PULSTAR P38000HD  (Ref#10224Tb

Manufactured 2008, mounted on 2005 Freightliner M2, sandline drum with no line, Cat C7, 44’ tower, new injectors, new HEUI pump, new left springs, brakes and hydraulic brakes for drum, upgraded Pulstar drum, upgraded dual spring dogleg, integrity tested and weld inspected stingers pulled and inspection, upgraded Pulstar gussets    Price:  $192,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $184,500

PULSTAR P12000  (Ref#3324T

Manufactured 2012, andline, tailout winch, wired remote, mounted on 2012 Dodge 5500 truck quad cab 4 x 4 with 6.7L Cummins engine, automatic transmission, toolboxes, less than 10,000 miles, excellent condition  Price:  $125,000

PULSTAR P12000  (Ref#12962R

Manufactured 2011, sandline, mounted on 2011 Dodge 5500 4 x 4 with Cummins diesel engine, 117,000 miles, manual transmission, tailout winch, mainline winch, dual remote with remote response, cooler, new tires, wire winder  Price:  $84,500

PULSTAR P12000  (Ref#3453R) 

Manufactured 1999, sandline, mounted on 1999 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, heavy duty suspension, manual 5 speed transmission, toolboxes, 17,000# GVW, 31,000 original miles  Price:  $69,500

PULSTAR P10000HD3L  (Ref#8273Tc) 

pulstar p10000

Manufactured 2005, 37’ telescopic mast, sandline, mainline, toolboxes, no breakout wrench, load rating: 5,000# single line, 10,000# double line, 15,000# triple line, mounted on 2005 Ford F550 XLT 1-ton all wheel drive truck (141” wheel base) with 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine, 6 speed manual, 1 ton truck, rear leveling jacks, remote control  Price $75,000

PULSTAR P10000HD  (Ref#7836T) 

Mounted on 2001 Dodge Ram 4 x 4 truck with Cummins 5.9 diesel engine, 125,000 miles, no sandline, new 5 speed manual transmission, new back up camera, wired remote, new cable, swedge and hooks, pipe vice, wire roller  Price:  $64,500

PULSTAR P8000  (Ref#6365T) 

Manufactured 2010, no sandline, no cathead, 44’ mast, mounted on 2005 Ford F450 4 x 4 truck, 6.0L engine  Price:  $72,500

PULSTAR P7000  (Ref#15524T) 

Manufactured 2006, sandline with non-rotating cable and free fall, wire spool holders and ladder holder, (2) 189’ pipe racks, mounted on 2005 Ford F550 truck, 147,000 miles, 6 sp manual transmission, 6.0 diesel engine, truck and hoist purchased new with one owner  Price:  $49,500

PULSTAR P7000  (Ref#2942T)  Manufactured 2002, mounted on 2002 Ford F450 4 x 4 truck, 6.0L engine, sandline, remote, bottom of bed rusted, front jack, no cathead, 42’ mast  Price $39,500

PULSTAR 7000 (Ref#1457T)

Manufactured 1998, PTO, mounted on 1998 Chevy 4x4 with V8 gas engine, remote control, cathead, sandline with freefall, toolboxes, pipe rack, 8 x 9’ aluminum flatbed, 5 speed manual transmission with overdrivwe deep low, 110,000 miles, good tires, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $34,500

PULSTAR P7000  (Ref#4381T)  Manufactured 1977, completely refurbished by 2011, mounted on 2011 Dodge 5500 4 x 4 truck with diesel engine, 6 speed transmission, sandline, 190,000 miles, excellent condition  Price:  $59,500


Manufactured 1985, 8 lines of 5/8" line, 15,000# single line, 120,000# on 8 lines, 2500' of ½" sandline, cathead, chain driven, mounted on 2004 International 4400 truck with 400 hp International diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission, 80,000 miles 

Price:  $140,000 PRICE REDUCED: $105,000


Manufactured 1981, mounted on 1999 Sterling AT9513 truck  Price:  $110,000

SEMCO S25000 PUMP HOIST  (Ref#11496T) 

