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COIL TUBING UNIT ON KENWORTH TRIPLE AXLE TRAILER WITH SLEEPER CAB (REF#59T) Built 2007. 5,700 hours. Evenflow Model FCT4500 coil unit. Capacity: 3/4" to 2 7/8" diameter tubing, maximum speed 200' per minute, pull force 80,000lbs. Common usage well service industry. Mounted on Kenworth T800 Tridem 8x4 trailer and tractor with 86" extended sleeper, equipped with 4 hydraulic outriggers. Powered by CAT C15 diesel engine, rated 550 HP. Fabco box to power injector reel and auxiliary circuits. Coil reel 162,000lb capacity, coil is hydraulically powered with level-wind apparatus. Coil diameter: 108" with outside diameter 137", 10,000 PSI working pressure, No BOP or stripper. Dimensions and weight: 43'L x 105,000lbs. Used lightly and intermittently. Located Texas. price: $325,000


COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#1136TA) Manufactured 2004, low hours. Mounted on Tandem Axle Kenworth T800 truck, diesel powered. 375 HP Cat C-15 engine. Hydraulic outriggers. Front axle: 16,000#, Rear axle: 46,000#. Hydraco CTU 400 tubing unit. Tubing reel capacity with 1 1/4" tubing: 3200m. Fassi Hydraulic Crane. 200 PSI x 300 CFM compressor, HYD330-200. 5 barrel capacity fuel tank. Control panel, gauges. 22,000# W/D-1500 H Injector head. Sunstrand 90 series hydraulic system. Located Texas. Price: $375,000  REDUCED:  $245,000


2003 KENWORTH COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#8795a) 2003 Kenworth ta/tridem,510,000 km, Dynabite 60k injector, gen set, Mobil data technologies system, cab control system, class 11 unit, 80” center x 128” tall x 78” wide reel, total refurbished in 2012. price: $210,000 USD


2007 WESTERN STAR COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#8795b) 2007 Western Star ta/ta, Hydraco WD 30k injector, 600 Hurricane, Amco Veba V815F picker, 72” core x 72” wide x 9’ tall reel. Price: $240,000 USD


2012 WESTERN STAR COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#8795c) 2012 Western Star ta/tri, dd15 550hp, 26,000 miles, 18sp, 69,000 rears air ride, 20,000lb frt, 445 x 22.5, hurricane 600 cfm @ 2000psi, WD3O Hydra rig injector, 30,000lb push/pull, Fassi f150c, mechanical counters, reel is 58” core x 72” wide x 9’ tall, approx 3600m of 1 ¼, 2600m of 1 ½, 2000m of 1 ¾ depending on weight allowance. 1791 hours on unit. Located Western Canada Price: $300,000 USD  PRICE REDUCED:  $285,000 USD


KENWORTH COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#8795d) 2006 Kenworth, ta/tri, Hydraco WD 30, cab, reels, Amco Veba V815F picker, 72” core x 72” wide x 9” tall reel.  price: $189,000 USD


2010 WESTERN STAR COIL TUBING UNIT (Ref#8795e) 2010 Western Star ta/tri, DD14 515 HP Regen, WD30 30,000lb push/pull, Fassi F150C, non-raisable cab, mechanical counters, electronic counters, set up for high pressure stripper/bops no included, reel is 58” core x 72” wide x 9’ tall, approx. 3300m of 1 ¼, 2600m of 1 ½, 2000m of 1 ¾ depending on weight allowance. Price: $270,000 USD


