Top Head Drive Drill Rigs For Sale


GEFCO/SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#8682T)  

Year 2014, 1000/350 Sullair compressor on skid (with quick disconnect to exchange mud pump), 5-1/2 x 8 Gardner Denver mud pump on skid (with quick disconnect to exchange air compressor), standard 35’ mast, no carousel, no rod loader, no rod box), hydraulic cylinder with 25,000# cable pulldown, 40,000# hoist, main winch over jib boom with 20,000# single line pull, capable of 2 part line operation at 40,000# with jib collapsed, jib boom, 2,000# capacity when extended, electric over air hydraulic, 7 gpm line oiler, hydraulic 18 gpm water injection, hydraulic rod spinner, hydraulic table, hydraulic breakout wrench, PD12 aux winch, 4 levelng jacks, mounted on Peterbilt 367 tri-drive truck with Cummins ISX 550 hp PTO engine, Fuler 18 speed transmission  Price:  $625,000

INGERSOLL RAND T3W  (Ref#8393T)  Manufactured 1988, 825/350 air compressor, 30,000# pullback, Cummins deck engne, mounted on 1988 Ford L9000, Bean water injection, 8” hammer, 600’ drill pipe, ready to work  Price:  $110,000

DRILTECH D25  (Ref#9570N) 

Manufactured 1985, 850/350 Sullair compressor, 3406 Cat deck engine, 5 x 6 Gardner Denver mud pump, 10 gpm water injection, 30,000# pullback, mounted on 1985 International truck, 466 engine, 6 rod carousel, 20’ drill pipe Price:  $120,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $80,000
Tooling available at extra cost

GARDNER DENVER 17W  (Ref#9990T) 

Manufactured 1977, Gardner Denver 2-stage 750/250 rotary screw air compressor, 5 x 6 mud pump, mounted on Crane Carrier with 8V92 Detroit diesel engine, last drilled 2017  Price:  $50,000


Manufactured 2007, 1250/350 HR 2.5 air compressor, 70,000# pullback, 6,000 original hours (single owner drill), sur gear tophead, Cummins QSK 19C (700 hp_ deck engine, 7 rod carousel (set up for 4-1/2” x 30’ x 2-7/8 IF drill pipe), FMC 35 gpm triplex water injection pump, 7 gallon DHD lubricator, welder not included, mounted on 8 x 4 CCC with Cat C13 engine  Price:  $475,000


Manufactured 1995, 750/250 HR2 air compressor, MCM 3 x 4 x 3 centrifugal pump, 16,000# gearmatic single line winch, 2000# high speed sandreel winch, mounted on International Paystar 5000 with Cummins N14 diesel engine, Spicer 792 air shift PTO, feed cylinder and King swivel have low hours, needs the following repairs:  rig has not drilled for 3 years (truck engine started periodically), one main pump shaft seal is leaking hydraulic fluid into Funk pump drive gear box, rod box, need to be replaced due to corrosion, top head needs new bearings and seal (gears are good), tophead guide rails need to be replaced on derrick due to spreading (this occurs from the rollers not being replaced as needed and they bang against the guides while drilling rock), air shifter on Spicer PTO case needs to be replaced (they have been shifting manually)  Price, as is:  $105,000

REICHDRILL 650  (Ref#2316T

Manufactured 1988, sliding angle mast, 850/350 air compressor (new 2011), Cat 3406T deck engine (new with only 300 hours), mounted on International truck with Cummins engine, currently drilling, ready to go  Price, rig only:  $175,000
300’ pipe and casing hammer available at extra cost.

