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Walker-Neer, Cabot, Franks



Walker-Neer Apache  250-40, 150-25, CC-1000, CC-2000, RS-3500, C34, S33, C33A, S32, WS-31, C-22, P13A
1100 HP 14,000' top drive custom built rig
Franks / Cabot / Keystone   900, 750, 1287, 1058, 844/80, 400, 300, 200, Explorer,  KC54, (KF)50, KC38, KC20, FJ5, FA
Cabot (IRI, Franks) 900, 750, 1287, 1058, 844/80, 400, 300, 200, Explorer,  KC54, (KF)50, KC38, KC20, FJ5, FA
Ingersoll Rand 2042WS/1058 Workover Rig
Mainland M80, M40


WALKER NEER RS-3500 DRILLING RIG (1400m/4500’ depth) (Ref#951R)  Manufactured 1981, R3 single Wemas stiff single mast, 133,500 daN Rostel built skidded substructure, hydraulic system, 18” Howard Turner rotary table, Detroit 671 drawworks engine w/Allison 740HD transmission, 10’ x 20’ doghouse, BOJI F-800 triplex mud pump (2002), Cat 3412E engine with Allison M6610A transmission (2002), sloped bottom one tank mud system 45 m3, DFTS variable motion shale shaker (2007), centrifugal pumps w/Deutz engine, Hydril 9” annular preventer (1991), Shaffer type LWP 9” ram preventer (1991), drilling spool, Vavcon accumulator (1991), National Type 716mm flanged manifold, McKissick 50 ton block with hook, Starozik swivel, Deutz engine w/55kw Simpson Maxwell generator, 12’ wide combination building, Catwalk (40’ long x 10” wide), 2005 Roadway wellsite unit, 1995 Volcano boiler  Price:  $990,000


WALKER-NEER 2000  (Ref#9625R)  Manufactured 1973, single drum drawworks, Detroit 76V71 diesel engine, TC575 torque converter, driving three speed 627, Allison transmission, Howard Turner RT18 rotary table, 19.5m (64’) x 35,000 daN (78,600#) mast, mast was redone in 1988 with crown, gude lines, tubing board and block, mounted on 8 wheel Fruehauf 40’L x 10’W step deck trailer, doghouse, tooroom, catwalk, 4-pen Geolograph, substructure with hydraulic sub levelling system, flip up extended working floor, safety railings, V door.  Rigs needs work.  Price:  $70,000


WALKER NEER 2000 DRILLING RIG  (Ref#3662T)  Trailer mounted, catwalks, tooling, two kelly bars, two pipe spinners, 4” x 18 degree elevators, scales, 100 ton King swivel, rotary table, located Canada Price:  $345,000


WALKER NEER CC-2000 (Ref#11264RA) Top head drive, 40’ mast, rod loading system, Detroit 6V71 deck engine, mounted on 3 axle CCC with Cummins engine, 650/250 air compressor 

WALKER NEER CC-1000 (Ref#11264RB) Top head drive, 40’ mast, rod loading system, mounted on CCC 

Price for both:  $130,000


WALKER NEER C37  (Ref#10206T)  Cable Tool Drilling and Completion Rig, 60’ double poles rated to 150,000#, 5000’ drill capacity, 10,000’ pull capacity, propane Waukesha 145 engine, 500 gal propane tank, trailer moutned with International 4300 truck, last drilled 2012, 2300’ drill line on drum, 3500’ on spool casing drum, heavy block sandline drum, cat heads each side, tooling, spare engine  Price:  $99,500


WALKER-NEER C34 (Ref#7769T)  Rebuilt, double poles 8-5/8” x 7”, 65’ rated @ 100,000#, mechanical clutches, Waukesha 145, truck mounted, hydraulic jacks, stacked one year  Price:  $90,000


WALKER NEER 32 SPECIAL  (Ref#1923N)  Manufactured 1953, 2500’ drill line, 3000’ sandline, 140 Waukeshaw engine, mounted on double axle trailer, 2 lines (drill line, sand line), double pole, friction clutches, fully tooled  Price:  $55,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $45,000


WALKER NEER WS-31 (Ref#8606RA) diesel deck engine, mounted on Army 6 wheel drive with gas engine, 40’ mast, 3 line machine, 4 rear screw jacks, 6” 8” 10” bits  Price:  $50,000  – New Mexico


WALKER NEER C25A  (Ref#7943T)  Mounted on 1973 Mack 237 truck, 6 speed, 653 Detroit on deck, 8 x 7 double pole, McKissick double sheave blocks, 2 hyd rear jacks, 7/8” casing line, 4000’ of 5/8” sandline, mast is winch raised and scoped  Price:  $115,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


WALKER NEER P13A  (Ref7085N)  powered by Detroit 471N diesel engine, 8-5/8” x 7” telescoping mast pole x 40’ high, 6500’ of 9/16” swab line capable of pulling rods, mounted on a L10 International truck, 2 hydraulic levelers, air controls, 1-1/2” swab tools and mandrels, 4-1/2” swab tools and mandrels Price:  $130,000  OFF MARKET


WALKER NEER P5000  (Ref#10196Tb)  65’ derrick, Detroit 671, 32” double drum drawwor4ks, mounted on 3 axle carrier, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, tools  Price:  $90,000



Custom built, late model, 4G certified, built for purpose, small footprint, rapid mobilization- from arrival of first load at location to commencement of drilling is less than two days.