Manufactured 2007, sandline 2 speed tail out line, 48’ derrick, oil cooler, mounted on 2006 Ford F750 with Cat C7 diesel engine, misc tools, tongs, tubing and rod elevators, rod wrenches and safety rod hook  Price:  $147,500

SEMCO S25000 PUMP HOIST  (Ref#3427T) 

semco s25000

Manufactured 1998, sandline, tailout winch, mainline, oil cooler, toolbxoes, 48' telescoping derrick with laydown line, P22' bed, jack shaft, remote, mounted on 1989 Ford truck with Cummins engine, 1 front hydraulic jack, 1 part block (3 sheaves), 44,100 miles  Price:  $115,000

SEMCO S25000 PUMP HOIST  (Ref#11781T

Manufactured 1999, 48’ derrick with removable A-leg, currently with 4 lines of ¾” main line, 200’ 3/8” sandline, tailmout winch, cathead, breakout arm, swing arm, mounted on 1996 GMC topkick, Cat 3402 engine  Price:  $105,000

SEMCO S15000  (Ref#11481T) 

Manufactured 2002, 52’ mast, 15,000# 2000’ sandline with 3/8” capacity, disc brake, power arm, hydro breakout cyoinder, cathead, oil cooler, 2 aux hyd valves, Semco S110H hydrowrench, mounted on 1995 International 4900 truck with DT466 diesel engine, Fuller 6 speed, manual transmission, 194k miles  Price:  $84,500

SEMCO S15000  (Ref#12142R) 

semco s15000

Manufactured early 2000’s, 1000’ of 9/16 sandline, 5/8” mainline, 54’ mast, power tongs, mounted on 1997 FL70 Freightliner truck with diesel engine 

Price:  $95,000 PRICE REDUCED: $79,500

SEMCO S12000  (Ref#3299R) 

semco s12000

Manufactured 2008, sandline, 48’ mast, mounted on 2001 Sterling truck with Cat 3206 engine, 146,000 miles, 4 leveling jacks  Price:  $75,000

SEMCO S8000  (Ref#11639T) 

semco s8000

Manufactured 2017, mounted on 2017 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with dieselengine, 700 miles, 6 speed automatic transmission, sandline, 11’ flatbed, crew cab, 46’ derrick with LED lights, triple line option, remote, hot shift PTO (auto), 2 speed winch, hyd oil cooler, comes with Ford and Semco warranties  Price:  $139,500

SEMCO S8000  (Ref#8841T) 

Manufactured 2012, mounted on 2006 Peterbilt 335 truck, Cummins engine, automatic transmission, 24,000# pullback  Price:  $70,000

SEMCO 8000  (Ref#5981T

smeal s8000

Manufactured 1990, 33’ mast, sandline, PTO, breakout, front jack, mounted on 2001 GMC Sierra 3500HD 1-ton truck with diesel engine, 140,000 miles  Price$52,000 PRICE REDUCED: $45,500

SEMCO S6000  (Ref#14744T) 

Manufactured 2012, sandline winch with disc brake (free fall), 3000# single line capacity, 1,000’ of 3/8” diameter cable capacity, 450’/min max speed, walking beam – hydro driven stroker, 30 spm, mounted on 1993 Ford truck, 460 Cat gas engine, PTO  Price:  $39,500

SEMCO S6000  (Ref#2806T

Manufactured 2012, 30 strokes per minute, 35’ mast, 3000# single line capacity, 1200’ of 3/8” sandline with 2 disc brakes (freefall), 140’ of 7/16” mainline, no cathead, mounted on 2001 Dodge 4 x 4 truck, 5 speed manual trasnmission, 5.9L Cummins engine, 145,000 miles, 2 rear jacks, pipe rack, hydro driven stroke walking beam, no remote control  Price:  $48,500

