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Ideco  H3000, 1000hp, 725, H44C      


IDECO 1000HP DRILLING RIG  (Ref#11167N)  Single drum drawworks, 1-1/8” drilling line, hydramatic brake, 2 engine compound (2) Detroit Series 60 diesel engine 550 hp each (drives rig and carrier), 112’ x 378,000# mast, 8 lines, 16’ substructure, mounted on 6 axle carrier, (2) 6061 Allison transmission, No additional equipment  Price:  $825,000



SMST-M900 SERIES 116’ x 420,000# mast, manufactured 2008, overall height 120’, max hookload 360,000 lbs on 8 lines, 420,000 lbs on 10 lines, rated hookload 400,000 lbs. 10 lines, crown block 412,000 lbs rated capacity, 484,000 lbs max capacity.  Racking capacity 5” DP with 6-1/2” DC 8000’, 3-1/2” DP with 4-3/4” DC 11,500’, stabbing board, 9.8’ height adjustment, escape seat.

SMST 20’ M Partin 900 Substructure, manufactured 2008.  14’H x 18.04’ W x 10.58’ height under rotary beams, 290,000 lbs setback load, 330,000 lbs rotary load, 620,000 lbs max load (setback and rotary load), BOP handling system (trolley on two rails), 40,000 lbs static load

IDECO 725M DRAWWORKS manufactured 2006, mechanical drive, 750hp – 900 hp input rating, 44,500 lbs max single line pull (2nd oayer), Parkersburg auxiliary brake Parmac V80, (2) Cat D3412 (475 hp)

1-1/8” diameter drilling line, sandline, Ideco dead line anchor

Ideco TL-200 swivel 396,000 lb load capacity 6000 psi rated pressure

Auxiliary winches, Oilwell C-20.5 rotary table

Located Europe

Price €1,100,000 (Euros)



All equipment new or refurbished in 2007 – 12,000’ depth capacity

All engines are Tier II and Tier III Rated

Ideco H-44 BIR Single Drum Drawworks drilling rig (upgraded to 1000 hp), (2) Cat C15 (540 hp) engines, mounted on 6 axle carrier, 117’ x 400,000# mast with Crown-o-Matic (newly built),

Ideco 23E rotary table

Oilworks pipe spinner, Oilworks kelly spinner, hydraulic rotary power unit p/b Cat C15 engine

4’ high hydraulically operated cantilever rig ramp

16’ Ideco 560,000# substructure (hydraulic telescoping)

(2) National 8P80 mud pumps p/bCat 35408 engines (900 hp each), Oilworks torque converter, upgraded w/new style mud ends

(2) Generatros (365 kw) p/b Cat C15 engines.  Each one can power the rig and portable power center for 8 unit camp.

10,000 gallon fuel tank

MCM 3-screen linear motion shaker, MCM 12 cone desilter, double mud pits (400 bbl and 500 bbl)

11” x 5000 Shaffer double BOP, 11” x 5000 Shaffer annular preventor

5000 manifold hose, 5000 choke manifold assembly

McKissick 250 ton block (10 line), with Webb Wilson hydro-hook

Ideco 200 ton swivel

4-1/2 hex kelly, 3-1/2 hex kelly, HD kelly drive bushing

S5 station accumulator

10,000’ of 3-1/2” drill pipe (15.50 G105)

(20) 6-1/2” x 2-1/4” drill collars, (24) 5” x 2-1/4” drill collars

40’ tool shed (skidded container)

45’ generator and accumulator house

55’ catwalk

500 bbl fresh water tank, water tank top mounted dgohouse, 10’ x 40’ skidded pusher shack, electric heating for houses

PACKAGE PRICE:  $2,700,000



Ideco BIR 7515 self-propelled 6 axle carrier rated at 60 tonne, 117 ft clear height to 358,000 lbs with 10 lines mast, 3,000 mtrs with 4 ½” (16.6lbs/ft) drill pipe


Drawworks: Ideco Hydrair H-44-CSC 750hp, CAT 3406-C diesel engines, Allison 5860 CLT Torquematic transmission, engine 400HP each, 50,000 lbs Lebus International grooved sleeve, Parmac Hydromatic auxiliary brake, deadline anchor, crown saver

Derrick / Mast: Ideco KM-117-358 AH kwik –lift telescoping, 358,000 lb capacity, make up cathead, break-out Cathead