480,000# PULLBACK

1100 HP Rig Power:  (2) 515hp Cat C15 engines

480,000# holdback capacity

80,000# pulldown capacity

35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque

65’ x 40’ drill footprint

Mast:  500,000# mast, 98’ H x 8’ W x 7’ D

Substructure:  16’ high hydraulic leveling, self-supporting (no guide wires) mechanical outriggers

(2) winches 17K; 6K

Laydown line

Topdrive Carriage

480,000# holdback capacity

80,000# pulldown capacity

35,000 ft/lb top drive rotary torque

4” kelly line

Hydraulic bail extension/retraction

Mounted backup clamp and guide bell

Work platform for maintenance

Computer controlled lighting system

Control System:

Full computer based control system

Capability of accurately controlling bit weight, ROP, rotary speed, rotary torque, auxiliary functions

Fault Management

Touch screen interface

Remote monitoring capabilities via internet

Self-reporting diagnostics

Automatic mitigation of fault conditions with minimal loss of functionality

Full WITS Communication

Mud System:

(1) 600 kw generator sets

Pits (like new):   

(1) 62’ x 11’6” x 7 – 500 bbl mud shaker tank with (3) partitions

               (2) 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps p/b 75 hp electric motors

(1) 55’ x 11’6” x 7 – 300 bbl mud suction tank with (3) partitions

               (2) 5” x 6” centrifugal pumps p/b 75 hp electric motors

               800 bbl mud system

Bop Stack:

Double ram:  13 5/8”

Annular:  13 5/8”

Accumulator:  Koomey type 80 6-station, 210 gallon accumulator

Rotating Head:  Washington 1500 psi

Choke Manifold 5,000 psi 4-1/16” x 2” and (2) 2-1/16” adjustable chokes

Gas Separator:  10” flanged flow line, 4” flare line

Accessories/Pipe Handling Equipment:

7,000# jib crane, winch boom, rotate

17,000# main winch

Racking board (racks 11,880’ of 4-1/2” doubles, folds for transport

Quick Change Hydraulic Power Slips

Adjustable Height Tong Pulling System with Torque Limiting

Power Tongs: Varco SSW30 and 13-3/4” D & D  Power tongs

Catwalk:  42’ x 8’ x 42” with walkway

4 kw rig lighting system

PRICE:  $3,400,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $1,399,000 Or Best Offer


BRAND NEW 500 HP LAND DRILLING RIG (Ref #10069R), manufactured 2014, never used, complete with 24 month manufacturer’s warranty from date of manufacture (Sept. 2014) or 12 months from date it gets used, 3,000m drill depth.

Client paid in excess of $10,000,000.

Price: All reasonable offers considered.



2 available, manufactured 2008 – 2009, 130’ x 700,000#, electric fluid system 3000 GPM, 3 / 250hp pumps, electric air compressor Sullair silent type rotary screw, power requirements: actual power demand is 500 KW or less.


Electric Series Rigs were designed and built in 2008 – 2009.  These rigs are totally electric-powered including the drawworks, fluid pumping and air systems.  Each includes its own electric substation that is set up near the power company’s overhead power lines.  This substation safely accepts any voltage available at the location and distributes power to our equipment through heavy duty, over current and ground fault protected mining cable up to two miles away.



Can drill deep wells in excess of 10,000’ and has drilled 24” diameter x 3,000’

PRICE:  $5,500,000 EACH



Completely Refurbished

Consisting of Model 2346 single drum drawworks, Parmac V-80 assist brake and rotary drive. Two Caterpillar 3406C Models diesel engines powering drawworks, rotary drive and roading chassis. 117’, 350,000# API capacity telescoping mast includes racking board and hydraulic catworks. Mounted on Cabot 900 series chassis. 15’ telescoping type substructure with pipe slide, BOP dolly and track system.

MODEL 2346 DRAWWORKS  12” x 46” brake rims, 23” x 44” drum barrel. 60,000# single line pull 30” 2-plate clutch. LeBus type grooved jacket for 1-1/8” wire line. Includes turn back rollers.

ASSIST BRAKE  One (1)   Parmac V-80 brake with overrunning clutch. Includes supply and discharge water manifold with air operated supply. Inlet and outlet valves. Driller’s console includes air pressure regulator for brake modulation control and hand valve control of friction brake function.

WATER MANIFOLD  Water inlet circuit from hammer union alongside rig to assist brake and to water circulating brake rims. Control valve in assist brake inlet line modulated by hand valve at driller’s control. Independent discharge line from assist brake and rim brakes to hammer union alongside rig.

CHARGE PUMP  3 x 4, 11-3/4” impeller, 1150 RPM, 15 HP, 55’-70’ total head and 350 GPM max. volume required.

RESERVOIR  60 BBL minimum volume.

DRILLER’S CONSOLE  Located at 15’ high elevated position with folding platform hinged to mast. Pneumatic control for drum clutch, engine throttle, engine emergency shutdown, transmissions and rotary clutch also included. Stairs with handrails form platform to carrier walkway. Mechanical controls located adjacent to controls for drawworks brake.