SEMCO S6000  (Ref#1848T

smeal s6000

Manufactured 2002, sandline, polywheel, mounted on 2002 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck, 7.3 turbo diesel engine, 157,000 miles  Price:  $50,000

SEMCO 6000  (Ref#7540R) 

Manufactured 1997, no sandline, no cathead, mounted on 1997 4 x 4 Ford 350 truck with rebuilt turbo 723 International diesel (2000 hours), new springs, rebuilt rear end, new paint, ready to work  Price:  $54,000

SEMCO S6000  (Ref#10783R

Semco s6000

Manufactured 1995, mounted on 2008 Dodge Ram 4500 4 x 4 truck with 5.7L diesel engine, sandline, remote, 11’ Stahl service bed, 106,900 miles, 125 psi air compressor, toolboxes  Price:  $65,000

SEMCO S6000 (Ref#1223T)

Manufactured 1988, hydraulic rams, no cathead or sandline, wired remote, one owner, unmounted  Price:  $12,600

SEMCO S6000  (Ref#12816T)  Manufactured 1988, no sandline, mounted on 1988 Ford F350 4x4 truck with 7.3L diesel engine, 88,000 miles on truck  Price on Request

SEMCO 4000 (Ref#4067N)

semco 4000

Manufactured 2003, low hours, PTO, mounted on 1994 GMC with diesel engine (not 4x4), (truck not good), bailing drum, pipe rack, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks 

Price:  $21,000

HUNKE (Smeal) R-12 (Ref#6705R)

Manufactured 2014, mounted on 1996 International with DT466 engine, 50’ extended mast, no remote or cathead, 2300’ of 7/16” sandline, single block main pulling line, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, toolboxes, no tools, ready to go  Price:  $159,500

SMEAL R12 CWX  (Ref#5643R)  Manufactured 2007, 44,000# pulling capacity, 44’ telescoping mast, 12’ layback, 4 line block (30 frpm), 2 speed sandreel: 270 fpm @ 5000 lbs, 540 fpm @ 2500 lbs, capacities: 1400’ of ½”, 2500’ of 7/16”, 3400’ of 3/8”, power at rear, cathead, brakout wrench, oil cooler, mainline drum upgraded to bearings, rollout tray for spinners, crazy arm for spinner, 3000 lbs @ 100 fpm tail out line, mounted on 2001 FLD Freightliner 3 axle truck, 320 hp engine, air ride, pintle hitch at rear, air and electrical at end of frame, toolboxes, well maintianed  Price:  $159,500

SMEAL R12  (Ref#7887T

Manufactured 1992, mounted on 1999 GMC C8500 truck, Cat 3126 engine, 205,000 miles, layback, PTO  Price:  $100,000

SMEAL R12  (Ref#8273Ta

Manufactured 1991, sandline, 44’ telescoping mast, 44,000 capacity, Cummins LTA10 270hp engine, breakout wrench, cathead, tailout line, mounted on 1984 International tandem axle truck with diesel engine, new rubber on tires, toolboxes under bed, 2 front leveling jacks, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price$145,000 PRICE REDUCED: $139,500

SMEAL R12  (Ref#5347T

Manufactured 1989, 44,000 lb capacity, double drum drawworks, tailout winch, 2 hydraulic rear outriggers, mounted on 1989 International S1900 6 x 4 chassis with 137,000 miles  Price:  $79,500

SMEAL 12T  (Ref#6956T

Manufactured 1994, mounted on 1994 Ford F700 truck with 6.0L diesel engine (approx 195,000 miles), sandlne, mainline, 36’ mast, PTO, remote, cathead, oil cooler, good working condition, original owner Price: $89,500 PRICE REDUCED: $74,500 

SMEAL 12T  (Ref#4192T)  Manufactured 1994, sandline, 36’ mast, cathead, mounted on 1994 Ford truck, Cummins engine, PTO  Price:  $79,500

SMEAL 10TSRCX  (Ref#14318T

Manufactured 1992, sandline, mounted on 2004 Peterbilt with diesel engine, 98,000 miles  Price:  $47,500 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#12214T

