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Acker M8, MP3
Atlas Copco/Christensen CS14C, CT14, CS10, CS1500, CS1000
Boyles BBS-1, BBS-2
Chicago Pneumatic CP-65
Christensen/Atlas Copco CS14C, CT14, CS10, CP65, CS1500, CS1000
Discovery EF-75, EF-50
Hydracore 2000
JKS Boyles BBS-1, BBS2
Joy 22, 12  
Longyear    44, 38, 34, HC150, Delta Base, DB505, DB430, DB95, LF230, LM75, LF70
Maxidrill Max-10DR, 12-32
Mobile B5500
Sandvik DE110
Sprauge & Henwood PT142, 40C, B2-338
Versadrill KMB.8, KMB.4
Vickers Coremasters
XDR 1200H
Zinex Z5


HYDRACORE 2000 FLY DRILLS  (Ref#15587R)  3 units available

2 units (low hours) located Western Canada - $200,000 USD each

1 units (approx. 1000 hours) located New Zealand, in 20’ container with 1000’ of NQ rods and 500’ HQ rods  $245,000

Up to 1200m (4000’) drill depth using A size pipe

900m (3000’) using B size

540m (1800’) using N size

270m (900’) using H size

Comes with spearete power pack, equipped with Isuzu (137 hp) engine, 3 hydraulic pumps, pressure pump, 12 gal hydraulic tank, drill head torque is 1075 ft/lbs @ 522 rpm, 336 ft/lb@1500 rpm, spring closed Hydracore link chuck, 30,000# axial thrust, foot clamp with 25,000 axial thrust, 24,000# max pull, 16,000# maxthrust, 70” stroke


SKYE-10 CORE DRILL  (Ref#68N) –  New, Never Used

Drilling CapacityBQ 1,300 m, NQ 1,000 m, HQ 700 m, PQ 400 m

Track Pad Width 400 mm, Max Up Hill Angle 30 degrees, Haul Capacity 11 tons, Speed 2 km/hr.

Power UnitModel Cummins 6BTA, 6cyl.Tier III, Displacement 5.9 L., Power 150KW/2500rpm (200 bhp), water cooled, Type Turbo charged, after cooling

Hydraulic SystemWorking Pressure 26Mpa (3,750 psi), Cooling Air cooled

Gear Box 4-speed FUNK (John Deere) transmission, inside diameter PQ size

Final Speed Torque Range:  1st gear 193 rpm/2400 ft/lb, 2nd gear 403 rpm/1922 ft/lb, 3rd gear 743 rpm/1043 ft/lb, 4th gear 1200 RPM/606 ft/lb

Drill head chuck spring closed, hydraulic open, Max opening: PQ size

Main winchMax Pull 6,800 kg. bare drum (15,000 lbs.), Pulling Speed 51m/min (167ft./min), Rope size/Length 6mm/30m (5/8’’X100ft)

Wireline WinchPower Hydraulic system, Max Pull 1,100kg. bare drum (2,400lbs.), Pulling Speed 120m/min bare drum, (430ft./min), Rope size/Length 6.6mm/1,300m (¼’’/4,265ft.)

Mast2 sections, with mast dump, Length/Feed Travel 9m/3,5m.,

Drilling Angle 45 to 90 degrees

Max Push 5,500Kg (12,000 lbs.)

Max Pull 12,000Kg (26,400 lbs.)

Mast Dump 1,4m ( 4,6 ft.)

Foot ClampModel Longyear type, Max Rod Size 117mm ( 4 5/8’’)

Drill total weight 10,000kg (22,000 lbs.)

Drill Size 5,382 x 2,300 x 2,600m  (17,6’ x 7,54’ X 8,5’)

Made in China and modifications done in Canada – Lighting for work and tramming, FUNK transmission, Bean 435 water pump, additional control for a second mud pump (recirculation of mud), full inspection, onsite start-up service

Price:  $200,000


SUN 18C CORE DRILL  (Ref#68Nb)

Drilling capacity:  BQ 6,500’, NQ 5,500’, HQ 3,900’, PQ 2,300’

Power Unit:  Cummins 6CTA 8.3L, water cooled, turbocharged, aftercooled, 179 kw (238 hp) 2200 rpm

Hydraulic System:  Air cooled, working pressures 28 mpa/4,000 psi

Drill Head:  Max torque 5,500mm (4,050 ft/lb), max inside diameter 117mm (4-5/8”), 4-speed gear box 0 – 1200 rpm

Drill Head Chuck:  Hydraulic open, spring closed, max inside diameter 4-5/8” PQ

Main Winch:  Max pull 13,500 kg (30,000 lbs), low speed 40m/min (130 ‘/min) bare drum, high speed 8 m/min (260 ft/min) bar drum, rope diameter/length: 7/8” 115’

Wire Line Winch:  Power hydraulic system, rope diameter/Length ¼” 4,900’, max pull 1,100 kg (2,400 lbs)

Mast:  2 sections, hydraulic powered lift/down with mast dump, standard length 32.75’ (optional 41’), 45 -90 degree drilling angle, max push 6,200kb (13,600 lbs), max pull 18,900 kg (41,500 lbs), 4’ max dump, 11.5’ feed stroke length

Mud Pump:  Triplex piston pump, max output volume 320 lpm (90 gpm), max pressure 8 mpa (1,100 psi)

Price:  $226,000


SUN 30C CORE DRILL  (Ref#68Nc) 

Drilling capacity:  BQ 9,800’, NQ 7,540’, HQ 5,250’, PQ 3,400’

Power Unit: 8.9L Cummins  6LTAA8.9 water cooled, turbo charged, aftercooled, power 242kw/325hp – 2,200 rpm

Hydraulic system: Air cooled, 28mpa/4,000 psk working pressure

Drill head:  Max torque 7,600mm (5,600 lb ft), max inside diameter 117mm (4-5/8”), 4 speed gear box 0-1300 rpm

Drill head chuck:  Max inside diameter 4-5/8” / PQ

Main winch:  18,144kg (40,000#) max pull, 198 ft/min low speed (bare drum), 203 ft/min high speed (bare drum), rope diameter/length 15-1/6” – 132’

Wire line winch:  rope diameter/length: ¼” – 9,800’, max pull 1,400 kb - 3,100 lbs.