BRANDON COIL TUBING DRILL RIG  (Ref#6115)  Manufactured 2001, Bandon hydraulic winch, Brandon 93’H x 110,000# mast, 4 sheave crown block, 7/8” line, racking board, McKissick 50 ton block, Brandon 800CT injector, Detroit Series 60 DDEC IV diesel engine, Dennison hydraulic pump, 12’W x 10’L pin on substructure, 18” hydraulically powered rotary table, mounted on 85’L x 13’W 16 wheel lowed trailer, (8) hydraulic leveling jacks, Brute 16 wheel Jeep/Load Divider, sliding 5th wheel.  18’L x 8’W driller’s doghouse with driller’s console controls, bench storage, knoweldge box.  16’L x 7’6”W change house with lockers, bench storage, parts shelves.  9’6” L x 7’6”W compressor house with 4-stage compressor with 40 hp electric motor, (12) compressed air bottles, electric panels, KVA transformer, mounted on 50’L x 11’W trailer with (4) hydraulic leveling jacks.  Stamford 350kw generator with Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, parts room, 2-compartment lubester, workbean, cabinets, electric panel, mounted on 50’L x 11’w trailer.  11’W x 5’H x 5’6”L fuel tank with (4) hydraulic leveling jacks.  31’L x 12’W x 5’H 4-compartment mud system with shale shaker, degasser, (2) 7.5 hp mud agitators, (3) mud guns.  8’L x 9’W x 9’H water tank, 9’L pump room, (2) Mission Magnum 5 x 6 centrifugal pumps w/50 hp electric motor, mud hopper.  4’L choke room with 5000# choke manifold, 5,000# gate valves, crosses, chokes mounted on 54’L x 12’W skid.  30’L x 8’6”W flare trailer, 7’6”W x 6’6”H x 8’L flare tank.  Price $300,000


FOREMOST COIL TUBING DRILL RIGS  (Ref#6112)  Manufactured 2001, Foremost drawworks hydraulic hoist/disc brake, Foremost CTR 148’ GD Mast, 7/8” line, 4 sheave (18”) crown block, McKissick 35 ton 2-sheave block, 18” hydraulically operated rotary table, 6’W x 12’ dia reel with (5) layers 2-7/8” coil tubing, 11’W x 12’H x 6’L pin-on substructure, mounted on 52’L x 12’W 16 wheel trailer, (4) hydraulic leveling jacks, fuel tank.  Ewco WH-1000B Triplex mud pump, 1000 hp, 7 x 10” stroke, steel fluid end, K20 dampener w/Cat 3508B diesel on 16 wheel covered lowbed trailer,  10’L parts room, (4) levelng jacks.  28’L x 12’W x 7’6”H single pitmud system, (3) compartments, 32”L pill compartment, 4 x 5 shale shaker, (3) 7.5 hp agitators, degasser, 12’L pump room, Mission Magnum 5 x 6 centrifugal pump w/50 hp electric motor, mud hopper, 9’ L choke room w/API 3000# choke manifold, gate valves, crosses, chokes, mounted on 50’L x 12’W 3 axle trailer, (4) leveling jacks.  48’L x 8’6”W van trailer/gen/change house, electric panels, KVA transformer, lockers.  12’L x 9’W driller’s doghouse, knowledge box, lockers.  15’L x 10’W x 6’H water tank.  18’L x 10’W coil compressor room with Gardner Denver W70HAL coil compressor w/40 HP electric motor, (12) compressed air bottles.  8’W x 4’L x 6’H fuel tank on 45’ skid.  28’L x 8’W flare trailer.  Price  $1,025,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $395,000



Brand New

400 HP Foremost drawworks

250 HP Stewart & Stevenson Integral M80 injector

250 HP Foremost Model 240 Integral top drive

Foremost single one piece mast

Foremost 24 wheel air suspension one piece trailer sub

Gardner Denver PZ-9 mud pump

229mm x 21,000 kPa BOP stack

Complete rig inventory available upon request - located North America

Price:  $4,725,000 each unit



50,000# new injector head, reel capacity 10,000’ of 1-3/4” tubing, mounted on 5 axle Internaional carrier

235,000 miles, 11,000 hours.

Extra equipment:

(3) new main pumps, (2) new drive motors, new pump, new transmission, new drop box, new tiers

Rig has been reworked and is in excellent condition

5,000# double ram BOP with box of associated connections and spares with 16’ of lube

Original mast

Yard spooler

New 10,000’ of 1-3/4” tubing

New 10,000’ of 1-1/4” tubing

(2) used 1-1/2 -  7,100’ strings

New larger reel (holds 10,000’ of 1-3/4” tubing)