Manufactured 1990’s, sandline, walking beam, extended mast, pipe rack, toolboxes, remote control, mounted on 1986 International 1900 with DT466 engine, 5 speed transmission, 1 front jacks  Price:  $64,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#6369Ta

smeal 10t

Manufactured 1983, 3 line machine, sandline, breakout cylinder, cathead, 36’ mast, mounted on 1996 Freightliner F170 with 5.9 Cummins engine, 2 rear leveling jacks, remote control  Price:  $74,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#11640T

Manufactured mid 1970’s, mainline, sandline, gas welder, mounted on 1984 Ford F600 truck with 460 V8 gas engine, 5 speed trans, 2 speed rear  Price:  $47,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#8772T

Manufactured 1972, 40’ telescoping mast, sandline, no cathead, mounted on 2004 Duramax C4500 truck with diesel engne, PTO, 217,000 miles, 2 rear leveling jacks, front jack available but not installed  Price:  $59,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#8273Tb

Manufactured 1975, 36’ telescoping mast, no cathead, hydraulic breakout, sandline, mainline and tailout line, mounted on 1975 Chevy 2-ton single axle truck with gas engine (replaced at one time), rear leveling jacks, toolboxes under bed  Price:  $45,000 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#3302T

Manufactured 1975, sandline, muonted on 2001 International truck with DT466 engine, manual 6 speed transmission, hyd brakes, 32,312 miles, all new hydraulics January 2017, new style control block, set up for power tongs, 2 hyd tanks  Price:  $58,500

SMEAL 10T  (Ref#2999N) 

 pump hoist

Rig manufactured 1970’s, mounted on 2001 GMC truck with Cat V8 diesel engine, truck needs new fast idle, PTO, bailing drum, sandline, no remote (wired for remote), no cathead, no pipe or tools, all hydraulics gone through February 2014  Price:  $52,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $45,000

SMEAL 6T  (Ref#7937T

Manufactured 2014, 40’ mast with 4’ extension, 800’ sandline, no cathead, mounted on 2015 Ford F550 4 x 4 truck with 6.7L diesel engine, 54,000 miles  Price:  $105,000

SMEAL 6T  (Ref#2941R

smeal 6t pump hoist

Manufactured 2008, sandline, 40’ mast, mounted on Chevy 5500 4 x 4 truck with Durmax diesel, 107,000 miles, 2 rear jacks, automatic transmission, 2 pipe racks, 8 tool boxes, remote control, 12” service bed and tools, (6) sets of elevators  Price:  $90,000

SMEAL 6T  (Ref#8342R) 

Manufactured 2006, mounted on 2006 Ford F550 truck, 4 wheel drive, 6.0 diesel engine (new July 2014), 6 speed manual transmission, 145,000 miles (as of Sept 2015), no sandline, no cathead, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $87,500 PRICE REDUCED: $79,500

SMEAL 6T  (Ref#5212T

smeal 6t pump hoist

Manufactured 2006, mopunted on 2006 Ford F350 Super Duty 4 x 4 truck with 7.0L diesel engine, sandline, cathead, remote control, 40’ mast, toolboxes, 2 hyd jacks  Price:  $70,000 PRICE REDUCED: $61,500

SMEAL 6T (Ref#1101T)

smeal 6t

Manufactured 1997, only 3000 hours, mounted on 1998 International 2 wheel drive with 7.3L diesel engine, new brakes, electrical work done on remote, 30,000 GVW, standard mast, remote control, no cathead or sandline, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $57,000

SMEAL 6T  (Ref#1275T) 

Manufactured 1997, mounted on 1997 4 wheel drive Ford F350 7.3L powerstroke (new 3,000 miles, 181,000 miles on chassis), manual transmission, sandline and mainlines with cable and remote, 250 amp welder, torch with 2 welding retractable cables, oil cooler, front jack, aux hydraulic, 24’ derrick extends to 32’  Price:  $68,500 PRICE REDUCED: $55,000