Mast:  automatic lift/down system 8’ adjustable, 13m (42.5’) length, 45-90 degrees drilling angle, max push 11,000 kg (24,200 lbs), max pull 23,000 kg (50,600 lbs), 4’ max dump, 11.5’ feed stroke length, 30’ pulling length

Triplex pIston mud pump, max output volume 300 lpm (80 gpm), pressure 12 mpa (1700 psi)

Price:  $332,000



All new rig, except for truck, 2500’ depth capacity with NQ rod (2.75”), 3000’ of ¼” wireline with brake,

Mast over vertical 20’, 200hp John Deere diesel, Mast tilt 7o-15o, RT-LT, Mast dump 4’, Skid in & out 6”

Wiggle1-1/2” RT, 1-1/2” LT, Hoist N -10 ton max, Pull 24 mast 28’ height, Head slide 24”,

(2) 20 gallon pumps, Oil tank with filter sight gage 110 gallon, 70 gallon diesel tank

Mounted on 1998 Peterbilt tandem axle with diesel engine & 2 hydraulic leveling jacks

Hydraulic rod clamp, Handle PQ-HQ, NQ-BQ rod


Core Shaft

Hy Motor

Main oil

325 Ft Lbs



800 RPM

Hy. Motor
@ 800 RPM

1 to 1















325 FTLB














Hi 1,950


Price: $330,000


CANADIAN BUILT CORE AND DTH DRILL RIG  (Ref#14228T)  Brand new – never used, 16’ aluminum drill mast, 14’ travel, 23,000# pullback, 18,000 push, used 10’ drill rods, equipped with HDT rotary head with 5000# torque and 850 rpm using Funk 4 speed transmission, swivel, 10,000# winch, single clamps, 45 degree side by side mast swing, mounted on John Deere (55 hp) 60D excavator, capable of core, DTH and micropile drilling, lightweight and compact  Price:  $210,000 USD


HD1800 DIAMOND CORE DRILL  (Ref#15334T)  Brand new, never used, manufactured 2014, Cummins 6CTA 8.3 turbo engine, 4905# torque in rotary head, 1200 rpm max rotation, 63000# pull force, 189” feed stroke, 63 gpm mud pump, 238.6’ length mast, capable of 45-90 degree angle, 47” mast dump, 3500# wireline winch, 671 ft/min pull 44,000# main winch, track munted, 38,000# overall weight, depth capacity: B - 2000m/6562, N - 1800m/5906 ft, H – 1200m / 3937 ft, P – 800m / 2625’.  Also comes with new parts and accessories valued at $15,000 USD including (2) NQ core barrel assembly (1.5m), (2) HQ core barrel assembly (1.5m), PQ corebarrel assembly (1.5m), (30) pieces of HQ drill rods, (5) HQ bits, various reamers and lifters.  Located Asia  Price:  $270,000 USD  PRICE REDUCED:  $250,000 USD


DANDO MULTITEC 9000  (Ref#15055R)  Manufactured 2013, only 550 hours (as of Sept 30, 2015), 20,000# weight, mounted on crawler base, 18’ height, 11.5’ travel, 20,000# hoist force, 13,000# feed force, double clamps 60m – 250mm diameter, FMC LO618 triplex piston pump (36 gpm/700 psi) for coring, oiler for DTH, 4 leveling jacks, cyclone reverse circulation, comes with 500m of standard 3” lightweight pipe (300m brand new), located Canada  Price:  USD$285,000  PRICE REDUCED:  USD $250,000



Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier III Flex diesel engine rated @ 208hp (153kw) @ 100 rpm, 6m (20’) pullmast with 3.5m (11.5’) feed stroke and newly designed foldable mast, hydraulic feed cylinder with 138kn pull (31,020 lbs), hydraulic main hoist 80 kiN (18,000 lb) single line, “P” size drillhead c/w 4 speed transmission, hydraulic rotation motor, hyd chuck c/w 1 set jaws and bushings, tachometer for rotation head, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, single large diameter crown block sheave, hydraulic mast dump, hydraulic circuit for water pump, mud mixers, etc., hyd w/I hoist w/capacity of 6000’ of 3/16” cable (cable included), Trido 140H (FMC W1122BCD) mud pump c/w hoses, water flow meter, P-size rod holder assy c/w 1 set jaws and bushings kits, fuel tank 200 (53 gal)

Ref#6442Ra – Year 2011, 6682 hours  Price:  $535,000

Ref#6442Rb – Year 2011, 6000 hours  Price:  $575,000

Located Africa


ATLAS COPCO CT14 CORE DRILL  (Ref#6172Tb)  Manufactured 2010, Cummins 6.7 diesel engine, 18000# main winch, wireline winch, interlock rotation barrier, deck for driller, handrails, mounted on 2004 Freightliner FL80 tandem axle truckwith Cat C7 diesel engine  Price:  $315,000


ATLAS COPCO CHRISTIANSEN CT14 DRILL (Ref#3268Ra)  Truck mounted, 17,000 hours on drill, truck is cab over with automatic transmission and browning box with triple deep gearing (for steep mountain climbing), shack is removable and made of steel tubing.  Price for rig only:  $180,000

Also available with drill:

1500 gallon mud mixing system with Honda 3” trash pump (tows behind a pickup)

Genie TML 4000 light tower (tows behind a pickup)

1990 Ford F700 rod truck with gas engine

International 4000 box truck with diesel engine with shelving (used as parts van)