SCHRAMM T64 (Ref#15023R)

Manufactured 1980’s, Detroit deck engine, mounted on 1977 GMC with gas engine, 425/250 air compressor, no mud, 1 front & 2 rear hydraulic leveling jacks, 200’ of 4 ½” x 20’ drill pipe, sitting but running when parked  Price:  $65,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $35,000


Manufactured 1987, 650/250 air compressor, 3 x 4 variable mud pumps, water injection, sandreel, 9 rod carousel, rod rack, mounted on 2001 Sterling LT9513 tandem axle truck with Cummins ISM 330 hp diesel engine (rebuilt 2014), PTO, new transfer case and new guard drive replaced recently, 400’ of 3-1/2” x 20’ (2-3/8 IF) drill pipe  Price:  $135,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $120,000

REICHDRILL T690W  (Ref#6589R) 

Manufactured 1999, 1150/350 air compressor (rebuilt 2014 with new radiator and cooler), high torque tophead, deck engine rebuilt 2014, 6000# winch, rod carousel, rod box, new bean 8 gpm water injection (2014), 22" table opening, mounted on Mack tandem axle truck  Price:  $225,000


Year 1975, dual motor – high torque tophead with 10,000# torque, up to 60,000# pullback attained through 2-feed cylinders, (2) Leroi 256S2 reciprocating air compressors combine for 900/250 air, disconnect clutch, Detroit 8V71NA (318HP) deck engine, Gearmatic 16,000# single line capacity winch (32,000# on 2 part line) 2,000# high speed sandreel, FMC Beam 18GPM water injection, Venturi style lubricator, 3 leveling jacks, hydraulic breakout wrench, 70,000# overall weight. Price: $49,500 PRICE REDUCED: $39,500

JASWELL 2400  (Ref#14201R) 

Manufactured 1977, 900/300 Sullair compressor, 12V71TT Detroit deck engine (runs great), compressor disengage clutch, 50,000# pullback, 6 rod carousel set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ (3-1/2 Reg) drill pipe, mounted on 1977 International Paystar 5000 truck with Cat 3208 engine (runs great).  Has the following issues:  feed cylinders need to be replaced and needs some new hydraulic hoses
Price, as is:  $60,000

INGERSOLL RAND T3W (Ref#12994R) Manufactured 2002, 900/350 IR HR2 air compressor, Cat C15 deck engine (approx 12,000 hours), 2-speed high torque tophead, Braden 18,000# main winch, Ramsey 2000# high speed sandreel, Cat 25 gpm water injection with foam pulse pump, 38’ derrick, 30,000# pullback, mounted on 2002 International 2674 6x4 tandem axle truck with Cat C12 engine (36,000 miles) Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission, has drilled a 7-7/8” x 1400’ well, currently drilling  PRICE REDUCED:  $185,000

GUS PECH GP900XHR (Ref#6215R)

Manufactured 2008, mounted on 2008 Freightliner, 40000# pullback, 9000 ft/lbs torque, 7 ½ x 10 hydraulic driven duplex pump, tilt out topdrive, excellent condition  Price:  $305,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $160,000

DEEPROCK DR150  (Ref#14326R

Deeprock DR150 drilling rig

Manufactured 2003, 5x6 mud pump, mounted on Ford F750 4x4 with Cummins 5.9L ISB PTO engine (260 HP), air brakes, hydraulic bean pump, air oiler, 4 leveling jacks, hydraulic winch, tool boxes on deck, 11'4" stroke, 12,000# pulldown, 16,000# pullback, tophead slides and mast extends to run up to 20' casing, freshly rebuilt tophead (single motor with 5,000# torque), low hour unit in very good condition  Price:  $140,000---REDUCED TO $85,000

SCHRAMM TXD 200 (Ref#12125R)

Manufactured 2013, API built and certified, approximately 9,500 hours, 760 HP Detroit MTU, 30” table opening, 3,000 PSI plumbing, rotation lock, 9,600# winch with jib boom, aux winch with jib boom, hydraulic slip lifter, hydraulic roughneck breakout system, complete with sub base and Loadsafe Tubular handling system.  Price: $1,750,000 


Chicago Pneumatic T700

Manufactured 1981, no compressor, no deck engine, mounted on Kenworth C500 truck with Cummins NTC (300 hp) engine, 38’ stroke, 80,000# hoist, 40,000# dual updated rotation motors, oversized hydraulic tank, no compressor, engine centrally mounted for easy service, 3 jacks, 4,000# hydraulic winch and jib boom ** Rig has been wrecked on highway, good for repair or parts – cab and suspension damaged, mast has slight bend ** compressor and deck engine have been removed   PRICE:  $30,000

