Acker M8, MP3
Atlas Copco/Christensen CS14C, CT14, CS10, CS1500, CS1000
Boyles BBS-1, BBS-2
Chicago Pneumatic CP-65
Christensen/Atlas Copco CS14C, CT14, CS10, CP65, CS1500, CS1000
Discovery I, II, EF-75, EF-50

Hydracore 2000
JKS Boyles BBS-1, BBS2
Joy 22, 12  
Longyear    44, 38, 34, HC150, Delta Base, DB505, DB430, DB95, LF230, LM75, LF70
Maxidrill Max-10DR, 12-32
Sandvik DE810, DE710, 130
Sprauge & Henwood PT142, 40C, B2-338
Versadrill KMB.8, KMB.4
Vickers Coremasters
XDR 1200H
Zinex Z5


ATLAS COPCO CT-14 VERTICAL/ANGLE WIRELINE CORE RIG  (Ref#8030Tb)  Manufactured 2012, PQ head, 90-45 degree angle, mounted on Peterbilt truck, 31,000# pullback, 11’ feed, 18,000# main hoist, hydraulic wireline hoist, Bean 35 pump, fold up working platform, hydraulic foot clamp, 4 hydraulic jacks, Cummins diesel engine  Price:  $215,000

ATLAS COPCO CS1000 CORE DRILL  (Ref#745Tb)  Manufactured 2009, complete drill and head, guarding for Top Tier Mining Operation Safety Standards, CS1000 wheeled trailer, Cummins 4BTAA 3.9L engine, hydraulic cooler, 4-5/8 auto chuck, main hyd pump, aux hyd pump, sheave wheel for main line, back plate, water pump, wireline motor, mounted on skid, recent updates include new Cummins engine, new hydraulic hoses and hydraulic pump, rebuilt tophead, installed hydraulic leveling jacks in all 4 corners  Price:  $170,000

ATLAS COPCO CS1000 (Ref#13389R) core drill, skid mounted with Cummins 6BT turbo engine, unit is currently disassembled, rig comes with engine, panel, mast, rotation unit with no chuck, main pump, Bean pump, hydraulic and fuel tanks and several other extras  Price:  $120,000

ATLAS COPCO CS1000 PL CORE DRILL  (Ref#7676Ta)  Built 1997, mounted on skid in a shack  Price:  $420,000

ATLAS COPCO 262 UNDERGROUND CORE DRILL  (Ref#10419T)  skid mounted with 100 hp John Deere engine, 5’ stroke, level wind wireline, FMC LO918 water pump, rod holder clamp, 100 gallon water tank  Price:  $77,500  75 hp/480V electric powerpack available at extra cost

DIAMEC U4 / ATLAS COPCO DRILL RIG  (Ref#5703Te)  Year 2014, can be used as an underground rig, comes with 480V electric over hydraulic powerpack  Price:  $135,000 USD

MAXIDRILL  (Ref#4298Tb)  Located Africa POR

MOBILE DRILL RIG  (Ref#8657T)  Converted from auger drill, 4 speed head, Mounted on mJohn Deere 450 crawler dozer, will drill from below horizontal to almost vertical (but not designed to drill vertical), 3L8 Moyno pump, 50’ stroke, 10’ slide base, hydraulic clamp, breakout piston, auxiliary hydraulic outlet, can hold 4” string connected to head, (2) 40’ 4” strings lay in mast as well that are lifted by a hydraulic fork to connect to drill head   Price:  $57,500

SANDVIK DE810 MULTIPURPOSE DRILL RIG  (Ref#5744T) Manufactured 2009, 1150/350 Sullair compressor powered by Cat C15 diesel engine (less than 1000 hours), Hydraulic system is powered by Cummins 6.7L engine (less than 1,500 hours), drill depth in RC mode 190m, 954m drill depth using N coring pipe, feed force 4.5t, feed stroke 6.6m (uses 20’ rods), Feed weight 4,589kg, tophead max torque 5,095Nm/4,300ft/lbs and up to 1,556 rpm, Pull force 7.6T, 12,000# (6.6T) main winch, FMC Bean W1122 36gpm/140L hydraulic drive pump, fire suppression system, mounted on MAN TGA 41.430 8x8 truck with 430HP diesel engine and approx. 5,000 miles  Price:  $520,000