Package Price:  $220,000


CHRISTENSEN (ATLAS COPCO) CS1500 CORE DRILL  (REF#9102)  Manufactured 2000, Capacity 6000’ of 3 1/6” wireline 3300’ of ¼”, main drum hoist- double line capacity 24000#, mast and feed system 11’ travel. Angle drilling 45° - 90°, 20’ rod length, Cummins 175hp 5.9 ltr. engine, drilling and spindle speeds, 4th gear ratio: 1300RPM x 488 ft/#, weight 4000#, FMC hydraulic head pump 37gpm at 700PSI, mounted on 2 ½ ton military vehicle tandem axle with diesel engine.  Excellent condition with modifications and improvements.  PRICE:  $170,000

Extra equipment at extra cost

Mud mixing system, welder/generator. Light tower/generator, drill pipe, casing. Bits (tricone and diamond impregnated), reaming shells, core barrels and spare components, inner tubes and spare components, water swivels and spare components, overshots and spare components, mud pump replacement parts, trash pumps, mud hoses, hoist plugs, adapter subs, drill head replacement parts, replacement gauges, wireline cable, shipping containers, hydraulic hoses, pipe rack, fuel tanks, fuel transfer pumps, core boxes (cardboard), plastic mats.


ATLAS COPCO CS1000 DIAMOND CORE DRILL – BRAND NEW – NEVER USED  (Ref#9523R)  Manufactured 2011, Cummins Tier 3 turbo charged/after cooled 4 cyl diesel engine, manufactured 2011, 20’ pull mast with 6’ feed stroke, P capacity drillhead, towing package, hydraulic circuit for water pump and mud mixers, 9000# single line hydraulic main hoist (18000# double line capacity), 6,000’ of 3/16” cable wireline hoist (less wireline cable), 34 gal fuel tank.  Upgrades to drill include:  hyd P size holding clamp, upgrade to single large diametner crown block sheave, FMC mud pump with hydraulic motor and hoses, hyd mud mixer, lighting kit, rod guard kit, FMC flow meter, spindle RPM counter, wireline winch levelwind, E-Stop button.  Each unit is fully equipped with the following tools and consumables:  PO3 Inner tube assy (1.5m), 24 meters of HWT casing, HO3/HQ3 1.5m core barrel assembly, HO3/HQ3 3m core barrel assembly, HO3 1.5m Inner Tube Assy, HO3 3m inner tube assy, HO3 Head Assy, (4) pieces of HO/HQ 1.5m drill rod, (110) pieces of HO/HQ 3m drill rod, various core bits, 25000TC water swivel, NW HD hoist plug, various size spare outer tubes and inner tubes, subs and other extras Located West Africa  Price:  $225,000  


ATLAS COPCO CS-1000 (Ref#6671R)  Manufactured 2011, low hours, Cummins Tier 3 QSB 4.5L 4-cylinder diesel engine (turbo charged, water cooled), 9,000# main winch, 3800’ wireline (2500# line pull), 6’ feed travel, 20,000# pull, 27.5’ mast length, hydraulic chuck head 4-5/8”, 40,000# hold capacity, trailer mounted, includes optinional gas clamp, wireline depth capacity: B-3500’, N-2000’, H-1500’, P-1000’  Price:  $215,000


ATLAS COPCO CS1000 (Ref#13389R) core drill, skid mounted with Isuzu diesel engine, ready to go  Price:  $90,000


UNDERGROUND CORE DRILL (Similar to Hagby Drill)  (Ref#3268Rb)  DE130 control panel, feed frame and head care capable of drilling HQ, 100 hp power pack.  Price:  $165,000





Feed Length

Power Pak

Water Pump

Diamec 232 – Skid Mount, year 2007

Control Panel

Price $70,000


57hp Diesel - Deutz D2011L04I

Trailer Mount


General HTCK 36235, 3 piston

Sandvik DE 110 year 2011  Adjustable Skid Mount Control Panel

Price $90,000


1) 25hp Electric Trailer Mount

2) 78hp Diesel – Deutz D914L04 Skid Mount


General HTCK 36235, 3 piston

DIAMEC U6 UNDERGROUND ELECTRIC RIG PACKAGE  (Ref#9988T)  comes with 2 units, both manufactured in 2006, one is complete unit with new motor, hydraulic valves and hose (motor has 2600 hours), crailcius head, W chuck, N foot lamp.  Second unit is missing hose.  Both comes with water pump, rig is skid mounted with separate skid mounted PU55e power pack, 55kw with rated voltage 575V 6-0 HZ  Package Price:  $125,000 USD



Uses 5 IR 380 series hammers or equivalent 8” diameter (not included), comes with 5 top subs, 8” BECO box & pin, currently set up for raise bore or for standard drilling, comes with shop/storage skid,

Minimum diameter             36”  (with (5) 8” hammers and (5) 8 7/8” hammer bits, less hammer could be used

Maximum diameter            40”

OD of cam                            34 ½”

Requirement CFM & PSI

            Low                2250 CFM – 125 PSI

            Medium         3250 CFM – 175 PSI

            High               4250 CFM – 225 PSI

Hammer are connected to cam with “0” rings and top nut.  Air is fed to hammer through channel.

good condition.

24” cluster drill  (ref#4775Rb)

Price:  $17,500

ce:  $156,000 USD


FRONTIER F600 HELI PORTABLE CORE RIG  (Ref#15728Ta)  Brand new, 1350 rpm drill head, 600 nm torque, 100 kn pull, 18.m feed length, 5.5m mast length, drill angle 45 degree to 90 degrees, hydraulic clamp, triplex plunger pump 80 lpm/75 bar (hydraulic), hydraulic winch, 3 sets of Kubota D115-T engines makeup the power pack, 600m drill depth @ BTW, 400m depth @ NTW, 220m depth @ HTW, most of the frame is fabricated with aluminum alloy and very easy to transport.  Heaviest part is only 160 kg, located Asia  Price:  $126,000 USD  PRICE REDUCED:  $115,000 USD


VERSADRILL KMB.4 UNDERGROUND DIAMOND CORE DRILL  (Ref#1281R)  Manufactured 2011, short feed frame possible angle 90 degrees, 0-1500 rpm, spindle ID diameter 4.9” PQ, spring close and hydraulic open chuck, drilled 2850 LF of HQ since new, 5’5” stroke, hydraulic pump and tank.

