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BAUER BFD1500 FLY DRILL  (Ref#14431T)  Year 2011, BK 20/368/3/42 kelly bar, HD460 powerpack  Price:  $220,000



6 units available, manufactured 1980's, includes controls, bridge and double Kelly bar, Detroit diesel engine, Allison transmission, well maintained by large drilling contractor 

Price reduced to $27,000 each unit, buy all 6 units for $130,000 (including extra unit for parts and all extra spares)


WATSON 5000  (Ref#14073Rk)  Manufactured 1980, 2977 hours, new transmission and drive line, rotary gear rebuilt, new injection pump on engine, comes with base to mount to crane, we have the guide cable and a three stage 50’ kelly bar  Price:  $50,000


WATSON 5000 CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Re#7772N)  5’ slide, long bridge with 25’ to 40’ reach, 453 Detroit diesel engine, 4 speed Allison transmission and auxiliary 3 speed transmission (7 gears forward and reverse), double 50’ Kelly bars, 7” outer bar, 5-1/2” inner bar  Price:  $95,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500


WATSON 5000CA CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#3326N)  Manufactured 1974, double kelly bar, 2100’ approx length, 471 Detroit engine, Spicer 4 speed transmission 8000 series – Model 8341C  Price:  $85,000


WATSON 5000 CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#625Na)  Manufactured 1970, Detroit diesel engine, 6” X 65’ solid kelly  Price:  $55,000


WATSON KCA130 CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#15800P26)  2 units available, manufactured 1982, Detroit V6 diesel engine (rebuilt 2008), 153 kNm (122,000#) torque, up to 3m diameter, double kelly bar (36m depth), 23 also have a 3 x 19.5 kelly with extension, double reduction rotary, roller type kelly drive, ready to work  Price:  $49,000


SOILMEC RTC-S  (Ref#775N103)  Manufactured 1983, 113km rotary head torque, 16,000 kg torque, GM453N diesel engine, 4 x 12m friction kelly bar, 1.5m max diameter.  Unit has been completely refurbished at a cost of €25,000 euros including:  rebuilt GM engine, brand new swivel, new alternator, new engine radiator,new exhaust, new air filters, new electric plant, new hydraulic hose, new paint.  Has been tested and is in excellent condition.  Also comes with mounting bridge and controls for crane.  Price:  €39,500 euros


SOILMEC RT3/S  (Ref#15800P24)  Manufactured 1993, complete with mounting bridge, controls and 18m double kelly bar  Price:  $69,500


CALWELD 200 CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#2739N)  Manufactured 1976, 24” reduction gear, (2) Detroit 471 engines, 4329 hours on engine, kelly bars, outer bar 18” x 76’ long, inner bar 12.75” x76’ long, 7” reversible sub, pipe mount, bars and mount included, mounted on 9299 bridge  Price:  $225,000


CALWELD 200CH CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#14441T)  Complete with 90’ double kelly bar (18” outer and 8” inner bar), capable of 150’ drill depth and up to 15’ diameter, twin Detroit power with Allison transmission, sliding base extends 17’, to be used on 150T crane or bigger  Price:  $180,000


CALWELD 75 CH CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#327N)  complete unit with short slide table, Detroit diesel engine, double Kelly bar, controls, for 35 ton crane  Price:  $45,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $32,000


KELLY BAR FOR CALDWELD 200CH CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#11980R)  double bar, each section has 78’ length, 18” outer bar, 12.75” inner bar, 7” stub, swivel on inner bar  Price:  $35,000


HUGHES MODEL CEZ-450 CRANE MOUNT (Ref#10044RB), Detroit 471 engine, Allison torque converter TC370, Allison trans, 100’ digging depth  Price $70,000


W.J. SALES TWIN CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#3047N) (2) 453 Detroit diesel engine, (2) Allison MT653 transmission, kelly bar 12” outer, 7” inner, 73’ with swivel  Price:  $160,000


HAIN 871 450K CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#11825R)  374,000# torque, manufactured 2001, powered by Cummins M11 Turbo engine, Allison 6 speed transmission, for 165 ton crane, complete with bridge and controls, no kelly bar  Price:  $350,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $300,000

New kelly bars can be manufactured in the following configuration:

(1) Double kelly bar, 13” square outer, 7” solid inner, 80’ length each, 160’ overall length  $112,500

(1) Triple kelly bar, 14” square outer, 8” middle x 6.25” wall floater, 6” solid inner, 80’ length each  $137,500

(1) Double kelly bar, 13’ square outer, 7” solid inner, 60’ length each, 120’ overall length  $93,500


STRATADRILL SD100 CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#625Nb)  Detroit diesel engine, 45’ 2-part kelly  Price:  $65,000


STEWART STEVENSON 660 CUSTOM BUILT CRANE ATTACHMENT  (Ref#11820R)  660,000# torque, manufactured 1988 (only used on 2 projects), powered by Detroit 8V92 (500 hp) engine with blower and turbo, Allison HT 750 DR transmission with extra pan and gear reduction going to drive shaft, brand new double 80’ kelly bar with swivel, 13” outer, 7” solid inner bar, complete with mounting bridge with hydraulic rams and controls  Price:  $550,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $425,000


LINKBELT LS118 60-TON CRANE  (Ref#5654R)  Manufactured 1976, 3rd drum, power load lowering on 2 drums, torque converter, 2 hooks, 110’ round tube boom, 671 Detroit diesel engine  Price:  $115,000


LINKBELT LS-78 17-TON CRANE  (Ref#6402Ta)  Approx 60’ angle boom, PLL two drums, independent swing and travel, 2 speed travel, tagline, fairlead, Detroit engine  Price:  $38,500



1952 MANITOWOC 3000 50 TON CRANE  (Ref#11555T)  Cummins engine, 80’ boom, manual, no air controls, runs and works  Price:  $24,500


PETTIBONE 60SC 30 TON ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE  (Ref#6182R)  Manufactured 1977, 4338 hours, Cummins 555 diesel engine, new pistons, liners and bearings.  35’ – 84’ max 3-section telescopic boom, 30 ton max capacity, 4 hydraulic outriggers 18’ spread, 4 x 4  Price:  $40,000


1986 GROVE 40 TON CRANE  (Ref#3264TPrice:  $60,000



1997 INTERNATIONAL PAYSTAR 5000 CRANE TRUCK (Ref#3455TB)  12K hoist, 56’ reach, 350 Cummins engine  Price:  $44,500


NATIONAL 8 TON CRANE  (Ref#12971T)  50-60’ reach, mounted on Ford L8000 truck with 3208 Cat, low miles, new line, good rubber  Price:  $25,000


CRANE JIB  (Ref#11656Td)  Linkbelt 8050 hydraulic rought terrain crane jib, 1998, bi fold fly, excellent condition  Price:  $11,000