SANDVIK DE710 CORE DRILLS  (Ref#1417T)  Three available, converted to top head drive, include spinners, spin guards, walkways and access ladders.  One drill rebuilt 2021 with new Cummins engine, new hoses, etc., located South America   Price on Request

SANDVIK 130 CORE DRILL  (Ref#746T)  Built 2021, recently serviced with rebuilt Sandvik HQ head, (photos are before rebuilding), stored inside   Price:  $220,000 USD

MULTI-POWER HORNET HELI-PORTABLE DRILL RIG  (Ref#2046Ta) 44.2hp Kubota V1505T 4-cyl turbo diesel engine, hydraulic blow down to switch to RAB mode, NCA 300/200 air compressor, 300’ of RC 3-1/2” x 5’ Reconn Drill rod, air hoses, cyclone, (2) remote controlled track carrier support units, all components weight less than 1700 lbs.  Price:  $145,000 USD

CUSTOM BUILT HELI-PORTABLE DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#2046Tb)  85 HP John Deere 4045 engine, 5’ mast, includes 300’ NQ inner/out drill rods, 100’ of NW casing, overshot tools, mud tank, mud mixer, spare drill head  Price:  $30,000 USD

HAGBY 1000 CORE DRILL  (Ref#7676Tb)  low hours, diesel power plant  Price:  $270,000

BOART LONGYEAR DB95GT  (Ref#7905Ta)  Built 2010, Approx 3000 hours
SULLAIR 750XHH AIR COMPRESSOR  (Ref#7905Tb)  Built 2011, approx. 3000 hours 
Package Price:  $725,000

BOART LONGYEAR DELTA BASE DB430  (Ref#9483R)  Track mounted, diesel engine, manufactured 2008, 540 upgrade drill head, Centerline 7 x 10 Monoplex mud pump, 220 hours, wireline winch, Pullmaster winch, hyd rod rack, 400’ of 2-3/8” API drill rod, dual rod clamps, breakout wrench    PRICE:  $210,000

BOART LONGYEAR DELTA BASE DB430  (Ref#12731T)  Year 2008, low hours, Deutz diesel engine, track mounted, set up for 3-1/2” x 10’ drill pipe  Price:  $75,000

LONGYEAR LF230 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#9118T)  Manufactured 2007, 8.3L QSC Cummins engine, mounted on tracked carrier , well maintained and in very good condition.  Location South Asia  Price:  $230,000USD

LONGYEAR LF90D CORE DRILL  (Ref#9581Ta)  Year 2012, dump mast, 480m drill depth using PQ rods, 725m drill depth using HQ rods, 1080m drill depth using NQ rods, 1400m depth using BQ rods, capable of angle drilling from 45 to 90 degrees, Cummins 6BTA 5.9L diesel engine, 16,000# Braden winch, 250,00# pullback k, 2,000# wireline, mounted on 2020 Ford Cargo 1723 4 x 2single axle truck  Price:  $315,000

LONGYEAR LF90D CORE DRILL  (Ref#9581Tb)  Year 2011, mounted on 2011 Ford Cargo 1717E  Price:  $315,000

LONGYEAR LF90D CORE DRILL  (Ref#9581Tc)  Year 2011, mounted on 2011 Ford Cargo 1722E  Price:  $315,000

LONGYEAR LF90-LS CORE DRILL  (Ref#9581Td)  Year 2005, 400 hp motor  Price:  $117,500 USD

LONGYEAR LF90 CORE DRILL  (Ref#15464Tc)  Built 2008, low hours and miles, mounted on Ford tandem axle trucks  Price:  $400,000 CDN

BOART LONGYEAR 50 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#7175T)  Built 2007, bar rig on skid with John Deere 6068, 1 meter stroke H head, gas chuck, new injection pump  Price:  $70,000 CDN

LONGYEAR HC-44 CORE DRILL RIG  (Ref#8030Ta)  Manufactured 1981, mounted on 1969 Ford truck, 38’ derrick, racking board, 6’ feed hyd wireline hoist, Bean 35 pump, fold up working platform with hydraulic foot clamp, makeup and breakout equipment  Price:  $105,000

LONGYEAR 44 DIAMOND CORE DRILL  (Ref#13297Tb)  Manufactured 1980’s, tubular self-erecting mast set up for 0’ rods and capable of angle drilling, wireline winch, cathead, hydraulic HQ chuck, Deutz F6L-912 diesel engine, mounted on hydraulic track base  Price:  $85,000