Drilling capacity: 

1-3/4   @ 1550’

2-3/16 @ 1300’

2-3/4   @ 655’

3-1/2   @ 180’

9,000# pull capacity, 9,000# push capacity, 2 speed transmission, 1500’ x 3/16” wireline hoist

70 hp electric motor, no diesel motor

Price:  $205,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $190,000



Can Core Drill or Standard Drill


Manufactured 2006, 2500 hours

Drill carrier: 6’ X 6 X 38’ pontoons, cabin – heated, AC,  swivel operators chair, deck and spot lights, full instrumentation, video/audio monitoring system, retractable stairway, Cat C15 engine rated at 540 HP @ 1800 RPM, Funk rubber block pump adaptor, 1500 liter hydraulic reservoir.
Self-leveling deck
Dog house 6’ x 10’ with custom control console, swivel chair, intercom to drilling platform, insulated, fluorescent lighting, electric heat. 
Range II single piece mast (pipe and casing) rated at 60,000 pounds with a drilling depth of 1000 feet and pull down of 20,000 pounds, twin hoisting cylinders on mast.
Conveyor belt pipe handler. Custom built Range II tubular (pipe) handling system with pipe rack, tilt and kick cylinders 
Ingersoll Rand TH60 top drive with link tilt capability, hydraulic elevators, hydraulic slips.
Warrior hydraulic wrench with 31/2 to 105/8 make/break out jaws with spinner.
Custom built Warrior coring winch hydraulically driven with Kobelt 15019 brake and 1000 meters if ¼ cable.
Gensco model  HG60 genset 60 KVA  driven by Kawasaki hydraulic motor.

PRICE:  $235,000

WILCO SUPPORT SYSTEM  (Ref#10143Nb)  Manufactured 2006, 2500 hours

Gardner Denver mud pump rated at 1.7M/3 min @215 bhp with conventional heads, pulsation chamber, Odrill relief valve, 3.0” mud valve, exhaust fan, mixing hoper, liner wash pump and lubricator, driven by Eaton hydraulic pump with gear reducer and rubber block gear box. Pump house fitted with core bench, storage cabinets, insulated, fluorescent lighting, electric heat, 20 M/3 four compartment mud tank, electronic float levels, Tsunami sump pump, Mission 4x3 pre-charge pumps, Derrick FC-313M liner motion shale shaker with super G agitator.  All ancillary equipment hydraulically driven off Funk rubber block four pump adaptor powered by C15 Cat engine rated at 540 HP @ 1800 RPM. Aluminum 1500 liter hydraulic tank. Operators cabin – heated, AC, swivel operators chair, deck/spot lights, full instrumentation, audio/video monitoring system, roof beacon, Retractable stairway. Aluminum fuel tank. Self-leveling deck. Pontoons 6’ X 6’ X 38”, four compartment, aluminum cleats, 5.0” chain.

PRICE:  $210,000



VICKERS COREMASTER CORING RIG  (Ref#5188R)  Manufactured 1985, completely rebuilt and recertified, 50,000# pullback, 10,000# winch, Cat V8 engine, 1122 mud pump for coring, skid mounted, located South Pacific  Price:  $425,000


BBS-75 BOYLES CORING RIG  (Ref#7491)  Manufactured 1989, 6L 913 Deutz turbo, with AT 545 Allison transmission, hydraulic chuck head, 40' hydraulically telescoping mast that operates on angle or vertical, w/crown and wirelines sheaves, rod rack, work platform, spare components  Off Market


ZINEX A5 CORE RIG  (Ref#9991T)  Year 2014, mounted on tracked carrier, John Deere 6068 diesel engine, 435 Bean pump with mud tank, capable of 1325m with NQ rod, 850m with HQ rod, 1,700m with BQ rod, 6’ stroke, foot clmap, wireline, 4 leveling jacks  Price:  $225,000 USD


BOYLES 25A CORE RIG  (Ref#8582Nb)  Completely rebuilt, capacity 3,000’ BQ rod, skid mounted drill, 12HH drill head, 4 key way, 32’ stroke, 420 FMC water pump, new wireline mounted on tower, GMC 353 diesel engine, fold out shack, 12’ folded out, 8’6” retracted.  Work done:  5 gear chain new gear and bearings, new clutch and heavy pressure plate installed, new hydraulic pumps and oil tank, new valve banks, rebuilt water pump, tooling, 1800’ NQ rod, 600’ of HQ rod, (2) pump packages, (2) 20’ containers, was equipped to work overseas – order was cancelled.  Price:  $380,000


BOYLES CORE RIG  (REF#1864R)  John Deere 6 cylinder engine, 435 pumps, 30’ mast, Longyear breakout tool / spinner – all jaws hyd operated wheels on rear of shack, good condition  PRICE:  $190,000


BOYLES DEEP HOLE CORE DRILL  (Ref#7345T)  Set up for HQ, Detroit diesel, angle hole, hydraulic chuck, skid mounted on trailer  Price:  $54,500


BOYLES CORE DRILL  (Ref#48Nb)  mounted on skid, hydraulic chuck, angle drill with Detroit diesel power  Price:  $25,000


MD3 CORE RIG  (Ref#357N)  Depth capacity 800 meters with NQ rod, mounted on 6m x 2.4m subbase, Deutz 913 turbo diesel engine, mast  Price:  $105,000


CHICAGO PNEUMATIC CP-65 (Ref#14941T) core drill, mounted on Ford 9000  Price on request


DISCOVERY DRILL EF-75 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#7222R)  Manufactured 2011, drill depth to 2134m NQ, Bean 435 hydraulic downhole pump, steel shack, 5’ stroke, 6 cylinder Turbo Cummins engine, hydraulic leveling jacks, well maintained  Price:  $320,000