CABOT CARRIER MODEL C9-962-300  Triple axle front, triple rear axel carrier with 12 x 4 drive, 300” wheel base (bogie center to bogie center). High strength steel fabricated frame. Eaton EFA-22T5 triple axles (66,000# service rating) with 16-1/2” x 6” air brakes on all wheels and with spring suspension. Eaton DP480P double reduction powered tandem and NeWay air suspension leading third axle, all with 16-1/2” x 7” air brakes, walking beams suspension an powered tandem (68,000# service rating). Has spring safety brakes mounted on two powered axles. Six 18:00 x 22.5 16-ply nylon highway tread front tires and twelve dual mounted 10:00 x 20 12-ply all purpose rear tires. Ross 503 steering with Garrison hydraulic power assist. One-man cab with heater, defroster, two bus type rear view mirrors, driver’s instrument panel, adjustable bucket seats with shock absorber mounted and seat belts. Mechanical support legs, 2-sets required  (2 legs per set), rear and midship for greater lateral stability. One 125-gallon roading fuel tank with float valve for inlet from location fuel supply, one tool box, clearance and directional lights, tow bars front and rear.

WALKWAY AND STAIRS  Includes walkway along side of unit on driller’s side extending from rear of unit to engine area. Stairways from walkway to ground. Walkways and stairs including handrails.

DEADLINE ANCHOR  Provision for and including Hercules 118 type wire line anchor.

FRONT GUY LINE ANCHORAGE  Guy lines anchor to front of carrier. Includes wireline, tail chain, forged steel boomers, thimbles and clamps.

DRAWWORKS POWER  Two Caterpillar 3406C Model Series Diesel Engines. No. 1 engine equipped with Allison CLBT-5961. No. 2 engine CLT-5961 torque converter transmission with lock-up providing five forward and one reverse speed. Each engine equipped with variable speed governor, belt driven Bendix V-1000 (24 CFM) air compressor, horn warning system for high water temperature/low oil pressure, commercial silencing muffler, dry type air cleaner, air starters, and engine instruments.


Basic Output:                        475 HP per engine at 2100 RPM; Total HP 950

Cooling:                 Radiator with suction fan

Starting:                 Air

Transmission Speed : 5 forward, 1 reverse

Shift Control:         Air over hydraulic with air position indicator

DRAWWORKS DRIVE  Allison CLT-5961 and CLBT-5961 combination torque converter transmission, each driving through Model 450 right angle drive to drawworks final drive compound. 5 forward speeds and 1 reverse to drawworks and rotary.

ROTARY DRIVE  Heavy duty propeller type drive for rotary table through 27-1/2” size. Includes full air rotary clutch, herringbone reduction gear and oil bath chain elevated rotary drive from drawworks to rig floor. Elevated drive hinge mounted for easy transport and rig-up on rig carrier. Chain drive always remains made up.

Specifications:  (With Typical 3.75:1 Ratio Rotary Table)

Maximum Rotary Table Speed – 220 RPM

Rotary Speeds – 5 Forward and 1 Reverse

Elevated Rotary Drive Chain – 1-1/2” Two Strand

Propeller Shaft – Spicer 1880 final Drive, Spicer 1810 ahead of Elevated Drive

Rotary Clutch – Two Plate 18”

HYDRAULIC POWER  36 GPM 2000 PSI (maximum) Pressure system, provided by either of two pumps. Tong selector valve and throttle control at driller’s position.

Wire Line Capacity:                                                                     335’

Max Pull:                                                                                       8,800# (1st layer)

Max. Speed:                                                                                 95 FPM (At 35 GPM) (1st layer)

MAST  117’, 350,000# Capacity, telescoping open face structural mast with legs of cold drawn AISI seamless alloy heat treated steel tubing. Constructed in two sections, the upper section telescoping into the lower section for over the road position. Adjustable support screws in mast legs; folding ladder, level and tilt indicator.

CROWN BLOCK ASSEMBLY  Integral type, welded box construction drilling crown assembly. five 30” sheaves and one 36” offset sheave for fast line. 1-1/8” grooving

CROWN NEST  With guard rail and expanded metal floor

HYDRAULIC MAST RAISING, LOWERING AND EXTENDING MECHANISM  Two double acting, three stage telescoping type hydraulic raising and retracting cylinders. Upper mast section extending with two extending cylinders. Additional to mast hydraulics for dtwo engine rigs so that earthier engine of two engines rig may be used for hydraulic power functions. Includes pump, drive, manifolding, lines, control valves, oil reservoir and fluid.

MAST SUPPORT  At front and rear of carrier, supporting mast in over-the –road position.

RACKING BOARD  Heavy duty welded construction with derrick man’s platform of expanded metal. Side-mounted racking fingers furnished to facilitate uniform racking and prevent swarming. Has locking pins at open ends. Maximum capacity 10,300’ of 4-1/2” drill pipe (6-1/2” tool joints) and automatic unfolding and folding of the Racking Board during extension and lowering of upper section of mast

WIND GUYS  One set wind guys consisting of two ¾” cables from crown and two 9/16” cables from racking board. Each equipped with 10’ tail chain. Used on Cabot cross type substructure.

RIG BASE  9’ wide x 40’ long x 6-1/2” deep. Structural steel covered with ¼” plate top and bottom, complete with access hinged and loading capabilities.

SUBSTRUCTURE  Cabot “T” Type 17’ high Scoping” Substructure.


Derrick base and rig base 11’ x 13’ x 15’ with 5000 psi mud lines, BOP cart and rails, stairs, walkways, safety railings, V-door ramp, and catwalk.

