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Calweld  250, 200(A), 175, 150
EARTHDRILL 52LHD, LHS52, 5200, LH45, LH42, 36M
E-Z Bore120-42, 100-42, 90.45, 90.42, 200B, 175, 150, MHT100, ADL
Gus Pech H48, G48, g38, 32, Big Hole, Super George 
Limited Access drill rig
Spiradrill 51-120
Western Bore



EARTHDRILL 52 LHD HYDRAULIC DRILL RIG  (ref#1538N)  Manufactured 1985, mounted on Ford LT8000 with Cat 3208 diesel engine, 13 speed transmission, extra H.D. oil cooler, rear mast hydraulic push-out, dual mid hydraulic jacks behind cab, hydraulic crowd assembly, quad kelly assembly (3-21/2”, 8”, 10” x 30’), 40’ mast with cable roller, 52” ID ring gear, side hydraulic pull out arm, International D466 diesel engine, 48” standard drill bucket, 6” reamer (for 60” hole size), (10) brick can 96” Lg., bricking plate to accommodate 10 brick   Price:  $185,000


EARTHDRILL LHS52 HYDRAULIC BUCKET RIG  (REF#9225Rb)  52” ring gear, PTO drive, 75’ kelly bar, 20,000# main hoist, 10,000 auxiliary hoist, mounted on 1979 Ford F800 with CAT 3208 diesel engine and 5 x 4 transmission, 4 hydraulic outriggers  PRICE:  $69,500




52" ring gear

Model 120B American hoist

Crowd cylinders, bushing and yoke

3 derrick cylinders

46' derrick with 4 sheaves (Top 8' derrick unbolts and comes off)

All chain guards, hoist covers, rotary clutch new

Dump arm cylinders and sheaves valve section (9 spool)

Dump arm mounting bracket

No dump arm

No engine

No Outriggers

No Kelly

Spare chains, sprockets and bearings

PRICE:  $30,000


EARTHDRILL LH45 (Ref#2028Na)   Manufactured 1978,  Powered by a International UDT 466.  Rotary table powered by a Stauffa motor, New pinion gear.   Ring gear rebuilt with new balls and bearing races.   New main hydraulic motor.  Rebuilt 24,000 pound Braden winch with new motor and brakes.  Second line hoist is 24,000 lb., 39' derrick with rear pushout arm.   Kelly is a 4 stage 4 1/4" inner. Total drill depth is 107'.   New 7/8" kelly line.   High speed rotary table and hoist.   Crowd pulldown system works great.   Side pullout raises and lowers.  Mounted on a 1978 International truck,  powered by a Cummins Big Cam 400. Truck is well maintained. Just put $12,000 into it.   Brakes are self adjusting and have about 5000 miles on them.,  About 5000 miles on 2 new rearends, 24 speed transmission,   This rig is very sound and ready to run.    Price $175,000    REDUCED TO $125,000 

Miscellaneous buckets, tools, augers, stems available at extra cost


EARTHDRILL LH42  (Ref#2028Nb)  Manufactured 1978, rig powered by new International UDT 466, rotary driven by Funk 4-speed transmission, rotary table recently gone through, new balls, new piion gear, new shafts and bearings, new main hydraulic pump, newer Pullmaster 25,000# winch on kelly with a new ¾” line, 16,000# Braden winch on second line, 83’ drill depth with 3-1/2” inner bar, 3-stage kelly, side dump arm and derrick pushout arms.  Mounted on 1982 Ford 9000 truck, well maintined, powered by Big Cam 400 Cummins engine, 13 speed transmission, very good rubber  Price:  $85,000 


EARTHDRILL 42LHS (Ref#463N) hydraulic drill, Ford 300 industrial gas engine, mounted on International Paystar 5000 6 wheel drive with Cummins diesel engine, 112’ drill depth, 4 scope Kelly bar, 3 ½” inner bar, 42” ring gear, down pressure, hydraulic dumping arm, hydraulic pushout, 2 rear & 2 front outriggers, (3) joints of 30’ pipe, some tools   Price on Request