SPEEDSTAR 70K  (Ref#12059) 

speedster 70k

Manufactured 1982, 900/350 GHH air compressor, 8V92TA Detroit diesel engine, mounted on 4-axle Crane Carrier with 8V71 Detroit engine, Jake brakes, 9 speed transmission, DLL, tophead drive, drill direct or flooded reverse, 4 leveling jacks, dual breakout rams, pipe spinner, Cat injection pump, down hole oiler, 4 part blocks w/70,000# capacity hydraulic driven, 42’ derrick, 100,000# capacity, 10,000# service winch, (2) 100 gal fuel tanks, includes 1000’ 5-1/2” x 30’ lightweight pipe and reverse swivel
Price:   $375,000  Price Reduced:  $235,000

SPEEDSTAR 30K  (Ref#6540T) 

Manufactured 2005, 1000/350air compressor, 3 x 4 Centrifugal mud pump, 30,000# pullback, 25,000# pulldown, jib boom, winch on mast rated at 32,000# with 2 line reeving, 7 gal DTH lubricator, 18 gpm water inujection pump, 6 rod carousel (set up for 4-1/2” x 20’ pipe), rod box, single pipe loader, pipe spinner, mounted on 2005 Peterbilt 357 6x4 truck with 550 hp engine (rebuilt November 2016 with very low hours), Jake brake, Fuller 18 speed transmission, just spent $28,000 in misc repairs and maintenance in April 2017  Price:  $375,000

GUS PECH GP900XHR  (Ref#8184Rb) 

Manufactured 2006, 700/200 Sullair screw compressor, Centerline 7-1/2 x 10 duplex mud pump, option for rotary table (available at extra cost), 40,000# pullback, 18,000# Pullmaster winch, 5,000# wireline, runs 3-1/2” x 20’ drill pipe, mounted on 2008 Sterling truck with Cotta transfer box to operate the drill  Price:  $400,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $225,000


Manufactured 1999, 1070/350 Ingersoll Rand HR2.5 air compressor, compressor disconnect clutch, Cummins QSK19 (600 hp) deck engine, angle drilling capability, Cat 25 gpm water injection, DHD lubricator, 2,000# high speed sandreel winch, 16,000# Gearmatic main winch (32,000# on 2-part line), 7 rod carousel, mounted on International Paystar F5070 truck with Cummins N14 (370 hp) engine, Fuller 8LL transmission  Price:  $215,000


Manufactured 1997, 750/250 Sullair compressor (replaced 2007), mounted on 2005 Freightliner truck with Mercedes engine, 24” table, completely rebuilt 2009, shop built with upper and lower drives purchased from Foremost, complete with 10” discharge swivel, kelly sub for 4-1/2” pipe, 6”, 10”, 16” and 24” jaws

Price:  $400,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $275,000

WALKER-NEER 250-40  (Ref#11963R) 

Single drum drawworks with 160,000# hoisting capacity, Cat 3406 diesel engine, Allison 750 transmission, 63’ x 250,000# single section hydraulically raised mast, dual 3-stage raising rams, mast slides back in down position for moving, 9270 ft/lb top head drive torque, 50,000# chain pull down, mounted on 3 axle trailer, 4 hydraulic leveling jacks, Walker-Neer hydraulic pipe handling boom, (2) hydraulic pipe racks, back on ramp  Price:  $650,000  PRICE REDUCED:  $325,000

TECHNO 410 DRILL RIG  (Ref#5645Tb) 

Manufactured 2009, Cat engine, 4800 hours  Price:  $115,000

SULLAIR 900X AIR COMPRESSOR  (Ref#5645Ta)  900 cfm/350 psi, manufactured 1997, 3119 hours, mounted on 2006 Sterling truck with 155,657 miles  Price:  $90,000

ROSEWALL DUAL PISTON GROUT PUMP  (Ref#5645Td)  Manufactured 2009, Honda engine, 500 gal water tank  Price:  $32,500

(Ref#5645Tc)  500’ of 3” drill pipe (2-5/8” Mayhew Jr thread)  POR