Top Head Drive Drill Rigs For Sale


SCHRAMM 985  (Ref#11641T

Manufactured 1976, 425/250 air compressor, 40,000# pullback, single arm rod loader, 6 rod carousel, 2 deck engines (one for hydraulics, oe for compressor), mounted on Crane Carrier with 501 gas engine, 5 x 4 transmission, hydraulic casing clamp at base of derrick, also comes with trailer mounted 900/150 aux air compressor  Price:  $40,000

INGERSOLL RAND RD10 (Ref#12904T) Manufactured 1985, 53’ Range II mast, 70,000# pullback, mounted on 1985 Pettibone 4 axle carrier with Cummins NTC engine, no mud or air, jib boom, 3 hydraulic leveling jacks  Price:  $170,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $137,500


Manufactured 1990, low hours for its age, good running condition, Sullair 220/125 air compressor, 4-1/2 x 5 Gardner Denver mud pump (newly rebuilt), John Deere 4 cyl gas deck engine (newly rebuilt), 11,500# pullback, new hydraulic head motor and pump, 2 winches 5000#, 3500#, rod loader, mounted on 1990 International truck with International 7.3 diesel engine, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, total eight of rig (without pipe) is 22,000#, 280’ of 3” x 20’ diameter Mayhew Jr with 2-3/8” threads drill pipe  Price:  $140,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $75,000


Manufactured 1980, 750/250 air compressor, Detroit V12 deck engine, mounted on Crane Carrier with Detroit engine, 2 winches, 2 carousels, 275’ drill pipe, 12” and 14” drag bits  Price:  $95,000

VERSADRILL V2000  (Ref#8636R

Manufacturing 2006, 1250/350 IR air compressor, hammer oiler, 25 gpm Bean injection pump, rod handler, mounted on 2006 HME 6 x 6 carrier with C18 Cat engine,  Price:  $395,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $315,000


Mounted on 2002 Intrernational 4900 truck with diesel engine, PTO rebuilt and upgraded 2015, brand new hydraulic clamp system, hydraulic line, electronics and inspection plate panels have been simplified and upgraded for easier access, approx 1900 hours

Price:  $220,000 PRICE REDUCED: $180,000

GEFCO/SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#8682T)  

Year 2014, 1000/350 Sullair compressor on skid (with quick disconnect to exchange mud pump), 5-1/2 x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump on skid (with quick disconnect to exchange air compressor), standard 35’ mast, no carousel, no rod loader, no rod box), hydraulic cylinder with 25,000# cable pulldown, 40,000# hoist, main winch over jib boom with 20,000# single line pull, capable of 2 part line operation at 40,000# with jib collapsed, jib boom, 2,000# capacity when extended, electric over air hydraulic, 7 gpm line oiler, hydraulic 18 gpm water injection, hydraulic rod spinner, hydraulic table, hydraulic breakout wrench, PD12 aux winch, 4 levelng jacks, mounted on Peterbilt 367 tri-drive truck with Cummins ISX 550 hp PTO engine, Fuler 18 speed transmission  Price:  $625,000


Manufactured 1988, 825/350 air compressor, 30,000# pullback, Cummins deck engne, mounted on 1988 Ford L9000, Bean water injection, 8” hammer, 400’ drill pipe, ready to work  Price:  $110,000

GARDNER DENVER 17W  (Ref#9990T) 

Manufactured 1977, Gardner Denver 2-stage 750/250 rotary screw air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with 8V92 Detroit diesel engine, last drilled 2017  Price:  $50,000

INGERSOLL RAND T4  (Ref#10852Tb)  Manufactured 1979, 900/350 air compressor, Cummins N14 deck engine, no mud pump, 15 gpm water injection, 70,000# pullback, mounted on 6 wheel drive Crane Carrier
Price rig only:  $145,000   2,000’ of drill pipe, 8” and 6” hammer  Price for rig, pipe and hammers:  $165,000

SCHRAMM T64 (Ref#15023R)

Manufactured 1980’s, Detroit deck engine, mounted on 1977 GMC with gas engine, 425/250 air compressor, no mud, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, sitting but running when parked  Price:  $65,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000

REICHDRILL T690W  (Ref#6589R) 

Manufactured 1999, 1150/350 air compressor (rebuilt 2014 with new radiator and cooler), high torque tophead, deck engine rebuilt 2014, 6000# winch, rod carousel, rod box, new bean 8 gpm water injection (2014), 22" table opening, mounted on Mack tandem axle truck  Price:  $225,000

DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#14326R

Deeprock DR150 drilling rig

Manufactured 2003, 5x6 mud pump, mounted on Ford F750 4x4 with Cummins 5.9L ISB PTO engine (260 HP), air brakes, hydraulic bean pump, air oiler, 4 leveling jacks, hydraulic winch, tool boxes on deck, 11'4" stroke, 12,000# pulldown, 16,000# pullback, tophead slides and mast extends to run up to 20' casing, freshly rebuilt tophead (single motor with 5,000# torque), low hour unit in very good condition 

Price:  $140,000---REDUCED TO $75,000