EARTHDRILL LH45  (Ref#9272N)  Manufactured 1977, mounted on 1993 Mack truck, Stauffer transmission,  85’ 4-1/4” Kelly, 24” core barrel, 24” bucket, 4-1/4” inner Kelly, 10” outer Kelly, 85’ drill depth, 466 Industrial deck engine, many extra parts, excellent shape  Price:  $160,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000


EARTHDRILL 36M  (REF#9225Rc)  52” ring gear, 75’ kelly bar, 70B hoist, 6 cylinder International diesel deck engine, mounted on 3 axle 19980 Freightliner with 3406 CAT diesel engine and 13 speed transmission.  PRICE:  $59,500


EARTHDRILL 36M  (Ref#12678Rb)  Manufactured 1968, 45” ring gear, 3 scope 25’ kelly bar (3” inner), 75’ drill depth, hydraulic dump arm, back dump/push out in derrick, crowd, 6 cylinder International gas deck motor with 4 speed transmission, 4 hydraulic outriggers  Price:  $50,000

Can be mounted on 1980’s Mack truck with Cummins engine and 13 speed transmission for additional $10,000


EZ BORE 120-42  (Ref#1965N)  Manufactured 1982, Rebuilt 2008. 

Powered by Cummins 6BTA with very low hrs

Drivetrain for the rig is powered by a 6 month old Allison 5 speed transmission.

     All new shafts and drive line to rotary table.

     All new shafts and bearings for rotary table reduction box.

     New pinion gear. Also one spare.

     New factory built 42" rotary table.

     4 new factory built outriggers. One new factory built derrick raising cylinder.

     The other derrick raising cylinder newly rebuilt. 

     All new crown with new shaft and bearings.

     Derrick is 50% new 1/4 wall steel.

     Hinge pin through A-legs is new.

     New pinion shaft, gears, seals and pillow block bearings for draw works.

     Rebuilt side pullout and derrick pushout arms. Pushout arm cylinder newly rebuilt.

     New, oversized helpers platform.

     Lots of enclosed, lockable storage. Also enclosed baskets.

     2 new 6' long tool boxes.

     All new hydraulic and air hoses on the rig.

     New hydraulic oil cooler. 

     Plenty of room for a 250 welder and bottle holders

     Kelly is 3 or 4 stage with a 4" inner bar. All new plates inside kellys.

     Removable insert in bushings to add 4th kelly stage.

     3 stage will drill to 110ft.. 4 stage will drill to 145 ft..

     Bushings and rig are set up with kelly pulldown.

     New 1" kelly line.

     New 5/8" Pullout arm line.

     New 3/4" 2nd line.

     New Miller Swivel on the kelly line.

     55' clearance from crown to the ground.

Mounted on 1999 Mack RD6. Mack 400 hp. engine. 65,000 miles. 264" wheelbase, 4 axle truck. One front, three rear. Like new interior. Heat and A/C. Bosch Wide Ride seats. 13 speed transmission.

Price:  $245,000   PRICE REDUCED:  $225,000

Miscellaneous buckets, tools, augers, stems available at extra cost


EZ-BORE 90-45  (Ref#6658N)  453 deck engine (rebult), single pull, 45” double race ring gear, 45’ heavy duty derrick, (3) 35’ kellys, (1) 45’ Kelly, mounted on 1982 International Paystar with DT466 engine, 19,750 hours, 94,747 miles, rebuilt Allison transmission, 26”, 24”, 22” and 14” buckets, 160’ pipe  Price:  $170,000


EZ BORE 90-45 BUCKET RIG (Ref#13642R) Manufactured 1980, 453 Detroit deck engine, mounted on 1979 GMC with 6V71 Detroit engine, Allison auto transmission, hydraulic pull-out arm, break push-out dump, hydraulic crowds, approx 75’ depth capacity, (3) 25’ kelly bars, (1) 26” bucket, (1) 16” bucket, 1 front & 2 rear outriggers, good condition Price:  $145,000


CALWELD 200B (Ref#460N) Manufactured 1975, Ford 300 industrial gas deck engine, mounted on ’75 White Constructor with diesel engine, 113’ drill depth, down pressure, hydraulic dumping arm, hydraulic pushout, 4 section Kelly bar, 3 ½” inner bar, 52” ring gear, 1 front and 2 rear outriggers, 48” bucket, (2) joints of 30’ pipe, no tools   Price on Request