LONGYEAR 44  (Ref#9276R)  Manufactured 1983, Deutz Ditter 83CV engine, 24” stroke, 360 degree angle drilling, wireline winch, skid mounted, located Europe  PRICE:  $55,000

LONGYEAR 44  (Ref#11909Rb)  Skid mounted, Detroit 353 engine  Price:  $62,500

LONGYEAR 44  (Ref#11909Rc)  Mounted on Ford 2 wheel drive truck with gas engine, Detroit 353 deck engine  Price:  $62,500

LONGYEAR SUPER 38 CORE DRILL  (Ref#7676T)  Built 1976, good condntion, skid mounted in shack, uses chuck H rod  Price:  $140,000

LONGYEAR 38 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#3393Ta)   Isuzu 4 cylinder turbo engine, enclosed in shack, Boyles T-Tube tower, no pump, needs some TLC (can be fitted with 420 pump hydraulic drive for an extra $4,000USD)    Price:  $35,000USD 

LONGYEAR 38 DIAMOND DRILL  (Ref#3393Tb)  John Deere engine, mounted on 1985 GMC Brigadier tandem axle truck, 671 engine and 5/4 transmission in truck, no pump, heads needs some work   Price:  $37,500USD

LONGYEAR 38 (Ref#11909R) completely rebuilt, angle drill, 20’ mast, Detroit diesel deck engine, unmounted, excellent condition, ready to go  PRICE:  $62,500

LONGYEAR 38 CORE RIG  (Ref#8582Na)  Manufactured 1984, rebuilt, 24” drill stroke, 12 HH drill head, (capable of drilling 4 different rod strings), 353 GM diesel engine, heavy duty skid mount, in covered drill shack, hydraulic push out 12’ to work, pull in to 8’6” to haul, oilfield furnace for winter drilling, hydraulic 420 FMC water pump, water and mud tank, mud mixer, working area 12’ wide x 16’ long, new wire line, Longyear Hoist  PRICE:  $100,000 USD 

LONGYEAR 38 (Ref#2529Ra) Skid mounted, 4 cylinder Perkins turbo engine, Bean 50 pump, tower will pull 20’ over head, HQ and NQ jaws, no down hole tools, refurbished 2013 with new bearings, seals and hydraulic hoses.  PRICE:  $59,500

LONGYEAR 38  (Ref#11008Ta)  Price:  $75,000

LONGYEAR 34  (Ref#11008Tb)  Price:  $45,000

LONGYEAR 34 CORE RIG PACKAGE  (Ref#5313Na)  Manufactured 1976, depth capacity:  has drilled to 2000’ can go deeper), excellent condition, not used in years, mounted on tandem axle 6 wheel drive Military truck with gasoline engine, wireline, 3 pole hydraulically raised mast assembly, can pull 20’ pipe, slide base, rotating head 360 degree, 180 degree angle drilling capability, Ford 300 diesel engine on deck, LL Bean mud pump and mud mixer, tools, 2000’ of BQ (2.19”) x 20’ drill rod, drill bits, (2) core barrels, slips, foot clamp.  Has drilled 10 holes to 1,000’   
PRICE:  $80,000

LONGYEAR 22HD CORE DRILL  (Ref#12673Tc)  skid mounted  POR

SPRAGUE & HENWOOD CL40 CORE DRILL  (Ref#13337T)  Manufactured 1983, wireline, Longyear auto chuck, mounted on 1988 Ford F450 2WD, gas engine, front winch, no jacks, right angle drive out (replacement available)  PRICE:  $14,500

SPRAGUE & HENWOOD CORE DRILLS  (Ref#1302T)  Six (6) model 40C with gas engine, One (1) larger rg with diesel engine, no pumps, all skid mounted  Price on Request

SPRAGUE & HENWOOD CORE DRILL MODEL B2-338 (Ref#4413R)  4 cylinder Wisconsin gas engine, mounted on single axle trailer, Sprauge gear box, used for test coring, new hydraulic hoses, small leak in water tank    PRICE:  $16,500

SPRAGUE AND HENWOOD CORE DRILL  (Ref#4562Ra)  (similar to Joy 22), 30’ derrick, Detroit 373 engine with 435 Bean pump, hydra chucks, folding platform, side platform, approx. 2000’ wireline, mounted on 1986 5-ton tandem axle Army truck  PRICE:  $39,500