Maximum rotary (casing load) is 450,000 lbs. simultaneous with a setback load of 200,000 lbs. for a total of 550,000 lbs. substructure capacity.

27 1/2” x 53” ROTARY TABLE



Also available:










11” DOUBLE BOP 5000#







3000 ‘ 1 1/8” DRILLING LINE









FRANKS CABOT 900 (National Oilwell Varco)  (Ref#11663R)  Manufactured 1978, rig only, no substructure, no tooling.  Mast and carrier only.  Mounted on 3 axle carrier, (2) 450 hp Cat electronic inline diesel engine, 5860 Alliston transmission, 117’ x 300,000# mast, racking board.  Being rebuilt and redesigned to make a skid package rig for offshore well servicing and shallow drilling.  Price:  $325,000  OFF MARKET


CABOT FRANKS EXPLORER 900  (Ref#6574N)  Manufactured 1981, not complete.

950 hp (708 kw) Cabot 2346 TD-HAT drawworks

Cabot 112’ x 350,000# telescoping mast, hook load 465,000# 10 lines, Model C Monkey board, max line pull 51,700#

Cabot box on box 15’ substrcuture, 350,000# casing load, 350,000# setback load

Unimatic 6250 (250 ton) hook, McKissick 250 ton travelling block 36” – 1-1/8”

1-1/8” drilling line, 6 sheaves 30”, 1 sheave 36” crown block

Hercules 118 wire line anchor 7/8”  1-1/4”

Parmac 22DR auxiliary brake

National C275 27-1/2” rotary table, 27-1/2” master bushing

(2) Cat diesel engines 3408 KITA with 2 torquemaster transmission CLBT 5860-3 and CLBT5860-4

PTO assemblys 110-010-26

(2) National 7P50 mud pumps, 550 hp with Cat D379 KITA 6-1/4 x 7-3/4” with K20-5000 pulsation dampener

605 barrel mud system with double shale shaker, (1) single shale shaker

Doghouse 23’L x 10’W x 100”H, drilling recorder, trip tank recorder

Located USA

Price:  $1,600,000


INGERSOLL RAND 2042WS/1058 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#5078R)  Manufactured 1985, Completely rebuilt 2012, single drum,  117’ x 350,000# mast, mounted on 4 axle trailer, New Cat C-18 engine, Allison CLT 6061 transmission , rebuilt drawworks and gearboxes, new water brake, rebuild to entire undercarriage including new tires, all new hydraulic and air hoses, derrick inspected and new API certification, cold weather package, all new wires, sandblasted and painted.  Very clean, good condition   PRICE:  $800,000



CABOT 750 DRILL RIG COMPONENTS  (Ref#343N) Drawworks 112' x 300,000# Cabot telescoping mast, 5 axle carrier, Requires rebuild   Price:  $725,000


FRANKS 1287-160-DTD-HT D/D WELL SERVICE UNIT (Ref#1683Rj)   Detroit 8V-71N Diesel Eng, Allison CBT-4460-1 Trans.  Service King 96' x 180,000# Hydraulically Raised & Scoped W/5-Sheave Crown, Dbl Tubing & Triple Rod Boards.  Mtd On Franks 4-Axle Carrier W/Sgl-Man Cab, (4) Hyd Leveling Jacks, Hyd Utility Hoist, Air & Hyd Controls, Floatation Front Tires  Price:  $350,000


FRANKS 1287  (Ref#8673T)  Manufactured 1976, 160 sandline drum, Detroit 8V71 engine, 4460 Allison transmission, 15” double hydromatic, 96’ 3-legged tri-scope derrick rated 150,000#, ready to work  Price:  $155,000


FRANKS 1287-160 BACK IN WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#11621T)  Manufactured 1982, Detroit Series 60 engine, 5860 transmission, 96’ x 215,000# mast, 12,000’ of 9/16” sandline  Price:  $105,000


FRANKS 1287-160-DTD-HT WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#8871T)  Double drum, Manufactured 1975, Double drum, 1” tubing line, approx. 11,000’ of 9/16” sandline, Parmac 15” hydromatic brake powered by Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, Allison 750 transmission, 96’ x 215,000# 4-leg telescoping mast, 5 sheave crown, adjustable height work platform, mounted on 4 axle Franks back in carrier, single man cab, 2 hyd leveling jacks, Tulsa hyd utility hoist, air and hydraulic controls.


7-1/16 3000# BOP Type 81 with new 2-3/8 and 2-7/8 pipe rams

Guiberson JU 7-1/16” 2000/3000# stripper head

Foster Model 58-93R hyd power tong w/manual backup

Foster hyd lift cylinder (new)

Cavins TB-101 air slips, dressed f/2-7/8” pipe

Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump p/b Detroit 671, 4 sp Trans, day tank, skidded (rebuilt 2015)

McKissick 100-ton 3 sheave tubing block

TA-100 2-7/8” CL double latch tubing elevators (new)

TA-100 2-3/8” CL double latch tubing elevators (new)

Open top 200 bbl skid mounted circulating tank

4 leveling jack stands

1-3/4” x 84” elevator links

58-93R Drag ring assy w/jaws and inserts (new)

½” to 5/8” plate type rod elevators (new)

¾” to 7/8” plate type rod elevators (new)

RH35 35-ton rod hook (new)

(14) asstd hammer wrenches (new)

New base bean and shews

Skid mounted Geronimo anchor

PWI weight indicator with pads and hoses (new)