DISCOVERY EF50 (REF#3199)  Manufactured 2007, Cummins 5.9 diesel engine, Bean 435 pump, mud tank, recent head and engine updates, shack, controls.  PRICE:  $140,000


ZINEX A5 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#3880R)  Manufactured 2008, approx. 6000 hours, mounted in unitized skid chack T1 skids with AR runner large double 5’ doors for easy access, hydraulic access with a folding work floor raised by 12 volt electric winch, lights, cables and hoses run along ceiling, large fuel tank, gen set mount, tow hitch, duel mud tanks, hydraulic mud mixer, 435 pressure pump, 170 hp 12 valve Isuzu engine, chuck and foot clamp. Drill has footclamp lock out, hydraulic water cooler (mounted vertical to ensure drainage in cold weather.  Quick couplers on tower cylinders, high pressure hoses in safety sleeves, guards, adjustable slide for rod support, adjustable rod rack.  All components are heli portable, can drill over 850 meters with HQ, 40,000# pullback duel cylinders.  Includes:  Spare main fly frame for feed frame, HQ chuck and footclamp jaws, NQ chuck and footclamp jaws, certified fly cables for all components, 1 fly basket, 12V double fan cooled hydraulic heat exchanger (extra cooling for hot climates) 

Price rig only:  $90,000

Also available as turnkey package with 1000’ of NQ rods, 1000’ of HQ rods, 50’ of HWT casing in 5’ lengths, skidable pump shacks, rod sloops, core barrels, fly tool boxes, fly polytanks with 45 gal barrels and RTV 1100 4x4 with cab heat, air, wipers, stereo and dump box plus lots more.

Price for everything:  $180,000



Manufactured 1980, Capacity: 1500 – 2000’ NQ, 1000 – 1500 HQ

High Speed, hydrostatic head, HQ hydraulic chuck, 353 Detroit diesel engine, danfoss control and valve bank, 55 gal fuel tank, 20’ pull tower (foldaway), angle drill capability, deep hole core drill, skid mounted, 25’ angle mast, 2 winches, ready to work  Price:  $75,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $45,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB540  (Ref#8851T)  Manufactured 2003, Deutz diesel engine water cooled, crawler mounted, 5-1/2” RC swivel and pipe  Price:  $135,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB505  (Ref#4310Ra)  Manufactured 2004, rebuilt 2014, crawler mounted, 1600mm mast, Celma electric engine, 1500-2200 rpm, located Europe  Price:  $78,000 USD


BOART LONGYEAR DB505  (Ref#4310Rb)  Manufactured 2004, rebuilt 2015, crawler mounted, 3300mm mast, new hatz disel engine, 2800 rpm, located Europe  Price:  $98,000 USD


EHS (SIMILAR TO LONGYEAR 38)  (Ref#4310Rc)  trailer mounted, 6 cyl diesel engine, hydrostatic drive, 1850 rpm, triplex 535RQ mud pump powered by hydraulic engine, located Europe  Price:  $78,000 USD


BOART LONGYEAR DELTA BASE DB430  (Ref#9483R)  Track mounted, diesel engine, manufactured 2008, 540 upgrade drill head, Centerline 7 x 10 Monoplex mud pump, 220 hours, wireline winch, Pullmaster winch, hyd rod rack, 400’ of 2-3/8” API drill rod, dual rod clamps, breakout wrench  Price:  $285,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $210,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB430 (Ref#1884R) Manufactured 2008, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, angle package, 15000# pullback, 200’ of 10’ drill pipe  PRICE:  $120,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $95,000


BOART LONGYEAR DB95GT (Ref#11767Ra) Manufactured 2008, track mounted with Deutz diesel engine, less than 2000 hours, control panel, 1200’ of 3 ½” x 10’ drill pipe and 120’ of 3” x 10’ drill pipe, good condition   Price:  $245,000


LONGYEAR LF230 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#14053R)  2 available

Manufactured 2008 and 2009, mounted in custom built skid shack 

40,000 lb (18,258 kg) main hoist (single line pull)

Dump angle mast

Long feed 11’ (3.35 mt)

Ergonomic operator panel with electric over hydraulic controls

Boart Nitro Chuck PQ, HQ, NQ

PQ Hollow spindle rotation unit with 4-speed transmission 45 degree to 90 degree angle capability

Telescopic mast extension pulls 30’ (9 meters)

Cummins QSC8.3P-260 (8.3 lt displacement) Tier 3

Hydraulic powered rod clamp with BQ rod to HWT casing jaw sizes

Hydraulically driven wireline winch with integrated spooling device:  Full drum 3300m (10827’)

Truck mounting option which provides support to rest the mast druing transportation of the drill rig

Capacities:  NRQ Vee Wall dril rod – more than 9000’ in fluid filled hole (2745 meters)

HRQ Vee Wall drill rod – more than 7000’ (2135 meters)

PQ standard drill rod – more than 3500’ (1190 meters)

Price:  $395,000 each


BOART LONGYEAR LM75  (Ref#12958RiPrice:  $225,000


BOART LONGYEAR LM75 UNDERGROUND DRILL  (Ref#12511R)  Manufactured 1996, new feed frame with 14.9 push/pull force, rotation unit forward torque at max motor displacement (1290 lb/ft), complete overhaul in 2014 including 75 kw weg electric motor, Goven FLA enclosure, methane detector, H3285 enclsoure, hydraulic pump and water pump overhauled, hydraulic module resealed, new hydraulics, replaced hydraulic hoses, trailer removed and drill power pack and components installed on skids, meets all codes and regulations for Australia  Price:  $585,000 AUS, plus Australian GST