Substructure: Ideco 260 tonne telescoping substructure

Drilling line, travelling block, elevator links, winches, casing stabbing board


Mud tanks: total active capacity 470 bbls, total pre-hydration capacity 108 bbls

Shale shakers, desander, desilter, degassers, shear mixer, mud agitators

Mud Pumps: Gardner Denver PZ-7 550hp @ 145 SPM, 5,000 psi working pressure, pulsation dampeners, pressure relief, drive motors

Surface Lines, Standpipe, shock hose, kelly hoses, riser & flowline, rig water tanks, cellar pump, water supply


Power Swivel: National P-200 , 600,000 lbs working load rating, 365,000 lbs load bearing rating @100 rpm, 5,000 psi working pressure limit

Kelly, Kelly drive bushing, Rotary table, Kelly spinner


Blowout preventers, Accumulator, Choke manifold, Safety valves, Float Valve sub


Engines: (2) CAT 3406 365kW

Generators: (2) CAT 400

Switchboard, Air system, fuel tank


Tubulars, Subs, Cup Tester, Fishing tools, lifting nubbins, elevators, safety clamp, pipe spinner, manual tools, casing tong, wireline unit


Casing protectors, casing drifts, Rig Lighting Welding equipment, Matting, Mud Bucket, Survey Equipment,


Weight indicator, Deadline anchor load cell

Tong Torque System, Rotary Torque system, Rotary RPM gauge, drillpipe & casing pressure gauges, pump pressure gauge, drilling recorder


Rig site mini-camp, main camp
PRICE:  $2,200,000

Located South Pacific


700 HP IDECO H44-CSD RAMBLER RIG   (Ref#13045R)  Manufactured 1983, Model #DIR706SBS,  mounted on a 6 axle carrier w/ H-44 CSC drawworks, Parkersburg 22 in. hydromatic brake,

(2)  3406 Cat motors w/Allison torque converters & Allison 6 speed transmissions

Derrick:  113 ft.  – 278,000# Ideco Derrick (has been fully MPI’d )

Substructure:  Cabot 13 ft scissor type; 350,000# rating w/17-1/2 in rotary table

Doghouse:  13 ft. telescoping doghouse mounted on 48 ft trailer w/6000 gal. fuel tank; satellite automatic driller; 2 pen geograph recorder; 2 elec. heaters.

Mud System:  #1 pump Wilson 600 duplex powered by 379 Cat, #2 pump Wilson 600 duplex powered by 3406E Cat w/6 speed manual transmission,  2 pit 800 bbl system w/  Brandt  4 x 5 dual shakers; (3)  10 hp elec. Mud agitators; (2)  5 x 6 centrifugal pumps w/50 hp elec. motors; (1)  6 x 8 centrifugal pump w/50 hp elec. Motor, (1) Swaco single cone desander,  (1) mud hopper, and lights.

Light house:  45 ft. skid mounted; (1) 150 kw Cat powered generator; (1) 205 kw Detroit powered generator; 3 station Koomey closing unit w/triplex pump (50 gal. reservoir) w/3 bottle nitrogen backup; 14 locker change room.

Fresh water tank:  275 bbl. skid mounted tank

Brine tank:  350 bbl skid mounted tank

BOP:  (1)  11 in 3000# Shaffer LWS double dressed w/4 ½ & CSO rams; (1)  11 in. 3000# GK Hydril; 1 – 3000# choke manifold w/2 in. manual chokes; 1 gas buster; 1 gas burner w/6 in. lines.


(2) Type B rotary tongs

(1) 4-1/.2 in. elevators

(1) 4-1/2 in. slips

(1) 6 in. drill collar slips

(1) 8 in. drill collar slips

(2) 6 5/8 Reg. in. handling subs

(10) 6” drill collar handling subs

(1) set 6 ft. bails

(1) Mathey wire line unit

(2) collar tubs

(1) Combination catwalk/ collar tub w/ beaver slide.

(4) pipe tubs

(4)  30 ft. triangle pipe racks (2 sets of pipe racks; 4 individual runners)

(20) 6 in. drill collars w/4-1/2 XH connection

(4)  8 in. drill collars w/6-5/8 regular connection

6,600 ft. 4-1/2 in. XH drill pipe (20% of the pipe was inspected and it all came out double white band)

40 ft. 5-1/4 hex Kelly (looks new)

(1) Foster 77 kelly spinner

(1) – 125 ton Gardner Denver swivel

(1) – 150 ton Web Wilson block hook combo

Price:  $2,350,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $1,700,000




Ideco 108’/268,000# derrick with Crown-o-matic. Custom-built 300-ton integrally loaded substructure with 18’X21’ floor. 14’ Kelly bushing measurement with 10’10” clear height under rotary beams. Sub and wall section are unitized and mounted on wheels and axles, including hydraulic boom and pipe handling equipment. Substantially rebuilt in 2006.