Guiberson double oil saver with pump and hoses (new)

New sab tee

New Lubricator

Set of jars (new)

Sinker bar (new)

Set of 2-3/8” mandrals (new)

New swab cups

New oil savers

New set of rod trasnfers

New set of rod wrenches

New rod table

Tubing box pipe wipers

Pipe wipers

New Geronimo line

Guide line clamps

Derrick harnesses

All new hard line

All new kelly hoses

New 42” H beams

New skids full of cement for Geronimo

All new hand rails

2-3/8” and 2-7/8” swabs

Tubing boards

PACKAGE PRICE:  $350,000



FRANKS 1287 DOUBLE/DOUBLE BACK IN WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#3875R)  Manufactured 1969, double drum,   Lebus grooved for 7/8” drill line and 7/16” sandline, weight indicator, hydromatic brake, air clutches and controls, Loadcraft 104’ x 250,000# hydraulically raised and scoped mast, mounted on Loadcraft carrier tandem axle front/tri axle rear, 8V71T Detroit diesel engine, radiator, gauges, hydraulic pump, Allison 4460 transmission, hydraulic reservoir, water tank, air receiver tank, fuel tanks, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, Hercules 118 deadline anchor, hydraulic winch, McKissick 83A 100 ton block, (2) 36” and (2) 72” elevator links  Price:  $125,000


FRANKS 1287 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#8668Rh)  Manufactured 1975, Model 160, Detroit Series 50 diesel engine, Allison 750 transmission, disc assist brake, 96’ x 185,000# mast, McKissick 100T block, fold down walkways and work platform, mounted on 4 axle carrier  Price:  $295,000


INGERSOLL RAND 2042WS/1058 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#5078R)  Manufactured 1985, Completely rebuilt 2012, single drum,  117’ x 350,000# mast, mounted on 4 axle trailer, New Cat C-18 engine, Allison CLT 6061 transmission , rebuilt drawworks and gearboxes, new water brake, rebuild to entire undercarriage including new tires, all new hydraulic and air hoses, derrick inspected and new API certification, cold weather package, all new wires, sandblasted and painted.  Very clean, good condition   PRICE:  $800,000



FRANKS 1058  (Ref#121R)  38x10 drawworks, 4 axle Crane Carrier, 6V92 Detroit diesel engine, 4460 Allison tranmission, 96’ x 133,000# mast with 4 lines, no block, no sandline, needs a little work  Price:  $165,000


FRANKS 1058  (Ref#8120Ra)  Manufactured 1964, double drum, double/triple 4 post derrick, 180,000#, mounted on Wilson 5 axle Crane Carrier  Price:  $275,000


FRANKS 658  (Ref#11696Ta)  10 x 13 poles, double drum, mounted on International truck with 350 Cummins, travelling blocks, tubing lines, hydraulic jacks  Price:  $140,000


FRANKS 658 (Ref#11778Rb)  Manufactured 1979, 96’ x 180,000# Pemco mast, 60 Series, Allison 5860, fully tooled, no BOP    Price:  230,000


FRANKS 658 (Ref#13106R) Manufactured 1968, completely rebuilt 2011, workover rig, PTO, mounted on CCC with 6V71 Detroit engine, doghouse  Price:  $300,000

Tooling available at extra cost


FRANKS 658 PULLING/SERVICE UNIT  (Ref#4908R)  87’ x 250,000# Skytop derrick with tubing board to stand double 30’s, rod basket air transfer hoist, hydraulic erect and telescope, double drum drawworks w/air over grease clutches, approx 7-8000’ of 9/16” line (swabbed 1 well since new), 4lines on working drum, Foster 58 power tongs, 200 ton Cavin air clips, oil saver w/pump, 2 sheave 40 ton traveling block, (2) 100 ton 60” elevator links, 50 ton rod hook, 100 ton 2-3/8 double latch tubing elevators, 100 ton 2-7/8 double latch tubing elevators, (2) ¾” rod elevators, 48” Rigid pipe wrench, 36” Rigid pipe wrench, 2-3/8” – 5” swabs with jars and sinker bar, mounted on 1982 Kenworth C500 4-axle truck  Price:  $245,000  OFF MARKET

Available at extra cost:  Substructure, rotary table, kelly, swivel, mud pump


FRANKS 658  (Ref#8120Rc)  double drum, tri-scope single/double derrick, 140,000#, monted on 1962 3-axle Crane Carrier  Price:  $170,000


FRANKS 658  (Ref#8133Tb)  Manufactured 1964, double drum, double/triple 4 post derrick, 96’ x 180,000#, mounted on 5 axle 1964 Wilson Crane Carrier, Detroit 8V92 and automatic transmission in rig have 20 hours since rebuild  Price:  $215,000


FRANKS 658  (Ref#8133Ta)  Manufactured 1962, double drum, tri-scope single/double 72’ tall derrick 140,000#, 671 Detroit diesel, mounted on 3-axle Crane Carrier  Price:  $165,000


FRANKS 658 SERVICE RIG (Ref#3070N)  Manufactured 1974, double drum drawworks,  double triple 96’ x 180,000# derrick with a hydromatic. The rig has working line with heavy traveling block and approx. 12,000’ 9/16 sand line. Mounted on Skytop carrier with tandem steering and rear ends 4 axles W/ tag axle, 4 leveling jacks, powered by an 8V-71 with a Allison 4460 transmission, (note transmission was overhauled in early 2000’s) and the engine has a new head on right bank. The rig has two leveling jacks on the rear and two leveling jacks on the front which are located right behind the steering axels. Tooled out with hydraulic rod and hydraulic tubing tongs, air slips, rod and tubing elevators, hand tools and misc over items.  Price:  $375,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $145,000


