC-S  (Ref#775N103) 

soilmec rtc-2

Manufactured 1983, 113km rotary head torque, 16,000 kg torque, GM453N diesel engine, 4 x 12m friction kelly bar, 1.5m max diameter.  Unit has been completely refurbished at a cost of €25,000 euros including:  rebuilt GM engine, brand new swivel, new alternator, new engine radiator,new exhaust, new air filters, new electric plant, new hydraulic hose, new paint.  Has been tested and is in excellent condition.  Also comes with mounting bridge and controls for crane.  Price:  €45,000 euros

KLEMM 806-3  (Ref#5110R

klem 806-3



Manufactured 1999, Deutz diesel engine, 8300mm mast length, 4400mm stroke, equipped with Eurdrill RH1400 rotary head, 12,000# torque (1,680 daNm), approx. 15 tons overall weight, located USA  Price:  $75,000

WATSON 2000 (Ref#9065RB)  

watson 2000 watson 2000 drill rig

Manufactured 1980, 60’ kelly bar, track mounted, Detroit diesel deck engine, 58,000# overall weight, approx. 75,000# torque  Price:  $100,000 PRICE REDUCED: $75,000



Manufactured 1981, only 1440 original hours, 8’ diameter, drills holes to a maximum depth of 100’, Cummins V553 diesel engine, Hughes heavy duty industrial type transmission, 3 speeds forwards, single speed reverse, air clutches, Hughes Model DG-5000 rotary table, 6” hollow square outer kelly, 4-1/4” solid square inner kelly, telescoping bars, with 4-1/4” square stub, heat treated AISI 4142 modified steel, Hughes Model M42 two speed service hoist equipped with 200’ of ½” cable rated capacity 18,000#, mounted on Hughes Model HDBR-7 turntable base with 270 degree rotation and 4’ fore and aft travel at any point in the arc, headache rack, brake, deck, safety lights, two open type drop pockets and 5” sliding outrigger jacks, one set mounted on front and one set mounted on rear, Hendrickson drill carrier Model 600 8x4 with Cummins diesel engine, Fuller 13 speed transmission   PRICE REDUCED TO $55,000