Ideco H-44 single drum. Powered by two 550 h.p. Cat C-15 diesel engines (new summer 2007) through an Allison 5860 5-speed automatic transmission with circulating brake flanges. Foster makeup and breakout cat heads. 22” single PArmac hydramatic brake. Gearmatic hydraulic pickup winches.


Ideco UTB 160-ton unitized block/hook with four 36” sheaves for 1-1/8” lines. 2-3/4”X90” elevator links. Rebuilt 2006.


Ideco LR 20-1/2” rotary table with split master bushing. Ideco TL-200 swivel. Foster Model 77 kelly spinner. 4-1/4”X39’ square Kelly. Varco 4-roller drive bushing. Rebuilt 2006.


MD-8 triplex pump (PZ-8 equivalent) powered by Cummins KTA-38 1,000 h.p. diesel engine. Two Ideco MM550 7-1/4”X15” duplex pumps with forged steel fluid ends with quick change caps, Hydril K-20 pulsation dameners, Demco 2” shear relief valves, manifolded to compound. Each duplex pump powered by Cummins NT 855 670 h.p. diesel engine.


Two 225-bbl. steel pits with seven compartments, bypass trough and trip tank with top-mounted walkways. Harrisburg 10” single cone desander. Detroit Diesel-powered 5”X6” centrifugal pump with internal plumbing to charge either system. Derrick 500 gpm flow line shale shaker. 250-bbl. steel premix tank with 5”X6” 50 h.p. electric centrifugal pump.


Cameron Type “U” 11” 5,000 psi double ram BOP (rebuilt 2007), Cameron Type “D” 11” 5,000 psi annular BOP rebuilt 2006). Koomey 3,000 psi 80-gal. accumulator with four stations and remote control. One 15 h.p. electric triplex  and two air charge pumps with nitrogen back-up systems. 5,000 psi choke manifold.


Cat 210 KW and Cat 200 KW, both new during spring 2007.


8’X20’ elevated dog house equipped with tool room & knowledge box. Bear automatic driller. 2,500-gal. fuel tank. 80-bbl. fresh water brake cooling and high pressure wash down tank.


BJ Super Type “C” tongs w/ 3-1/2” thru 6” heads. Wooley Type “B” rotary tongs with 3-1/2” thru 13-3/8” heads. 500-bbl frac tank.  Kelly saver sub, change over sub, ten 6” DC pick-up subs and two 8” pick-up subs. Two junk tubs.


Five-axle drive in carrier. Requires deadman anchors.

Rig was substantially rebuilt in 2006.  In 2007 rig was repowered with (2) new Cat engines, equipped with two low time Cat generators and a new riplex mud pump.  Since the addition of this new equipment, the rig has drilled a total of 2,192’ in 48 hours trouble free.  This is the only time on the new engines and the triplex.  The new generators each have less than 400 total hours.

Price: $2,300,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $1,700,000



Mounted on a 5 axle carrier, rated at 550 h.p. Powered by a 550 h.p. Detroit 12V 71 motor.  Equipped with Parkersburg hydramatic brake and a 103 ft Ideco telescoping derrick rated at 224,000 lbs. 

Mud System:

Drill pipe, collars and kelly;

Other Equipment

Pressure Control Equipment:

Handling Tools

New mast and rebuilt 12V71 Detroit (550 hp) will be installed for new buyer

PRICE:  $1,300,000


IDECO H-37  (Ref#3542N)  Ideco Model 5525 H-37 with 15” double hydromatic w/crown-o-matic, Detroit Series 60 engine, Ideco 103’ x 224,000# hydraulic telescoping mast, Telescoping substructure from 11’1” to 12’6” with table and vertical drive clearance, 7’10” on rotary beam, 9’ on rotary table with 200,000# set back, Ideco 165 ton Shorty’s with hook, Ideco 20-1/2” rotary table with 44” center, Ideco 550 dupex mud pump p/b Detroit 60 Series, Emsco DB-550 duplex mud pump p/b Detroit 60 Series, 266kw generators p/b Cummins KT1150, Hydrill 11” 3000 psi annular, Shaffer 11” 3000 psi double ram, choke 2” 3000# with 4 station Cameron 80 gallon closing unit, (4) 8” drill collars (24) 6-1/4” drill collars, 6000’ of 4-1/2” 16.60# drill pipe, mud system 2 steel pit 400 bbl capacity, solids control equipment, 7’6”W x 30’L top doghouse (insulated), 438 bbl skid mounted water tank  Price:  $1,900,000