JOY 22 CORE DRILL  (Ref#4562Rb)  rig powered by 172 Ford diesel engine, 30’ derrick, hydra chuck, folding platform, side platform, approx. 2000’ wireline, with Bean 435 pump powered by Ford diesel engine, mounted on 2-1/2 Ton 1968 Kaiser Army truck with 2-1/2 multifuel engine  PRICE:  $39,500

JOY 22 CORE DRILL  (Ref#4562Rc)  20’ derrick, powered by 4 cylinder Deutz engine, hydra chucks, folding platform, 435 Bean pump powered by 2 cyl Detuz engine, approx. 2000’ wireline, mounted on 1994 Ford F700 single axle truck with gas engine  PRICE:  $39,500

JOY 22HD RAM ROD CORE DRILL  (Ref#4368T)  auto chuck takes up to size H steel, sliding deck, wireline, Bean 20 pump, hydraulic boom, mounted on 1988 Ford F700 2 wheel drive truck, air brakes, good tires, diesel engine, auto transmission, Deutz 912 4-cyl engine, hydraulic outriggers, tooling, 110’ of BX and BQ rod, 300’ NQ rod, 15 drill bits, 2 foot clamps and other tooling  PRICE:  $26,500

JOY 22  (Ref#13919Ra)  diesel deck engine, mounted on Military 6 x 6 with diesel engine  Price:  $62,500
Pipe and tools available at extra cost

HYDRACORE 1000 CORE DRILL  (Ref#5141Tb)  4 cyl Deutz engine, Boart style chuck, upgraded footclamp, located Canada Price: $145,000 CDN

SKYE-10 CORE DRILL  (Ref#68N) –  New, Never Used
Drilling Capacity:  BQ 1,300 m, NQ 1,000 m, HQ 700 m, PQ 400 m
Track Pad Width 400 mm, Max Up Hill Angle 30 degrees, Haul Capacity 11 tons, Speed 2 km/hr.
Power Unit:  Model Cummins 6BTA, 6cyl.Tier III, Displacement 5.9 L., Power 150KW/2500rpm (200 bhp), water cooled, Type Turbo charged, after cooling
Hydraulic System:  Working Pressure 26Mpa (3,750 psi), Cooling Air cooled
Gear Box 4-speed FUNK (John Deere) transmission, inside diameter PQ size
Final Speed Torque Range:  1st gear 193 rpm/2400 ft/lb, 2nd gear 403 rpm/1922 ft/lb, 3rd gear 743 rpm/1043 ft/lb, 4th gear 1200 RPM/606 ft/lb
Drill head chuck spring closed, hydraulic open, Max opening: PQ size
Main winch:  Max Pull 6,800 kg. bare drum (15,000 lbs.), Pulling Speed 51m/min (167ft./min), Rope size/Length 6mm/30m (5/8’’X100ft)
Wireline Winch:  Power Hydraulic system, Max Pull 1,100kg. bare drum (2,400lbs.), Pulling Speed 120m/min bare drum, (430ft./min), Rope size/Length 6.6mm/1,300m (1/4’’/4,265ft.)
Mast:  2 sections, with mast dump, Length/Feed Travel 9m/3,5m.,
Drilling Angle 45 to 90 degrees
Max Push 5,500Kg (12,000 lbs.)
Max Pull 12,000Kg (26,400 lbs.)
Mast Dump 1,4m ( 4,6 ft.)
Foot Clamp:  Model Longyear type, Max Rod Size 117mm ( 4 5/8’’)
Drill total weight 10,000kg (22,000 lbs.)
Drill Size 5,382 x 2,300 x 2,600m  (17,6’ x 7,54’ X 8,5’)
Made in China and modifications done in Canada – Lighting for work and tramming, FUNK transmission, Bean 435 water pump, additional control for a second mud pump (recirculation of mud), full inspection, onsite start-up service
Price on Request