FRANKS 658 SERVICE RIG  (Ref#3069N)  Double drum drawworks with a double double derrick. The rig 7/8 working line with 50 ton travelling block, approx 10,000 9/16 sand line.  1958 International truck  powered by 350 cummins with 5x4 transmissions, tandem steering and tandem rear ends and leveling jacks at the rear off the carrier,  tooled out with hydraulic rod and tubing tongs, air slips, rod and tubing elevators, hand tools and misc over items. This rig is  very fast and extremely user friendly.   Price:  $275,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $135,000


FRANKS 658 SWAB RIG  (Ref#11082Rb)  Mounted on 1996 tandem axle Peterbilt truck with diesel engine, 2 hydraulic leeling jacks, Detroit 8V71 diesel on deck, automatic transmission, 60’ hydraulically raised and scoped mast, 10,000’ of 9/16” sandline, swabbing 8 – 10,000’ wells  Price:  $89,500


FRANKS 658 D/D WELL SERVICE UNIT (Ref#1683Rh)   CAT 3406 Diesel Eng, ALLISON HT-750 Trans., 96'H 180,000# Telescoping Mast, Hydraulically Raised & Scoped W/4-Sheave Crown, Dbl Tubing & Triple Rod Boards, Adjustable Height Work Platform.  Mtd On FRANKS "Cruiser" 4-Axle Carrier W/NEW Sgl-Man Cab, (4) Hyd Leveling Jacks, Hyd Utility Hoist, Air & Hyd Controls, Flotation Front Tires  Price:  $300,000


FRANKS 658 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#14893T)  Double drum drawworks with hydromatic brake, , 96’ x 180,000# derrick, mounted on 4-axle PEMCO carrier with hydraulic support legs, 8V71 Detroit, 4460 Allison transmission, Spicer 784 split shaft gearbox, 250 hp right angle drive, 650’ of 7/8” tubing line, 8000’ of 9/16” swab line, 100 ton Sowa block, hydraulic winch, hydraulic weight indicator, 84” links, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” tubing elevators, BJ tubing slips, Foster 5893R power tongs with lift in derrick, rod hook, rod stripper, rod elevators, wrenches, transfers, rod fishing tools, misc hand tools and connections  Price:  $140,000


FRANKS 658 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#14894T)  Double drum drawworks with hydromatic brake, 96’ x 180,000# triscope derrick, mounted on 4 axle RMI carrier with hydrulica support legs, 8V92N Detroit, 5860 Allison transmission, Spicer 784 split shaft gear box, 250 hp right angle drive, 650’ of 7/8” tubing line, 8000’ of 9/16” swab line, 100 ton Sowa block, hydraulic winch, hydraulic weight indicator, 84” links, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” tubing elevators, BJ tubing slips, D&D power tongs with lift in derrick, rod hook, rod stripper, rod elevators, wrenches and transfer, rod fishing tools, misc hand tools and connections  Price:  $140,000  OFF MARKET


FRANKS 400  (Ref#11779Rc)  Manufactured 1981, 96’ x 210,000# mast, Detroit 60 Series, Allison 5860, fully tooled, no BOP  Price:  $375,000


FRANKS 400 (Ref#11778Ra)  Manufactured 1979, 96’ x 180,000# mast, 50 Series and Allison 750, fully tooled, no BOP    Price:  $255,000


FRANKS 400  (Ref#11779Rd)  Manufactured 1976, 96’ x 180,000# mast, Detroit 8V71 (new), Allison 750, fully tooled, no BOP    Price:  $350,000



FRANKS 300 WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#6681T)  Manufactured 1981, refurbished drawwork (brake pan, rebuild drum with new shaft, bearings and seals), replaced clutch and components (install new jack shaft with sprockets, sandline, 60 Series Detroit engine, 96’ x 210,000# derrick level 3 mast inspection  Price:  $315,000


FRANKS 300 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#1272R)  Manufactured 1980, double drum, refurbished,  96’ x 180,000# round tubing mast (4-leg), 100 ton travelling block, new drill line 16,000’, sandline, new guy wires, mounted on 4 axle carrier powered by Detroit 8V71T diesel engine, CC750 transmission, brake assist, PTO with hydraulics, rear end gone through  Price:  $315,000   PRICE:  $185,000


FRANKS 300  (Ref#8765Tb)  Manufactured 1976, 1287-160 drawworks, 15” double hydromatic, 96’ x 215,000# hook load derrick, 8V71 Detroit diesel (318 hp), 750 Allison dual mode transmission, mounted on 4 axle carrier, ready to work, 100 ton 83A McKissick block  Price:  $65,000  Tool package available at additional cost


FRANKS 300 (Ref#13700R) self propelled double drum back-in, DDEC IV-60 series engine, rated capacity 4200m with 73mm tubing, Franks 96-215 derrick, rated at 95000 daN, Sowa 100 ton traveling blocks, 25.4mm x 300m wire rope drilling line, 14mm x 3700m sandline, racking capacity 4200m – 73mm double tubing 4700m 19mm triple rods  Price on Request


