COOPER SWAB RIG  (Ref#11985R) 

cooper swab rig

P-132 Cooper drum with 10,000’ of ½” swedge line, 5.9 Cummins engine, 6 speed transmission (spare transmission included), all new bearings on rig, sheaves redone, airbag and clutch brand new, 8 x 5” Cooper pole (all redone), hydraulic winch and hydraulic outriggers with safety locks, mounted on 2008 Kenworth truck (only 800 miles Jan 14) 

Price:  $265,000 PRICE REDUCED: $210,000


Manufactured 1981, 12 x 12 Cooper brake blocks on drum, 60’ Pemco scoping derrick, 16,000’ of galvanized sandline, mounted on 1981 Peterbilt truck, has worked to 12,600’, currently stacked  Price:  $82,500


moeller swab rig

Manufactured 1982, single drum, 42’ mast, sandline 18,000’ of 9/16”, Mesa drawworks, V8 Detroit engine, Rigtech carrier  Price:  $190,000


Manufactured 2014, hydraulic drum, 40’ derrick rated at 31,000#, holds 25,000’ of 5/16” swab line (empty), 48’ crown to ground, 8,000# hydraulic winch, 60 gal wash tank, 11,000# main line, 30” crown sheave includes lubricator, hand pump and sinker bar, mounted on 2005 International truck with DT530 diesel engine, PTO, approx. 80,000 miles on truck, GVW 54,000#, needs new line and 2 new sheaves  
Price as is:  $155,000
Price with new line and new sheaves:  $199,500


Manufactured 2000, 45’ mast, all hydraulic, Sunstrand pump, planetary gears, right angle, 12,500’ of 9/16” line, mounted on Kenworth T800 truck with Cat 379 motor, PTO  Price:  $185,000


Manufactured 1998, , 42’ mast, all hydraulic, Sunstrand pump, planetary gears, right angle, 12,500’ of 9/16” line, mounted on Kenworth T800 truck with Cummins N14, PTO  Price:  $185,000

SWABBING UNIT  (Ref#7526T)  Manitek M1768 crane, 68’ boom, 11,000’ of ¼” wire, PX8, 16” pumps, 16” pumps, mounted on 2012 Peterbilt 348, 8LL, air brakes, diesel engine  Price:  $270,000 PRICE REDUCED: $210,000

SWAB RIG  (Ref#15133Ta) 

Shop built, 16,000’ of sand line, right angle/divider box, 75’ scoping derrick, mechanical rig with Lebus sleeved, mounted on 1998 Peterbilt truck with N15 Cummins  Price:  $165,000

SWAB RIG  (Ref#15133Tb) 

Shop built in 2014, Cooper drawworks with 14,000’ drum with 12,000’ of 9/16” cable,  45’ hydraulically raised mast (new 2014), mechanical rig with Lebus sleeved, oil saver/pack off, right angle drive with diverter box, no winch, Chelsea PTO, no weight indicator, no work lights, Simplex pump, lubricator, mounted on 2000 Kenworth truck with Detroit Series 60 diesel engine (rebuilt), Eaton Fuller 13 speed transmission (rebuilt), new axles on both rears, new brakes, tool string for 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” wells Price on Request

SWAB RIG  (Ref#15133Tc

Shop built, 16,000’ of sand line, 45’ hydraulically raised mast, mechanical rig with Lebus sleeved, mounted on 1996 Peterbilt truck with N14 Cummins  Price:  $115,000

SWAB RIG  (Ref#8067R) 

Mounted on 1997 Peterbilt tandem axle truck with Cat diesel engine, PTO and air drive on drawworks, Wilson drawworks, holds 13,000’ of 9/16” line (no line included)   Price:  $39,500            

SWAB RIG (Ref#8247R)

9500’ capacity, Detroit 6V71 deck engine, telescoping mast, mounted on 1995 International with N14 Cummins engine, drawworks only 4 years old & have 5 speed trans, hydraulic handling winch, floating top sheave, brand new cable, air clutches, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $165,000