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#11647T) 

Mounted on 2001 Ford F650 single axle truck, Cummins engine, Allison automatic transmsision, no sandline, 48’ mast, ready to work  Price:  $54,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#8430T

Manufactured 1999, sandline, standard mast with windmill extension up to 54’, no cathead, mounted on 1999 Ford F550 4x4 truck with 7.3 Turbo diesel engine, 6 speed transmission, 217,000 miles, 3 leveling jacks, oil cooler, remote control, sandreel  Price:  $59,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#8412T

Manufactured 1993, 36’ mast, no sandline, mounted on 1993 Ford F350 4x4 truck, 7.3L diesel engine, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $32,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#1220T

Manufactured 1992, mounted on 1992 Chevy Kodiak truck, 427 CID engine, 5 sp transmission, 2 sp rear end, approx 138,000 miles, sandard mast with windmill extension, no sandline, no cathead, remote control, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price: $33,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#8257R) 

smeal 5t

Manufactured 1992, remote control, pipe rack, rear bench, vise for up to 4” pipe, no cathead, no sandline, mounted on 1992 Ford F600 2wd truck, 429ci gas engine, manual with 5 speed manual transmission and 2 speed rear, approx 315,000 miles, 11’ Omaha Service Body, tires are in fair condition, new clutch and alternator recently installed, stored inside  Price:  $40,000 PRICE REDUCED: $37,500 

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#10555T) 

Manufactured 1992, mounted on 2004 Ford F550 4 x 4 diesel engine, 11’ Rawson/Koenig service body with flip top compartments, new bushings, cable, hydraulic pump (2004), 50 gallon water tank piped to rear, remote control, double line block, 181,000 miles, new A/C in 2017, no sandline, no cathead, 36’ mast  Price:  $38,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#118Ta) 

Manufactured 1991, sandline, windmill extension, long jacks, remote, mounted on 2005 International 4300 with DT466 engine, 99.770 miles, utility bed with extra 3’ cross over box  Price:  $48,000

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#118Tb) 

Manufactured 1991, sandline, windmill extension, remote, mounted on 1999 Freightliner FL60 truck with 5.9 Cummins  Price:  $40,000

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#10048T

Manufactured 1988 International truck, air brakes, diesel, 40’ telescoping mast, sandline, utility bed, no cathead, toolboxes, 2 rear hyd jacks  Price:  $37,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#2451T

Sandline, cat head, mounted on 1996 International 4700 truck with DT466E, 42’ mast, , 6 speed manual, water tank, 204,000 miles, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $28,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#4318R) 

smeal 5t

Manufactured 1986, mounted on 1999 International 4900 truck with DT466E engine, sandline (needs cable) load sensing pump, new valves, remote, windmill extension, 50’ mast, automatic transmission, 96,000 miles, toolboxes,   Price:  $59,500 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#14590T) 

Manufactured 1990’s, mounted on 1997 Ford F450 truck (not 4 x 4) with 7.3L diesel engine, 5 speed, PTO, sandline, 100,000 miles, remote, toolboxes  Price rig only:  $43,000
Rig with hand tools, bailer and wires  Package Price:  $48,000


Manufactured 1978, PTO, 44’ derrick,  hoist has double hydraulic motors both in working condition, has a larger drum and the derrick was built with a thicker tube frame, can pull (2) 20' PVC pipes, mounted on ’78 Chevy 2 wheel drive with gas engine (truck needs replacing, does not start), no remote control, no cathead or sandline, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $12,000

SMEAL 5T (Ref#8949R)

smeal 5t

Manufactured 1978, mounted on 1994 International single axle truck with DT466 engine (not 4x4), telescoping mast, hydraulic walking beam,no remote, no sandline, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, toolboxes  Price:  $27,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#11467R

smeal 5t

Manufactured 1977, sandline, remote, mounted on 2004 Ford 1 ton 4x2 truck WITH 7.2L Powerstroke diesel engine, digital PTO, 32’ mast, 6500 miles, all new hoses, new hardware, fairly new cables, sandblasted, primed and freshly painted  Price:  $58,500 PRICE REDUCED: $55,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#2820T) 