CALDWELD 175 DRILL RIG  (Ref#11064R)  42” ring gear, 75’ kelly bar, American 70B hoist, Chrysler 32 industrial gas deck engine, mounted on crane carrier style truck with CAT 3208 engine, 28” digging bucket, has not drilled in 3 years but in good operating condition when parked  PRICE:  $46,000


CALWELD 175B  (Ref#10382Ra)  42” ring gear, 90’ drill depth, mounted on 1995 Freightliner with sleeper, 60 Series Detroit diesel, 15 speed transmission, 4 outriggers, Calweld 75 ring gear rebuilt recently, 353 Detroit deck engine (rebuilt recently), hoist with 14” Dodge clutch, well maintained and ready to drill  Price:  $95,000


CALWELD BUCKET RIG  (Ref#9225Ra)  Similar to 150 but more torque, 42” ring gear, 75’ Kelly bar, hydraulic hoist, hydraulic rotary, hydraulic dump arm, mounted on GMC tandem axle truck, PTO drive with Cat 3208 diesel engine  Price:  $50,000


CALWELD 150 DRILL RIG PACKAGE (Ref#12465N)  36” ring gear, mounted on truck with 350 Chevy gas engine, 66’ Kelly bar, 6 cylinder Chrysler deck engine.

Also includes the following extra accessories:

(1) Tower, (1) 36” ring gear, (1) 44’ Kelly bar, (1) 10’ extension, (1) yoke, (1) pulling arm, (1) winch, (2) 3’ buckets, (1) 30” bucket, (1) 18” bucket, (1) 24” bucket, (1) 3’ core bucket, (1) 2’ core bucket, (1) 1’ core bucket and extensions for 4’ – 7’ diameter holes  Price:  $35,000


CALWELD 150  (Ref#8922R)  36” ring gear, triple scope kelly, (approx. 65’ drill depth), Continental 6 cylinder gas engine, mounted on Chevy C60 truck with 6 cyl gas engine  Price:  $35,000


CALWELD 150 (Ref#1644N)  Manufactured 1974, 50” ring, 302 Ford gas engine, triple kelly, 62’ drill depth, dumping arm, mounted on 1974 Chevy truck, 6 cyl Chevy gas engine  Price:  $55,000


CALWELD 150  (Ref#15488)  Manufactured 1970, 292 Chevy 6 cylinder gas engine on deck, mechanical side dumping arm, mounted on single axle 1970 Chevy with 366 Chevy engine, 14’ wheelbase for difficult to access areas, 2 hydraulic outriggers, 42” diameter, 69’ – 72’ drill depth, complete with 24”, 30” and 36” buckets   Price$47,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $40,000


CALWELD 150 BUCKET RIG  (Ref#13476N)  42” ring gear, 2 piece kelly, 40’ length, 6 cylinder Chevy gas deck engine, mounted on Chevy truck  Price:  $21,500


CALWELD ADL   (Ref#190N)  Manufactured 1976, mounted on Hendrickson 600-DOH Crane Carrier with Cummins engine, 3-section kelly, 24m drill depth   Price on Request


GUS PECH SUPER GEORGE BUCKET AUGER RIG  (Ref#7331Rb)  Manufactured 1985, completely reworked in 1997, Detroit diesel deck motor, mounted on 1997 Peterbilt truck,80’ depth capcity  Price:  $90,000  OFF MARKET


GUS PECH SUPER GEORGE H48  (Ref#5348N)  mounted on 1979 Ford F800 4x4 truck with 390 gas engine,  3 hyd leveling jacks, Industrial Ford gas deck engine, telescoping kelly, hydraulic winch, extra equipment with rig, 40,000 miles, very good condition, ready to drill  Price:  $100,000


GUS PECH H-48 BUCKET RIG (Ref#3956R) Cat deck engine, mounted on 1997 Ford twinscrew with Detroit engine, rebuilt table motor & Kelly hoist, 120’ Kelly  Price on request


GUS PECH H48 SUPER GEORGE (Ref#10100R) Manufactured 1994, Cummins deck engine, mounted on 1994 Freightliner  Price:  $200,000