New injector head 55,000#, new data acquisition

New larger level wind ready to install on the larger reel set up

Price:  $950,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $700,000


MODEL TRR-15000 DEEP COILED TUBING UNIT  (Ref#15467R)  New – Never Used,

Tractor Trailer continuous coiled tubing unit

Maximum capacity of 4500 meters (15,000’) of 60.3mm (2-3/8”) coiled tubing

Mounted on 2013 Western Star 4900 SB Tridem rear axle 4:30 ratio

Detroit diesel DD16 15.6 liter 600hp / Eaton Fuller RTLO-20918B transmission / Fuller AT 1202 A3 aux transmission

2013 Peerless tandem axle booster

2013 Peerless 16 wheel Jeep

Enclosed operator’s cabin with lifting mechanism

Tubing reel is removable / 96” core / Outside diameter is 4475mm (175”) flange to flange is 2235mm (88”)

Removable reel gas 65,000 lb load reel

Model M-100L long body injector / 100,00 lb pulling force / 40,000 lb snubbing force / Varia block III chain type / 2 variable displacemtn axial piston top drive motors

TG-108H 108” radius gooseneck guide / heavy duty steel rollers / Designed to work with any tubing size up to 2-3/4”

Hydraulic system designed to operate injector, BOP, tubing reel simultaneously and independently

Price:  $2,500,000



1999 Fleetcoil/XL Drilling Coil Tubing Drill Unit

w/6'W x 9'Dia Coil Tubing Spool

Fleetcoil 63-100 63"H 100,000# SHL Mast

3-Sheave Crown Block

McKissick Fig. 82 50-Ton Block/Hook

(2) 20" Sheaves

7/8" Line

Fleetcoil 10' Injector Reel p/b

CAT C-9 Diesel Eng, with Electric Starter, Radiator, Gauges

(2) Denison Hydraulics 2-Stage Hydraulic Pumps

Lantec 26"W 2-Spd Hydraulic Winch 100,000# Capacity

Mounded on 11'W x 40'L T/A 16-Wheel Lowbed Trailer

16'L Neck

(4) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks

255/75R22.5 Tires

Budd Wheels

1965 McCoy 8'W x 45'L T/A Pipe Trailer/Catwalk

Hardline Rack


11R22.5 Tires

Dayton Wheels

Ellis Williams WH-1000-B Triplex Pump

7" x 10"

1000 HP

Forged Steel Fluid End

Continental-Emsco PD-43 Pulsation Dampener p/b

CAT 3512 DITA Diesel Eng, with Air Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Chain Drive Assembly

Mounted on 11'8"W x 46'OAL T/A 16-Wheel Lowbed Trailer

10'L Parts Room

4-Compartment Lubester

Ruffneck Heater

11R22.5 Tires

Budd Wheels

12'W x 6'H x 27'L 4-Compartment Mud System

(3) 5 HP Mud Agitators

SWACO Linear Motion Shale Shaker

Atmospheric Degasser

12'L Pump Room

Mission 4"x5" Centrifugal Pump p/b 50 HP Elec Motor

Mud Hopper & 6'L Manifold Room with Choke Manifold Consisting of:

Traton (2) 3-1/8" 5000# & (8) 2-1/16" 5000# Gate Valves, (2) 4-Way Crosses, (2) 3-Way Crosses & (2) Adjustable Chokes, Mtd on 12'W x 45'OAL 3-axle Lowbed Trailer

11R22.5 Tires

Budd Wheels

NEWAGE 350 KW Gen p/b

Detroit Series 60 Diesel Eng with Elec Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Skidded

Koomey 80-Gal 4-Station Closing Unit with (8) 10-Gal Accumulator Bottles

(4) Nitrogen Back-Up Bottles

Change House


Mtd on 9'W x 48'OAL Enclosed T/A Trailer with 285/75R22.5 Tires

Budd Wheels

Combination builing with 8'W x 12'L Driller's Control House

9'W x 6-1/2'H x 5'L Fuel Compartment

9'W x 8'H x 16'L Water Tank

9'W x 14'L Compressor House

1999 Hamworthy H1000HAL 4-Stage Compressor p/b 50 HP Elec Motor

(27) Compressed Air Tanks

Mounted on 9'W x 39'L 3-Axle Lowbed Trailer w 12'L Neck 11R22.5 Tires Budd Wheels