Manufactured 1976, 40’ mast, remote control, sandline, mounted on 1987 Ford 1-ton truck (2 wheel drive), 6.9L diesel engine, 2 rear hydraulic jacks, needs some work (sitting one year buty running when parked)  Price:  $11,500

SMEAL 5T  (Ref#10478T) 

Manufactured 1964, mounted on 1994 Chevy 1-ton dually, 454 gas engine, PTO, 32’ mast, no sandline, ready to work  Price:  $9,500

SMEAL 4T (Ref#7970R)


Manufactured 1994, PTO, mounted on 2004 Ford F550 all wheel drive with diesel engine, sandline, remote control, no cathead, utility bed, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks 

Price:  $32,000 PRICE REDUCED: $25,500

SMEAL 4T  (Ref#6928T

Manufactured 1988, mounted on 2000 Ford F450 4x4 truck (under 60,000 miles) with 7.3 diesel engine, PTO, cathead, aluminum boxes, no sandline 

Price:  $40,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $29,500

SMEAL 3T (Ref#8941T)   Mounted on 2003 Ford F-350 2 wheel drive with diesel engine, standard mast, remote control, free fall sandline with 700’ of cable, oil cooler, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks   Price:  $31,000

SMEAL 3T  (Ref#7720T) 

Manufactured 1999, UNMOUNTED, no sandline, no cathead, standard mast  Price:  $10,500

SMEAL 3T  (Ref#8348T

Mounted on 1999 Ford 350 4 x 4 truck, long jacks, pipe rack, 7.3L diesel engine, tailgate bumper, 8’ service body, 122,800 miles  Price:  $49,500

SMEAL 3T  (Ref#2923T

No sandline, mounted on 1985 Ford F350 truck with 351 gas engine, hydraulic for remote, truck starts and runs but should be remounted, will remove from truck  Price:  $12,500

SMEAL 3T (Ref#1813T)

Early 1990’s hoist, mounted on 1988 Chevy 1 ton with 350 gas engine, 2 wheel drive, remote control, 800’ of sandline, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks   Price:  $28,500 PRICE REDUCED: $22,500 

SMEAL 3T (Ref#4247RA)

Manufactured 1980’s, PTO, mounted on 1997 Dodge 2500 4x4 with diesel engine, 36’ mast, remote control, no cathead or sandline, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, excellent condition  Price:  $27,500

SMEAL 3T  (Ref#8771T) 

Manufactured 1979, 34’ mast, no cathead, no sandline, mounted on 2005 GMC 3500 truck with 6.2L gas engine, PTO, 87,000 truck miles, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $49,500 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

SMEAL 3T (Ref#8361R)

smeal 3t

Manufactured 1976, mounted on 2006 Ford F350 4x4, 9’ flatbed, diesel engine, remote control, no cathead, sandline, (4) 8’ Stahl toolboxes, (2) 3’ underbody toolboxes, 9500 miles, 2 rear hydraulic jacks  Price:  52,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $47,000

SMEAL 2T  (Ref#2540T

Sandline, no cathead, 40’ mast, mounted on International truck, PTO, running condition  Price:  $35,000

SMEAL 32B  (Ref#8349R) 

smeal 32b

Mounted on 1994 Chevy 3500 steel bed truck, 87,000 miles, high idle, main line, sandline, new cables, hydraulic outriggers  Price:  $30,000


Manufactured 1993, mainline, sandline, mounted on 1993 F450 4x4 truck with 7.3 diesel engine, custom aluminum body, rig in good shape, truck a little rough  Price:  $34,500


Manufactured 1979, new hydraulic pump, pivoting boom, mounted on 1994 GMC 3500 truck, 5 speed, 6.5 diesel, runs excellent, ready to work  Price:  $25,000