FRANKS 300 D/D 1287 (Ref#1683Rm)  Hydromatic brake, Well Service Unit p/b DETROIT 8V-71 Diesel Eng, ALLISON 750 Trans, (Reman Dec 2011) FRANKS 71’H 150,000# Tri-Scope Telescoping Mast, Hydraulically Raised &, Sgl Tubing & Dbl Rod Boards, Adjustable Height Work Platform, Mtd on FRANKS Explorer III 4-Axle Carrier w/Sgl-Man Cab, (2) Hyd Leveling Jacks,  Hyd Utility Hoist, Air & Hyd Controls & Floatation Front Tires  Price:  $250,000


FRANKS 200 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#6110T)  Manufactured 1985, completely rebuilt, short derrick 72’ x 150,000#, mounted on 1985 tandem axle carrier with Detroit 6V71 engine, completely tooled, 550’ of 9.16” tubing line, 6000’ of 9/16” sandline, includes 2002 Ford F350 screw cab pickup, original owner  Price:  $320,000


FRANKS WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#6692R)  Manufactured 1969, free standing, 8100 hrs left on level IV, 8V71 Detroit diesel, 42 x 10 main drum, 38 x 8 sandline drum, 4 axle carrier, A-legs need to be welded back on, derrick is off unit, single/double mast  Price:  $190,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


FRANKS EXPLORER III (Ref#883N)  180,000 lb Derrick, Double Triple  96' Derrick, Single Drum Drawworks, Detroit 8V71 w/ Allison, 4 line speed block No swivel, Peckamatic Tongs, Guiberson Double 3000# BOP, Rod & Tubing Elevators & Tools, New 1" Drill Line (560'), New 5/8 Cat Line, New Tong & Rod Lift Line, New Tires, New Drive line , U Joints & Third Member, New Hydraulic Pump w/ Eaton Air Clutches, All new Brake Cans, Tubing Board, New Battery, Starter & Gauges, Most air & hydraulic line has been replaced, Rebuilt Drawworks with all new Clutches, Bladders and Bearings   Price for rig only:  $450,000   Price with tools:  $500,000


FRANKS 44 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#12791R)  Double drum, 10 x 13 telescoping pole, mounted on 2005 Mack truck with diesel engine, fully tooled, Giberson slips, new drum brakes 2015, air clutches, Franks box, Peckomatic power tongs, sand pump and swab tool included, tubing and sandline  Price:  $190,000


FRANKS 44  (Ref#11650T)  Double drum, hyd pole and down riggers, mounted on 1990 Crane Carrier, 9 sp Eaton Fuller transmission, 100,000 miles, 8 x 10 telescoping poles, ¾” cable, no cable on sandlnie, Peck-o-matic tubing tongs, fully tooled  Price:  $64,500


FRANKS 44 ROCKET WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#507N)  Single drum, air over grease clutch, 55’ x 185,000# mast, mounted on 2 axle rear Crane Carrier with 6V71 Detroit diesel, Allison transmission, hydraulic utility winch, 50 ton Wilson block,

2004 Dodge crew truck

New 2008 5893R powertongs and tools

Good working condition

Price:  $195,000


FRANKS 44 SINGLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#8120Rd)  Drum size 33” with 10” x 13” pole, 65’, 80,000# on 1997 Freightliner FL80.  PRICE:  $125,000


FRANKS 844  (Ref#11696Tb)  10 x 13” pole, single drum, mounted on Brigadier 9500 Series truck with 671 inline Detroit, travelling blocks, tubing lines, hyd jacks  Price:  $55,000


FRANKS 844  (Ref#10196Tc)  65’ 8x10 single pole, right angle drive, double drum drawworks, mounted on 3 axle truck, leveling jacks, tools (carrier needs work, will include 97kw cab/chassis  Price:  $39,500


FRANKS 844 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#12395R)  Single double derrick, double drum, Detroit 6V71 engine, mounted on Franks carrier, 125,000# derrick, sandline, ready to work  Price:  $195,000


FRANKS 844/80 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#6216R)  Manufactured 1980, mounted on 1989 Ford LT900 truck, McKissick 52A block, 3’ bails, tubing elevators with inserts, tubing air slips, power tongs, sandline tools  Price:  $120,000


FRANKS 844/80 DOUBLE DRUM SERVICE RIG  (Ref#6708Ra)  Manufactured 1977, 72’ x 125,000# derrick, 8V71 Detroit engine, Allison 750 transmission, 6500’ of 5/8” sand line, new style McKissick blocks, working daily  Price: $125,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $115,000


FRANKS 844 (Ref#5607N) double drum, complete   Price:  $400,000  OFF MARKET


FRANKS 44 DOUBLE DRUM BACK-IN WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#15724)  double drum, air clutches, working line 7/8”, 54’ x 80,000# hydraulically raised mast with racking board, mounted on tandem axle rear carrier powered by GMC 671 diesel engine, worked 4000’ wells   Price:  $100,000


FRANKS 33DD  (Ref#9881)  double drum pulling unit, 8 x 10 pole w/3-sheave crown, Ramsey hydraulic winch, Tulsa 28 winch, mounted on 1982 International 4300TA truck w/NTC 350 Cummins diesel engine, 2 hydraulic leveling jacks, 5 speed tansmission, 4 speed auxiliary, BJ tongs, Guiberson air slips  Off Market