1986 Doepker 8'w x 30'L T/A Flare Tank Trailer

7'W x 12'L Flare Tank, 11R22.5 Tires, Budd Wheels

Townsend 7-1/16" 3000# Annular Blowout Preventer

(2) Townsend 7-1/16" 3000# Sgl Blowout Preventer with 14"H Drilling Spool

3-1/8th 3000# Kill Line with (3) National Ball Valves & 7-1/16" 3000# x 9" 3000/5000# Adapter Spool

Townsend 7-1/16" 3000# Annular Blowout Preventer with (2) spools

PRICE:  $820,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $395,000

Located Canada



Rated Capacity of 1200 meters with 2 7/8 inch coiled tubing
Reel can accommodate 2 3/8 inch and 3 1/2 inch tubing
National oil well RT100 100000 lb hoist 17800 lb snub force
Lifting structure
New van oil 2 7/8 side loading pack off
Pivoting and folding goose neck with hydraulic gates
Injector is completely rebuilt Stimline Services Inc
Level line with auto spooler
New van oil rotating joint
Pumping iron inside reel and 2” and 3” valves
1140 meters 2 7/8 tubing schedule 80 new condition
2004 D.P. 800 Weatherford triplex with new drive, 3412 cat powered (3412 dyno and load tested).
Selection of 5” and 5.5” liners with fluid end expendables
New 15 hp upright air compressor
High Pressure Air Equipment - 750 cfm, 2300 p.s.i. hurricane 4-stage compressor (blow coil)
New Magi Kist wash down
New pump house building
New Brandt Mini Cobra flow line cleaner
New 40m3 custom mud tank with two 50hp mission magnum pumps
New electric chemical barrel
Two new mixing hoppers
New 7 1/16 N.E.I. annular
New 7 1/16 N.E.I. blind ram
Re-certified 7 1/16 Townsend pipe ram
Re-certified H.C.R., kill valves and hoses
Drilling spool
Equipped and skidded for Bobcat
- 2 –
Tridem Peerless Page Trailer
Mast structure
Hydraulic drawworks
Two trailer winches
Traverse motor and gear box assembly
Six hydraulic leveling jacks with 1 meter stroke
All winch and drilling line is new
Hydraulic cab lift system
Air over hydraulic BOP remote panel
Pressure recording panel
Pason monitoring system
Injector function controls
Remote fluid pump controls
Cummins deck engine
Hydraulic gear box
Hydraulic oil storage tank with high/low pressure filtering system and high temp/low level alarms
Hydraulic cooling system
Pro start heater for deck engine (re-serviced)
New Dennison and Sauer pumps
Hydraulic lifting floor on rollers with adjusting V-door
Hydraulic winch
Hydraulic lifting beaver tail
Storage compartments
New pro-coat floor covering system
New stabbing and inside BOP valves with certified drill collar lifting subs
New building with fuel and water storage, tool house, change shack, gen set (325 kVa), 3306 cat (dyno and load tested) and new N.E.I accumulator (4 station, 40 gal.)
Four new 4 ¾” with pickup subs
Rig is seven compact loads for quick and efficient move times and expense
Tanks, B.O.P.’s, buildings and rig are plumbed in and functioning
This coil tubing drilling rig is basically new and is best used with a casing pre-set rig

PRICE:  $3,150,000


SNUBBING UNIT  (Ref#7527Tb)  15,000’ of 9/16” wire, 12.7 Detroit Series 60 engine, Allison auto transmission, air brakes, air ride suspension, 60% tires, 52k GVW  Price:  $97,000


TTS SENCE SNUBBING UNIT PACKAGE  (Ref#6052Na)  Snubbing unit recently gone through with a 25’ removable crown extension, new basket/working floor, PLC control, dolly and rotary drive, choice of Crane Carrier (refurbished with MTU 12V2000 Detroit diesel) or skid mounted HPU (brand new with MTU 12V2000 Detroit diesel, 60’ hydraulic pipe handler on wheels.

Also includes:

(2) additional units, good for parts

(2) new dollies with rotaries

(2) sea cans of spare parts

(3) new working floors

Total cost:  $3,000,000