IDECO H-35  (Ref#14858R)  Ideco H-35 drawworks, grooved for1-18” drill line, Parmac SR22 single hydromatic brake, RT 175 17-1/2 x 44-1/4” rotary table, 100’ X 240,000# Lee C Moore mast 5-sheave crown block, mounted on Lee C Moore triaxle trailer, (2) Cat C13 diesel engines (830 hp), (2) twin disc torque converters, (2) engine oil bath compound, Quincy Model 350 air compressor.  (2) Emsco F1000 6-3/4 x 10” triplex mud pumps with Cat C32 engines and National C-245-64 torque converters.  Mud mixing system w/(2) 5 x 6 centrifugal pumps and 60 hp electric motor, Mud tanks: (2) tank system round bottom, 560 bbls with 5 agitators.  Brandt King Cobra linear motion shaker, Brandt 10” double cone desandere with Mission magnum 5 x 6” centrifugal pump w/75 hp electric motor, Brant (10) 4” cones desilter with Mission Magnum 5 x 6 centrifugal pumps w/75 hp electric motor, Brandt DG degasser.  5-1/4” x 35’ hex kelly, Varco pipe spinner, kelly spinnerMartin Decker Clipper weight indicator.  BOP: (1) GK Hydrill 11” x 3000# 900 Series annular, (1) nl Shaffer 11” X 3000# LWS Space saver double ram, (1) CAD Oilfield Specialy 5 station w/(7) 10 gal bottles, (2) air pumps, (1) electric triplex pump, (1) manual regulator valve,  5,000# choke manifold.  160 ton Ideco UTB 4-sheave travelling block, 200 ton Esmco LB200 swivel, (2) 410 kw generators with (2) Cat C15 engines, (2) Sullivan 300 DG-TE screw compressors, fuel tanks with lubester (1) 8000 gal, 5 star wireline unit.  Currently stacked in USA, last drilled June 2013.

Price:  $1,375,000


IDECO H-35  (Ref#3922R)  Single drum, (new bearings and brakes 2009), Kobelt disk aux brake 48”, 1” drill line, Cat 3406 (425 hp) diesel engine approx 5500 hours, Allison 6 speed transmission (rebuilt 2998), Foster makeup and breakout catheads, 96’ x 180,000# mast with racking board, ladder guy wires, mounted on 5 axle carrier, Ideco substructure, 2 Rosier pulldown winches, 2 Rosier catline winches, Gardner Denver 200 FXN 500 hp 350 gpm duplex mud pump p/b Cat 3412 engines (1378 hours since major overhaul) mounted on 9’ x 28’ skid, Ideco 22” rotary table, Emsco L200 200 ton swivel (overhauled 2008), McKissick 100 ton travelling block, Hydra hook, BJ elevaor bails, BJ Type C manual tongs, Foster 4-1/2 – 7” casing tongs, 150 ton 4” drill pipe elevators, BJ 3-1/2” drill pipe elevators, 65 ton 8-5/8” casing side latch elevatros, 7” casing elevatros, 4-1/2” casing elevators, 3-1/2” casing elevatros, (2) 6” OD x 30’ spiral drill collars, 9” 3,000 Townsend annualr BOP, Hydril K-40-1500 3-station closing unit, hydraulic pump, 480 volt motor, hydraulic tank.  2001 26’ Terry camper rig house, 10’ x 30’ doghouse w/225 bbl water tank, upper doghouse w/knowledge box, light, heater, lowers into water tank, lower change out with 17 lockers, 200 bbl mud pit 3-compartment w/ (2) 4 x 3 Mission centrifugal, mud shaker, caustic barrel.  Cat Generator set engine.  Fuel and parts trailer w/2000 gal fuel tank, air compressor, accumulator unit, parts shed 7-1/2 x 16’ with fire cabinet, 8’ x 42’ trailer.  5,800’ (200 jts) 4” 14# Grade X95 Range 2 DWB drill pipe w/4”FH conn.

(24) 6” spiral drill collars with 4-1/2” X hole conn.