GUS PECH G48  (Ref#15478R)  48” ring gear (45” inner diameter), 3 stage telescoping kelly bar (75’ length), with (2) 25’ kelly extensions, 2 cylinder Detroit deck engine (new fuel pump), new clutch for transmission, new drive pinion and bearings, new kelly lift cylinder, 3 outriggers, mounted on 1985 International 4300 tandem axle truck with Cummins 350 diesel, 10 brand new tires, great paint, air bags, new drums, brakes and shick on truck, ready to drill  Price:  $70,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $60,000


GUS PECH H48  (REF#2469Rb)  Manufactured 1973, 4 section 95’ telescoping kelly bar, 48” ring gear, hydraulic pullout arm, Ford 391 gas deck engine, mounted on 1995 International 4900 truck with DT466, very clean, well maintained  PRICE:  $60,000


GUS PECH SG-48 (Ref#3454R) Manufactured 1974, freshly rebuilt Ford 391 gas deck engine, mounted on 1975 International tandem axle truck with new diesel engine, 100’ telescoping Kelly, hydraulic winch, 18” 24” 36” buckets, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $132,000


GUS PECH SG48  (Ref#225N)  Manufactured 1979, John Deere 6068 Turbo, 4 x 25’ telescoping Kelly bars with 3-1/2” stub, ¾” non-rotating main winch cable, 5/8” aux winch, mounted on 2000 Sterling, Cummins engine, air suspension  Price:  $185,000 


GUS PECH SG48 (Ref#10344R) Cat 3208 deck engine, mounted on 1979 Ford 8000 with Cat 3208 engine, 100’ telescoping Kelly, (3) buckets, (1) bailer, excellent condition  Price:  $145,000


GUS PECH 48 SUPER GEORGE (Ref#9047N) Manufactured 1976, Ford 391 gas deck engine, mounted on 1975 International 1800 with 456 gas engine, 100’ 4 part telescoping Kelly, 36’ mast, some tools & buckets, new hydraulic pump, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, hydraulic motor that runs turntable needs repair  Price on Request


GUS PECH GH48  (Ref#1451N)  Manufactured 1980, refurbished, 3208 Cat on deck, heavy kelly, swivel, diesel, pulldown (crowd), pullout arm, 4 outriggers, mounted on 1997 Mack truck with 300 hp Mack disel engine, 6 speed (off road suspension), 75’ 3 piece heavy duty round kelly, 32” bucket  Price:  $185,000  OFF MARKET


GUS PECH 42  (Ref#965R)  Manufactured 1976, gas on deck, mounted on 1982 Ford 800 truck with gas engine, 42” turntable, 78’ kelly with bucket, 22” bucket, needs new cable  Price:  $30,000


GUS PECH G38 (Ref#2704R) Manufactured 1960’s, Ford industrial gas deck engine with less than 300 hours, mounted on 1979 Chevy C70 10 wheeler with 427 gas engine, 75’ depth capacity  Price:  $40,000


GUS PECH G38 (Ref#9076Ra) Mounted on Dodge tandem axle truck, 36” table, mechanical drive, 3” x 100’ 4 section Kelly, rear pushout, mast tilt, hydraulic outriggers, includes 20” & 30” buckets, tools  Price:  $37,000


GUS PECH SUPER 32 BUCKET RIG  (ref#2881)  hydraulic derrick, 3 hyd leveling jacks, gas deck engine, mounted on 1974 Dodge truck with 318 gas engine, sitting, but running when parked  Price:  $29,500


GUS PECH BORING MACHINE  (Ref#1251N)  Ford gas deck engine, mounted on 1996 International truck with diesel engine, 4 hyd leveling jacks, new paint, 36” ring gear, 24” bucket and bell, complete, ready to go  Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $42,500


LIMITED ACCESS DRILL RIG  (Ref#7578N)  Cleveland trencher undercarriage, 32” ring gear, 33’ depth capacity, 6 cyl Chrysler Industrial gas engine, hydraulic outriggers, 18”, 24” and 30” buckets, 18” core barrel, (1) 10’ stem, good condition  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $32,000