LONGYEAR LF70 CORE RIG  (Ref#7505R)  Manufactured 2008, HQ head assembly with nitro chuck, Cummins 4BTA 3.9 engine, water cooled kit, water circulation manifold, rated for 2700’ NQ, 3400 lb ft torque (1st gear), pull capacity 14,137 lb/ft, thrust capacity 9326 lb/ft, 6m rod pull, 45 to 90 degree drilling angle, mainline hoist, 12,000 lb (bare drum), wireline hoise 2190 lb (bare drum) 6200’ capacity, 435 Bean pump, water tank, last drilled May 2014  Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $124,500


LONGYEAR 44 SKID MOUNTED (Ref#259Ra)  Rebuilt, 125 HP Perkins 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine (new), FMC435 pump on skid, mounted on 8’ x 16’ skid, 20’ pull tower, cleaned and painted. Excellent condition.  LOCATED SOUTHWEST US  PRICE: $165,000


LONGYEAR 44 TRUCK MOUNTED (Ref#259Rb)  Mounted on Ford F-700, 2 axle diesel engine 435 FMC pump, 20’ steel sidewinder tower, 353 Deitroit diesel on deck.  LOCATED UTAH  PRICE: $85,000  REDUCED:  $47,500


LONGYEAR 44  (Ref#259Rc)  453 Detroit diesel engine, Allison 543 automatic transmission, 435 hydraulic drive pressure pump, hydraulic wireline, new 30’ tower and side winder base, hydraulic clamshell shack, rear wheels on skid  Price: $57,500


LONGYEAR 44  (Ref#12611R)  skid mounted, 20’ tower, new Perkins diesel engine, 435 pump with diesel drive, T98 transmission, fully rebuilt  Price:  $170,000


LONGYEAR 44 CORE RIG  (Ref#606R)  John Deere diesel engine, Allison gear box, FMC 435 pump, HQ chuck, breakout tools,  mast, mounted on skid.  Skidder, rod sloop, mud tanks, pumps, rod, bits, tools, (1) 40’ container, (2) 20’ containers, filled with support equipment.  Located Central America  Price:  $125,000


LONGYEAR 44  (Ref#9276R)  Manufactured 1983, Deutz Ditter 83CV engine, 24” stroke, 360 degree angle drilling, wireline winch, skid mounted, located Europe  Price:  $105,000


LONGYEAR 44 (Ref#3549N)  Pulling 9 meter drill rod, 120 hp deutz air cooler diesel engine, 2 cylinder 35 hp deutz air cooler diesel engine on mud pump, NQ+HQ Automatic head , New GEMCO model crawler steel track, 45 degree angle drilling mast, hydraulic mud mixer, New 800 meter wireline, lighting systems, 16 mm special line   Price: $165,000


LONGYEAR 38 (Ref#11909R) completely rebuilt, angle drill, 20’ mast, Detroit diesel deck engine, unmounted, excellent condition, ready to go  Price:  $100,000


LONGYEAR 38 CORE RIG (259Re)  Deutz 4 cyl power, 435 FMC pump, 420 FMC supply pump, 1300’ rods, 200’ HQ, 2 rod trailers (5 ton axles), 14 x 14’ clamshell skid shack, 25’ tower, new paint, ready to work, located BC  Canada  Price:  $120,000


LONGYEAR 38 CORE DRILLS  (Ref#8926R)  Two available, rebuilt and drilled 3000m, 6 cylinder Korean Industrial diesel motor, angle package, 435 Bean pump, hydraulic drive wireline 6m rod pull, HQ chuck, very good condition  Price:  $65,000 each or $115,000 for both  Located Mongolia


LONGYEAR SUPER 38 DRILL RIG (Ref#259Rg)  Mounted on Marooka 1100 tracked carrier FMC 435.  LOCATED NEAR VANCOUVER, CANADA  PRICE: $195,000


LONGYEAR 38 CORE RIG  (Ref#8582Na)  Manufactured 1984, rebuilt, 24” drill stroke, 12 HH drill head, (capable of drilling 4 different rod strings), 353 GM diesel engine, drill chack, heavy duty skid mount, in covered drill shack, hydraulic push out 12’ to work, pull in to 8’6” to haul, oilfield furnace for winter drilling, hydraulic 420 FMC water pump, water and mud tank, mud mixer, working area 12’ wide x 16’ long, new wire line, Longyear Hoist, .  Rebuilt items:  new clutch parts, new transmission, new brake bands, hydraulics are changed out, heavier pumps and oil transfer tanks, water cooling system, wire line new hydraulic motor complete with drum, new gears,  safety guard  PRICE:  $185,000 


LONGYEAR 38 (Ref#2529Ra) Skid mounted, 4 cylinder Perkins turbo engine, Bean 50 pump, tower will pull 20’ over head, HQ and NQ jaws, no down hole tools, refurbished 2013 with new bearings, seals and hydraulic hoses.  Price$85,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $59,500

Available at extra cost: 

(Ref#2529Rb) 35 gpm FMC pump Duetz 2 cylinder, transmission and rebuilt motor:  $19,000

(Ref#2529Rc) 20 gpm FMC pump w/ Hatz motor:  $9,500


LONGYEAR 38 (Ref#8723R) new engine  Price:  $65,000


LONGYEAR 34 CORE RIG PACKAGE  (Ref#5313Na)  Manufactured 1976, depth capacity:  has drilled to 2000’ can go deeper), excellent condition, not used in years, mounted on tandem axle 6 wheel drive Military truck with gasoline engine, wireline, 3 pole hydraulically raised mast assembly, can pull 20’ pipe, slide base, rotating head 360 degree, 180 degree angle drilling capability, Ford 300 diesel engine on deck, LL Bean mud pump and mud mixer, tools, 2000’ of BQ (2.19”) x 20’ drill rod, drill bits, (2) core barrels, slips, foot clamp.  Has drilled 10 holes to 1,000’  Price:  $95,000 



LONGYEAR 34  (Ref#12649N)  Manufactured 1981, Deutz F3L 912 deck engine, Bean 35 pump, 2 cyl Lister with 4 speed transmission, mounted on 1993 Morooka MST-1500, 125’ of NQ rods 5’ lengths, good condition  Price:  $90,000 