SUN 18C CORE DRILL  (Ref#68Nb)
Drilling capacity:  BQ 6,500’, NQ 5,500’, HQ 3,900’, PQ 2,300’
Power Unit:  Cummins 6CTA 8.3L, water cooled, turbocharged, aftercooled, 179 kw (238 hp) 2200 rpm
Hydraulic System:  Air cooled, working pressures 28 mpa/4,000 psi
Drill Head:  Max torque 5,500mm (4,050 ft/lb), max inside diameter 117mm (4-5/8”), 4-speed gear box 0 – 1200 rpm
Drill Head Chuck:  Hydraulic open, spring closed, max inside diameter 4-5/8” PQ
Main Winch:  Max pull 13,500 kg (30,000 lbs), low speed 40m/min (130 ‘/min) bare drum, high speed 8 m/min (260 ft/min) bar drum, rope diameter/length: 7/8” 115’
Wire Line Winch:  Power hydraulic system, rope diameter/Length 1/4” 4,900’, max pull 1,100 kg (2,400 lbs)
Mast:  2 sections, hydraulic powered lift/down with mast dump, standard length 32.75’ (optional 41’), 45 -90 degree drilling angle, max push 6,200kb (13,600 lbs), max pull 18,900 kg (41,500 lbs), 4’ max dump, 11.5’ feed stroke length
Mud Pump:  Triplex piston pump, max output volume 320 lpm (90 gpm), max pressure 8 mpa (1,100 psi)
Price on Request

SUN 30C CORE DRILL  (Ref#68Nc)  
Drilling capacity:  BQ 9,800’, NQ 7,540’, HQ 5,250’, PQ 3,400’
Power Unit: 8.9L Cummins  6LTAA8.9 water cooled, turbo charged, aftercooled, power 242kw/325hp – 2,200 rpm
Hydraulic system: Air cooled, 28mpa/4,000 psk working pressure
Drill head:  Max torque 7,600mm (5,600 lb ft), max inside diameter 117mm (4-5/8”), 4 speed gear box 0-1300 rpm
Drill head chuck:  Max inside diameter 4-5/8” / PQ
Main winch:  18,144kg (40,000#) max pull, 198 ft/min low speed (bare drum), 203 ft/min high speed (bare drum), rope diameter/length 15-1/6” – 132’
Wire line winch:  rope diameter/length: 1/4” – 9,800’, max pull 1,400 kb - 3,100 lbs.
Mast:  automatic lift/down system 8’ adjustable, 13m (42.5’) length, 45-90 degrees drilling angle, max push 11,000 kg (24,200 lbs), max pull 23,000 kg (50,600 lbs), 4’ max dump, 11.5’ feed stroke length, 30’ pulling length
Triplex pIston mud pump, max output volume 300 lpm (80 gpm), pressure 12 mpa (1700 psi)
Price on Request

DANDO MULTITEC 9000  (Ref#15055R)  Manufactured 2013, 20,000# weight, mounted on crawler base, 18’ height, 11.5’ travel, 20,000# hoist force, 13,000# feed force, double clamps 60m – 250mm diameter, FMC LO618 triplex piston pump (36 gpm/700 psi) for coring, oiler for DTH, 4 leveling jacks, cyclone reverse circulation, comes with 500m of standard 3” lightweight pipe (300m brand new), located Canada  PRICE:  USD $225,000

6 - Newly reconditioned heli drills.
Drill has a 5 ft mast assembly, ram over chain pull down,
Charlin 6000 series rotary, new turbo 4 cylinder
Deutz 75 HP, hypro water injection 10 gpm @ 400 psi, hydraulic leveling jacks plus manual legs, manual cooling fan for hydraulic oil cooler, 30 gallon fuel tank, with a weight of 2400lbs.
7 Compressors, 6 cylinder turbo Deutz, CF90G air end 300 cfm-200 psi, 30 gallon fuel tank, leveling legs, new control panel, new wiring, lots of new parts.
6 support baskets aluminum, holds pipe, water, parts box, powder magazine, cap magazine, etc.
These drills will easily go to 300 feet. Pipe and hammers available. Also fly fuel tanks. Baskets, magazine, water barrels, rock boxes, etc. new 20 ft parts trailer, and 40 ft semi trailer, 5 spare drill frames, 3 spare compressor engines, 4 spare air ends. Lots of parts.
Package Price:  $650,000 with all parts
Price per 3-piece drill package:  $100,000  (drill, compressor, basket)

VERSADRILL KMB8 EXPLORATION DRILL  (Ref#3341T)  Engine runs ok and drill was operational before it ws parked, tracks and UC ok condition  Price on Request