SWAB RIG  (Ref#7517Ra) 

Manufactured 2014, hydraulic, enclosed cab, holds 25000’ of 5/16” line, mounted on 2005 International truck, 350 hp engine, 40,000 miles, currently on job  Price:  $265,000 PRICE REDUCED: $199,500


Manufactured 2014, recently new 16,000’ of 9/16” sand line, Detroit 6 series pony motor, mounted on 2000 Sterling truck with 40,000 miles, currently working  Price:  $295,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $199,500

SWAB RIG  (Ref#351N) 

Mounted on 1993 Peterbilt truck with 22.5 tires and powered by Cummins L14 diesel engine, 4 hyd leveling jacks, 471 Detroit, Automatic transmission, 45’ mast, 1600’ swab line, weight 46,000#,, tooling  Price:  $155,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000

SWAB RIG  (Ref#7114T

Auto slant, 12000’ of sandline, 41’ mast made by Calibre Industries, max static hook capacity with load lines 30,000#, max static hook capacity no load lines 18,000#, mounted on 2004 International 7400 tandem axle truck with DT530 w/2500 hours, Allison transmission, 91,400 miles  Price:  $89,500

FRANKS 200 SWAB RIG  (Ref#8325R) 

Mounted on 1981 3-axle carrier, 53’ stiff mast, 6V71 Detroit diesel engine, HT-750 automatic transmission, Franks 160 sanddrum, 16000’ capacity 15” double rotor, hydromatic w/125 gal tank, doghouse, 2015 Chevy Pickup 1 ton w/6L gas engine, 8500 miles, fully loaded, tooling, swab cup, $40,000 worth of spare parts  Price:  $370,000

FRANKS 658 SWAB RIG  (Ref#11082Rb

Mounted on 1996 tandem axle Peterbilt truck with diesel engine, 2 hydraulic leeling jacks, Detroit 8V71 diesel on deck, automatic transmission, 60’ hydraulically raised and scoped mast, 10,000’ of 9/16” sandline, swabbing 8 – 10,000’ wells  Price:  $170,000

WILSON 38 SWAB RIG  (Ref#11082Rc)

Mounted on Paystar 5000 tandem axle truck with diesel engine, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, Wilson 38 drawworks, 55’ one-piece hydraulically raised mast, 10,000’ of 9/16” sandline, swabbing 8 – 10,000’ wells, good condition, being painted  Price:  $170,000


Double drum Wilson Sr and Wilson JR drawworks,  sandline capacity 10000’ of 9/16”, mounted on tandem axle, 1987 Freightliner tandem axle truck powered by Detroit diesel engine, 2 hydraulic leveling jacks, Detroit diesel on deck, 50’ hydraulically raised mast, brand new hydraulic cylinder just replaced for lifting derrick, has pulled a minimum of 3000’ wells, all new hydraulics, no travelling block, no hydro tester, no weight indicator   PRICE:  $135,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000


Wilson drawworks, 9/16” sandline, 12,000’ capacity, Detroit 6V71 on deck, smooth drum and grooved drum for spool, mounted on 1992 Peterbilt truck, 60 series Detroit diesel, Eaton transmission, 448,750 miles, 31’L x 8’3”W x 14’6”H – 45,000#  Price:  $125,000


Manufactured 2003, 5000’ of 9/16” swab cable, 6” x 6” x ¼” square steel tubing mast, 28’ to top of 22” crown sheave, hydraulically raised with 3” x 30” cylinder, “quick tilt” mast adjust, operating load 28,000# when property guyed, 8000# electric deck winch with crown sheave and base snatch block lug (not working), mounted on single axle 4 x 4 Ford F350 truck with 6.0L v8 diesel engine,  diesel engine, swab tree, operating depth 7500’ at 4”  Price:  $135,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000