LONGYEAR 24 WOLVERINE COMBO DRILL SURFACE AND UNDERGROUND  (Ref#5380Ra)  New Kohler engine, completely rebuilt:  new hydraulic pump, new valves, new hoses, rebuilt hyd cylinders and chrome plating  Price:  $53,000


LONGYEAR JUNIOR  (Ref#13509R)  drill head, Racine pump, 4 cylinder Waukesha gasoline engine, no mast, 300’ of AW rod (rig will drill 1,000’ with AW44)   Price:  $18,500


MAXIDRILL 12-32  (Ref#12467Ra)  Manufactured 2008, approx. 3000 hours, 3582# torque in low speed, 597# torque high speed, 10’ feed length, 40,000# pullback, 17,000# pulldown, hydraulic fan, water hydraulic radiator, Cummins 8.3L Turbo engine, 6 cylinders/rebuilt in 2012, only 500 hours since then, located West Africa  Price:  $97,500


RAMROD 2 CORE DRILLS  (Ref#3256N)  diesel deck engine, mounted on Ford all wheel drive truck with gas engine, no air, Bean highpressure water pump with diesel power, sitting 7 years,  Price:  $40,000


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD CORE DRILL  (Ref#13963)  Model B2-305, 4 cyl Wisconsin gas engine, Sprague gear box PT-157, 300 max water psi, 1500 max hydraulic psi, mounted on 1988 Chevy C30 1-ton chassis, V8/4 speed standard, 20K actual miles, 300 gallon Chem-Tainer plastic tank, Price:  $19,500


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD CORE DRILL (Ref#12800T) Deutz diesel deck engine, mounted on 1990’s GMC with gas engine, wireline & mainline winches, hydraulic chuck, Moyno 3L6 pump, good condition  Price:  $49,500


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD PT142 CORE DRILL  (Ref#8244R)  941 hours, 400 gallon water tank, mounted on 1998 GMC 3500 truck, 6.5 Turbo diesel engine, 5 speed, 55,000 miles, excellent condition, 90% tires  Price:  $35,000

Also available unmounted


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD 40C CORE DRILL  (Ref#14736N)  skid mounted, Waukesha diesel engine, wireline hoist  Price:  $15,000


SPRAUGE & HENWOOD 40C  (Ref#9152R)  Manufactured 1980’s, 3 cylinder Deutz diesel engine, skid mounted, on trailer  Price:  $24,500


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD 40C (Ref#3587R) Manufactured early 1990’s, 3 cyl Duetz diesel engine, 30” kelly bar skid mounted  Price:  $32,500


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD 40  (Ref#6632R)  Manufactured 1988, skid mounted, Waukesha 4 cylinder gas engine, 4’ kelly bar, 15’ tripod boom, new pump, good running condition  Price:  $45,000

HW, NW and DW casing available at additional cost


SPRAGUE & HENWOOD CORE DRILL MODEL B2-338 (Ref#4413R)  4 cylinder Wisconsin gas engine, mounted on single axle trailer, Sprauge gear box, used for test coring, 2012 hours (May 2015)  Price:  $24,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $16,500


SPRAGUE AND HENWOOD CORE DRILL  (Ref#8923Re)  trailer mounted, diesel engine  Price:  $25,000


SPRAGUE AND HENWOOD DRILL RIG  (Ref#3736R)  Honda gas engine, 200 gal tank for water or mud, mounted on single axle trailer  Price:  $50,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $36,500


SPRAGUE AND HENWOOD CORE DRILL  (Ref#4562Ra)  (similar to Joy 22), 30’ derrick, Detroit 373 engine with 435 Bean pump, hydra chucks, folding platform, side platform, approx. 2000’ wireline, mounted on 1986 5-ton tandem axle Army truck  PRICE:  $39,500

JOY 22 CORE DRILL  (Ref#4562Rb)  rig powered by 172 Ford diesel engine, 30’ derrick, hydra chuck, folding platform, side platform, approx. 2000’ wireline, with Bean 435 pump powered by Ford diesel engine, mounted on 2-1/2 Ton 1968 Kaiser Army truck with 2-1/2 multifuel engine  PRICE:  $39,500

JOY 22 CORE DRILL  (Ref#4562Rc)  20’ derrick, powered by 4 cylinder Deutz engine, hydra chucks, folding platform, 435 Bean pump powered by 2 cyl Detuz engine, approx. 2000’ wireline, mounted on 1994 Ford F700 single axle truck with gas engine  PRICE:  $39,500

JOY 12B CORE DRILL  (Ref#4526Rd)  Mounted on Army truck

2008 1-TON FORD F350 FLATBED TRUCK  (Ref#4562Re), 4 x 4, single axle, pipe racks, winch, power stroke standard shift

(3) Additional 435 Bean pumps powered by 2 cylinder Deutz engines (skid mounted)

4000’ of NLC rod (1000’ new), approx. 2500’ paper core boxes,

(2) new 8/15 diamond bits, (2) new impregnated bits, (2) new 3” roller  bits, (2) new 4-1/8” roller bits, (2) new 5-1/8” roller bits

Many other parts and accessories

Package Price:  $245,000

Price for one rig, one spare pump and 1000’ of rod:  $90,000



S & H CORE DRILL  (Ref#15364R)  Mounted on 1990 GMC truck, 2-1/2 ton truck, 2008 Cat 3054 engine, 20’ NQ 2” core barrel, 5’ NQ 2” core barrel, 1200’ NQ drill rods, Bean 25 water supply pump powered by 2 cylinder Hatz diesel engine, (2) 1000 gal water supply tanks, (2) 500 gal water supply tanks, runs good, ready to drill   Price:  $95,000