VERSADRILL KM1.4S CORE DRILL  (Ref#5141Ta)  Head recently rebuilt, Cat  198 hp motor, mounted on Hitcachi CG70 carrier, rated for 1500m HQ, self leveling jacks and a shack off the back, spare John Deere 150 hp engine, located Canada Price:  $280,000 CDN

Can Core Drill or Standard Drill
Manufactured 2006, 2500 hours
Drill carrier: 6’ X 6 X 38’ pontoons, cabin – heated, AC,  swivel operators chair, deck and spot lights, full instrumentation, video/audio monitoring system, retractable stairway, Cat C15 engine rated at 540 HP @ 1800 RPM, Funk rubber block pump adaptor, 1500 liter hydraulic reservoir.
Self-leveling deck
Dog house 6’ x 10’ with custom control console, swivel chair, intercom to drilling platform, insulated, fluorescent lighting, electric heat. 
Range II single piece mast (pipe and casing) rated at 60,000 pounds with a drilling depth of 1000 feet and pull down of 20,000 pounds, twin hoisting cylinders on mast.
Conveyor belt pipe handler. Custom built Range II tubular (pipe) handling system with pipe rack, tilt and kick cylinders 
Ingersoll Rand TH60 top drive with link tilt capability, hydraulic elevators, hydraulic slips.
Warrior hydraulic wrench with 31/2 to 105/8 make/break out jaws with spinner.
Custom built Warrior coring winch hydraulically driven with Kobelt 15019 brake and 1000 meters if 1/4 cable.
Gensco model  HG60 genset 60 KVA  driven by Kawasaki hydraulic motor.
PRICE:  $235,000
WILCO SUPPORT SYSTEM  (Ref#10143Nb)  Manufactured 2006, 2500 hours
Gardner Denver mud pump rated at 1.7M/3 min @215 bhp with conventional heads, pulsation chamber, Odrill relief valve, 3.0” mud valve, exhaust fan, mixing hoper, liner wash pump and lubricator, driven by Eaton hydraulic pump with gear reducer and rubber block gear box. Pump house fitted with core bench, storage cabinets, insulated, fluorescent lighting, electric heat, 20 M/3 four compartment mud tank, electronic float levels, Tsunami sump pump, Mission 4x3 pre-charge pumps, Derrick FC-313M liner motion shale shaker with super G agitator.  All ancillary equipment hydraulically driven off Funk rubber block four pump adaptor powered by C15 Cat engine rated at 540 HP @ 1800 RPM. Aluminum 1500 liter hydraulic tank. Operators cabin – heated, AC, swivel operators chair, deck/spot lights, full instrumentation, audio/video monitoring system, roof beacon, Retractable stairway. Aluminum fuel tank. Self-leveling deck. Pontoons 6’ X 6’ X 38”, four compartment, aluminum cleats, 5.0” chain.
PRICE:  $210,000


BOYLES CORE DRILL PACKAGE  (Ref#2338T)  Six drills available, (2) 56, (3) 37 and (1) 25A.  Large stock of new and used parts including 4 Boyles PQ drive heads, located Canada  Price on Request

BOYLES BBS75 CORE DRILL  (Re#15461T)  12HH drill head, Deutz turbo diesel 6 cylinder (170 hp) engine, 20’ pull tower, 435 FMC pump, enclosed in shack  Price:  $75,000 CDN

BBS-75 BOYLES CORING RIG  (Ref#7491)  Manufactured 1989, 6L 913 Deutz turbo, with AT 545 Allison transmission, hydraulic chuck head, 40' hydraulically telescoping mast that operates on angle or vertical, w/crown and wirelines sheaves, rod rack, work platform, spare components  Price:  $90,000

BOYLES 56 CORE DRILLS  (Ref#15464Ta)  Mounted in shack on skid, unitized, 435 pump, Allison automatic transmission, 6 cyl John Deere, 20’ pull or 30’ pull, good condition  Price:  $140,000 CDN - $170,000 CDN

(2) BOYLES BBS-25 CORE DRILL  (Ref#1843Ta)  3000’ depth with NQ rod, Deutz diesel 125 hp air cooled engine, Allison automatic transmission, 12HH head, blue in color, winterized driller’s shack, approximately 13’ Lx 8’W x 8’H, 6000 lbs, on skid, two available, no pipe  Price on Request

