Sun Machinery is now the place to buy and sell vessels and related marine assets.

Our database is constantly updated and presented worldwide to the industry through online listings, email and telephonic communications, CD-R and hard copy mailings, industry publications, trade shows and field presentations. 


Sun specializes in tugboats, work boats, barges, dredges and oilfield drilling rigs and support equipment


Marine Specials

Supply Boats, Utility Boats,
Research Vessels, Dive Boats, Pilot and Patrol Boats

Work Boats and Crew Boats


Cargo Vessels / RoRo Vessels


Cranes and Crane Barges

Drill Rig Barges

Pile Driving Barges

Tanks Barges and Tankers

Jack Up Barges

Landing Crafts

Fishing / Dinner/ Cruise Boats

Ferries and Passenger Boats



Marine Components

tugs and dredges


Tugs, crewboats, workboats, barges, supply vessels, dredges, dinner / party boats


There's no place better to market your used equipment.  Send us your specifications, photos, asking price, location, etc. The more information you give us, the better we can market your equipment for you.



If you do not see what you want, kindly advise Sun of your requirements

and we will research our international database listing hundreds of vessels

and place your inquiry with our network of associates. 

Sun will give your requirements our immediate attention.



Let us know if you have any vessels, barges, dredges or related equipment for sale.

Keep us in your files for any vessels that may become available in the future.



Representatives Wanted 

If a lead generated by you results in the sale of a vessel, Sun will pay you a finder's fee.