Assorted cross over subs, (4) pipe racks, electric trash pump

Catwalk with Kohler survey machine, hydraulic power unit and pusher cylinder to place drill pipe to floor

TDS 1330 SW power swivel assembly p/b Cat 3054C on 8’ x 12’ skid 2500 hours since new

Capabilities:  hole size 6-1/4 to 12-1/4”, 5700’ depth with 4” drill pipe, casing 4-1/2 to 9-5/8 Range 3

Price:  $450,000


IDECO HYDRAIR H35KD  (Ref#1508N)  Double drum workover and servicing rig, cat head, main drum 15” x 36-3/4”, capacity 3850’ of 1” wire line, brake rim 42” x 10-1/2”, splash cooled.  Sandline drum: 12-3/4” x 39-3/8” long, capacity 14,200’ of 9/16” wire line, brake rims 38” x 8-1/2”, mounted on 4 axle Ideco back-in Rambler carrier BIR3085, Allison transmission 5 speed forward and reverse, Ideco 95’ x 212,000# hydraulically raised and scoped  mast, Emsco 27-1/2” rotary table, McKissick shorty block and hook, 1” grooved, rebuilt (3) 24” sheave, 4SX Brewster swivel, 150 ton one-piece substructure, 9’ tall with folding walkways, road dimensions 8’4” wide x 9’ high x 16’2” long, located South Pacific  OFF MARKET


IDECO H-35 (Ref#713N) Manufactured 1988

Carrier: Tandem / Tandem, Recertified (Level 4) 2005, Detroit Diesel 8V-71 Approximately 500 Hrs on Inframe, Allison 5860 transmission, 42" X 10" H-35 Main Drum with Hydromatic, 38" X 8" Sandline Drum, Crown Saver

Mast:  104' x 220,000 #

Travel:  Periods:  1, 2, 3, 4

BOP's:  Class 3 - 5000# Working Pressure

Rig Pump:  Skidded,  Enclosed & Heated, 5" X 5" Triplex SJ 300, 5000# Working Pressure, Detroit Diesel 8V 71T Series 360 HP, Mounted Steam Heater

Rig Tank:  Skidded, 30 M3, Trough, Degasser, Line Pipe 5000# Working Pressure

Junk Box:  Skidded,  2400L Fuel Storage, Hydromatic Tank

Comb. Building:  Skidded, Class 3 Accumulator, 60 KW Generator, Potty Change Room

Matting:  2 - 8' X 40' sheets with ramps,  2 - 8' X 15' sheets

Catwalk:   1 - 40' X 7'

Pipe Racks:  2 - Sets

PRICE: $1,470,000  OFF MARKET


IDECO H30  (Ref#2620R)  Manufactured 1982, 98’ x 150,000# mast, free standing, located Canada  POR


IDECO H35 DOUBLE DRUM WORKOVER RIG (Ref#876N)   180,000 lb Derrick, Double Triple  96' Derrick, Double Drum Drawworks, 4 line speed block w/ swivel, Foster Tongs, Gyberson Double 3000# BOP, Oil Saver  & Swabbing Equip., Rod & Tubing Elevators & Tools, 5500' of New 9/16" Swab Line, New 1" Drill Line (560'), New 5/8 Cat Line, New Tong & Rod Lift Line, New Tires, 8V71 Detroit, Transmission, Completely Rebuilt Schuller Front End, New Drive line from Front to Back & New Third Member & U-Joints, New Hydraulic Pump w/ Eaton Air Clutches, All new Brake Cans, New Rebuilt Tubing Board, New Battery, Starter & Gauges, Most air & hydraulic line has been replaced or updated   Price: $640,000  REDUCED PRICE:  $500,000


IDECO H35 WORKOVER RIG  (Ref#4370N)  Double drum, 1” drill line, 9/16” sandline, 48” disk assist, 10” brake flanges, 96’ x 210,000@ Pemco hydraulically raised mast (new 2008), mounted on 4 axle carrier with 8V71N Detroit diesel engine (rebuilt), new rear suspension, new style 46 Eatons, 5860 Allison transmission, tools, Foster 58-93R tongs, Guiberson air slips, tubing and rod elevators, 2-3/8”, 2-7/8” , 5/8” and 1”, working everyday  PRICE:  $350,000  OFF MARKET


IDECO H35 BACK IN WELL SERVICE RIG  (Ref#8475R)  Two available, Manufactured 1981, 4 axle, 95’ x 212,000# scoping derrick, 60 Series Detroit diesel engine, Allison 5860 automatic transmission, Parkersburg 215 hydromatic brake, 150 ton 3-sheave McKissick traveling block  Price:  $675,000 each