(2) BOYLES BBS-56 CORE DRILL  (Ref#1843Tb)  4000-5000’ depth with NQ rod, Deutz 300 hp air cooled diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, 12HH drill head, driller’s shack, blue in color, head reulated by hydraulic down pressure, approximately 12’L x 9’W x 8’H, 6000 lbs, on skid, no pipe  Price on Request

AR175 CORE DRILL  (Ref#1843Tc)  6000-7000’ with H or P rod, Built 2011 in Canada using Longyear parts, Azuzu 650 hp diesel engine  Price on Request

BOYLES 37 CORE DRILL  (Ref#15464Tb)  Mounted in shack on skid, 4 cyl John Deere engine  Price:  $95,000 CDN

BOYLES 25A CORE RIG  (Ref#8582Nb)  Capacity 3,000’ BQ rod, skid mounted drill, 12HH drill head, 4 key way, 32’ stroke, 420 FMC water pump, new wireline mounted on tower, GMC 353 diesel engine, fold out shack, 12’ folded out, 8’6” retracted, tooling,.  Price:  $135,000  USD

BOYLES BBS-15  (ref#8724T)  85hp engine, NW/HQ chuck, rig is in running condition Price:  $15,000

JKS CORE HEAD  (Ref#2867T)  Hydrauic motors with B flanges fit on it, 1:1 internal gear ratio, built by Mirow, used on JSK 300, duralight and Connors underground drills  Price on Request

ZINEX A5  (Ref#8784Tb)  Manufactured 2011, in fly configuration, B20 head, H clamps, 6 cylinder Isuzu Engine, currently mounted in 8.5’ wide shack (can extend to 14’ wide) Price: $160,000USD

ZINEX A5 CORE DRILL  (Ref#358T)  2 available, built 2009, 6 cylinder Isuzu diesel engine (low hours), hydraulic diven FMC 435 pump and hydraulic mud mixer, sitting a while, stored inside  Price:  $145,000 CDN each  

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC CP-65 (Ref#14941T) core drill, mounted on Ford 9000  Price on request

CHICAGO PNEUMATIC CP65  (Ref#2866Tc)  Price:  $7,000

CORE DRILL (shop built)  (Ref#2053Ta)  CP15 drawworks, 471 Detroit diesel engine, 3 hole Funk gearbox with clutch, hydraulic top head with 12’ travel, Sundstrand pumps and motor, 435 Bean pump, head slides off center, needs rebuilding Price:  $25,000

TERMITE CORE DRILLS  (Ref#744Tb)  Two available, complete, equipped to drill AQ diameter holes up to 300’, trailer mounted, 180 degree azimuth rotation, can drill -90 degrees to +45 degree dip, configured for electric power hookup, extensive spare parts and tooling  Price:  $45,000

DISCOVERY 1 CORE DRILL  (Ref#3355T) Folding shack on skids, (2) power packs (Kubota engines) and mast from JKS 300, spare head and 3 drive motors available, open rod sloop aon skids servacable safety cage parts, located Canada  Price:  $85,000 USD

DISCOVERY II HD CORE DRILL  (Ref#744Ta)  Manufactured 2021, 6.7 Cummins 260 hp engine, long stroke telescoping mast, main ine winch, pick weights under 2000 lbs, heli-portable, XP rotation unit w/4-5/8” opening (P size), 1400 max rpm, 6000 ft/lb max torque, MPP Christensen P Chuck with 35,000 lb holding, hydraulic motor, 4 sp funk transmission.  Epiroc U8 rod holder, water pump, winch assembly, ready to drill  Price:  $335,000

DISCOVERY EF50 CORE DRILL  (Ref#3258T)  Manufactured 2011, Cummins engine (Tier III), iron skid shack, rods handler, hydraulic jack, XBH head, Golden Bear clam, new rotation motor, new motor for wireline, hydraulic pump #1 2500 hours, hydraulic pump #2 1200 hours, hydraulic pump #3 400 hours, 1500 meter depth capacity NQ, weight 25,000 lbs, current working  Price:  $325,000 CDN
FMC HYDRAULIC HIGH PRESSURE PUMP  (Ref#5653Rc)  Price:  $4,500

HOUSTON TOP HEAD DRIVE  (Ref#2328Nb) chain pulldown, cathead, hoist drum, 4 speed transmission, needs power pack.  Price:  $10,000