FRANKS KC54  (Ref#11840)  Manufactured 1950’s, 4-1/2 x 6 mud pump, 3671 R compressor, mounted on 1978 Chevy truck w/3208 Cat engine, 2 rear hyd leveling jacks, rod rack, bits, collars, tooling, 300’ of 20’ x 2-3/8” Mayhew Reg. drill pipe, currently drilling, good condition   Price:  $60,000


FRANKS KC-54H  (Ref#404N)  double drum, mounted on 1975 Chevy truck with 453 Detroit diesel engine, Franks Model 44 PTO, 4 x 5 piston mud pump, 6 – 8” opening on rotary table, hydraulic pull down, 3 hydraulic jacks, rig only, no pipe  Price:  $80,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $50,000


FRANKS KC-38 ROTARY DRILLING RIG (Ref#10792R) mounted on 1971Ford F600 2 wheel drive with gas engine, 5x6 mud pump, 20’ Kelly 5 ¼” stationary table, mechanical clutches, no pulldown, no breakout, no leveling jacks, stabilizer, drill bits, subs, 600’ of  20’ x 2 3/8” drill pipe, many spares  Price:  $27,500


FRANKS KC20  (Ref#8218)  Manufactured 1962, 3 x 4 centrifugal pump, 3-1/8 x 14’ kelly, 4-1/4 table, mounted on International B160 truck with 263 3 cyl engine (overhauled)   Price:  $24,500


KEYSTONE/FRANKS 50  (Ref#8603R)  Manufactured 1979, (2) 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, mounted on 1979 International F2674 with 230 Cummins engine, 6 speed HD double down transmission, twin screw tandem axle, 800’ of 2-7/8 drill pipe, bits and subs  Price:  $100,000


KEYSTONE KF-50  (Ref#7124)  585/250 GD air compressor with cyclo blower, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, drills 1000’ x 12” hole, 350 Turbo Cummins engine (new), 5-4 sp transmission, AO8 model Meyers water injection, 8-1/2" retractable table, mounted on 1971 International truck,  good condition  Off market


KEYSTONE FRANKS 50  (Ref#10135R)  Manufactured 1943, rebuilt 1955, trailer mounted, International engine for drawworks, Gorman Rupp mud pump with Budda engine, 320’ of 6” drill pipe  Price:  $75,000


FRANKS FJ5  (Ref#6899)  Double Drum drawworks (3 lines), 100 SDS compressor, mounted on 6 x 6 Crane Carrier powered by Cummins 270 diesel engine, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, floatation tires, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver duplex mud pump, 4-1/2” kelly,Giant swivel, 2” pulldown chain, sandline, uses 15’ drill pipe, pipe rack, 8-1/2” rotary table, driller’s platform, stand pipe in derrick, 2000’ machine  Price:  $95,000


FRANKS FJ5 (Ref#3965R) Manufactured 1965, mounted on 1984 International with 400 Big Cam Cummins, 5x6 mud pump, no air, bailing line, sandline, mainline, 9 ½” retractable table (new pinion and gear), 4” x 23’ kelly, 2” swivel, pulldown, mechanical clutches, pipe rack, good rubber, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks, ready to go  Price:  $48,500

Pipe available at extra cost


FRANKS FA  (Ref#9139N)  Manufactured 1950’s, New 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, hydraulic pulldown, auto chuck, mounted on 1975 Chevy with gas engine, PTO, freshly painted, needs new hydraulic lines, brake cylinders, 300’ of 2-3/8” x 20 N rod,  Price:  $25,000


FRANKS FA  (Ref#8119)  1954, mounted on 1996 Ford 700 Series, mud pump, tooling, 1500’ of 2-3/4” N rod.  1000 gal water truck (1973)   Off Market



FRANKS / MAINLAND WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#5133Na)  Mainland M80, manufactured 1971, heavy duty drawworks, holds 14,000'  9/16" sandline, holds 7/8 mainline, 76’ x 180,000# hydraulically raised mast, mounted on Mainland 4 axle Carrier, powered by new Detroit Series 50 diesel engine and leveling jacks, clean condition


Power tongs

BJ slips



Price:  $280,000



MAINLAND M40 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#7838Ra)  Manufactured 1981, Double Drum, back in pulling unit, double/triple, Lebus grooved for 1” line and 9/16” sandline, air operated controls, PWI 240,000# weight indicator, 20” double hydromatic brake, Pemco 96’ x 210,000# 4-leg hydraulically raised and telescoping mast with (1) 3-stage raising ram, 5-sheave crown block, crown safety platform, double tubing board, triple rod board, ladder, guylines, adjustable working platform, mounted on Hendrickson 900-D-OH tandem axle front and rear carrier powered by Detroit Series 60 diesel engine, electric start, radiator, gauges, 5860 Allison transmission, single man cab, Detroit air compressor, toolboxes, 30’W x 26”H x 68” L water tank, (2) 17’W x 24”H x 68”L fuel tanks, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, 5000# winch, folding walkways, stairs, safety rails, SOWA 75 ton block/hook combination, 72” elevator links, Foster power tongs, Cavins C1 air slips, 5/8” – 1” rod elevators and rod wrenches, 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” tubing elevators, Guiberson oil saver, misc spare parts, no hand tools  Price:  $165,000


SERVICE RIG  (Ref#8660T)  unmounted, Wisonsoin gas engine, sitting a few years  Price:  $27,500