MONITOR M35  (Ref#8273Td) 

Manufactured 1979, 5 ton capacity, sandline, mainline, 35’ telescoping mast, hyd breakout cylinder, no cathead, mounted on 1991 Chevy 1-ton truck with gas engine, rear hyd leveling jacks   Price: $32,500

MONITOR 34  (Ref#2668T) 

Mounted on 2005 International 4300 truck, 42’ mast, sandline, no cathead, 2 rear leveling jacks  Price:  $37,500

MONITOR M33  (Ref#6642Tb

Mounted on 2005 Dodge double cab, Cummins diesel engine, no sandline, 31’ mast, rear leveling jacks  Price:  $30,000


monitor m33 pump hoist

PTO, mounted on 1993 Ford F350 4x4 with diesel engine, knapheide utility box, remote control, no cathead or sandline, toolboxes, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $17,500

MONITOR 33  (Ref#7289T) 

Manufactured 1986, mounted on 1997 Ford F350 truck with diesel engine, PTO, approx 27’ mast, no sandline, 3 speed transmission on winch, 2 hyd rear leveling jacks  Price:  $32,000

MONITOR M33  (Ref#13491T

6T hoist completely rebuilt, new hydraulic hoses, pins and bushings.  Mounted on 1997 Ford F450 2wd truck 7.3 diesel engine, 11’ service body, 123k miles  Price:  $26,500

JESSEN M-33 (Ref#1456T)

Manufactured late 70’s-early 80’s, PTO, mounted on 1994 Chevy 1 ton all wheel drive with gas engine, remote control, cathead, single line pull, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $25,000

KYLE 12K  (Ref#9631R

kyle 12k

Manufactured 1999, mounted on 1999 Ford F450 7.3 liter turbo diesel, 2-wheel drive 6 speed manual transmission with utility body, 120,000 miles, pipe racks on both sides, no remote for hoist, manual windows and locks, some body rot, truck and hoist both run strong  Price:  $42,000


Manufactured 2006, 8 ton hoist, sandline, hydraulics for welder, mounted on 2006 Chevy 5500 with Duramax diesel engine, PTO drive  Price: $105,000

G & R 500 PUMP HOIST  (Ref#408N

Manufactured 1986, 32’ derrick, double line pull, all hydraulic, winch, hydraulic outriggers, mounted on 2000 Chevy 3500 2-wheel drive 1-ton truck with gas engine, 3 toolboxes, hydraulic pump  Price:  $32,500  PRICE REDUCED:  $17,500


Walker beam, 375 gal water tank, mounted on 1986 Ford F600 truck, 2 jacks, toolboxes  Price:  $20,000

CYCLONE F100 PUMP HOIST  (Ref#15368T) 

Manufactured 1992, rated for approx 5,000 – 6,000 lbs, mounted on 2006 Chevrolet Kodiak 5500 4 x 2 flat bed  Price:  $39,500

CYCLONE F100 PUMP HOIST  (Ref#14735) 

 cyclone f100 pump hoist

5 ton,  32’ mast, mounted on 1985 Ford F600 truck, hoist a little older than truck, 10000# hoist, sitting inside 4 years, truck and rig runs

Price:  $18,000   PRICE REDUCED: $15,000

PUMP HOIST  (Ref#4498T) 

Mounted on 2001 Ford F350 4 x 4 truck with gas engine, 8 cyl , telescoping mast, approx 178,000 miles  Price:  $17,500

2 TON PUMP HOIST  (Ref#158N)

 2 ton pump hoist

1974, mounted on 1989 International truck, diesel DT360 International engine, spudder attachment, excellent condition 

Price:  $37,500 PRICE REDUCED: $29,500


Manufactured 1968,  mounted on 1968 Ford with gas engine, PTO, standard trans, 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, sitting 4 years, does not start, remote, rusted   Price:  $19,500  REDUCED:  $6,500


SEMCO S30000 - S25000 - S20000
PULSTAR P38000 - P29000 - P20000 - P12000