ACKER SOIL SCOUT  (Ref#11465T)  Manufactured 2009, track mounted, cathead, hammer, drilling clearance less than 8’, 47-1/2” wide, 58hp diesel engine, 12 volt electric start engine, double acting chain drive main feed mechanism connected to hydraulic cylinder with 48” stroke, 11,000# pullback and 11,000# pulldown, 0-72 rpm speeds up and down, 4 speed drill head (3-5/8” open spindle), welded rectangular mast supports and guides rotation of feed compoents, 1 hydraulic cylinder rigidly held in vertical position for drilling and is lowered to the travel position for moving from hole to hole, allows for angle at 90 degree vertical drilling, mast dump up to 36”, crown block with sheaves, 9” rubber crawler tracks with independent reversible hydraulic motor drive, remote radio control, ground bearing pressure 5.2 psi without options or tooling, hydraulic oil cooler, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, hydraulic engine tilt, low clarance sheave block assembly – for use with cathead operation in low ceiling situations.  Price:  $99,500


ACKER M8  (Ref#9486R)  Manufactured 1990, refurbished, track mounted, 13’ stroke, 45 degree vertical angle capability, slide base, slide hammer, 20,000# pull/thrust, auto chuck, auto hammer, 3,460’ coring “N” wireline, located South America, sitting 1-1/2 years  Price:  $120,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $90,000


ACKER MP3  (Ref#7815Rb)  Duetz diesel on deck (complete replacement and rebuild) and all hydraulic motors, pumps, and functions and FMC triplex pump, new full spool wireline.  Mounted on 1977 International all wheel drive 2-1/2 ton truck with new 345 engine (500 miles on new engine, transfer case, and front differential), hydraulic TH drive, set up for NQ tooling, faded Enron paint, 2000’ capacity with 2-3/8” diameter, rig is 13’6” high, parked since 2013  Price:  $30,000


AD-1000  (Ref#675N)  underground core rig, 600m drill depth (HQ), 800m drill depth (NQ), driving stem dia 42-50mm, angle range 0 – 360 degrees, spindle speed (rpm): forward 51, 93, 160, 246, 350, 149, 268, 463, 710, 1011.  Reverse 57, 164.  Spindle innerdia 95mm, spindle torque 5055nm, spindle stroke 600mm, 60 kn max thrust, 80 kn max lifting capacity, hoisting speed (m/s): 0.44, 0.80, 1.38, 2.12, 3.02, lifting capacity of single rope 35 kn, 15mm wire rope dia., 2000 kg drill body weight, 2460mm L x 1150mm W x 1888mm H, Siemens 75 hp electric motor  Price:  $95,000


JOY 22 CORE RIGS (Ref#4726N)  Manufactured 1985, 4 available, Skid mounted, Wireline winch, Ford 163HP Universal diesel engine 6 cylinder, 3000-6000 hours, (4) Longyear John Bean or Bean Royal triplex pump RQ535 and 520 with Deutz and Agrale 2 cylinder air cooled engines & 3 speed gear boxes, 10’ NQ rods, 20’ BWY rods, 10’ NW casing, 10’ BW rods, Down the hole HW composite for 100 meters in two ,separate sets, 10’ HW heavy rods, Can be loaded in two 40’ container

Located 3 hours from a port in Brazil

Price: $275,000 for package including all the pipe that can be loaded in container and casing, rods, bits, and additional parts.

Transportation to Brazilian port and export taxes is $8,000.


JOY 22HD CORE DRILL (Ref#3035RB) mounted on 1988 Mack Superline, (2) Deutz engines, Bean pump, all tools, pipe and (2) core barrels, ready to go  Price:  $85,000


JOY 22 (ref#7361b)  254 Ford (85 hp) diesel engine, N head chucks NWL rod, 30” stroke (manual chuck), cathead, 24’ mast will angle to 36º, wireline winch in mast, drill slides 16” off hole, mast crown slides 16” over hole, work deck slides to side for angle holes, crows nest to pull 20s, no water pump, kick legs for angle holes mounted on 1974 Ford F600 4x4 truck, PTO winch, hubs, 3 hydraulic jacks, good tires  Price:  $35,000  OFF MARKET


JOY 12  (Ref#7361f)  Ford gas power, skid mounted, drill slide, crown tilt, aluminum mast, hydraulic powered Bean 20  Price:  $21,500  OFF MARKET


MOBILE B-53  (Ref#1585N)  Set up for auger and coring, Detroit diesel on deck, no angle capacity, cathead, 2 winches, mud pump, mounted on 1996 International truck with International diesel engine (not all wheel drive), 1 front and 2 rear hydraulic jacks, no water tank, no breakout wrench, no auger racks, toolboxes, auto hammer  Off Market


MOBILE B-5500 (Ref#3565R)  Manufactured 1995, mounted on 1996 Ford L8000 tandem axle truck with Ford diesel engine, 125,000 miles, Cummins 6 cylinder engine on deck, multi-purpose dual speed top drive (14,000 ft/lb) drill for augering, mud rotary, or water coring (high speed coring head 700 rpm).  30’ long stroke mast (can use casing system or casing hammer), 18” auger capacity, 24” rotary capacity, hydraulic driven Gardner Denver 5 x 6” mud pump, Moyno grout pump, water tank  Price:  $85,000


FMC W-11 BEAN PUMPS  (Ref#2345Na)  (4) available, 35 GPM,  0-1000 psi, rebuilt.

Price:  $6,800 each


FMC 09 BEAN PUMPS  (Ref#2345Nb)  (2) available, 20 gal, 0-1000 psi, rebuilt.

Price:  $6,200 each


FMC HYDRAULIC HIGH PRESSURE PUMP  (Ref#5653Rc)  Price:  $4,500


HOUSTON TOP HEAD DRIVE  (Ref#2328Nb) chain pulldown, cathead, hoist drum, 4 speed transmission, needs power pack.  Price:  $10,000



197 jts of 4-1/2” x 30’ Hydrill (red thread protectors)

65 jts of 30’ casing (5-1/16” OD) 4-5/8” ID), w/steel thread protectors